ofo - Smart Bike Sharing

ofo - Smart Bike Sharing

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  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bikelock Technology CO., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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ofo - Smart Bike Sharing App

Happy New Year, dear ofo users! At the beginning of 2018, the new version of ofo 2.0 has been launched to provide you with optimized UI and payment experiences. We hope you like the new ofo. Download it now for a fresh start! ofo is a bike-sharing service provider that is making short city trips more convenient than ever before. Our yellow bikes are available for riding anytime, anywhere. They do not require a specified docking station, which means you may park the bike anywhere permitted by local law. Please ensure other riders can easily locate the bike after you park and secure it. We hope you enjoy your ride!


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ofo - Smart Bike Sharing app reviews

  • No Apple Pay??? 1/5

    By Aparatei
    This would be so much easier with Apple Pay!!
  • Love this app 4/5

    I love this app I just wish that there are more bike locations
  • Basically functions, but... 2/5

    By MicahJ
    ofo bikes were seeded here less than two weeks ago and the two bikes I’ve tried were already in disrepair, one seriously with an inoperative rear brake. Worst of all, app would not let me submit a broken bike report. Button remained gray after filling all fields.
  • Bile review. 5/5

    By Cantrell3
    Perfect. More gears would be better.plus maybe a place to rent a helmet. Other that very innovative idea. 👍
  • Cool service 4/5

    By PansexUall
    Great deals on bike rentals just wish the upkeep of the bikes was better and that every seat of all the bikes were not stuck at the lowest setting. I’d be more than happy to be a tech and fix all these bikes, every other one I’m on needs to be serviced.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By greekness7
    I am so happy to have something so convenient, for my health’s sake. So affordable too. Easy to use. Thank you soooo much.
  • Unreliable gears 4/5

    By bikeless in seattle
    Overall, ofo is ok. The bikes are generally sturdy and the brakes work well (admittedly, all the bikes are new since they’ve not even been in Seattle for a year). There are also a ton of bikes. They aren’t hard to find. My number one complaint is the gears. There are only 3 and 3rd gear isn’t high enough for cruising downhill or gathering enough speed to head up the next one (a big deal in Seattle) On top of that, the shifters don’t work properly on more than 50% of the bikes I’ve ridden. I’ve had bikes that can only shift between 2 gears or cannot shift at all. I’ll use ofo if it’s free or if I’m in a pinch, but I will likely choose Spin when that option is available.
  • Nice bike 5/5

    By 贺仔
    Nice trip!
  • App doesn't have option to show nearest bike. 1/5

    By Wish I could wander
    Nuff said. Without the app showing me where the nearest bike is it's only useful if there is a bike every two blocks. There isn't.
  • Loved the ride 5/5

    By Veronica121212
    I saw the bike near my hotel room and was interested. When my ride was finished I literally felt so good and energized. Wish you guys would think of a baby feature where their is a seat because I know my daughter would enjoy it.
  • Horrible Experience getting Deposit Back 1/5

    By Airdesignn
    Think twice of before signing up for Ofo as you might never get your deposit back. While in Shanghai for vacation, I used their bike sharing service and Ofo collected a deposit of 200 RMB which they charged to my credit card. When I left Shanghai I closed my account and requested a refund of my deposit thru the app. Four months later, I am still waiting for the refund of my deposit. With Mobike, I got my deposit back within 5 minutes. Ofo obviously believes in giving consumers the run around. Poor customer service!
  • Scam 1/5

    By NobodyEpic214
    Why do you make us buy rides ?
  • The Bikes 4/5

    By ofo rider
    My first time, or whenever I’m on one, something is always broken like the brakes, seat, bell, and many more. Please fix them.
  • Bike share 5/5

    By Sile?ce
    Really fun, good app, great idea. Use it all the time.
  • More stable bikes than mobike 5/5

    By manoj91
    I like this new entry comer
  • Kids 4/5

    By nodollars
    Company needs to find a way to eliminate kids unless supervised by an adult from riding! There causing damage like light being broke and kickstands being broke by as the call it ghost riding
  • 突然换了个程序,之前的不能更新 1/5

    By Adamflowerryan
  • 强制安装独立app 不在微信里退押金 1/5

    By DesmondLiang
    非常弱智的设定 下载独立app之后还无法用微信绑定的手机号登陆
  • Account Created on Android does not work on iPhone 1/5

    By SenatorZ
    I previously created an account on Android using my Chinese phone number. Then I got rid of the Android device and changed to an iPhone. The app does not recognize my phone number and asks me to create a new account. Then I tried to create a new account... and surprise! “Your phone number has been registered, please log in using your own phone number” called customer service line 4 months ago and still not resolved today. I guess No one ever gets fired from OFO. Must be a great company to work for when you don’t want to work at all. What a great scheme to get free money, App development team...
  • Great bikes down in the South! 5/5

    By bbauldri
    Ofo has to be best bike I have ridden as far as support and fit goes. Smooth ride and everything works when I ride. All are in tip top condition! Great ride share bikes for Charlotte, NC! 😃🚴🏾‍♂️👍🏾
  • GPS inaccurate and app freezes 1/5

    By JJ-dc2015
    The GPS was more than a block off in showing where the bike was. When I finally found it, the app couldn’t validate the bike tag. When I tried to enter the number manually, the app froze. One star because there is no way to contact customer support in the app. This is poorly designed and could be much better. There is also no way to report a bike that is in a different location than GPS shows.
  • Ofo bike is great 5/5

    By ireviewstuff2
    I’m enjoying getting around Charlotte on an ofo bike. Try to avoid big hills!
  • Error message when unlocking bikes 1/5

    By Remin Z
    Keeps telling me timed out
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Dhovey
    Super easy, downloaded the app and got l of January free. Bike is clean and easy going, amazing way to get around Charlotte, NC since parking is $11 anywhere
  • App Needs Work & So Does Service in DC 2/5

    By Cyclist Edge
    App: The app is very buggy. Here are a couple of quick issues: 1. The app is slow to unlock the bike; 2. many times the app fails to unlock a bike at all; 3. There is no way to cancel an unlock after you have submitted it if it is taking too long; 4. At the end of the trip, when one locks the bike, the ofo system does not communicate back to the app so the app shows your trip as continuing, even though it has ended; 5. In the situation described in number four, if one tries to in the trip manually, then the app communicate with the server and tell you the trip is already ended, yet the app continues to display the trip as if it’s continuing with no way to cancel; 6. Most annoyingly, the app continues to use your location after you have ended a trip even if you have no active trip. This kills your battery and continues to compromise your privacy. The only way to in this is to force quit the app by double-clicking the home button and swiping up to close the app; 7. Finally, there is no way to search for a location to see if bikes are near your destination. One needs to scroll the map manually, which is very cumbersome. Needless to say the app needs a lot of work. Service: If I were just reading the service, I would give it three stars. As I mentioned above, the bikes take too long to unlock. Capital bike share bikes and lock in seconds. It can take Ofo bikes minutes to unlock. Additionally there are three gears on the bike, and the low gear is not nearly lower enough to do the hills in Tacoma Park in Washington DC. They either need to gear the first gear lower, where they need to add five gears like bike share bikes in Seattle have. Finally, and this one makes little sense to me, minibikes show up on the map as available, but when you try to unlock them you get an error message telling you that the bike has been locked by the service for being wrongly parked, or that it needs maintenance. Any bike that is not actively available, should not show up on the Ofo map. This is probably the largest problem with the service.
  • Love them 5/5

    By Monica_speak27
    I love that our city has these bikes Love riding them Wish the seat could be more comfortable but i still like them App is easy to use
  • Good 5/5

    By Bslam95
    Very good
  • Love this app and use almost daily 5/5

    By Jokline14
    Love the concept and ease of the app and bikes. I ride to work every morning. Bikes are easy to find and use. App is straightforward and easy to navigate. Love love love!
  • Ehhh... Iffy Steering Control 4/5

    By Hoy Hoy
    The basket, especially if you’re going to be using it, Should Not Be Attached to the front fork. This drastically affects steering and maintaining a straight line when riding. Very dangerous when riding among cars. The developers should take a hint front their nearest competitor (🤧hufffo).
  • Complete Fail 1/5

    By ClockWork777
    Was going to try OFO for the first time with my son today and we walked all the way to the bikes and one was broken and did not show this on the app. It looks like somebody had been working on dismantling the other one. Difficult to find other available bikes in the Map and after reporting the bike as needing repair it now shows as available. Very bad first experience not sure if I’ll try this again anytime soon.
  • Fail 1/5

    By Ro ro Roni
    Today I planned on trying Ofo for the first time. I downloaded the app, tried to enter my creditcard info, but kept getting “Unable to Decrypt Data” error message. My wife tried and had the same experience. We found two Lime bikes, downloaded their app and pedaled away on two green bikes in no time. Ofo, fix your app!
  • App doesn’t work in Dallas 1/5

    By jennawils
    I tried two credit cards and the app couldn’t “decrypt” either one which is needed to enjoy the “free” rides. My brother tried on his phone with his phone as well, still no luck. Now it makes sense why so many OFO bikes appear to have been sitting in the same place for a week ... super disappointed we couldn’t make this work!!! We were excited to explore Dallas by bike!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    Really like the app and design
  • First time was a flop 2/5

    By Rubber2theroad
    Walked up to the yellow bike hoping to pedal opposed to hoofing but the app couldn’t validate either if two cards. One a business and the other personal card. Took a moment and found a CS number, so good on them for a person to contact. Basically was told to bad so sad there seems to be a glitch, just try again later. Welp, I may do that but I’m visiting and for live here. So I went to the next bike share (green bike) next to the yellow one and they offered a free ride for the first roll. You’d think OFO would want to offer something for the inconvenience, but no. Nadda. 2 stars because the actually had someone that could tell me I was outta luck so catch ya on the flip side OFO. Otherwise it would have been uno Star.
  • Won't accept my card 1/5

    By luckyold22
    Really excited about this coming to my city . Wanted to try it but it won't accept any of my cards . Says " can't decrypt data" .
  • Ergonomics remarkably awkward 2/5

    By Hopeful about OFO
    I loved the program's digital interface. The problem is that you do not actually ride the interface. You ride the bike. The gearing is horrible for Seattle unless going downhill. Worse, the seat is extremely low even at maximum height. Go Lime!
  • I love OFO 5/5

    By RobKowski
    The bike are of excellent quality. They ride really well. The basket is very useful. I hope there are more bikes in my town soon.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 🤓😊👌🏽good movie
    Awesome much better than limi bike buuu awesome I love ❤️
  • Good 5/5

    By Easy rider XIV
    It's good
  • Trash 1/5

    By Realasshomeboy
    Trash bikes use limebikes instead
  • Fire 💯💯🔥🔥 5/5

    By a1thouwow
  • When it works 5/5

    By Shadworth
    It’s awesome, but I got 5 beans if fake news charges
  • Love this but 5/5

    By Tim love sauce
    Seats need to go higher
  • More than 1 bike 1/5

    By Dave16394027
    Needs option to use more than 1 bike on same phone
  • Rates Not Explained 3/5

    By CleverIdea
    The app is very opaque on what the service actually costs, which is unacceptable for an app that necessitates funding.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By CatchCarter
    I’ve enjoyed my experience on the bike!! The only feedback I have is that the kickstand is terrible and that will hinder you from parking it properly.
  • take broken bikes off map 3/5

    By dglosecki
    great rides when the bikes function have had several attempts to unlock bikes marked as available on app map only to be told they needed repair. OFO needs to work on having app, gps and bikes needing repair coordinated to avoid creating wild goose chases
  • You'll never get your deposit back 1/5

    By 小和尚8877
    I'm an ofo user in China. Paid 99 RMB deposit through Wechat mini program. Now I'm leaving and there's no option to get my deposit back. I searched online "how to refund ofo deposit " but all I see is thousands of people complaining their dead customer service and long gone deposit. I'LL NOT TELL YOU TO THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU USE IT. DO NOT USE IT!!!!!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By froh
    Great bike sharing Only sometimes not so easy to find the bike
  • OFO Bikes 5/5

    By Jalapeño lady
    OFO stands for, Ohh what Fun Ohhh! We had a blast riding bikes with the family. So easy!

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