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  • Current Version: 3.1.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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With Nowait, you can see the current wait times for nearby places to eat and put yourself on the waitlist of your favorite restaurant from anywhere - even if they do not take reservations. With Nowait: • Save time by getting in line from home, work, or a private yacht • Gain peace of mind by knowing how long the wait time is at any restaurant near you • Feel like a wizard* by seeing your exact place in line • Create harmony in your family by minimizing the wait for hungry children (and adults) • Look like a VIP when you waltz right in and grab a table at a busy restaurant without waiting • Go shopping, play soccer, take a nap, or spend a minute rating our app with your extra time Without Nowait: • Sit, or more likely stand around a crowded host stand, holding a dirty pager and hoping it buzzes soon You can skip the wait at many of these popular restaurants using Nowait: Chili's Buffalo Wild Wings First Watch Texas Roadhouse The Original Pancake House ...and thousands more local restaurants near you! *Nowait doesn’t actually turn you into a wizard, though we would argue it’s close.


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  • Misleading app 1/5

    By dotheneedful
    I live right in the middle of the city with 10 million people and I’m surrounded by literally thousands of restaurants, but I can only find a few on here that actually use this app. That’s 15 minutes I’ll never get back.
  • Time Saver! 5/5

    By Valleyrdg
    This app has been great for me. Even if the restaurant I’m looking up isn’t on NOWAIT it still gives me the directions and phone number so I can call to see if the have a sign in wait list. This app has been great!
  • Good app, needs more restaurants to sign up 4/5

    By RayzerBlade
    Works great
  • This app is not useful in okc 1/5

    By Shhdjdjfj
    Had to wait 30 mins to 1 hr at neighborhood jam and hatch. I don't understand the use of this app then.
  • Forced Reviews? Goodbye. 1/5

    By Jason Clark
    I can’t use the app until I rate the prior restaurant? App deleted.
  • Ineffective 1/5

    By Aldajon
    Was told by the restaurant that this app was the only way to get in line for a table. We accessed the app before leaving . Was told to come on in, no wait. We waited in a very crowded restaurant vestibule for 40 minutes. And the app continues to say “No wait”. A joke.
  • Won't keep my profile stored 1/5

    By IbettR
    It keeps blaming my 'internet connection' for not storing my profile. With no profile, you can't use the app. Epic fail. Used to love it. Now, I can't use no matter how many times I try to update
  • Maybe for NYC 2/5

    By Yeapp!
    Omaha, NE is the 42/43 largest city in America... And only 3 restaurants are participating on this app.
  • Great idea. Poor execution 1/5

    By Rock_bege
    I have used this app 3 times at 3 different restaurants. Not one time has it helped lessen the wait time.
  • This app is very fast but the functionality is pointless 2/5

    By Punkineata
    It only tells you how many parties are ahead of you in line and not how much time you have to wait or how many parties of the same size are ahead of you. You’re better off playing a game of tic tac toe with your dinner companions while you wait rather than download this app. Nowait kept me waiting....and wanting a lot more.
  • End up waiting almost every time. 1/5

    By gman4144
    Time is almost always wrong. Annoying that you can’t put your name in when it says 1-10 minutes wait. Have to wait almost all the time even though it says no wait.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Utjimithing
    The same restaurants they keep promoting use the app do not. Multiple locations shoe “Come On In” only to a robe and find an 30+ minute wait and when asking the hostess about it they say they are not aware of The App. Same restaurant on multiple visits so it was not an instance of getting a new person.
  • LIARS 1/5

    By Paulie's
    Went to Blue 32 With a group of 7. The app said 30 min when we arrived the said 45 min more wait. Second time this has happened and have had other friends tell me the same. So we walked out and went somewhere else.
  • Forced to rate my restaurant 1/5

    By kikster223
    I’m being forced to rate the restaurant I ate at in order to use the app again. It even says “how was [place]?” with the word *optional*, but there’s no way to get past the screen without leaving a rating. I restart the app and the same screen appears, so I guess I won’t use the app anymore.
  • Not even close time estimate. 1/5

    By littlechute82
    We were told to show up at 10:56 which reflected about a 20 minutes wait from when we pushed the button. We arrived at 10:53. We were seated at 11:27. We would have went somewhere else. Will never use app again.
  • A good app 5/5

    By Top Six
    It helps you get tables at restaurants.
  • Log out 1/5

    By Rad On Line
    How do I log out!!!
  • Literal garbage 1/5

    By applesux21987
    The developer of this app must have a brain disease because the time doesn't ever update and your table gets called before you're even out the door. What is the point of this app when it's timing off by 40% (45 minutes on my case) and you miss your table anyways.
  • Twice as accurate as what? 1/5

    By MartialEagle
    Unsure what algorithm their using but doesn’t seem very accurate. Possibly Twin Cities Pizza in Mason, Ohio isn’t properly communicating with the the servers to give updates. Regardless, if one refreshes the app and it constantly says “Come on in” and you arrive and there is at least 30 minute wait the algorithm is really lacking.
  • Really you want my data 1/5

    By khivi
    Why the hell do I need to downapp and give you my phone data. Monetize yourself with your customers who are restaurants. We humans are not your customers so do not make money off us. Tell your investors you have good business as customers and that is it. Full stop. If you reading this, please let us know how we can ask you to delete any data about us.
  • has revolutionized brunch for us 5/5

    By skireel
    no joke. it’s great. you want to go to breakfast or brunch on the weekend? used to be a stressful time, long lines, confusion, better off avoided. but now you can get in virtual line, the app gives accurate updates so you can show up at your leisure, and have a nice weekend brunch! obv the restaurant has to use it. if they do, you’re in business. great app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Heresjohhny
    I had no problems with this app.
  • If I could give the app zero stars I would... 1/5

    By Samico18
    It’s a joke don’t bother it doesn’t work. It’s not reliable. We downloaded the app today. Was in the parking lot of a popular burger establishment. Wanted to check in with no wait. Signed in at 5:11 had 45-60 min wait for 3 people. They said it’d be ready at the very latest- 6:11. We sat down at 7:07. Ended up walking out of the restaurant at 8:15. 3 hours using no wait? No thank you!!! Total scam.
  • Great to use 5/5

    By Skbdjsvsja
    I love using the app and being able to get in line with the restaurants that use so but the time I get there I can get a table right away
  • Awesome 5/5

    By HJHSS
    This app worked wonders! Only had to wait 4 minutes for our table, others in line were waiting for a half hour or more.
  • Great app 5/5

    By SelitaS
    I have used this app Several times. It is great. Plan to use it at any restaurant that has it!
  • Very cool & useful! 5/5

    By Connie's MacBook PRO Jan 2014
    Saved us LOTS of app I can use!
  • Concept is great if it works 1/5

    By Lovesnewtalent
    We have tried numerous times to get in line for a restaurant and app continues to say "having problems updating, downloading, or anything else we have tried. Extremely frustrating!!
  • Misleading information!!! 1/5

    By LQDistor
    The app stated that there was “no wait” at Mission Taco in St. Charles, MO. Absolutely false! There was a 45 minute wait just for two people. Your app is either misleading or the restaurant is not truly using your service. I guess that would still make your app misleading.
  • Need TLC 2/5

    By Horrible user
    Wait time algorithm need to be updated. Wait time on the app and at the restaurant are different. Disappointing
  • Inaccurate at best, misleading at worst 1/5

    By chuck tuna
    The wait times presented in the app are not in line with the wait times when you get to the destination. I canceled my spot in line a few times because of this. Once your visit is done, the app forces you to rate your visit before you can do anything else (like reserving a spot in line at another restaurant). I have no use for this app due to these flaws.
  • Why bother.... 1/5

    By Flubagoo
    I tried using the app but it does not give you the option to be put on a wait list. I thought it was just the place I wanted to go but it was the same no matter what place I tried to get into. Completely useless app
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By coloITguy
    Drove 20 minutes to a restaurant that said it had no wait currently. Got there and it was packed and a 30-40 minute wait. They said “their tablet broke and they were trying to get off the app”. Your app is no good if it isn’t accurate. If restaurants want to leave the service, better make that process quick and easy so users don’t have frustrating experiences like mine.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Clemsoncherr
    It won’t let me change my number. So as long as you don’t get a new phone number it works great.
  • Why is this a native app? 2/5

    By DumbAustin
    Really like the idea of informed waiting but this does not (and should not) need to be a native app. The service could easily be provided as a web app, which would make everything about it more valuable. Having to either download it when needed (probably over cellular) or leave it on your phone, taking up space, is a poor user experience. Like the service, don’t like the execution!
  • Maybe the restaurant 2/5

    By Ibdakidd
    Wait time was a little over a in line said arrive by here and still waiting.whats the point of a no wait when I'm still waiting 30 min later and still not seated. Not sure if it's the app or this garbage place called wildberry
  • Worthless 1/5

    By DireRob
    Not sure how we have waited 2x the estimated time. Maybe it’s just a random number and the whole app is just a way to pass the time.
  • holiday hours... 2/5

    By eeyores
    locations should be responsible for updating hours and app should prompt them to do so. tried to go out to eat to a location that said, “come on in” only to find it closed for a holiday.
  • It works 5/5

    By daisycancook50
    The hostess told us 45 minutes, we were seated in 18 minutes
  • Love it! True time saver! 4/5

    By Moniemonieeee
    Don't like standing in lines? Then this is the perfect app! Very easy to use.
  • Ho-Ho-Ho-Oh-Nooo! 2/5

    By Lauren+8411
    The concept of this app is amazing and we love it! The actuality of the app, you must first get within 5 miles of restaurant to check-in but then have 30 min + wait to be seated....when you could have just let us check-in from home and the drive time could have been the wait time...
  • Good, BUT 3/5

    By Steve Brantley
    The app is ok but it states rating the restaurant is optional but you cant exit the screen without rating it.
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By April O'Neal
    It doesn’t give you an accurate wait time at all. The app told me I only had about 20 minutes left to wait, but the hostess of the restaurant said the app doesn’t take into account larger parties which take up multiple tables and she said my wait was about 90 minutes.
  • Bugzz 3/5

    By brighterorange
    Useful app. But recently there are all these hilariously bad bugs. Like just now it asked me to rate Optional(“Fathead\’s Sa. Are all the programmers gone? Does nobody look at the app to see if it’s working?
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By BrightEyes21
    Great app!
  • Lack of upfront info for restaurant 1/5

    By Mns205
    I downloaded this to use at one specific restaurant for a special evening for a group of 7. I checked the restaurant on the app before the night we were going to use it and no restrictions were listed. When we went to use it, it said it couldn’t be used for groups larger than 4. Very disappointing.
  • Makes life easy... 5/5

    By EventDude
    We have used NoWait for our favorite restaurant for about a year. It is way better than waiting for 90 minutes at the door to get seated. We get in line before leaving home and run errands, walk, or read somewhere and then when it is time we go and walk right in. Nice work; just wish more restaurants in our area used it.
  • Usually happy with results 5/5

    By Fagerlie
    We have used this app several times and have been satisfied with the service. It can save a lot of wait time!
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Primerx24
    Used this for the Allentown Brew Works. Saved us an 1hr wait. AMAZING.
  • Awesome App, Great Idea 5/5

    By Diddyc123
    I really like the app! I can't wait for the "hate a restaurant" option that will be in the next release!

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