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Stay up to date wherever you go. Enjoy award-winning journalism with the NYT app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Features: • News alerts: Get notified of major developing stories, and tailor alerts to topics of interest • Multitasking: on an iPad? Get caught up on the day’s headlines while also working in other apps • Morning & evening briefings: Start and end your day with a tip sheet compiled by Times journalists • The Daily 360: Watch a new 360 video every day from Times reporters around the world • Podcasts: Listen to audio series including The Daily and Modern Love • Save articles to read later on any of your devices • Customize your list of favorite sections and blogs • Exclusive videos and award-winning photography Apple Watch Features: • Catch up quickly by reading today's headlines. • Receive alerts when big news breaks. • Use Handoff to continue reading on your iPhone, or touch Save for Later to build a personal reading list. The NYT app is free to download, and all users can access a sampling of articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to, with a Times Digital Subscription. Subscribe now and your first week is free.* Digital Subscription Options: • Basic - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device for $14.99 per month or $129.99 per year (save over 25%). Cancel anytime. • All Access - unlimited digital access anytime, anywhere, on any device plus one bonus digital subscription for $24.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions Concerns? Please contact us at or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry. * Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Not valid for Digital Access $119.99 per year subscription option. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. + Smartphone Apps, + Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions or The New York Times Crossword. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.


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  • Good Reliable App, But One Suggestion 4/5

    By Hchef
    I’ve been using this app smoothly for years with no troubles or complaints. The one feature that would make it perfect for me and seems relatively simple is the option to invert text and background colors. If I’m reading at night, I much prefer white text on black background. Very good all around though.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Langurss
    Utterly biased. Nothing but liberal gibberish and zealous opinions. Their feverish bashing of the current administration makes them look desperate and foolish. Their talent is overrated and transparently opposed to everything republican. I get that NYT doesn’t like Trump, but get over your petty grievances and report the news accurately. NY Times is a joke!
  • You're kidding, right?? 1/5

    By LotusOH
    This is a poorly written app, and to actually ask for a subscription is really comical. The Fox News app are far superior with better content and FREE. Yet another reason why the NY Times is always in financial dire straits. Too much fake news.
  • Takes way too much space 1/5

    By M90815
    Had consumed over 2 GB of space on my iPhone.
  • It has gone backwards 1/5

    By amradio1970
    App has regressed significantly. Photos and graphics no longer fully render within articles. At the same time, the number and size of advertisements has dramatically increased - and rest assured, those ads never fail to render on the screen. In most cases the ads appear 6-8 times per article. Please know my likelihood of trying an advertised product decreases exponentially each time the ad repeats in an article! In other words - Harry’s Razors has no chance. Please show more respect to those who pay and subscribe, and fix this app. I’ll give the subscription another 30 days...
  • On iPad mini, this version is buggy 2/5

    By blee_redmond
    At random moments, this app on my iPad mini shows “loading” message while blocking the entire display, and effectively makes the app unusable. Please fix this.
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By Ski squad
    This app has become so annoying I am probably going get rid of it altogether. For the last month it has rarely loaded on the 1st, 2nd, and even third attempt. Very slow. Even with continual updating.
  • Search needs a lot of work 4/5

    By Smf787
    This is a rating about the app functionality, not the reporting. The Search function is poor, it returns results in sort of random order, when I know I read an article on today's edition with the keyword I entered. Yet that article doesn't show up.
  • Would expect more from NYT 2/5

    By DMR70*
    Compared to WAPO the Times is pretty mediocre. Hard to navigate and find articles. Content hard to find. The updated version is far worse than the older one. Very disappointing.
  • 47 ads in one article 1/5

    By bc207
    Granted, it was by Karl Ove, so it was a long article, but 47 ads to scroll through is ridiculous
  • Cancelling is intentionally difficult 1/5

    By Justin75533
    While subscribing is very easy, cancelling is exceptionally difficult. Requires a call to NYT and they put you through the ringer. Have attempted twice and been disconnected (mysteriously) twice. WaPo is a much better way to go in my opinion. Better content, easier access.
  • Top notch content 5/5

    By CalifDude
    I love the New York Times. Such great, quality journalism. The way information is presented is innovative as well, with some sleek interactive features. The app works well for me... no bugs. And I appreciate the new features, like 3D Touch with the notifications. A long time coming, but at least it’s here! Overall, great app.
  • Deletes your sections! Drag probs. Intrusive ads! 1/5

    By AstroPaul
    Message to the Developers: Why does your app use *background* battery power -- and lots of it -- when Background App Refresh is turned off -- both for the app and in general?! Please fix that! Also, please provide a link to support here on iTunes! Your link goes to your web page promoting the app, but we already have it! We want to provide feedback to you and get support! ——————————- February 15, 2018 Tried this again and most of the problems are still here! Install the new version and it discards ALL of your carefully organized sections and settings. It replaces your classic iPhone version, too! That’s bad design and bad form. The rotating, moving ads remain a major irritation. They are a visual distraction — who clicks on them, anyway, except inadvertently?! Plus, we've bought a subscription, so we shouldn't have to see them. Turn OFF the intrusive ads! The shift to photos and skeuomorphic newspaper layout is still a bad one. Too busy and takes up too much room. We should have the option to use the iPhone app or layout — one column of stories and headlines, not side-by-side. One tip: To get it closer to the classic iPhone app, make the font size much bigger —that reduces the # of stories and headlines displayed at a time. That still does not solve another issue, that the sections keep scrolling one after another, without end. The older design made more sense and was more usable — the only stories shown for a section are for that section and it comes to an end. Here, too, give us an option to return to the old, better way of doing things! MAJOR NEW PROBLEMS The drop down menu of sections doesn’t work properly! Tap on a section name and it goes to that section, but with the first set of headlines and blurbs cut off! THEY ALSO RUINED THE MINI-CROSSWORD PUZZLE! The clues are now rendered in too small a font — cannot read them easily. The puzzle itself, though, has HUGE SQUARES! It's all ridiculous looking. The developers should be embarrassed. The puzzle is now essentially unusable. Also, because the newspapers sections now scroll, one right after another, the crossword is no longer at the bottom of the screen, where one could easily slide to! Their new ad serving broke the classic iPhone app, too, forcing users to upgrade to this poor version! Every now and then, the classic app gets into a never-ending cycle trying to load an ad into a new screen, even if one hasn't clicked on an ad! Again, that’s bad design and a disservice to long-time subscribers! ---------------------------------------------- August 6, 2017: Prior Review The latest update REPLACED the excellent NY Times *iPhone* version! That's not cricket! That version was superb on the iPad (clean look in 2x mode). It presented the articles in each section in a consistent, vertical headline list, making it easy to scroll through and locate ones of interest. Alas, the replacement uses a pseudo front-page, visual layout with different-sized photos and stories in different places, with ads scattered about. This skeumorphic display is distracting and makes it harder to use. It also has several problems, including relegating blogs to the back of the line! (See below.) It also messed up the font sizing -- comments are now much smaller than the articles and too small to read. Changing the size setting THEN makes the article too BIG! Default system font size also leaves the comments too small. As a result, we dug up our backup, deleted this version, and reinstalled the iPhone version on our iPad! July 26, 2017 The new version REMOVES your preferred section order! Knocking out users' previously -- and laboriously -- arranged sections is BAD programming! The drag-and-drop interface doesn't work properly, either! If you TRY to drag a section up to the top, it doesn't automatically scroll the list! Instead, it stalls and you have to do it in steps. Drop it at the top of the currently visible set of sections, scroll the entire list down manually, then find your section again, and restart the dragging! Yet, you can only move past a few sections at a time. You also can no longer hide sections, nor add ones that aren't in the list! Plus, blogs remain at the bottom-- always. Thus, if you want Paul Krugman's blog near the top of your sections, it can't be done! The old system of Edit, drag-and-drop, move, add, or hide sections, including blogs, worked wonderfully well. The pull-down menu interface is a weak one, in any event. Please provide an option for a tabbed bar of sections across the top as well as the pull-down menu. A tab bar is the fastest way of moving among sections. But the big problem remains the intrusive advertisements--appearing even for PAYING subscribers. The articles are now littered with ads; they have increased greatly in number and are large. Indeed, one often thinks the story has ended and may not realize that it continues below the "fold". Those of us who subscribe should NOT have to face ads--other newspapers (e.g., The Guardian) do NOT hit you with ads. Had restored a star, July 26, as they are TRYING! But it's back to 1 star, August 6, as the new version deleted the iPhone app.
  • Cancelled 1/5

    By EmilyinBK
    Horribly tone deaf. I never could get the app to work on my phone and had to view my subscription via the website. The iPad app at least functioned but still delivered the same propaganda.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Nick (let me
    I pay for a subscription. There are more ads on this app than any other app I have on my phone. In most articles the ads load BEFORE any of the pictures that go with the article. There is usually no way to scroll to where I can’t see at least a piece of an ad on the top or bottom. Additionally the app FLIPS OUT when it does start to load pictures, snapping the text up and down. This causes you to lose your place while reading, re-position the page, only to have it move AGAIN. Lastly, the amount of ads slows my phone down, making it so I can’t smoothly scroll through the article. It’s slow and laggy. Only way to read NYT on the phone though.. hopefully they read this
  • Night mode 5/5

    By pabs1995
    Would love to see a night mode implemented for nighttime reading. Being able to change the screen to a darker tone similar to other e-readers would be a very welcome addition. I tend to read at night before bed and even with the brightness set to low it still strains my eyes.
  • Fairly decent app 3/5

    By 2man73
    The app is ok as far as newspaper apps go. News are easy to find and read. However it suffers from the same shortcomings as other such apps do: crashes are still too frequent, at least once every two or three days, and there are too many ads. I understand that they are needed to finance the newspaper, but having two, three, four of the same ad in one article destroys the flow of reading and doesn’t make me want to buy that razor or pair of shoes or whatever it is any more than if it was just one ad. It has improved, but I feel it could still use less cellular data, especially if I download the paper in the morning via WiFi. At the end of the day it has still used an additional 30 megs or so. A setting to reduce image quality would be good. Additionally compressing the text might help.
  • NEW annoying dis-functionality 1/5

    By bcampbell
    Update 2/14/18: I’d prefer to be reading news articles with our paid subscription while Valentines dinner slowly cooks in the sous vide (before hubby gets home). But I cannot read news articles, because these Xfinity Mobile video advertisements keep filling my iPhone’s screen edge to edge, opening automatically anytime my finger brushes over the NYT article’s text to scroll the article as I read. I read quickly, so the videos are filling my screen every two seconds or less. Keep in mind, app developers, that mobile devices real estate varies in size. Even if you fix these specific video ads, that doesn’t take away from the fact that often I only have <1.25 vertical inches of news text on the screen at any one time, bracketed by huge ads that take more than 50% of the vertical real estate. That is a tiny area that is safe to touch to scroll. Older review: But it's my main go-to news app. My main issues (having spent my career in software quality assurance and knowing this is fixable) are: 1) some of your articles seem to open in a web browser format within your New York Times app. When that happens, 9 out of 10 times you require me to log in, to prove I have a subscription! Listen, I'm still in your app, the majority of "your app" retains my login subscription information from day to day, week to week. So, stop asking me to login to all these ancillary web-published articles after I click on them from within your app and they try to load in your app! 2) you should retain the paragraph and article I was last reading when I left your app, and to give me the opportunity to resume reading at the same place the next time I open your app! Don't make me have to hunt for that doggone article I was in the middle of, that you teasingly displayed for one second when I reopened your app, before force-navigating to the latest hottest news. Argh. Edit: suddenly today I'm being frequently interrupted while reading New York Times articles with my paid subscription in this app, by a Starbucks video advertisement filling the screen! I've looked at the articles this is happening in, and did NOT see any Starbucks ads embedded in the article that I might have accidentally touched on my iPhone screen. Sometimes it appears to react to my tapping "Done" to close the unwanted video, because it briefly disappears before reappearing and auto-running! This is absurd!
  • Stop Blocking Text with Ads! 1/5

    By Buddy Bolden
    I pay hundreds of dollars a year for my print subscription to the Times, and generally only resort to the app on days when it isn’t delivered due to a “production delay.” On those days, it drives me nuts that the last line of text before each ad is always partially obscured by the ad. It’s as if the Times has no respect whatsoever for its own reporters and the content they produce, let alone the readers who support them.
  • Today’s Paper Feature 4/5

    By amille26
    Love the NYT, but would rate higher if there was a simple feature listing the stories in todays paper, like there used to be on the web version.
  • Great app. Needs less ads for subscribers. 4/5

    By BigCitizen
    I subscribe, and don’t mind a few ads in my reading experience, but like a lot of other reviewers here, I feel that there are just way too many ads being displayed to subscribers.
  • NYT hired a nazi sympathizer 1/5

    By peebpeebpeeb
    The NYT opinion section hired a woman who openly discusses her friendship with a Nazi and retweeted a tweet calling Obama the n-word. Don’t support them.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Dave.Ed
    There are multiple ads in every article making it hard to scroll down w/o accidentally clicking on one and breaking up the flow of the text. And I pay for a subscription!
  • Two problems+silliness 5/5

    By inkstainedwretch ,retd.
    If mom had a very short labor, I would have been born on a copy of the bog old 8 column copy of the NYT, and gotten my first smear of the now-only a-memory black stuff. Yes, I love the Times, the only National Newspaper left in the US, strictly fair (the main reasons conservatives speak of the “left-wing press is a) reporters write about changes to the status quo, which C’s by definition, oppose, and can only shoot the mesgr., b) reporters always write from the pov of I know something you need to know that powerful don’t want you to, and they learn daily what isn’t working, hasn’t in the past and see the only direction as change or continuing new stuff that is working). OK, back to the app: even the small screen of a large tablet is too small for a broadsheet, and the NYT answer has been to focus on best of best ... leading to narrowing the news. Also, the post your reaction dept. should be expanded to let arguments, challenges on facts or opinions, not personalities should be allowed to fly for a day or two - only seem to be a few hundred hard-core responders, and this family should be allowed to discuss, w/NYT input where proper: Reader wrote that the avg. NYT reader is some kinda rad leftist- my reply, never posted is, well you’re not and the NYT advertising dept would furnish stats on who reader are-great time for NYT to set everyone straight w/its surveys. The foolishness has unfortunately been brought by Digital Content Developer, now Publisher AG Sulzberger. We don’t come here for news video w/music or still-limited VR. This becomes as fututist authors Pat Cadigan (Synners) called ‘newsporn’ and John Brunner as (at least the beginnings of) Mr. & Mrs. Everywhere (Stand on Zanzibar) who are projections of YOU in your home watching VR news happening in Your Livingroom! It is NOT the direction for a medium where a sentence from a withheld document, in context is worth an hour of the best video news ever presented. The print edition ‘s circulation is growing, but I don’t think it’s because of big color photos pushing the words to the side. p3 used to be the second hottest spot for news, now 2&3 are virtually house ads.Half the Editorials space has become graphics, because the newsroom of the NYT has half the people it needs to put out and update the print version (the old method was to put the unnamed super-early, Early, Early City, Late, Late City and twice a century Extra editions on the street- the new method us faster, cheaper for the consumer, but too many of the still-filled seats have been given over to VR and production video version of Sunday Magazine stories. Cut the Fashion&Style pages, the old “Ladies’ Pages” or Sports (does anybody really buy the NYT for sports, rather than 24 ESPAN channels and YOUR CITY’S version of the New York Daily News? SORRY BUT A DISCUSSION OF THE NYT APP HAS TO BE MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT THAN THE CONTAINER. As for the container, If you cannot get the National Ed. Of the NYT or better, a local ed. Subscribe to this App ASAP, and, if out of NYC, your local paper. Otherwise, get the NYT home-delivered, with the free app turned on to deliver you breaking news 24-7 - another minor improvement would be adding various kinds of alerts similar to the old wire service’s can-wait, Urgent Bulletin , and Flash, aka GET UP AND READ THIS NOW alerts, from the old newsroom Teletypes, 0 to 10 bells, 10 for something like “President Shot”. Fortunately the Times app has kept on-line ads to a minimum - easy to ignore - never a trap. Best of all, it is Free to Subscribers, making it the greatest adjunct for anyone who reads through breakfast, but wants a smaller version commuting or in pocket/bedside 24-7.
  • It’s a trap. 1/5

    By ktavery
    This is the most frustrating news app of them all. It used to be reasonable, with 10 free articles a month, but they have cut that down to 5 and the app glitches half the time opening some random article on start up- costing me one of my precious few articles. Plus they send all these needless pop up alerts (way more than 5) and god forbid you accidentally open one or two of these by touching your screen.. it’s a trap.
  • Needs More Polish 2/5

    By Señor Budd
    My iPad has both the black and the white versions of the NYT. I can’t let go of the now discontinued black version. Reading articles is easier on my eyes on that one. The articles on this version takes up les space on the iPad, thus, making it more difficult. Pictures in the article are also smaller on the white version. The main page of articles, however, is definitely better on this white version. Please improve on the reading experience and I’ll improve my review. Thank you.
  • Great clean informative app 4/5

    By PatrickMast
    This app looks good, reads easy and is pleasant to us. Well done! Te only thing I can imagine to be better is to have the sections to be user defined. Let me sort the sections my way and disable sections I don’t want. Thanks!
  • Latest update breaks subscription 1/5

    By be767
    I’ve got a subscription through my university. After last update, the app no longer recognizes my login. Please fix!
  • Way way too many ads! 1/5

    By Pvm1
    I am a subscriber to the New York Times and I really object to all the new ads injected in the New York Times app. You can hardly read a paragraph without a new ad!
  • Menu does not work in new version on ipad 1/5

    By BadAppNow123
    Menu does not work in new version on ipad
  • For News, I love it. 3/5

    By wsucarlsen
    My wife and I have been readers now for years and we truly love the content. The stories in the real NYTs is so good. It is interesting how local newspapers around the countries republish the NYTs articles but omit some of the content. This is the real thing, almost always. Updates and corrections are handled well too. Now, however, interruptions with flashing adverts and ads separating reading content are so distracting that ‘the read’ is far less enjoyable. I realize that profit is king but our satisfaction should matter too. Five stars for content but only two stars for delivery. The Washington Post Print Edition has become my first choice but I’ll also visit the Times but only second and I’ll spend less time there.
  • Ads for paid users 2/5

    By Xombie
    I’m a paid user, and there are still multiple ads mid article.
  • Use it every day 5/5

    By Benkei001
    Excellent app
  • Won't accept my credentials 1/5

    By WalterGR
    I cannot log into the app. I can install it, and run it, and use it as a logged-out user, but when I try to log in to take advantage of my paid subscription, it doesn't accept my information. New York Times' support claims it's an iTunes store issue. What? I can't log in to their app and they blame it on Apple. Makes absolutely no sense.
  • Five star news interrupted by too many ads 3/5

    By bguirk
    The ad presentation in the more recent iteration of this app is too much. A long story will present the same ad every screen or so. I’m a subscriber and shouldn’t have to see this much advertising in a long’s distracting.
  • Will Not Log In 1/5

    By Dreadful_Girl
    Refuses to let me log in on my iPad. Phone and website work just fine but the iPad app simply refuses to accept my login credentials.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By pauljas
    NYT is not only racist newspaper but also fake newspaper too.
  • Too many ads for paid subscribers = bad readability 3/5

    By weven
    The ads are inserted every 2-3 paragraphs, interrupting the flow and drastically reducing readability of the articles. A normal length article can easily have 10 ad interruptions. I may discontinue my subscription and pay for the Guardian instead, since they will remove the ads for subscribers.
  • Great paper, problematic app 3/5

    By MikeTrutt
    The content is fantastic, and the app design is actually pretty good. There are some big issues though: It has a huge "memory leak", meaning that the cache just grows and grows over time. Before you know it, the app can take up more than 2gigs of storage on your phone, and that's just from reading! I'm not even saving any content (which would obviously increase the memory requirements even more). - The search function is not very good - currently, the app won't even launch for me. Installing an update didn't help. I'm going to try deleting and reinstalling...
  • Please fix that ADS COVER one or two lines of content!! 2/5

    By Florabelle
    I use the app everyday but HATE the problem with the ads covering article content. When you click Report This Ad > you get a blank white box COVERING THE SAME CONTENT!
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Mpg567
    Would have given the app a 3 or 4, but the sheer number of ads is increasing and the ability to ignore them is decreasing. Like others, I happily pay for access to high quality news and journalism (which I believe it is), and expect SOMETHING in return from NYT...but those ads... I’m going to pull the plug soon and delete the app, and cancel my subscription if they get worse. For example, today I keep finding myself accidentally doing some gesture that goes to a full screen pop up video about wolf urine. Ugh. Also, I used to be able to strategically position the text of an article such that the ads are generally off my screen. No longer so. They keep repeating the one about the low interest rates, or the one about the Lexus I’ll never buy. You can’t view the article with out seeing the ad. Of course this review is proof those ads have an impact, negative as they are, they don’t care, but not for much longer. Yes it’s kind of OCD, but man I don’t like those ads...
  • app SLOW, buy a paper instead 1/5

    By espn loser
    Poor, horrible, amateur, slow performance for the app. DID I SAY SLOOOOOW??!!!!!! News might be ok, but i never read it via the app, as it is slow to update, slow to load, and slowest to actually bring up an individual news item. Been this way for MONTHS, many times it appears to hang my whole ipad. So annoying!! Keep the news writers, but please fire your software, app builders, and whoever are your tech "visionaries" . Fire them for cause. Don't be nice to people who cannot get the job done. And hire somebody who can actually write a small, efficient, speedy app. No wonder Fbook kills you, at least they can write software. See also Amazon Kindle app for efficiency hints. In the meantime, it is faster to buy and read a paper.
  • Great paper 4/5

    By Sick of Phonies
    Good app!
  • Downloads too much 4/5

    By /r:b:
    Thank goodness the mobile web site is so good. The app ate up over half a gig of data, had to remove it to free up space. Also ate into my wireless budget. If it only downloaded as I request, like the mobile site, I’d use the app.
  • Lost my settings 1/5

    By carroll71235
    Lost all my saved sections settings and there is no way to change it to what I read most now.
  • Accidental ad clicks every time 2/5

    By lanewinfield
    Every single time I use this app I'm accidentally tapping on ads, pulling me out of the app when I didn't mean to. Please, please fix this.
  • Many days NYT app will not refresh 2/5

    By Coop1876
    Worse on iPad, on which I repeatedly delete and reinstall. Sad.
  • Can’t forward articles 4/5

    By vas2fl
    Great content of course. App search function needs work and the forwarding arrow doesn’t work at all.
  • State of the Union Article 1/5

    By Gunner Mitchell
    This site have continued to supply my phone with liberal garbage and I’m done with it. Have some respect for yourself and don’t download this app.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Dank lil spicy boi
    I have all major news apps downloaded so I can see what each has to say on a topic, but am upset to see that this is the only one that requires a subscription to read more than X amount of articles....

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