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Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to start enjoying Barnes & Noble’s award-winning eBook discovery and digital reading experience. Access our vast online library of over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, and magazines; plus, enjoy recommendations just for you curated by our expert booksellers. Customize your experience with multiple font and page styles and powerful organization and social sharing tools. Put down your reading and pick up where you left off—even as you jump from one screen to another. Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips • Browse Bookstore for the latest new releases, bestsellers, and expert recommendations just for you! The more you use NOOK, the better our suggestions. • Purchases completed on Barnes & Noble’s website will automatically appear on your device. • Over 1 million FREE titles! Try a new author or start a new series risk-free. Download free eBooks directly from Bookstore. • Download free book samples and add favorites to your Wishlist. • Try any newspaper or magazine free for 14 days.* Rich, Customizable Reading • Adjustable font styles, line spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. Use our Day, Night, and Evening themes or create your own background and text color combinations. • Add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read. • Organize your Library with custom stacks of eBooks, magazines and your own files. • Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary. • Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver. Create Your Own Quote Cards • Found an inspiring or beautiful sentence in your book? Highlight and tap on ‘Share’ to launch the quote editor and create a custom Quote Card. • Choose your favorite background and share with friends on social networks, email, and text message. Discovery Delivered Daily • Visit B&N Readouts for daily streams of free book excerpts, magazine articles, and all kinds of bookish news—including reviews from our community. Share on social, email, and other apps.  • Join the thousands of NOOK readers on Serial Reads, Barnes & Noble’s latest free reading program. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device. Titles are hand-picked by B&N editors across genres. • Enjoy our Free Fridays eBook selection every week. * NOOK account and credit card registration required.


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NOOK app reviews

  • Customer service 1/5

    By Frustrated 1972
    Customer service is awful. I have had several issues and no solution! I have two email addresses which Barnes and noble sends me info and they have allowed people to use them. I even contacted them to let them know and they could careless.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By freck1
    I like this site because it has such A good selection of free books. Living on Social Security means no extra money for luxuries so Thank you Nook for making my days nicer.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Izzy💋💋❤️❤️💄💄💄
    This app is crap 💩!!!!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Bonnieohm
    Needs to be laid out better,
  • Rating Nook 1/5

    By Cuttanator
    There needs to be a way to cut and paste small portions of the books for the purpose of taking notes. Like maybe 1 paragraph at a time. It would also be nice to have various colors to highlight in. This app shuts down when i open some of my books on windows devices.
  • Functions for me 4/5

    By GraneeJ
    I want to support competition for Amazon. I now only acquire electronic books which makes Barnes & Nobles Nook my go-to "brick & mortar" source. The Nook app doesn't do much besides let me read my books and flag pages to return to later. Search capabilities would be welcome. B&N could give me more information about my library like an actual list of titles owned. However, the essential functions of reading & bookmarking work just fine.
  • Do they know what a bookmark is? 2/5

    By Dadd10
    I really want the nook reader to be good, because I don't like Amazon. Unfortunately it isn't. It loses track of what page you are reading and sends you off to what seem to be random locations when you reopen a book. Trying to use a bookmark to save your page is a waste of time, because it doesn't show bookmarks on the progress bar. add to the an annoying interface to library management and you're left with a bad taste every time you ise it.
  • App crashes consistently 1/5

    By cornnibblitz
    I can’t read a single book without the app crashing. Absolutely useless.
  • Took a downturn 2/5

    By Dorcas Dinklace
    I need to be able to purchase books in-app. It’s too tedious to ping-pong back and forth between the app and the website. Not to mention that the page keeps refreshing itself and freezing!! Also, HELLO?? ——>“I friggin' love this app! It lets you change the setup of your library, what books you want IN your library at any given time (so long as you have Internet, anyway) It lets you change the font size, color, and style, and it keeps all your books in neat little piles of book series! Definitely better than iBook in my experience :)” What the hell is this BS?! Why is it auto-filled out?! DON’T EVER PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH. EVER.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Lisode Lima
    User friendly. Good companion. Sometimes some issues with the light other than that I am satisfied customer
  • Bookstore issue 4/5

    By SHSUqtPi
    The app is great for reading on the go when I don’t want to take my Nook along. My only issue is I got stuck in the bookstore with no way out. I tried rebooting the app multiple times, and finally had to delete and re-download in order to get back to the main screen.
  • Can’t buy Nook books on my phone 2/5

    By Ctoenniges
    It is irritating that I can’t buy Nook books from my phone. I buy a lot of books on iPhone. I like that IPhone has a lot of books for $2.99 to $5.99.
  • Bookstore Malfunctioning 1/5

    By EllyMay808
    The Bookstore portion of the app is not currently of any use. Pressing on any of the books for info just brings up an error telling you the product details and whatnot can not be retrieved.
  • Fire and Fury 5/5

    By Seacop149
    Growing up in NYC during in the 70’s and 80’s. This book will be just a reconfirmation of what I already know about the Donald.
  • Love my nook 5/5

    By Tari3883
    I am able to switch between my iPhone and my iPad easily when reading a book.
  • Live It! 5/5

    By Sassmo54
    I've got over nine hundred books on my Nook. I've never been disappointed in any of my purchases. The app is top notch in every way.
  • The Waterfall 5/5

    By mpsglass
    One of my all time favorite authors whose books are all exciting and a great read.
  • Reading on my Nook App 5/5

    By nm65592
    I have my books at my side to read on my phone whenever the chance or need arrive. One less device to manage, too. The Nook app is more artistically designed than Kindle. I love the way the pages turn.

    By KOT-1789
    could be better, for IPhone is sufficient .
  • I Will Go Down With This App 5/5

    By zfreelance
    I buy a book on Barnes & Noble and, boom. It's here on my iPad. I'm here to read for fun, not research, so I don't use any of the more exotic functions (although the page-turn animation is fun), and it does what I need it to do. Books at touch of a button, kids. The future is now.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By wildkat1405
    Great app. Just wish I could purchase from it. Can only purchase from online or from nook device.
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By Jesshende
    The reason I’m giving two stars is because it’s hard to navigate and the fact that we can’t order books directly on this app is very inconvenient. iBooks is way better.
  • Super annoyed 1/5

    By Analissa89
    I used to love this app until I downloaded a book and the pages are all blank. I've searched for a way to contact customer service for 30 minutes and it seems they are nonexistent. Feel like I just flushed $17 for my new book away. I'll happily change my review if someone from customer service reaches out and helps me with this issue.
  • Constant companion 5/5

    By guten guy
    In today’s modern world. There are many “hurry up and wait” situations to try your patience. With the “nook” app on your phone as constant companion, you will always be entertained as you wait!
  • Review 5/5

    By Gailrobin
    I use Nook on my phone. I love the convenience of it. Haven’t had any problems except a few times my book would not download and I had to call in but that hasn’t happened in awhile. Thank you! I love it!
  • No social 2/5

    By harold_solomon
    Can’t share articles from FT on Twitter or LinkedIn. Same for quotes from books. Hardware is fine but software needs updating to be relevant.
  • Would be a 5 4/5

    By BPostrophe
    If I could purchase books directly from this app it would be perfect. Also sometimes it’s difficult to switch from one book to another. The app should be as flexible and facile as reading with a Nook device and it’s not. KEEP WORKING ON IT.
  • Making purchases is inconvenient 3/5

    By readinglover1222
    I like having the app, but I think it’s a bit of a hassle to have to log onto the website to purchase a book instead of just using the app. I wish that you had the option to purchase through the app itself
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Tron Today
    Great Nuff Said!
  • What could make it better 3/5

    By a true book nerd
    To be able to shop directly through the app. It is annoying having to go through the web to get to purchase a nook book. Having it available just to get a sample book instead able to purchase makes it less likely for the customer to purchase. It would give you a leg up on competitors because that is not something that has been mastered for the most part.
  • Missing in app purchases 3/5

    By Lauren0kiy
    If I could buy my book from the app instead of having to log in to the website every time it would be 5 stars
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By bensoncg
    The book app is fine, but what happened to Nook Video? I own movies through B&N and now I can’t watch them.
  • I read so much more! 4/5

    By Mikey200000
    Since downloading this app, I have read so many books. It has increased the quality of my life more than any other app. Thanks for making it free! Here's why it doesnt get five stars: Every now and then I want to read on my Macbook. Barnes and Noble made a decision to abandon support of this platform, which makes no sense to me. It tells me they are not all in and will be gone soon.
  • Purchasing 5/5

    By hooked. on nook
    So much simpler and I would buy more if I could do so straight from the app bookstore!😡 - Peter Mansfield P.S. I really really love my old color Nook book but it’s getting... well cranky!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Fly mech
    I love the convenience!
  • What the hell...? 1/5

    By Um, seriously?
    What the hell, Barnes & Noble? You're fine taking my money but don't feel the need to let me access my content on the app?! I spent $75+ on Nook Kids Read to Me books for my daughter before Christmas. The Nook Kids app kept freezing, so I downloaded the *new, all-in-one app...NONE of the Nook Kids content is supported on the iPad. NONE! There are no other Nook reading apps to try, per the FAQ section. I can't get back the nook kids app as it is no longer in existence. Seriously, what the hell?
  • What the hell 1/5

    By wine jdosknwjisbsj k
    Can you guys fix some things ?? like jeez, first off i can’t buy from the app. second, the bookstore isn’t allowing me to go back to read my books ?? so i am permanently stuck in the stupid ‘“”””””bookstore”””””’ (super helpful, thanks !!). thirdly, i hate this app :)
  • App Needs Serious Improvement 3/5

    By Truckee Sam
    Search function has serious flaws Need to be able to purchase from iPad Lacks organization tools for personal quick book access Take head B&N, Amazon will leave you in the e~dust!
  • Love the app but for one thing 5/5

    By Twirlingirl
    I love the nook app I can read all my favorite authors when I want where I want as long as I have my phone!!! My only issue is that when I’m trying to group books that apart of the same series once you’ve reached your allotted regrouping number your not allow this bugs me because there are times when I purchase books they don’t always go into the already grouped series group and when you go to group sometimes you get a message that says the Nook team will look into the matter you sent us your concern about the next time the app updates well I don’t like this because there are times when the app doesn’t update so you have about 11 books that belonged grouped together but I have to wait until the new update comes out! But besides this I love this app and enjoy reading all the hundreds of books I have saved onto my account!!!
  • NOOK 5/5

    By ruthrichmond
    I love my nook. It is loaded on three of my devices and so I’m always able to read. I’m a lifelong reader. In my 70’s I have begun to have vision difficulties. Being able to read on electronic devices with enlarged fonts is extending my reading life! I’m grateful. Thank you!
  • Question or a suggestion I guess 5/5

    By Raiice
    So uhh. Could you add a feature where you can scan the bar code of a physical copy of a purchased Barnes and noble book so it will save into the app? So then people won’t have to buy the books again , because I bought a lot of books from Barnes and noble and I want to have a digital copy of the books.
  • Great way to read books 4/5

    By ipadlover
    Was unable to get a book downloaded with the last order. First time this has happened.
  • Apple Pencil 3/5

    By Aaaajjjsees
    By now the nook should all for the use of the apple pen
  • GET THIS APP 5/5

    By Alisonjacobi
    i’ve always loved this app and it gives me easy access to pretty cheap books that i can bring with me anywhere. it’s never slow and it’s really just amazing. i would really recommend it
  • Good 5/5

    By jhhzJhl
    It is amazing
  • LOLOLOLOLOLoveley 5/5

    By cdomino
    I love dis nuuuukkkkk ya
  • Don’t run update!! 1/5

    By bballfrog42
    When the new iPhone came out Nook updated their app. If you don’t have the new iPhone the nook app will crash every time your open the app. Other than that I LOVE the Nook APp
  • Purchase 5/5

    By JdiMstr88
    I had a standard nook quite a while ago, but it quit working on me. I love that I was able to recover my account and therefore my purchases.The only improvement I can say is to make it possible to buy ebooks right from the app. But other than that I love it.
  • OK but with some problems 4/5

    By Asystimatic
    The thing that bugs me the most is if you have the B&N app it tells you that you can’t purchase the book on your device, in my case an iPhone. Then you go to Google and search for B&N. Lot of choices but I always click on ebooks. Probably 6 times out of 10 it brings up paperbacks which isn’t what I clicked on ebooks for. Sometimes it doesn’t have the book I want in ebook format. Then I have to go to Kindle to get it. Mighty aggravating
  • Can't buy ebooks from app? 2/5

    By Adventfire
    Not being able to buy ebooks straight from the app is the stupidest thing. I ditched the nook app for Kindle where you CAN buy ebooks straight from the app. Guess B&N didn't really want me as a customer.

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