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Enjoy all of our award-winning journalism with the NYTimes app for iPhone and Apple Watch. iPhone App Features: • Breaking news alerts: Get notified of major developing stories, and tailor alerts to topics of interest • Morning briefings: Start your day with a tip sheet compiled by Times journalists • Save articles to read later on any of your devices • Today widget: Top headlines are always just a swipe away • Pick up where you left off on another device with Handoff • International edition: Global news and coverage from dozens of bureaus around the world • Exclusive videos and award-winning photography • Customize your list of favorite sections and blogs Apple Watch Features: • Catch up quickly by reading today's headlines. • Receive alerts when big news breaks. • Use Handoff to continue reading on your iPhone, or touch Save for Later to build a personal reading list. The NYTimes app is free to download, and all users can access up to 10 free articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com, with a Times Digital Subscription. Subscribe now and your first week is free.* Subscription Options: • Digital Access - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device for $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year (save up to $5 per month). Cancel anytime. • Times Insider - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device plus one complimentary digital subscription to share for $24.99 per month. Cancel anytime. • Times Insider members also receive access to the Times Insider blog, TimesTalks videos, TBooks, special Times crosswords and Times Archives from 1851. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Questions Concerns? Please contact us at iphone@nytimes.com or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry. * Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Not valid for Digital Access $119.99 per year subscription option. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. NYTimes.com + Smartphone Apps, NYTimes.com + Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content, or The New York Times Crossword. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

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NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News app reviews

  • Best newspaper 5/5

    By Tallcomputerguy
    Content is outstanding. This is the kind of journalism we should all be supporting. Well worth the monthly subscription fee. Really, it is!
  • Biased propaganda 1/5

    By Concernedwcnn
    It is sad that the New York Times cannot provide an accurate unbiased news story to the American People.
  • Great source! 5/5

    By CodyManeval
    I love this app, also great news source!
  • iPhone App Doesn't Work with Kindle Subscription 1/5

    By Annh89
    I have a subscription through Amazon that is supposed to provide access through my Kindle, iPad, and iPhone devices. It never worked for my iPhone, however, and I assumed I needed a separate subscription solely for the iPhone. When this iPhone subscription was due to lapse I finally thought to ask The NY Times whether my Kindle/iPad subscription should apply to the iPhone as well. I found out that it should and it was recommended I contact Amazon. Amazon spent a lot of time with me researching the issue and ultimately contacted The NY Times. Together, they determined that the iPhone app has a glitch which causes it to not recognize a Kindle subscription as it should. It was recommended that I not attempt to use the app and that I login (with my Kindle credentials) to the NY Times website via the Safari browser instead. This works--but the iPhone app is useless for me until and unless it recognizes my Kindle credentials. I'm also annoyed with myself for having paid for an extra iPhone NY Times subscription that I didn't actually need over the course of several years.
  • FAKE NEWS 1/5

    By Vercetti27
    Why isn't this removed from the App Store? The NYTimes have lost their credibility and have become terrible propaganda.
  • Journalism is Dead 1/5

    By Cordsmith
    How do you go from the best print news in the world to utter rubbish? I don't know the answer! But you can read the NYT to see for yourselves. Very Sad.
  • Crashes a lot 3/5

    By Auhkb
    I like the content, but the app constantly freezes and crashes. Half of the time I open it, I am unable to actually use it.
  • Awful 1/5

    By askldhflasd
    If you are a super extreme liberal, you'll love it. If you are anything else, it is absolute trash/biased information.
  • This app is not worthy of you 2/5

    By Matt Ferry
    My friends, I love you dearly but your app is horrible. I just read (with some sadness) on your site that you are going to accelerate your move toward digitally-flavored delivery and rhythms, but I think the app is bad enough to slow you down. It leaves the page I'm on after I do other things on my phone for a while, the widget doesn't update, videos don't always fit on my screen, and I don't have any influence over which sections/subjects are shown in Top Stories (or what order they're in). People out there, subscribe to and read the Times, but hold your nose when you open the app.
  • Fake news. Fox is better 1/5

    By TigerBro888
    One sided and evil: they are trying to control people's opinions in favor of THEIR profit. Soon this garbage will be gone. Don't believe me? Why do they have to pay for an account.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Randall$$$
    I keep getting pop up ads. For every link I hit, I find myself closing at least two ads. Very frustrating and annoying!!! 😡
  • KEEPS CRASHING (but I still love you) 5/5

    By Tired mom AFD
    The app continues to crash on my iPhone. I tried to fix many times in various different ways. Please fix. This is a critical time for news. And did I mention I love you?
  • Stand up with the best for a free press 5/5

    By jkitner1
    I am 70 years old and have been around enough to know when things are really getting out of hand. The one way that this nation has to fight against tyranny is a free press. The NY Times stands at the head of the line. It's time to put your money where your mouth is. Join me. Support a free press!
  • Cellular Data Usage is Unbelievable 2/5

    By Amar Taj
    The app design is great and it functions perfectly, technically speaking. However, I monitored my cellular data usage, to read one article it used 65 Mb ! App Developers need to add an option to download only the text, this is what I care about, reading the interesting articles of NYTimes.
  • Typesetting Needs Work 2/5

    By asymptote5
    Tight leading (line spacing) makes the articles difficult to read at any text size. The ability to adjust the line spacing or it's automatic adjustment is a glaring omission in the settings and the app.
  • Well-designed app, well-written news 5/5

    By rivkid007
    Apple News integration would be great, but still the best news around!
  • Locks me out 1/5

    By Beepthomas
    Most frustrating app I've tried! Repeatedly locks me out and doesn't recognize me as a subscriber. Useless help when contacted NYT. All they said was "oh, there must be a glitch in the app. Use your browser instead"
  • Content top notch, some bugs 5/5

    By dap12321
    Content is excellent, ethically produced, and fact based. App resetting to home when you've left and come back is an annoyance.
  • Junk app, garbage articles. 1/5

    By jaimeihelpyou
    It's not as bad as the Clinton news network, but it's getting close to being fake news, like CNN and MSNBC are. Sad.
  • Bloated 2/5

    By Yipper567433
    A+ for NY Times content but it's unacceptable for this app to take up nearly 2gb of storage over time with no way to purge the cache. This is lazy bloat ware engineering at its worst.
  • My goto app for news 5/5

    By frankknyc
    Yes it has its quirks but it's stable and efficiently navigable - no complaints.
  • "Breaking News" no longer 2/5

    By SSSamS
    The breaking news alerts used to be the best part of this app. I want to stay current when something happens. But recently the NYT have been sending out 5+ "breaking news" alerts per day. The majority are trumpeting the Times own reporting (just journalism, not breaking news) and the rest are marginally interesting stories at best. Please provide an option to limit the alerts to something closer to truly "breaking"
  • The Grey Lady Is Still A Lady 4/5

    By NAMRhetorik
    4 stars, rather than 5, because the user interface and other options can always be improved; but that's it. Most negative reviews are founded upon partisan complaints, claiming--some hyperbole of my own here--the 'Grey Lady' is a leftist shell husk dripping propagandized ooze from the Times contributor aggregate. As one who has and continues to study rhetoric in the media, it's quite clear that the Grey Lady hasn't changed much over the years and continues to be one of the more reliable sources available for news consumption, even though, as with all sources, they make their fair share of mistakes and do some things they shouldn't. Unfortunately for many of those on the right, and left, for this matter, who allow logical fallacies like the 'availability cascade,' 'availability heuristic,' 'base-rate fallacy,' 'bias blind spot,' 'confirmation bias,' 'false consensus effect,' and 'in-group bias,' among many, many others, to influence their critical thinking process in ways they don't even realize are happening, the Times is always an easy target. Above all my point would be this: there are reasons why the bulk of the Time's readers are younger and college educated; and, too, why their target audience is, on average, three (3) times more likely to have a post-graduate degree. While I've had my fair share of complaints of the paper, those who love to disparage her at every turn should wonder why America's youngest and brightest continue to read her. Can she be elitist? Yes. Does she cover, from this stranger's paradigms, all of America's and Earth's most pressing issues with the scope, depth, and zeal that she should? No. But that's ok. In a world where truth is constantly manipulated, framed, and ignored; where commercial interests subvert long-held journalistic principles; and where western citizens are relentlessly forced to listen to impassioned, divisive opinions with little substance, the Grey Lady retains much of her modesty. I will continue to recommend her to all curious and open minded people who know no human has it all figured out. - N
  • Very nice news app 5/5

    By Aerotechi
    Notifies me with only very important news. Very credible source of information about the things going on
  • Chaotic 2/5

    By __jdsd135
    Navigating between sections is horribly painful. You cant create a custom feed based on your interests. I don't want to click through 10+ categories to find news. Top stories is basically a Trump biography. Im sure there are other things worth highlighting?
  • Easy, informative, engaging 5/5

    By Whipsee
    I'm grateful to catch these compelling news stories on demand, served up in such complete yet easy to digest way.
  • No way to cancel 1/5

    By Shame shame NY times
    The NY requires a a phone call to cancel. They never pick up. Shame on them. Save yourself the aggravation and don't subscribe.
  • Reliable & Beautiful 5/5

    By Paul Richie
    A streamline and aesthetically pleasing app packed with incredible content from their hundreds of world-known journalists, critics, cartoonists, etc. In a time where fact and fiction are often confused, the NYT app is here to save the day.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Sjelfovhfn
    If you want your phone blown up with useless information about Donald trump then this is the app for you! I swear, the man farts and they feel the need to tell you. Had to delete it.
  • too basic 3/5

    By joe20091
    No night mode, no auto scrolling or similar features that a reader should offer. Just the basics, black on a really bright, aggressive white that tires the eye - you guys should take a look at the FT app!
  • Compare to AP... Sad 1/5

    By BurnettTN
    It's very sad to see the NYT print stories that sound like the rankings of Meryl Streep. I will stick to the AP & Fox. Sorry, I tried, but you failed.
  • Great app for real news 5/5

    By PineLakeChic
    New subscriber to support journalism with integrity. Great for catching the day's headlines and breaking news on the go.
  • Not available in China 4/5

    By Chasinsf
    Enjoy this app, but what is it about Apple that it censors the app on China? Anything to do with production of Apple products in China?
  • Otherwise a fantastic app 4/5

    By OBFK
    I wish it were possible to receive notifications for new content outside of the most popular subjects.
  • Bye bye. 1/5

    By No View View
    The times' election coverage was so offensive to me that I cancelled my subscription of 25 years on the night before Election Day. Today I'm finally deleting my app because I cannot stand reading such biased, snarky, articles from what I used to call a newspaper. Best of luck. Queens, NY
  • Love this app 5/5

    By DE60
    It's easy to use, works well and, most importantly, contains the superb information and writing we've come to expect from the NYT. Excellent!
  • As good as paper in my hands. 5/5

    By imitch.u
    My caption says it all.
  • Ability to follow favorite columns? 4/5

    By Jazz Picasso
    One of the reasons I subscribe is for some of the great weekly columns. Would it be possible for users to favorite these and create their own customized feed?
  • Why can't I cancel my subscription? 4/5

    By lakegrass
    I've sent an email to cancel my subscription as being instructed on your website, but it doesn't work. What should I do to cancel my subscription?
  • Great 5/5

    By flyingsasquatch
    Article snippets are perfect and love the variety of topics. A must download.
  • My favorite mobile news app 5/5

    By Andre Felipe Ribeiro
    Smart and easy to use interface for people to consume the news on the go.
  • LCSW 5/5

    By KAR245
    I can't imagine life in these times without The Times.
  • The best 5/5

    By Tb40590
    Doesn't get any better.
  • M 4/5

    By JGEhhhh
    Please add option of returning to where you left off in an article. When leaving the app it automatically goes back to the top stories page. Reading long articles becomes difficult.
  • By far still the best news source regardless. 4/5

    By MVonHolden
    NY times leads the way in journalism and journalistic story telling. They push the envelope and support their team. They give well thought out and well researched stories. Yes, this current election surprised everyone but regardless of where everyone in journalism faltered the times continues to provide excellent journalism across the full spectrum of News, Art, Politics, Science, travel, etc. China just banned The NY Times app from Apple Store!!! Obviously that country has something to be worried about. Do we? I purchased a new digital subscription because we need to support more journalistic integrity in this day and age. We need more stories and journalist questions and demanding answers from the coming Trump administration. NY Times is the gold standard and I support them. I do not want to think of a world with out journalist doing exactly what the the Times does daily. Thank you NY Times. Now let me play the crossword puzzle on the app!
  • New York Times 5/5

    By Tednecros
    This app is great for soaking up the nations day in a few quick stories...and then you're up on the movement of the shape our nation takes...quick & easy...LOVE IT...
  • Biased and Fake 1/5

    By America1st!!!!
    Even after a decisive election, these people continue to undermine it and our system of government by non stop coverage of nonsense on Russian involvement. So they allege Russia helped expose emails in the Democrat's own words their election fraud and fixing. So truth is the enemy. Ha. Here is your FAKE news site. Eat it up instead of embracing positive changes for all Americans. Delete.
  • Fraud app and fraud company! 1/5

    By Chroma key
    UPDATE TO UPDATE: This has got to be THE worst app out there. You get a notification and you click on it and it almost can never load that article. The App takes forever to load the front page in spite of a very fast internet connection. I can play 4K videos off of my wifi but nytimes front page refuses to load each and every time. Oh and moreover with how corrupt and biased their coverage was toward Clinton and how they botched their election coverage and fed us lies and downplayed Bernie and let that monster Trump win I have zero faith in The NY Times anymore. Yeah this newspaper absolutely blows. UPDATE: well I despise the nytimes app once again. All of sudden after the latest update this completely re-tarded app has stopped recognizing my subscription login. I am a 7 day home delivery subscriber paying a pretty penny for this stupid subscription. And now this app keeps telling me I need to pay an additional $44 a month to subscribe. What nonsense!!! I click on subscribe and the place where it says members login, I put in my username and password and it just kicks me out again asking me to pay up!! Dear nytimes robbers, please have some decency. When you have an honest subscriber paying so much for your subscription each month and when you say that the digital content is going to be a part of the price then please have some shame and ensure that the paying customer is getting the full service as you promised. Otherwise this is nothing but fraudulent business practice!!! ------------------------------ I hated the previous release of the NY times due the amount of times it would freeze and do weird things to my phone. But this new updated version seems very stable. And overall the app is very intuitive, intellgently laid out and excellent with the news, pictures, speed and overall presentation Highly recommend this app, probably one of the best news applications out there. My other favorite being thomson Reuters.
  • Trusted journalism 5/5

    By LMLee49
    The NYTimes digital news app works quite well. (This is not the place to rant about customer service, subscription pricing, politics, or positions.)
  • Lots of tracking cookies and ads 5/5

    By Mikko P.
    Waste too much traffic on ads

NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News app comments

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