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Nordstrom App

Get the latest in fashion and gifts from Nordstrom, while shopping from the comfort of wherever you and your phone might be! Plus, get free shipping and free returns—all the time. • See what's in stock at your favorite store right from the app. • Inspire your style with styling tips, ratings, and reviews. • Choose from a variety of fun gifts for anyone on your list. • Get notifications about our biggest promotions, so you don't miss out. • Need it today? Just buy from the app and pick up your order in store. Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer, offering customers one of the most extensive selections of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. Since 1901, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.


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Nordstrom app reviews

  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By kt282
    Can't even quit and relaunch. Instantly freezes again. Had to reinstall to use.
  • Lost Their Branding 1/5

    By ipa lover pdx
    Long time Nordstrom shopper. The app is now so simple that it lacks any character. You're not just selling goods, you're selling a brand and your app needs to reflect that. IT can't just focus on functionality, that's why you don't see drastic changes but rather small ones over time for large retailers. Why would you make such a poor business decision? Massive changes all at once and horrid at that.
  • Testing needed for new app roll outs 1/5

    By Hppystrwbrrygrl
    I despise companies who roll out new versions of their app prior to beta testing (I worked for a company myself). This version is awful. Along with everyone else, I’ve had multiple probs. My most pet peeved one is not being able to share from the app!
  • Please bring old version 1/5

    By Simply obsessive compulsive
    The new version constantly shows error and would not load! The previous version was extremely user friendly and the best app/shopping experience!
  • Problems 1/5

    By megan30
    There seem to always be issues with the Nordstrom app. I do not like the new updated app as it is not user friendly. I now find myself shopping from the website rather than the app.
  • Wish lists 2/5

    By Edwardsmm2015
    With the new update there is no option to share a wish list. Hope that feature is restored.
  • Lover of Nordstrom, NOT This App! 1/5

    By ElleDiNi
    I love Nordstrom SO much, but this app is super disappointing. There are so many things I want to purchase in the future and would love to add to my wish list for a future date, but it’s impossible to do! I keep getting an error message. Nordstrom could seriously lose out on a lot of buyers because of this - you need to do better!
  • Pathetic Update 1/5

    By WY Curls
    I can’t even access my shopping bag, wish list, or even the “shop” icon because it crashes. Whomever is responsible for this update should be fired yesterday. You are losing millions every day I suspect.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By wulicious
    I can't even use the app. Just crashes when I try to launch it. Even I get taken to the app from safari, it crashes.
  • Nordstrom forcing its loyal customers to shop in store 1/5

    By AAO Doc
    It’s obvious Nordstrom knows exactly what it’s doing. They’ve infuriated and alienated all of its loyal clients by willfully updating them to a completely nonfunctional app in hopes of driving foot traffic back to their expensive and underperforming brick and mortar locations. Really Nordstrom? It’s obvious when reading the scores of scathing reviews - and the repetitive, canned half-baked response from your “developers” claiming to be listening to and diligently working to fix the problems. You started this nonsense right after the election and it upset your regular customers who spent large sums of money at Nordstrom and now you again are underestimating the power of the educated consumer. Keep it up, Nordstrom, you too will end up like those other “untouchable” retail behemoths who came before you and are now no longer with us. In the meantime, my money will be spent at Niemanns.
  • Bring old app Nordstrom app back 1/5

    By Theitgrl44
    This update is Awful !!! Nothing about it is user friendly . I miss being able to browse the new arrival section from the For you tab, that’s now gone . My wishlist never works anymore . This app became as useless as the app for macys . And whatever updates you are providing are not good enough for me to want to sign in for the hundredth time ... I hate this update
  • Bring back old version 1/5

    By Ice cream 27
    I hate the new update. I miss the old version.always Easy and pleasant to use.
  • App will not work with new Apple update 1/5

    By Linda Vanorio
    Updated my IPhone with the latest update and now App will not open. This is a bummer, as I wanted to place a order!!! I love buying from Norstrom’s but this app makes it next to impossible. It will open for maybe 5mins, then stops working. Please fix this thing. I love 2 Hours away from the closest Norstrom’s. I have deleted and reinstalled this app at least 8 times. Ready to give up on you guys!
  • Won't load 1/5

    By Ska rosiness issue
    I can't even get the app to load after deleting & reinstalling. Please get it together. I'm bored & laying in bed & wanted to shop!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Unchainedheart
    Just updated this app and now it will not open. Very disappointed.
  • Ruined a perfect shopping app 1/5

    By Kometen481456
    At first I was upset when they revised their privacy settings (for their benefit) but shrugged it off as the cost of doing business with them, however now I’ve not only deleted the app from my iPhone but from my iPad since neither are functional. If it doesn’t give you an error message about not having an internet connection, the app is usually too slow to start up making it not worth the effort. When I was finally able to start shopping and was ready to checkout the app then gave me another error (this time placing the blame on themselves). To my surprise I was then charged TWICE for an item I only wanted one of and now have to either go to a store to return it or send it back via US Mail to receive a refund. I used to enjoy using this app. It was effortless. I’ll be moving to Saks app or just using another department stores website.
  • Design for design’s sake 1/5

    By PanAmWorld
    There was NOTHING wrong with the old version. In fact, the old version was much more intuitive than the updates. I’m a UX Designer and counted the steps that it takes to accomplish tasks on the new app versus the old version and the new app requires at least 2 more steps per task. Like iOS 11, this is an update that is purely design for design’s sake. So everything is black, white, and flat. That’s all that’s new. How about better experience design instead of just more visually appealing design? Also — I’m attributing this to updates but I can no longer access my account, purchases, or cart through the app. I keep getting a red bar that says that there’s been an error on “our end”.
  • Terrible new app 1/5

    By Twin was
    This app is terrible to use, I miss the old verison. I can’t share with my friend like we always did before. And I can’t even buy anything right now because I can’t add to my bag or wish list. I just want to delete it completely.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Crossfitbrynn
    My app hasn’t worked in the last 24hours. I have items in my cart I need to purchase but I keep getting a something went wrong on our end try again... no amount of trying again has worked. I had no problems prior to this last update.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Saviebell
    I love shopping at Nordstrom. Their app, on the other hand, is god awful. I don’t know why they can’t figure out how to get it working. Half the time, I am unable to add items to my cart that I want to purchase. When people are trying to buy your product, you definitely don’t want technical issues to prevent them from making their purchase. This has been an ongoing issue.
  • Older version is better 1/5

    By Seaster68
    Since updating, I can’t go into my cart. A message comes up that says something is wrong on their end. I use this app all the time. Please quit “fixing” things that aren’t broken.
  • Notes not linking 1/5

    By merheather
    10/18 Update, it’s even worse now I can’t access my shopping bag or my wish list, making it impossible to even buy anything using the app. I wrote a previous review about the update but have since found another issue. I went to checkout and wanted to use my available notes, however with the app update the notes not longer are linked it it’s asking me to enter the note info. Not that this is impossible but it’s highly inconvenient and a huge downgrade from the previous app.
  • Used to be less complicated 1/5

    By App ninja 1980
    Extremely slow. The filter doesn’t work properly either. Worst shopping app ever.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By snowlilly23
    I loved the old homescreen because it showed me off with categories/brands that I tend to shop by. Now I have to navigate myself to start looking at anything. Also why does the Purchases page show the entire website inside the app? It feels super janky and I'm constantly getting lost. I downloaded the native app for a reason. That said, I do appreciate some of the subtle changes on the item pages. It's a lot easier to see different color and size options now.
  • Why why why did I update?! 1/5

    By t!shh
    I can't give you my money Nordstrom if I can't see my dang wish list. Fix fix fix!!!
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By LC2806
    The new app is horrible, it’s nearly impossible to shop!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Melann478
    Hello Earth to Nordstrom's!!!! The new app is so bad! Go back to the regular view and then I might come back from the Neiman's app. They can have my money for now.
  • Hate the new app! 1/5

    By Texdoll385
    Updated review: I have also noticed that more than half of the time you can’t add anything or access your cart. This makes it really difficult for people that travel and still want to get their points. The other thing is that events aren’t listed anymore. Thank goodness I work with the same girls and they will call me. But I don’t always have the time to call them when I’m overseas and 11 hours ahead. You can’t search by brand anymore. It’s super annoying and hard to find everything. If you add an item to your wish list or your cart you can no longer view a larger picture or change colors, etc. you have to literally search for the item again. I frequently shopped the “for you” section which is no longer there. It’s almost as bad as the Neiman app. But at least with the Neiman app you could still search by brand. I will probably delete the app... which will diminish my shopping drastically because I hate nothing more than annoying online shops that make things as inconvenient as possible, just so you’ll have to search through and possibly purchase more items. Not the case here. I know the brands I like and I don’t “browse”, not even in the store. I call ahead and tell them what I want to look at so it’s in the dressing room ready to go.
  • Won’t be spending money 1/5

    By bec_kah
    The user experience of the old app was SO much better. I actually use to think that it was so good and easy to use and I recognized that. Which lead me to causally spend LOTS of time in the app, and then I ended up spending more money. I hate this new version. There is no flow or logic. I’m in my 20’s and it’s hard to read the font, imagine your baby boomers.... that’s bad. Some of my favorite features such as- recommendations are gone..... why??! This was amazing! Why would you prevent me from spending money based on my past browsing history. And I can’t even check out because my shopping cart has had an error for the past two days. Sad this is only review I recall writing in the last 5 years. Get your stuff together Nordies.
  • Still bad!!!! 1/5

    By I hate Phil
    You can’t forward any of the items you look at! Can’t add things to wish list!!! Wow this is really bad
  • Horrible update. 1/5

    By Tamultr
    Dear Nordstrom this app is killing your business. I can’t sign in or look up my order history. This is horrible. I loved the For you section and I bought most of my items from the suggestions. I am a loyal Nordstrom buyer and my last purchase was painful because the app would freeze and I couldn’t get access to my rewards. A classy store should not be associated with this low level crap. Mediocre is not an appropriate word to describe this app.
  • Can't even open it up 1/5

    By cheborva
    Since Sunday I have not been able to make purchases or see my wish list. So I deleted the app and uploaded again to see if it will help.. now I can't even open it up!!!!!! Please, fix it!

    By Mmatt8892
    No more share option? App is always down. I can’t get to my wishlist because “something went wrong”. What did you do?! It used to be perfect and I was buying something every day. If I CAN get to my wishlist, it will no longer enlarge the picture if I click on it. Now it kicks me out and I have to log back in constantly, can’t get to my wish list, AND you removed the share option. Awful. It’s awful.
  • Bad! 1/5

    By AngelMarshall
    I’ve not able to access my Bag and Wish List ever since the latest update, please roll back or fix it ASAP!
  • New update has annoying problems!! 1/5

    By Ehdriien
    I miss the search suggestions that showed up when you started typing anything in the search bar; honestly that’s how I found some new brands I never knew about... The thing that annoys me the most is not everything shows up during searches ? On multiple occasions the total in the search doesn’t add up to what’s showing ? (Ex: it says there’s 46 items that match the search but there’s only 20 on the queue results ????)
  • Update still not up to old version 1/5

    By M&M7
    Still missing features from the old version: have to open product page to see alternate views instead of quick swipe, purchase history is no longer by date or order and doesn’t show images, no longer offer Touch ID sign on, no recommendations on product page, have to scroll down on product page to see colors offered by size. App is not as intuitive as the old version. Old Nordstrom app was one of the main reasons I shopped Nordstrom over NM, Saks or Bloomies. I can’t believe Nordstrom corporate would ok the rollout of such a drastic app change especially with so many bugs!
  • App Crashes 1/5

    After the latest software update, the app crashes when I try to checkout.
  • Just roll it back 1/5

    By kitfromsocal
    Why work to "improve" the new app when the old one was already great? Honestly, what happened here? Thank goodness I still have the old version on my iPad, I can still browse Departments and Brands there, not to mention still getting the "For You" section and a far more functional Shopping Cart and Wish List. Echoing other reviews, whoever the IT manager is needs a serious, serious talking to. On the bright side, I suppose I won't be shopping as much on my phone. Yay?
  • Great App; glitchy updates. 2/5

    By ShalanNG
    Update - 17th Oct 2017 Can’t access wish list or shopping bag. The dev team needs to be better at monitoring the glitches, and fixing them sooner. The last two updates have rendered the app unusable.
  • Won’t open! 2/5

    By OctBride12
    This version of Nordstrom app closes as soon as I tap it- doesn’t open for even a second! Some kind of fix is needed! Never happened before
  • New version is horrible!! 1/5

    By big momma182409
    Where is the filter for designer only. Why do you have to access thru a specific department??? The new app CRASHES ALL THE TIME!! Really bad update.
  • Please fix bugs! 1/5

    By please fix:(
    Worked once. Now every time I try to check out the app literally takes me back to my home screen and shuts off. Which is a heart breaker because it worked once and now nothing? Lots of cool inventory on the app. Why not make it usable?
  • New app isn't as gokd 1/5

    By jsyobs
    New app is much harder to use and has tone of bugs.
  • Can't Access Shopping Bag 2/5

    By Rock_Climber
    "Something went wrong on our end" error message in the shopping bag. Can't add anything to shopping bag, view content or check out anymore.
  • New version blows 1/5

    By dubbleuj
    Way to kill your business. Why do you keep deleting my reviews?
  • Missing the old app 1/5

    By Zboy368
    Would you please add back a search by brand? On the old version, I could begin to type the brand name in the search bar and it would bring up a list of brands to choose from. I miss all the features from the old app, but this one the most.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By ChiTownGal23
    I can't log in, my orders get cancelled and my password isn't recognized. I'm a level 4 and your poorly designed app is pushing me straight to Neiman's.
  • Bring the old app back 1/5

    By Pensivepink
    ... you know the version that gave me a detailed view of the item in my cart that I’m close to purchasing, but need one last look at the pictures. ... you know that one version that didn’t crash and suggest I call an 800# like we are still ordering from catalogs via phone ... the version that had suggestions for me based upon previous purchases, because if I have to go searching for something to buy it’s not going to happen on a whim ... please bring back the Nordstrom Notes in the checkout. It was such a breeze having them in your profile to use during purchases! Now I must find the actual note to key in the numbers. Confusing, are we mobile or not? ... ish was all good just a week ago
  • New version stinks 1/5

    By No happy....
    New updated is terrible. Somehow this version regressed in progress. Does not allow you to stay signed in. No longer can view items just by brand. Pretty much the basic website in app formation now. I think the website is actually more user friendly. Please go back to previous versions that worked. This version is not working and took so many good options away from your customers.... pleas fix asap....
  • WORST Update 1/5

    By mesmerized87
    I am unable to access my wishlist (tried signing in and out). And the suggestions section has for some reason been removed. A lot of my purchases come from the suggestions section, guess not having it there will help me save money. Is that the intention behind removing this section? So people can save money and not spend more money at Nordstrom? So thoughtful. Contemplating on deleting the app from my device. If I do, I will most likely not be downloading it again.

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