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Nordstrom App

Get the latest in fashion and gifts from Nordstrom, while shopping from the comfort of wherever you and your phone might be! Plus, get free shipping and free returns—all the time. • See what's in stock at your favorite store right from the app. • Inspire your style with styling tips, ratings, and reviews. • Choose from a variety of fun gifts for anyone on your list. • Get notifications about our biggest promotions, so you don't miss out. • Need it today? Just buy from the app and pick up your order in store. Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer, offering customers one of the most extensive selections of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. Since 1901, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.


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Nordstrom app reviews

  • Still broken 1/5

    By Achilles_1069
    Update: still having to do everything in a separate web browser. Account settings, purchases, etc --> all open a web browser and nothing is native to the app. I'm not sure why Nordstrom web developers don't read these reviews. Nordstrom is better than this. Newest version of the app still prompts to open a web page to access whenever you try and access your account information, rewards, purchases, etc. Why is this still an issue? The older version of this app didn't have these problems. This app doesn't not match the standards of Nordstrom. Nordstrom is top notch with customer service yet this app is its polar opposite. Please fix it!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Dima722
    This app has been a nightmare ever since I did all these updates that are recommended. I can't access my purchases, sends me directly to the website which then tells me there was an error. Now the app is completely not even working! Really enjoyed using the app before all these really annoying updates that crashed the entire app for me.
  • Great store 5/5

    By marmarwilson
    Love to shop there
  • My go to place to shop! 5/5

    By Joaniej231
    Excellent quality, very fast free shipping, outstanding customer service. It just doesn’t get any better!
  • Logging in repeatedly 3/5

    By sweet calories
    Can logging in repeatedly get fixed. If not used regularly, the app forgets me and I have to log in again. Once logged in if I want to look at rewards I have to log in again. And then if I want to look at purchases, even after I just logged in to look at rewards, I’m asked to log in again. I might as well look on the web and look at my info there instead of logging in before every account review.
  • Log in 3/5

    By Mommymeh
    I keep getting logged out and then it redirects me to safari to log in again. It was better before the most recent update
  • Needs to go back to all in app 3/5

    By H--wilson
    A few months ago this was my favorite app! Now it’s update has made it almost useless. When I go in the app and look at my rewards or account or purchase history, it redirects me out of the app and into safari where I have to log in al over again. It is super frustrating and it’s harder to shop when it keeps switching from safari to the app. I clicked an email I got saying write a review, it took me to safari. Safari said do you want to open in the app, I said sure. I got to app. It tells me to go to past purchases. It takes me to safari. I find my purchase I’d like to review. It takes me to the app. It makes no sense. Also, when I go back to look at my saved for later now, my items are there but it doesn’t update any more to tell me if it’s out of stock. I go to add something to my cart from my saved for later thinking I’m about to purchase it, and then in my cart it says out of stock and I’m disappointed.
  • The only place to shop 5/5

    By Grace:]
    Streamline your life. Shop at Nordstrom. Always cutting edge, always the best of the best.
  • Unable to contact internal server 2/5

    By Vayda24
    Trying to make holiday purchases and unable to contact internal server! Frustrating when trying to make holiday purchases!
  • Love App But Always Freezes 3/5

    By Fast Scanning
    I love nordstorm but the app always freezes or says it's not working. Techs of nordstorm please help!!
  • The Best 5/5

    By Gridiri
    Love the selection and having so many options to make it pleasant to shop.
  • Logins Dropped During Shopping 2/5

    By Nick&Mo'sMom
    Love Nordstrom but the iPhone app has issues dropping login while shopping and clears my shopping bag! No fun
  • Love Nordstroms 4/5

    By Melshp
    Nordstroms value, customer service and quality of products is the best. I like many women, however, pulled back my shopping with Nordstrom’s deletion of Ivanka Trump’s products.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Closing out on own
    App is not working, been at least a few weeks. Opens up and goes away, does not function. Please update and fix this. Update: still not working.
  • Don’t like having to sign in every time 1/5

    By jenblock3
    The Nordstrom app boots me off and I have to sign in every time. No thumbprint available. Would be much more convenient especially since ones inside the app everything is great.
  • So inconvenient! 2/5

    By Chánise
    The biggest problem I have with this app is that I have to sign in every time I’m trying to view my rewards and purchases information. What is the point in me having my fingerprint to sign into the app just for you to redirect me to my web browser to have to type in everything. Very inconvenient. Makes me not want to shop here! It should all be a one stop shop!
  • Praying for a fix! 1/5

    By Ms. Jones 2004
    Hmmm looks like Nordstroms somehow found a way to get the app rated a 4.9. Wow I guess Nordstrom’s is really going to leave this app as is ☹with these terrible updates. Why to make your customers happy 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾. Fake 5 star ratings. Why are we now being redirecting to the mobile website when trying to review or track purchases? Why was the feature that tells you what items on your wishlist are available in a store near you taken away? Why was the feature that shows items on your wistlist that are available in the Nordstrom store you’re currently shopping in taken away? Why does the wishlist now require you to click “See item details” to see the items details? Why does the Touch ID feature no longer work? Why can’t you share you wishlist anymore? These were all useful features that I used all the time? I’m trying to figure out how removing all these features is an improvement 🤔🤔
  • Love shopping here 5/5

    By Avi aka Mz. Spicy
    Nordstrom is my number #1 stop for all things fashion. Love the return/exchange policy. Love the sales and trends. And I absolutely love the Spring and Winter catalogs, that’s how I choose my style wear for the upcoming season. Avi.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Cornbread305
    Easy to use and smooth interface
  • Love Shopping on the Nordstrom App! 4/5

    By Mimmy13
    One of my favorite stores is Nordstrom’s. Sadly, the nearest store is over an hour away. Luckily I can shop online using this app. I have trouble sometimes with the size recommendations; that’s why I held back a star.
  • Shopping???Read the reviews!! 5/5

    By Honeelee
    The reviews are so on point, well documented.
  • Love Nordies! 5/5

    By sherylcorts
    I love Nordstrom so much! I go on the app daily! 🖤
  • Terrible!!! 1/5

    By Karenkari
    I receive an error every time I attempt to log into my account via the App. I always have to shop via the web.
  • Still needs work 4/5

    By JemIsFantastic
    I’m glad the latest update allows for the app to look better on the iPhone X. However, anything dealing with my purchase history or my account opens up a Safari browser. If I have to do those things via a browser, there really is no point to having the app.
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By Wi fun
    Update This is still so frustrating. With the latest update I can no longer place order. I keep getting the something went wrong message. Please, PLEASE bring back the old app. Each update you all do is worse than the last. Unfortunately, you’ve trained us with amazing customer service. Nordstrom customer simply expect better. —— This app used to be terrific. But recently it is so glitchy that nine times out of 10 it will not place your order. Please create a fix!
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Cammie-Bear
    Everything is right at my fingertips and it makes it a lot easier to know what I want or am looking for before I go to the store. Whole new love for this app.
  • UX is not always great 3/5

    By sfshopgirl
    I love shopping online but their search could use better functionality, to be able to narrow down more specifics and exclude as well. Also purchase history seem to take you out of the app.
  • Accounts opens up safari 1/5

    By Anon23070
    Loved this app but now every time I want to see my purchases I have to sign into safari and my touch sign in won’t work. Please fix or else the app is completely useless
  • Great store , Good deals ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Klmoon77
    I love the sales ,it make my life easier specially when I like brand names and I can get them at a great price , i been shopping here for the last 10 years and I’ll continue thanks Nordstrom for all these great deals .
  • Liked the old version better 4/5

    By CarliJ
    Still my number one department store but I preferred the previous shopping app.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Loloek
    Bring back the old app. It shouldn’t take you a week to accomplish. What a shame.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Letmerate
    Awesome, fast!
  • Site via app is slow. Load more options at once 2/5

    By tonigjt
  • I just love Nords 5/5

    By Babeeblubird
    I just love the selections. I love the Customer Service. Just love Nords!!!
  • Frustrating and disappointing 1/5

    By Qianqian浅
    Updates to original comment- after two updates and zero improvement. You will be redirected to safari if you go to your account, which makes the mobile app pointless. Same with other reviews the update is a total failure. It used to be a pleasant shopping experience but not anymore. I hate it when I click things I’m just redirected to safari - Nordstrom you can do better.
  • Great Quality and Customer Service 5/5

    By Srgt Cupcake
    Amazing quality and Nordstrom’s return policy is unparalleled.
  • New app not as good 3/5

    By Honeybee316
    I don't like the new updated app, it's not as user friendly. I miss the old app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lcat3
    Great app! I use it all the time!
  • Yes indeed 5/5

    By #happyacts
    The convenience is the app makes shopping a breeze. I mean you think of something that you need, want, or better a gift that is for event being held that day; just order it and pick it up within two hours. I call that convenience because often times we forget about things like that. No matter how many times we have added to the calendar.
  • MrsDuke is a satisfied shopper! 5/5

    By Majino70
    Nordstrom always has quality merchandise, great sales, and speedy shipping. Never shop anywhere else!
  • Josie 5/5

    By teddyshops
    Im a huge on line shopper! And prefer the Nordstrom’s ap is super convenient!! They offer great quality merchandise brands” with the best comparable prices in the market an easy way to return and always pleasant customer assistance when you get obsessed over an item you need to have!
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By EjhG1976treacle
    The app was perfect. The new update is a nightmare. I used to be able to quickly log in with Touch ID, but now you have to type in your login info every time then it takes you to Safari and you must login to your account again. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.
  • Fix your app 2/5

    By PRay17
    I love Nordstrom! They have great customer service and wonderful items + sales! But I am so disappointed in the updates to the Nordstrom app. I don’t find this app useful anymore, as so many have already voiced before me. The app just directs you to the website all the time, which makes me wonder why I even have the app. Please fix your app. I’d really like to enjoy the ease of using it again.
  • Bring Designer Search Back! 3/5

    Before I was able to search by designer. Now I have to type the name of the designer in order to view items from the designer.
  • Horrible after latest changes 1/5

    By Ping Gor
    This app used to be good, easy to navigate through. It has now become a frustrating experience with their latest changes. Hate it.
  • Terrible update! 1/5

    By ChuckCS
    What a ridiculous waste of time. The app takes me to the web so I have to log in with my user ID and password if I want to look at my orders. The old app was much more user friendly! 12/08/2017 Still no fix on the negatives posted by other reviewers. The fingerprint ID is gone, if you want to check on a purchase, you are required to log in again with your security credentials. When I contacted Nordstrom support, I was told "the app is working as intended and they understand some people don't like it." I would be shocked if anyone liked this awkward, cumbersome update, especially with the redundant security requirements.
  • I Love Nordstrom 5/5

    By Hdub77
    Best retailer in America!
  • Sooo Helpful 5/5

    By TangoGarbo
    No I love shopping online, I mostly buy in store because I have the expertise of the sales staff. Always helpful even when their new they always look for a result or a way to be helpful. In this world of very little Customer Service Nordstrom really provides above and beyond service
  • Love Nordstrom 5/5

    By Christy2008
    I love ur return policy! Makes me want to buy only at Nordstrom!
  • Improved, but still needs work 3/5

    By acemanawc
    1) Thank you Nordstrom for adding iPhone X screen layout support. The menus and shopping experience has improved and is visually more stunning l. 2) Needs work: At one time this use to be a standalone app. Now for some reason every time I tap on any My Account link (settings, reservations, purchases, etc.) it keeps opening up my Safari browser on both iPhone and iPad. This renders the app useless and forces me to log into my Nordstrom account in Safari. Is there a way to keep all the My Account features self-contained within the app? Almost all other retailer apps have this capability. This is the main reason I don’t like using your app anymore. Please fix. Thank you.

Nordstrom app comments


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