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Numbers App

Create gorgeous spreadsheets with Numbers for Mac. Get started with one of many Apple-designed templates for your home budget, checklist, invoice, mortgage calculator, and more. Add tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. As soon as you start typing a formula, you'll get instant suggestions and built-in help for the over 250 powerful functions. Animate your data with new interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts. Easily filter through large tables. Automatically format cells based on numbers, text, dates, and durations with new conditional highlighting. And with an all-new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever before. With iCloud built in, your spreadsheets are kept up to date across all your devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud. Collaborate with others at the same time • With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a spreadsheet at the same time • Collaboration is built right in to Numbers on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch • PC users can collaborate too, using Numbers for iCloud • Share your document publicly or with specific people • You can easily see who’s currently in the document with you • View other people’s cursors to follow their edits Get started quickly • Over 30 Apple-designed templates give your spreadsheets a beautiful start • Simplified toolbar gives you quick access to shapes, media, tables, charts, and sharing options • The new Format Panel automatically updates based on selection • Quickly click through a spreadsheet using new tab navigation • Import and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets • Import and edit Comma Separated Values (CSV) and tab-delimited text • Quickly open password-protected spreadsheets using Touch ID on supported Macs Beautiful spreadsheets • Place tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas • Add and resize multiple tables on a single sheet • Create great-looking tables with enhanced cell border styling tools • Use gorgeous preset styles to make your text, tables, shapes, and images look beautiful • Insert photos, music, and video with the Media Browser • Edit down to the pixel with rulers, alignment guides, and powerful graphics tools Formulas for everyone • Choose from over 250 powerful functions • Get function suggestions as soon as you start typing a formula • Search the integrated function browser for built-in help and sample formulas • Get live formula results, error checking, exact value, and cell format with the new smart cell view • Easily add stock information to spreadsheets • Add your favorite functions to Quick Calculations for instant results Data uncrunched • Insert gorgeous 2D and 3D charts • Animate data with new interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts • Automatically highlight cells based on rules for numbers, text, dates, and durations • Easily filter through large tables • Change values in cells using sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups, and star ratings iCloud • Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and • Access and edit your spreadsheets from a Mac or PC browser at with Numbers for iCloud • Numbers automatically saves your documents as you make changes Share a copy of your work • Use AirDrop to send your spreadsheet to anyone nearby • Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook • Export your spreadsheet to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel • Use “Open in Another App” to copy spreadsheets to apps such as Dropbox Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply. Numbers does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.


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Numbers app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By MathiasTolerain
    No pivot table equivalency. Useless for anything involving even rudimentary datat analysis. Junk Program. Delete and install something better.
  • Re-Naming Sheets has gone away with this latest update 2/5

    By ? /?
    Numbers shuts down when trying to rename “sheets"
  • Forumal Bar at the top 3/5

    By StupendousMan
    I've used Apple Numbers on multiple occasions and every time I do I think the following: why isn't the formula bar at the top? Every spreadsheet application I’m familiar with has the formula bar up high. Where is possible, I think Numbers should follow this familiar and useful interface convention.
  • Good but I can’t update despite constant notifications. 3/5

    By LJMTX
    Overall I like Sheets as an alternative to Excel. It does what I need it to do without overcomplicating things. I just wish that I could turn off the update notifications, especially because when I attempt to update the software from the App Store it doesn’t update.
  • Wish I could rate the newest version 1/5

    By ESBlues
    Have tried repeatedly to update to the newest version, but after I click Update in the App Store, the indicator just spins and never does update the app.
  • Numbers V3, and now 4.1 SAME CRAP back. 3/5

    By zbysio
    The designers had ‘themselves’ in mind but not customer and their daily use. Sheets save themselves in some predefined location on the screen instead of where I am placing them, this is quite inconvenient to relocate them each time when multiple sheets are open. If I paid for it I would seek money back, but - perhaps Google has good alternative. I know Excel does not do this. Good part is - I do not crash as much as other people do.
  • Should not have taken out the STOCK feature after we used it 2/5

    By MafiaScum Freak
    Scripted a spreadsheet using STOCK. Then you canceled it and it only shows the previous day’s close. No notice at all. Then Yahoo! Finance closed the whole API. What a waste. Row and Column names are silly also. Let us call them something different from the actual label on the row and column.
  • Why even bother updating? 1/5

    By RixterHibeam
    Honestly, I hardly use ANY of the lame programs that came with my Mac -- I like the computer itself, but Apple seriously needs to learn about good program design. I don't use Pages, or Keynote, or Safari, or even iTunes, because in every case they are less functional than other programs I can easily get. And that goes double for Numbers, which has some of the dumbest defaults of all. Yet I’m constantly finding multiple updates waiting to be installed, and there is no way one can simply say “no thanks” — I'm forced to tie up the system while it downloads stuff I’ll never use, because Apple always thinks they know better than we do. Get a clue, kiddies.
  • Program freezes with large data sets. 3/5

    By Some random guy in school
    I’m running a maxed out MBP 13’ 2016 and I tried loading a dataset of 46,000 numbers and making a graph from it. Every time i attempt to tweak the graph the program freezes.
  • Numbers is ruined for me. 1/5

    By Casuun
    I’ve been using Numbers ‘08 for years. Due to issues with double clicking anywhere in it under macOS 10.13, I figured I’d try the new Numbers.. It is terrible. I don’t feel they made any progress, and in fact went backwards. I can’t use the new version as an actual spreadsheet program, instead it’s some bad hack of a page design program that happens to include tables that can sort of do basic spreadsheet stuff. None of what I use is presented in an easy to access area, formulas are behaving badly, what was an intuitive action before is now some bizarre action that I can’t figure why any common or power user would expect the behavior. I’ve gone back to using the old crashing one, and just saving after change rather than use the new version, and I’ll continue doing that until I can find some other application to replace it. I’m deply saddened by this, because the old Numbers was great to work with and a good alternative to Excel.
  • Don’t install if you work in currencies 1/5

    By Undewhelmed
    @Fangame, October 9th. Me too. Spreadsheets are unusable because someone at Apple decided in their infinite wisdom that working between currencies shouldn’t be allowed. Not impressed. I’ve gone back to MS XL. Not happy.
  • Currency conversion made impossible - suddenly USELESS for business! 1/5

    By Askmetwice
    The latest update has introduced a (intended?) bug whereby currency conversion becomes pretty much impossible to do intelligently: If, for example, you buy a pineapple for USD3 and want to know how much this would be in Euros, in the past you simply had to do this: In the first cell (A1), put in USD3. In the second cell (B1), enter the foreign exchange rate, e.g. 0.8451. In the third cell (C1), you would enter the formula: (A1) x (B1) = (C1) Finally, you would open the Format sidebar, under “Data Format” you would select “Currency”, and then from the list of currencies below select the one you desire, e.g. Euro. Job done! NOW, the software automatically resets the currency in (C1) to whatever the currency in (A1) is, and you cannot avoid it! Yes, plainly logically / arithmetically speaking USD3 x 0.8451 = USD2.5353. I will admit that. However, for currency conversion purposes, it is UTTERLY USELESS to have the software force the mathimatically correct solution upon you. "Thanks” to this annoying update virtually all of my existing Numbers files such as expense reports, payroll reports, market research files, annual reports, etc have been rendered completely useless! APPLE, you NEED to get this fixed!! Without a fix my business will no longer be able to operate, and I as well as countless other internationally operating businesses around the world will have no choice but to use another software such as Excel instead!
  • It Cant Sort Numbers 2/5

    By cam556
    I’m Making a very simple item tracker sheet and each of the items is numbered (1,2,3,4…56,57….103,104,105,etc…) and when I went to sort them into numerical order, it went from 1 to 10 instead of 2, then it went from 10 to 100, and skipped every number in between. It'ss like it's just putting them in numerical order based off the numbers going left to right rather than what the numbers actually are.
  • Lost formatting 2/5

    By InfamousHappy
    After the last update, some of my spreadsheets lost formatting.
  • Don't install the latest update 2/5

    By Fanagame
    I'm usually a very big fan of Numbers and the whole iWork suite all together. However, there's huge issue in the latest version. A lot of my spreadsheet stopped working. I do a lot of currency conversion. So I'd have Cell A with a Euro amount. Cell B with a USD amount, then Cell C with the USD amount converted to Euro. Something with a formula like Cell B / 1.17. Then Cell D would be Total Euro (so, cell A + Cell C). This used to work very well. Now, if a cell with a formula references a cell in a given currency, it AUTOMATICALLY becomes of the same currency. Which means my Euro amount converted from USD is displayed as USD, even though it used to be configured as a Euro currency cell. And there's no way to restore it back to Euro, it will constantly go back to "Automatic" format type. As a result, all my totals now are in error state because you can't directly add USD cells with Euro cells. Apple, please fix this. I hope I'm not the only one to encounter this issue. I would change my rating back to 5 stars if it wasn't for this bug!
  • What is going on 2/5

    By Mistyfr
    We’ve been using Numbers for many years and never had any issues with it until this version. We regularly do our invoices on a long standing template many time with different currencies on the same page. Normally its never been a issue, but now, you can only use a sinlge currency per page, everything else just get changed automatically.. Very annoying and is costing us time and money…. GET THIS SORTED OUT before we have to look into other products….
  • Updated Damages Application 1/5

    By cwm202
    You can not print horizontally with update… when using spreadsheets this is perhaps the most common feature… why would this be the case???
  • Cells with custom data format default to USD or EUR 3/5

    By Kodilu
    Hello, after the update of Numbers (from 4.2 to 4.3) all my cells that have custom DATA FORMAT are defaulting to "AUTOMATIC" and "CURRENCY US DOLLAR $” and in some documents they default to EUR €. My custom format is NOT currency and thus all the data in those cells gets messed up upon opening the docs. All my invoices that I've issued since 2011 that I open now get corrupted. I have tested with many docs going back to files from 2011. I was on the phone with Apple Support now and figured out there is a BUG in the latest update (4.3) só we reverted to Numbers 4.2 from Time Machine and everything os OK using v4.2. So it's proven that this is a bug within Numbers 4.3. The support case ID is: 100303170788. Numbers for iOS 11 has the exact same problem both on iPhone and iPad. New docs are OK. Old docs are NOT. Please fix. Thanks
  • numbers and update 5/5

    By ajabsy
    I just did an update on my mac and now trying to download numbers but i am getting this error "Numbers can’t be installed on “Macintosh HD” because OS X version 10.12 or later is required."
  • Annoying Update Popups 4/5

    By ObleoB
    I really like numbers it makes doing spread sheets fun. Really there is nothing to complain about with the functionality of the program itself. The exception are the annoying popup windows that say there a new version if you update MacOS. There a dozen of these annoying popup windows a day. Why should the end user have to keep getting these annoying pop windows all day that interrupt the use of the software? Wish I could update, however not the system admin on the machine. My work decides what version of the OS to use not me. Please fix the app to not keeping popping windows to update to the next version. Maybe keep it for only when the app starts up.
  • Number formatting won’t change 2/5

    By Jeankallander
    Latest update will not allow me to change the number formatting from currency for values added from other tabs! Also, all my values in a spreadsheet that were coming from other tabs are now in currency format and they won’t change back.
  • Currency manipulation broken 1/5

    By acfda000
    New update does not allow a value in a cell in a currency to be multiplied/divided by a value in another cell and return a value in another currency. For instance £ be multiplied by a cell with an exchange rate to return a value in €, it is forcing the return of the conversion in £.
  • Don’t know how to autofill the cell column 4/5

    For example I am starting is cell A2 : -10, A3 : -9 and so on. i tried to select both cells and drag down but it wont work. ive looked online for videos but still wont work. does anyone know what i am doing wrong?? Please help and thanks!
  • Don’t leave your documents open 3/5

    By monodalia
    I like Numbers, but it has a glaring problem if you happen to leave you documents open off a server or other connected disk. You can’t save, and you can’t even “Save As” — it loses all connection to the original document (even though you’re looking at it). There’s no alternative except to copy and paste when you do that — and you’ll lose your work. On top of that, the copy and paste functionality is odd — it likes to repeat cells when you specify an area. At least Excel will allow you to save as!!
  • Shuts down when I type… a number!!! 1/5

    By Stifenkin
    Seriously? Every time I type a number, the app shuts down. I can type letters, but not numbers. I have tried starting spreadsheets from scratch and also using my old ones. When tried to contact support, I was informed that they might charge me 29€.
  • One very annoying bug 1/5

    By shareef777
    Huge grievance. Remember the window size of my files! If I have three columns, but a few dozen rows my window will be narrow and long. Why does it reset to taking up half my screen every time I open it up! So annoying! Also, it asks for TouchID, which it recognizes, but then STILL pops up a prompt to type in my password.
  • auto zoom 4/5

    By twobluecats
    The new feature in which my spreadsheets auto zoom to fit my screen are a pain in the *ss. Please make it stop or at minimum give us the ability to turn off this feature. Thank you.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By adamberkey
    Its just been so dumbed down it just doesn't work for me anymore. No Save As, and what they replaced it with is absolutely horrible. Merging cells has screwed up my formulas on a spreadsheet that I've used without any problems whatsoever until I wasted my funds on this dumbed down version that is compatible with iOS. What a joke...
  • What the heck happened? 2/5

    By Hoppe 1
    Ever since the last update, Nombers, Keynote and Pages will not open. If I fight through icloud I MIGHT be able to get them to work. I have several iMacs and devices and it is happening on all of them when I hit the icon.
  • Works well. 5/5

    By skitzo42
    Numbers and all Apple office software just works. Takes some getting used to when you’re used to usign the “other” office software, but it’s worth getting used to this. Numbers works well and imports most of my Excel work with out any issues. I will certainly contine using Numbers - it keeps getting better!
  • No permite ingresar nada. 1/5

    By Daher2017
    En esta actualización, la aplicación ya no funciona. Cada vez que se quiere ingresar un valor en cualquier celda el programa aborta.
  • Please Fix This! 2/5

    By DJ Tribal
    I’ve downloaded several photos and cannot insert them directly into a new document unless I copy and paste them into PHOTOS app. Why can’t I access ALL FILES or DOWNLOAD files from the drop down menu in any of these Apple apps? This makes no sense. Please fix this.
  • Please bring back updating stock quotes! 3/5

    By orangehb
    I loved the new stock quote integration feature of Numbers! I understand where live updating may be too expensive, but the new version only updates prices from the previous day’s close. This is near useless. Perhaps Apple could update quotes with a 15-20 minute delay? Anything more frequent than the previous day’s close would be appreciated. Otherwise, great app. I love working on my spreadsheets across all of my devices.
  • Don’t upgrade if you use comments! 1/5

    By daverobeson
    In their quest to improve comments (the display is much nicer & cleaner) they’ve broken them completely. Hovering over a given cell will show the comment from the cell above it. And even clicking on a cell’s comment marker (little yellow triangle) will open the wrong comment. I use comments extensively, and if this isn’t fixed very soon (days, not weeks) I will have to switch back to Excel, which I hate. I can only guess that no one on the Numbers teams uses comments.
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By Kings2121
    Very nice application, inlcuding the iWork suite, but very little consideration for the 90% of us who have to convey our documents in MS formats. Navigating through exports and subsequent lost formatting and trying to go back an forth is such a chore that it make me not want to use the native Apple programs at all. PLEASE enahnce the interoperability between iWork apps and MS counterparts (like Google docs has done). By doing so you will ensure people use the Apple apps.
  • Numbers Version 4.2 1/5

    By Bilshore
    After installing this update, all the Comments in my workbooks are messed up and incorrect. Be warned, especially if you make a lot of comments on worksheets
  • Stocks are frozen in yesterday’s market Totally useless for stock tracking 1/5

    By drcastillog
    I loved the new stocks tool introduced in the previous version, however after the update the stocks are frozen in yesterday’s market, no real time updates. Totally useless for stock tracking. I’m wondering how to return to previous version.
  • So Much Cleaner Than Microsoft Excel 5/5

    By John P Young
    It doesn’t have as many features as Exce but It’s so much easier to use than Excel and also so much cleaner. You don’t have that stupid ribbon tabbar bar at the top where have the buttons are grayed out anywhere, if you need a tool it will come up when you select the object/table your working on. Also if you are working with basic functions the function helper is Amazing.
  • This update make Numbers even smoooother!!! 5/5

    By JYK.oMaMori
    I was having a problem where open large text and photo base number files. Now number open, edit and save very smoooooth. Thank you Apple!!
  • Will not even open 1/5

    By 000Kevin000
    Got the newest MacBook. Downloaded Pages 4.1.1 and it will not even open. I get to the screen where I can open a Blank document and then it crashes. Older versions of Pages not available easily. Very frustrating
  • Great Design; Missing Capabilities 3/5

    By Tom10135
    I love Numbers’s UI, and I want to use this app, but I’m really missing a few features from Sheets/Excel: - The ability to write, e.g.,=SUM(B2:B), so that a formula applies to a whole column, no matter how long the column becomes - Some equivalent of data validation, so that I can either choose a cell’s value from a dropdown menu OR input the value manually - The ability to manually specify a domain for conditional formatting rules. (E.g., I want to be able to type the domain, instead of having to highlight the cells). - Support for array formulas
  • Becoming the norm with apple—doesnt work! 1/5

    By Maxovrdriv
    I see all the great things this does but will never know as it will not download. I have about had it with apple, just went thru the nightmare of photos and what a joke. As microsoft is doing so much apple is making things so difficult in a desire to do I no not what. A great company and product getting steam rolled by competition and I have purchased about every apple product at home and office for 27 years. But at wits end.
  • cant update 2/5

    By zoot1984
    numbers will not allow me to update so i cant use the chart i chose that says i need to update. now what
  • You Need Sierra to use this version, are you kidding me? 1/5

    By Teezedd
    What a lousy thing. Why does the app store let you try to download this if you are running el Capitan? I thought Apple was smart? Not So! Because it will not work. Not everybody wants or needs Sari.
  • Transpose functionality 1/5

    By Frustrated.scott
    You can transpose with Numbers, if you want to transpose the entire sheet… There is only one word for this. Ridiculous. Makes me wonder if there are not other nasty little suprises just waiting to pop up. So I gave it one star, because I cannot recommend this program as a replacement for Excel, which is undeniably the standard regardless of the version.
  • Why the changes? 2/5

    By gatrdave
    Why are the tabs now on top, linear, so that if they have long names only a few show at a time? Why is the formating on the right? Why do developers, especially Apple developers, feel that they have to “mix it up” every few years? Why do we have to spend so much time to RELEARN a program that we’ve already used for years? It just makes me want to turn off the computer and play cards….
  • Issue with Update 4/5

    By EyeCurious
    In my case, the solution was to open the new version from the folder Applications>Numbers. Delete the old version from Applications>iWork09>Numbers It worked for me! The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because i think this should be managed by Apple in a better way. Communication is everything! The app itself is great!
  • Same story, won’t download 1/5

    By CA_James
  • What is so different with this version that you need macOS Sierra? 1/5

    By  Bummed
    Hello Apple Inc, for several reasons, not everyone can or want to update to Sierra which is the required minimum macOS version for this Numbers update. I personally use more than one Macintosh, a 2009 MacPro running ElCapitan that can’t update to Sierra, a 2015 MacBookPro that is updated to Sierra, an iPad3 running iOS 9.3.5 (can't update to iOS10) and an iPhone7+ running iOS10.3.1. When I opened a numbers document in my MacBookPro running Sierra, it converts that document to 4.1.1 and I can no longer open the document in my MacPro which is very frustrating. As you can see, you made it very difficult for me to use Numbers with this update. It’s like tricking your customer to ditch their older 2009 MacPro to run the latest numbers spreadsheet (2009 is not old, I have 10 years + widows PC that continues to work with Windows 10). So now I’m thinking of ditching iWorks alltogether and go Office 2016, at least I have the confidence that Office 2016 will continue to work with all my devices. This is only one of many increasing frustrations I have with Apple devices and it continuous to pile up. FYI, I have been using Apple products since the 90s. My whole family uses a ton of Apple devices. My 17 yr old daughter uses a 2013 MacBookPro, iPhone 6+, Watch and iPadAir2. My wife uses a 2011 MacBookPro (still getting used to ElCap and not into changing macOS every year), an iPhone5, Macbook mid 2007 and an 8-core MacPro 2006 (running old accounting app) both upgraded to SSD but stuck in Lion 10.7.5 hell. Stop the silly 2010 model minimum requirement to run the latest macOS, 7 year old computers w/ 12 core Xeon CPU and 16GB memory is still very capable and I find it ridiculous that I can’t install Sierra on this machine. This is not the way you treat your loyal customers!
  • Updatates won’t load 1/5

    By cat lady 03
    I have been using numbers and pages since I got my macbook pro 5 years ago…lately after I make a document in either app,,, when I go to open it again it tells me the extension is wrong, I need to update it, I update the document then it tells me it can’t be opened because its unrecognizable…I create expense reports in numbers and it takes months of work in one document…I just tried to open my current years spread sheet and it tells me the same thing,,, cant open it.. so apple community questions say the same thing is happening to other people,,, so i try to start by updating numbers and I have been watching the stupid thing spin for over an hour.. ANYONE OUT AT APPLE LISTENING? What are we suppose to do ?

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