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NPR One App

NPR One is a whole new way to listen to stories, shows, and podcasts from NPR and your local public radio station. It’s public radio made personal. "By connecting to audio content from other suppliers, including podcasts and locally sourced news programs, NPR One is now a one-stop shop for all sorts of fascinating audio."- NYTimes "NPR One makes the listening experience smarter and more engaging, and plenty of people will want to tune in." - Re/code *A handcrafted experience.* NPR One starts with the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that matter - narratives that increase your understanding, create connections, enrich your life and enliven your mind. All thoughtfully curated by hand, every day. *Always learning from you.* Just pop in your ear buds, tap your phone and NPR One starts flowing. And NPR One gets to know you. Skip what you don't want, or tap the lightbulb to say a story is interesting. We'll turn NPR One into your own personal radio station. *Personal, not prescriptive.* Though your stream is personalized to deliver the stories you want, you’ll still hear the top news of the day and the stories you had no idea would captivate you. *Connected locally.* Even with the breadth of public radio at your fingertips, you won’t lose touch at home. Local news and podcast episodes are woven seamlessly into your listening experience. Local stories, locally reported, are delivered daily. Community is everything. *Features* ° A personalized stream of NPR and local station news and stories ° Skip, rewind, pause and share ° Swipe over to Explore to find stories and podcasts recommended for you ° Dive into your local newscast, stories and podcasts by tapping on your Home station logo ° International, national, regional and local content ° A simple, intuitive interface ° Sleep timer with five presets It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s there for you. (Wherever ‘there’ is.) As fast as the world is changing the way it listens to public radio, NPR One is changing the way we deliver it. NPR is here to deliver the public radio experience wherever you are. Whenever you can connect. Love to listen on the go? Get the most out of NPR One with Apple Watch. Control your playback at a glance without touching your phone. Here we go. It’s NPR One.

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NPR One app reviews

  • New version has no network roaming! 1/5

    By Mattjoo
    Previous versions worked better with losing network connectivity. The app is now unusable when living in a rural area with dead spots. The app used to cache a few articles or shows and would continue to play until a data network was available again. Now the app will have extreme difficulties playing or starting any article anything until you have what the app must deem as an "acceptable" data rate. Give us an option to cache articles! I would switch back to podcasts if I could.
  • Pretty frustrating app 1/5

    By Thejordan08
    Strange design. Interface not user friendly. Have a hard time finding what I'm looking for. Can't seem to find old stories (like on the npr news app.). Seems like podcasts and stories can't be downloaded meaning listening uses your data plan. Pretty frustrating app.
  • Ruined 1/5

    By thewebgeek
    Completely ruined the experience I had with listening to shows via the NPR news app. Required login, poor interface, and crashing makes me question what they were thinking.
  • Programming algorithm peeve 4/5

    By LeftRightThere
    There are many programs I like but they aren't the same length in time. I want to hear the morning news in the morning and evening at dinner time. It bothers me when after each 2 minute news story I have to skip the hour long episode of On Point, or Market Place (etc) because I want to hear a continuos stream of current news. Also, the app keeps stopping in between tracks if the app isn't in focus and I must hit play to continue listening.
  • Yet another app ruined by feature requests 2/5

    By Domsbombz
    Yet another app ruined by feature requests. This app started out small and light and single purposed and people have ruined it with nice to have features and as a result the app constantly goofs now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Washington official
    I miss the old app. The new one is missing so many of the programs and stations.
  • So wonderful, but too buggy 3/5

    By Yoksafiff
    Please fix the bugs (and, after that, make it easier to explore your library). Thanks!!
  • Confusing app 1/5

    By zwebfam
    Why is this app so unnecessarily confusing? I think they need to spend a lot more time with U/I testing. The app just doesn't seem to be well thought out.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Miles1989
    I'm an NPR addict but don't like this setup. Please never try to replace the NPR app with this one. I just want something simple that I can navigate easily. I like to click on my regular shows and put them on my playlist to listen to whenever. This app setup isn't really as conducive to doing that as the old setup is
  • Not sure what this accomplishes... 3/5

    By Michael S. Manley
    ...besides giving NPR a vehicle through which to measure listener behavior that they can't get through standard podcasting. I guess this is meant for the "Morning Edition all day" crowd. I was disappointed that there was not a full directory of all NPR podcasts and that I could not play those on demand. I tried to use this for a week and then gave up and went back to individual podcasts.
  • Not intuitive or easy to navigate 1/5

    By Frustrated gamer3
    I find this app a huge downgrade from the original NPR app. It is difficult to navigate and search. It does not list all programs available and many times the content does not play when selected. Not sure why this app was released. Hard to imagine that user test groups did not complain before release.
  • Anonymity is king 1/5

    By M_Mac1234567890
    I don't want any more apps that require logging in. I just want to click & listen. I miss listening to my favorite stories/programs on NPR news. Please either put them back or allow a guest feature on 1. Worthless app IMHO.
  • Latest version very buggy 2/5

    By Npoliti
    I loved this app. But lately it has been very unreliable. It plays little snippets of audio from random stories and sometimes rewinds 15 seconds for no reason. I get the 'oops! Something went wrong!' banner constantly. Please fix!
  • I will give monthly to NPR for ads-free listening. 3/5

    By t3dga
    This app is great! I love it and use it for driving, sitting around the house, and other environments where I need a quick infuse of NPR. It’s great that it’s careful to never repeat a story and I like that a lot. I think you would see an uptick in memberships to local NPR affiliates if by doing so the user could suspend or skip all ads. I can tell you that personally I would schedule a monthly donation to NPR in a heartbeat if it meant I could use this app ads-free. I'm probably not the first to think of this. And I realize this would require a bit of work on the backend. You'd have to set up a central login system to be used and verified by each affiliate. Or something. But let me tell you. There is little more I want in life than to listen to this app ads-free. I don't currently donate to NPR but I would in a heartbeat if you implemented this feature. And I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • Love NPR. Hate this app. 1/5

    By Ed435627
    I probably listen to four hours a day of NPR. I thought that the old NPR News app was great but it appears NPR is throwing its support behind this new app and dropping support for the old. The user interface is truly awful. It is so unintuitive and frustrating to use. It presumes that you don't know what you want to listen to and it's going to decide for you.
  • Excess commercials 3/5

    By David Myriad
    Would get 5 stars except for the same stupid book commercial every three or four minutes.
  • Please fix this app 1/5

    By Martswee
    This app feels redundant and is difficult to use. I love NPR but I'm no fan of this app.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Debbiemutsch
    Everything I listen to in one place. It took a little time learning my way around
  • Still buffering 2/5

    By aamoon33
    The app was okay until recently - I appreciate the suggestions and really did discover new content I otherwise wouldn't have. However, in the last couple of weeks something changed. Now I can't get through one news segment without it stalling, trying to load, never loading & ultimately me getting frustrated and going elsewhere for my news.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Disp 1234456778
    It's easier to listen to full episodes without needing to get parts on a playlist compared to the old App. However it is really awkward and difficult to use to find your favorite shows to listen and play. It keeps dropping my favorite and followed shows for some reason. It's also inconvenient that I now need a separate app to read news stories from the one I use to listen to the NPR shows. Overall a good start, but it needs a lot of refinement to get a good grade
  • Up First is all I use 3/5

    By Volleyballer6789
    Love the morning news when I want it. Never figured out how to do anything else.
  • Almost unusable now 1/5

    By JewpiterJones
    Crashes constantly. Tried reinstalling. Still crashes. Sad. WARNING! HIGH DATA USAGE! 10-15 mins of usage 5x per week results in more than 1.2GB (gigabytes!!!) of data use. Play/pause often doesn't work. Next track randomly plays but screen shows previous track. Lots of syncing issues when connection is lost and regained. And why no back button? Sometimes I want to skip back to a story I liked.
  • major data hog 1/5

    By Wilburguy
    i want to love this app but it uses a ton of cell data and is partly responsible for overage charges on my last Verizon bill. 150M in a day! DELETE!
  • Big Fat Data HOG 1/5

    By Mary&Dan
    I literally raised my data plan twice before I figured out what was eating up my data--THIS APP! I have used the app for a long time, then, suddenly, it began eating up my data like a virus running rampant. They have a flaw in their app. I can stream music all day without using much data, but if I stream news on NPR One, my data is gone like POOF!
  • Love the app, but one big issue 4/5

    By sgtbrightside
    I love this app. I use it everyday before going to work. But there is one issue I am consistently running into. My local station's news reports do not always play through. Just now, my local station's morning report played the first few seconds and then went silent. Other than that, I have been enjoyed it.
  • New bugs for old functionality 1/5

    By PriceShopper
    Things that are now buggy, but didn't used to be: · Freezes on the app open page, whether you select Resume or Catch up. Have to close and reopen the app a few times until it finally passes that screen · A new red bar of death when trying to access major shows like WWDTM, forcing me to close and reopen the app · The app loads on my Chromecast, but won't play shows until you close and reopen the app Going to listen to these podcasts via Apple Podcasts and Spotify
  • I love NPR but this app is difficult to navigate 3/5

    By Milan4
    I have the NPR news app and it's very intuitive how to navigate but the NPR one app is just difficult to find the shows I like to listen to. Because I love NPR and use this app and NPR news every day I won't give up and will figure it out but I wish the one app was just easier to navigate.
  • Still a dreadful app, but at least NPR News app restored 1/5

    By Skeptic on Wheels
    No manual playlists in this new app?? This is HORRIBLE!!! All my favorite shows being wiped from original NPR news app. So disappointed in this whole mess. Update: Thank you NPR app developers for restoring full content to the original NPR news app. No need to mess with a winning formula.
  • So much worse than prior app 2/5

    By Jerseyfern
    Confirming prior poor reviews. Confusing, needlessly complicated interface. Finding shows and listening to them much more difficult than in the old NPR app. The attempt to anticipate what I want to hear leaves me scrambling to find what I actually want. Further, it takes days for new EPA to show up in the app when they can be navigated and listened to on the NPR website same day.
  • NPR One Star 1/5

    By nprsad:(
    Casting is kind of a mess on this app. I'll be able to do one show and then if I select another podcast the app shuts down. I literally have to uninstall and reinstall for each subsequent cast. Please add the podcasts back to the news app.
  • Love the content, hate the app 1/5

    By Filterfreemomma
    Come on guys, put more into the development of this app. You advertise incessantly, but don't seem to put much into the actual function of the app. It glitches all the time, it shuts itself off all the time, and makes for a very poor listening experience. I love NPR and everything you stand for, and I am a long-time sustaining member in my home state. That said, I expect more.
  • Nice idea... terrible execution 1/5

    By Madddle
    The positives: I love the "in case you missed it" link. Very helpful for those of us that have full time jobs who cannot listen during the day. Same for "the Trump Era". Handpicked podcasts. Great idea. The Featured Shows section is wonderful! Found several new shows I wouldn't have known about and thrilled to see "Think" from KERA on that list. Now the entire NPR community can see what a treasure Krys Boyd is! The Negatives (and it's a long list): Why no playlist w the ability to edit, rearrange, etc? This is one of my favorite aspects of the NPR app. Put all of them on the list, hit play, keep right on doing whatever I'm doing for a long period of time. Why would you drop this? Why would all of the NPR shows not be included on NPR One? What's that about? I've got to flip back and forth btw two apps to get all the content I want. Silly. Hard to find the shows I know I want. Search is woefully inadequate and not sure why. Can't figure out how to get to things? Topics from the original app was great. Nothing similar on the new app. Why? I am a loyal podcast listener w NPR. Even I gave up on it for a while. Y'all need to revamp the whole thing keeping only the best parts. But, then again, why not just add the good stuff from NPR One to the original? Leah
  • Bring back Apple Watch integration! 1/5

    By Drober1
    I loved saying to my Apple Watch, "Launch NPR One" and just having NPR One start playing. I didn't have to take my phone out of my pocket or look at my phone while driving in the car. It worked well and wasn't broken. Why remove this feature?! One star until it is put back. While you're at it, add the ability to tap the screen on the phone app to listen to a suggested story.
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By SuzGirl55
    This app crashes frequently. So much "dead air." Will not transfer seamlessly from one podcast to other favorites. Constantly have to stop whatever I'm doing to manually search myself for favorites then play them -- IF they play. Gets stuck so often. Not a cool app at all 😖
  • Apple Watch Support Gone? 3/5

    By Shtoup
    I thoroughly enjoy this app and use it daily. It has what I consider minor issues and details that could be enhanced. One of the best additions, however, was the Apple Watch support. Phone in your pocket and on the way to work? No problem, just tap tap, and the news is playing via Bluetooth to your car stereo. You never even had to pick up the phone. It's mysteriously gone w/ no explanation. What.
  • ⌚️ Apple Watch app? 2/5

    By SorryGuessAgain
    The Apple Watch app disappeared with no mention... wassup?
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Ele_boz
    I love NPR, though I was a little irritated that my programs "moved" to this new app, I decided to give it a try: 1. After about a week of user the app blocked me out, I can't listen to programs unless I register. Why? Their explanation is "to customize my experience"... what if I don't want it? I just want to search for what I like and listen to it. NPR should be more aware about all the filtering and tailored content controversies, your listeners deserve more! 2. When I search for a phase it's not being saved in the search history. It's expected for any search bar to have that function built-in, even apps which don't require sign in manage to save search history somehow (e.g. Waze). 3. The app is hard to navigate. I "saved for later" a few episodes of a show but couldn't find where to go to listen to them later. It shouldn't be that hard. Take out the registration requirement, it should be optional! You're NPR after all.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Ellie301245
    I love NPR but I wish it was on a platform that was more user-driven. You can't create a playlist/ decide what comes up next which is frustrating when you want to binge one podcast series. Instead a different segment altogether comes up next and you have no say in it. Also, you can't fast-forward a podcast if you've already heard part of it. Please fix this because I need my NPR fix and I'd love to listen to my podcasts on the same platform.
  • Used to love it... 1/5

    By Sammi2624
    And will again if it goes back to queuing and playing context without getting hung up after a story is over. The issue is also extending to my Alexa, which means I have to ask her to play *something* every few minutes. I'm a stay at home mom who tries not to watch TV during the day, so I rely on NPR One and my Alexa to keep me entertained. Very disappointed with this bug.
  • CarPlay does not work. 1/5

    By az342
    Whenever I plug it on my car the display is just blank for the app. Always have to open it on my phone vs using the CarPlay integration.
  • So crappy 1/5

    By Bthomas5013
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jmysays
    This is the worst app I've ever used. Can't find a thing on it, it has a terrible user interface, and it's an overall bad experience. I'll listen to my NPR shows elsewhere.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Denise SM
    I love this app. Let's me catch-up on top of the hour news any time I want. And I like the way you can go back 15 seconds to hear again if you didn't catch something and skip to the next story if you've already heard it or not interested.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By MichaelinSantaFe
    The app takes a long time to connect and loses its place easily. I love the content but the delivery vehicle needs work.
  • Way too much politics 2/5

    By dj scottyboy
    Yes I know this is not, but when 35% of these stories start with "president Trump....". Ugh
  • Will not launch! 1/5

    By Cliffordhubbard
    Get the microphone and that is it...
  • Mixed 4/5

    By jt2cs
    I love NPR and in many ways this app makes listening simple - one touch and my stream starts! But I've found fine tuning the app less obvious than I would prefer -- when I want to start my day with uninterrupted national news it will switch midstream to a podcast ( that I do like) but if I want to go back to the news broadcast it takes multiple steps .... I wish "driving" the content was more clear or easier to trouble shoot.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By heatherec0503
    I downloaded this app hoping to find a better podcast experience, but this is so much worse than the sometimes glitchy Podcasts app. Doesn't send notifications when there is a new episode, randomly crashes, unreliable search function, the list goes on. NPR, stop promoting this app until you fix these awful issues.
  • Favorite App - Especially with Apple Watch! 5/5

    By 007-Ruby
    This was my favorite app on the apple watch, made listening and skipping songs a breeze! Please bring back the Apple Watch app.
  • Love this app! But... 5/5

    By Marty *Music Obsesser*
    Apple watch app went missing! What gives? Thanks!

NPR One app comments

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