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Enjoy all of our award-winning journalism with the NYTimes app for iPhone and Apple Watch. iPhone App Features: • Breaking news alerts: Get notified of major developing stories, and tailor alerts to topics of interest • Morning briefings: Start your day with a tip sheet compiled by Times journalists • Save articles to read later on any of your devices • Today widget: Top headlines are always just a swipe away • Pick up where you left off on another device with Handoff • International edition: Global news and coverage from dozens of bureaus around the world • Exclusive videos and award-winning photography • Customize your list of favorite sections and blogs Apple Watch Features: • Catch up quickly by reading today's headlines. • Receive alerts when big news breaks. • Use Handoff to continue reading on your iPhone, or touch Save for Later to build a personal reading list. The NYTimes app is free to download, and all users can access up to 10 free articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com, with a Times Digital Subscription. Subscribe now and your first week is free.* Subscription Options: • Digital Access - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device for $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year (save up to $5 per month). Cancel anytime. • Times Insider - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device plus one complimentary digital subscription to share for $24.99 per month. Cancel anytime. • Times Insider members also receive access to the Times Insider blog, TimesTalks videos, TBooks, special Times crosswords and Times Archives from 1851. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Questions Concerns? Please contact us at iphone@nytimes.com or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry. * Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Not valid for Digital Access $119.99 per year subscription option. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. NYTimes.com + Smartphone Apps, NYTimes.com + Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content, or The New York Times Crossword. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

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NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News app reviews

  • The best newspaper OF ALL TIME 5/5

    By Daveysteveydave
    Thank you New York Times for representing the integrity of our entire nation.
  • nah 1/5

    By Gitjj1235
    Not worth to pay for something everybody else is giving for free.
  • Great Information 5/5

    By Michael60013
    Glad I subscribed. They don't appear failing to me.
  • Appreciation 5/5

    By Shaahin Dee
    I'm Shaaheen, from Iran. I'm a BIG fan of NYTimes. I would like to thank all the staff of New york times for their great job. Please do not pay any attention to weak opponents trying to undermine NY's authority on news media.
  • Good App, Reliable Journalism 5/5

    By YoungLordGaben
    Just that.
  • Worth it! 5/5

    By Stevo993371
    Not sure about free, but I decided to support the Times with a $4 a month subscription and it works great.
  • The Truth 5/5

    By P___J
    The truth is what the NYT does. Keep up the great reporting. The American ppl and the world need it more than ever!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By SanPedroPilot
    I like the app and the extras that come along with the subscription.
  • One of the only sources I trust 5/5

    By MatronEdea
    I bought a subscription in November after seeing the nonsense other papers were reporting. NYT has kept me informed and is unbelievably important in this day and age. Thank you so much for all you do.

    By Animal queen
  • Subscribe now! Vote with your $ 5/5

    By Dr3dwulf
    NYTimes has been one of the best sources of real investigative journalism since its inception. With the present state of our government under the mentally incompetent President Dumpsterfire, now is the time to support the organizations fighting against a white supremacist Breitbart led Oval Office. Support your local and national news organizations and give the despot-in-chief a slap to the cheeto benito face.
  • Thankful 5/5

    By ZingerPipe
    Thankful to have a dedicated paper and team of journalists to get the news
  • Great app 5/5

    By Spammypam
    I recently subscribed to NYT because it's crucial right now to support media so they can continue providing excellent reporting. Love this app, it's streamlined, easy to use and options of selecting which notifications you want is great.
  • The best newspaper in the world 5/5

    By oceanbreathesalty
    The NYTimes is simply the best source for news stories from all over the world . They have the most professional, experienced brilliant journalists whose stories are fact-checked many times before they go to print. Subscribe to the NYTimes to make sure we don't lose this treasure!
  • Great paper 5/5

    By Lovenyt
  • App won't refresh today!!! 2/5

    By Redchilllipepper
    Just happened today morning. Been trying every couple hours, tried rebooting phone also.
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Laob_70
    The NYT keeps me informed and...sane.
  • Not current news 2/5

    By Kris_pigeon
    I used it for months and was totally disappointed! When I open the app, the news didn't update at all! I don't know what is it, but it made my read the other magazines's news.
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Mr. & Mrs. Deplorable
    Their readership is in decline and they will soon be a takeover target by a conservative private equity house ...
  • Fake 1/5

    By M AGA
    Free? You have to pay me to take this, America's #1 FAKE news source.
  • Night Mode = Everyone Except NYT App 1/5

    By jc.v
    Come on... something as simple is nonexistent? Someone's missing something here. #MillennialSubscriber
  • Discovered hidden "random article" feature 3/5

    By morningview12
    Searching for a story in the archive and selecting it won't bring you what you're looking for. However, it will instead bring up a random article from today's paper. Cool feature. Way to go, NYT.
  • Untrue, Biased and Unamerican 1/5

    By Tommy110588
    Constantly get notifications that are flat out untrue and severely biased attacking the President of the United States... I have cancelled my subscription because of their behavior... God Bless America and God Bless President Trump
  • Media Nowadays 1/5

    By Nbafanla03
    Are you kidding me? I have to pay to read fake news? This is so ridiculous.
  • Newest App Version is 2/5

    By Codenamerix
    Probably full of glitches but I have found one. You search for an article, you find it, you press on an article and an entirely different article opens; like when you want to read the review of PWR BTTM and it opens an article on Warhol's Death Not So Simple After All. And it's all like that. It's cute I guess but not at all helpful
  • Good app; awesome reporting! 4/5

    By Hlgesq
    If this reporting and commentary were delivered on a roll of toilet paper, I would still gladly subscribe. App is ok.
  • Refreshes too soon in the background 1/5

    By Mike yj Jung
    When I lock the screen for a moment while I am reading an article, I always find that the app is refreshed so that I have to look for the article that I was reading again. It's not like I open lots of other apps, and since I have 7+, the ram should be the least issue. I think there is a time set for the app to refresh even when the article is open. Please fix this!
  • Great app but annoying to always lose place in article 4/5

    By Bresloyd
    Love the New York Times and the app is generally great but my big complaint is that if you leave the app in the middle of an article and then return, you lose your place in the article and are brought back to the start page. It'd be really nice to be able to start an article, check another app on your phone and then return to the article you'd been reading.
  • Top notch journalism 5/5

    By Jay-Jay9090
    Excellent writers and editors! Worth the subscription

    By KenGrush
    The following problems have recently destroyed the app's utility on my fully updated iPhone 6S. I am both a technophile and a long-time NYT full print and digital subscriber. Besides reviewing the articles each day, I like to spend more time (when I have it) searching the article database and reading an extended list of articles on a topic or by a given author, op-ed or otherwise, or even search for articles mentioned in comments or letters to the editor. When I find an article that's good (often the case), I then share it on social media, by text or by email. This used to work flawlessly, but for the past several months, search from the "Sections" page started failing - at first sporadically, but now 100% of the time. What I mean is not that results are not produced. They are, BUT none of the links work (and yes, the network connection is 5/5). An entirely different article title (usually one of that day's featured ones) appears, along with a never ending spinning progress wheel, but neither the erroneous article nor the chosen search result article ever load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the NYT app and the Apple News app - used together and separately - and nothing changes. Article search IS COMPLETELY BROKEN. I WOULD INCLUDE A SCREENSHOT IF OFFERED THE OPPORTUNITY. I did send several screenshots to the bug report email address, but got no sensible answer. So now I'm forced to use the browser bookmarks for the mobile and "full" NYT website to do any searches. That, of course, works. But it's pretty hard to navigate the very small text, and spreading to zoom in often winds up activating one of the myriad links embedded in the page! PLEASE FIX THIS APP!
  • Thorough, informative coverage 5/5

    By Shebanator
    Well worth the subscription cost for unlimited articles.
  • This is a review of the app, not the Times! 1/5

    By Alphie G
    I'm giving up on the app. The app responds poorly. Even when I'm in close proximity to my home router on wifi the app opens with days old info and balks at refreshing to the current day's news. Articles do not load well. The mobile version of the site works fine on my mobile devices' web browsers.
  • Great news but broken search 3/5

    By Jeff97
    Search used to work. Now it just hangs.
  • The only one USA news we could read 5/5

    By Lao loo
    We very appreciate the app could break the block of media and brings us latest world news and local events from the western media.
  • Great Journalism and App 4/5

    By Ken005
    Quality Journalism!! The app is very responsive. I've never had any issues!
  • Meh 3/5

    By Leein212
    The journalism is excellent! You lost two stars because the articles I've read keep coming back as 'new'. The search function could also use some tweaking. Maybe someone should have a chat with Google.
  • Best app and news source 5/5

    By Austin Greeley
    In the era of "fake news" it is essential to get your news from a credible source. The NYT is an excellent news source and the app is excellent as well. I do wish there was a way to read the paper instead of reading individual articles like you can on their website though.
  • Stop 1/5

    By Hlap1234
    Bias, non relevant information with current events, just like the rest of modern media.
  • Great app, great news 5/5

    By mbfigueroa
    Best news subscription I've purchased. Great app experience and alerts.
  • Good app 4/5

    By LissatheCocoa
    Works well, good functionality, no crashing or hanging like other news apps.
  • The Daily 5/5

    By Me Bemus
    Love The Daily! Listen to the podcast while walking the dog and find even the subject-matter I think I am uninterested in becomes interesting, listening to the dialogue.
  • To many videos 1/5

    By fbffffff
    To easy to accidentally click embedded videos which im not interested in
  • annoying login pop-up ads 2/5

    By dinhr
    annoying login pop-up ads. expensive. biased, as all other news outlets are. BBC is free and no pop-ups
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By Gfaria-Kalkanis
    Great, user friendly app and fantastic journalism. This has become the go-to app on my phone!
  • Article limit 2/5

    By Bobby0807
    Look I like the Times. It's a good news source and well written. If given the chance (which the app doesn't always allow since it miscounts articles read), I will read all 10 of my articles easily. What I won't do it buy a subscription for more. Not because I am cheap or think I deserve free stuff or the quality isn't high, but because I can receive my news from the Washington Post or CNN or the like without paying anything and just dealing with the ads. If that weren't the case I might buy the Times. But with ads still here and plenty of comparable sources for free, I won't. If I could read 100 articles a month without paying and just had to deal with ads, I wouldn't read the Times a ton more and they'd probably make more ad revenue off me than if I had to buy a subscription, but until then I won't pay as long as other options remain.
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By JohnnyBP
    In these times of "alternative facts", or Truthiness, as Colbert presciently put it, you cannot go without it.
  • Good app but takes up a lot of space 3/5

    By BenjFC
    In my settings it states 1.2 gb, WaPo is only 47 mb. There was another mention of this in a review. Why is it like this?
  • NYTimes Liberal Bias is intolerable. 1/5

    By indishmor
    Most mainstream media has become overtly liberally biased in reporting the news, with the New York Times one of the worst offenders! I resent the media effort to spoon feed the public their liberal biased manipulative news. What happened to objectivity and truth?
  • Account issues 2/5

    By OoMikeoOo
    Unable to log in through a web browser even though I’ve paid for a subscription through the app. NY Times was unable to help even though I used the phone number in the app to contact them. Would like to support a good news organization but it's frustrating when I can only read on my phone and not the computer.
  • Excellent news, total storage hog 2/5

    By Tuckshop2006
    Really good app, excellent coverage, couldn't ask for more, but, it uses absolutely tons of space on your phone - beware!

NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News app comments

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