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Real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond. Never miss the bus again! OneBusAway serves up fresh, real-time transit information in the following regions: * Atlanta, GA * Rogue Valley, OR * San Diego, CA * Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound, WA * Tampa, FL * Washington, D.C. * York, Canada Features include: * Real-time arrival information for public transit where available. * Map display of stops and routes. * Nearby stops search for location-aware devices. * Bookmarks and recent stop history. * Search for stops by route, address, and stop number. For more information about OneBusAway, including feedback and support for this application, visit us on the web at

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OneBusAway app reviews

  • Use a lot. 5/5

    By clucilef
    It really helps to know when the busses are coming.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Hunter3737
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Ray golf
    Very useful
  • Just Right Features 5/5

    By Reddertree
    Always works!
  • Indispensable. 5/5

    By Ornatus
  • It works. 5/5

    By EvePetlyakov
    I use this every time I ride the bus
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By uwgradstudent
    And way more accurate than google maps
  • Critical! 4/5

    By bussing mama
    I rely one one bus so heavily! When service cuts out or gets interrupted it drives me crazy!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Petey1984v2
    Great app
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By AstralMarmoset
    It is indispensable to my travel around the city, I would highly recommend trying it out.
  • Couldn't do transit without it 5/5

    By thetracitee
    Reader board's out. So what? Someone pasted a sticker over the schedule by the stop. Who cares? I never look at either one of these methods of communicating the bus schedule anyway because I've got One Bus Away. My transit experience would suffer so greatly without it. OBA developer - thank you!
  • "Can't connect to internet" 1/5

    By Media77
    I just get an error that app can't connect to server/internet. Phone is connected just fine in all other apps (as you can tell by the fact that I submitted this review), so it's clearly an app issue.
  • Just keeps getting better! 5/5

    By DonnallyCaia
    I've been using this for a couple years now and have been impressed with the consistent improvements! Keep it up!
  • Using app 5/5

    By Butterfly image
    At first it didn't tie Pierce County with King C OK unity but now I'm able to find my opinions with ease
  • Bill 5/5

    By Seanh1233
    Works as expected! Focused on where I am, bus stops near me and schedules for all stopping there. Added bonus to see when the bus will arrive at my destination. Keep it Simple!
  • Reliable and easy to use 5/5

    By Cycleboyseattle
    Reliable, accurate, and gives every bus rider what is needed: up to date bus timing, routes, stops, and alternatives. Good stuff.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By rabbitwoodrun
    Bus times are frequently updated and hit accurate. I've never missed a bus and always been able to find a way home using this app.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By OliverWithDog
    Fantastic app!
  • Great app for quick use 5/5

    By mukinax
    Simple UI for finding local transit
  • Really good on bus times 5/5

    By Geiekdhdn
    Very thankful for this app
  • Sehr gut!! 5/5

    By Ameliarathat
    Sehr gut für der Bus!!
  • Happy 4/5

    By Busrider165
    Wish it had bus schedules. Otherwise perfect.
  • Great 5/5

    By BlackPanther✊🏾
    This is awesome, totally recommended it. 🖤🖤
  • Incredibly helpful 5/5

    By Searchfiend
    I use this app almost daily when commuting. Knowing down to the minute when the next bus is coming allows me to plan accordingly, and I've also been in downtown Seattle taking bus trips on short notice without batting an eyelid- all thanks to this app.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Dal Gal Kate
    Love that I can see when the bus will be at my stop.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Shoresie45876
    I use it every day!
  • Super solid 5/5

    By tdchurch
    I use it daily. It's solid:
  • Good app! 5/5

    By Eric Sigaki
    Good app! Always on time!
  • OneBus 5/5

    By gregen9
    I depend on this app daily. Very accurate with constant updating.
  • Very nice I love it 5/5

    By Nice application I love it
    I don't know what I do without it very organized I appreciate HART
  • Great App 5/5

    By laughingschmidt
    Accurate information a majority of the time. I love that I can set bookmarks listing the bus stops I use the most.
  • In my must-haves 5/5

    By Olga Rose
    As a bus commuter over the last 12 years, this app is indispensable. Gone are the days where I'm waiting for the bus, wondering- is it late? Was it early? That information saves me from making other (much more costly decisions) when running late for meetings. Google Maps and OneBusAway are my traveling dynamic duo.
  • Super useful, and reliable bug fixes 5/5

    By Copperdrake
    I use this app every weekday to check when my buses are arriving and it's great! I love that I can bookmark my frequent bus stops to make things easier. Also the developer does a great job fixing bugs and incorporating feedback--keep up the good work!
  • Great 5/5

    By VikasChawla
    New to this area and absolutely love this app
  • Awesome app. Use it every day 5/5

    By YetiTodd
    It makes my commuting much more bearable.
  • Indispensable app! 5/5

    By Golderama
    I have used this app multiple times a day for a few years now. It really helps me plan my commute as I have several options and have to transfer in downtown Seattle. Very, very helpful!
  • About the only thing I like about riding the bus 5/5

    By hoggenstein
    This app helps navigate the crazy
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Homer's hooman
    Now just make a watch app add on please
  • Bus 5/5

    By Gggggggggggjhdvjjfd
    Pretty good, but make so I can track the bus too
  • So useful!! 5/5

    By Rxtxpx
    I depend on this app every day.
  • Saves a ton of money 5/5

    By Data girl56
    By knowing when and where to take the bus – accurately – I save a ton of money by using public transportation instead of driving/parking/cabbing. The timetables in my experience has always been very accurate. I can't say this about very many apps but One Bus Away definitely improved my quality of life.
  • Love the update! 5/5

    By KoreanTacos
    OBA has added a lot of the features that I had always wished that it had had.
  • Incredible yet sometimes troubled 5/5

    By Mirrors.lies
    Due to latest update, I have trouble finding the bus stop, even my location isn't correct and sometimes it shows errors. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Otherwise, this is an essential tool for me and many.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ccraibleclark
    Thank you so much! Use it all the time.
  • A Must Have 4/5

    By hopefullskywatcher
    I highly recommend this app. It was the first app I downloaded on my iPhone, and it's been a keeper for years now. I use it everyday to make life easier. It's reassuring to have actual bus arrival times a majority of the time rather than just a schedule. I've used this app to bus it in King County,WA (Metro) and Atlanta (MARTA). I tried different apps for both transit systems, and I found One Bus Away to be the easiest one to use. I say a actual bus times a majority of the time because sometimes a bus shows that it's 15 minutes late for example, then makes up the time very quickly, shows the bus is on time, and it is. I have seen drivers almost floor it or skip breaks to make up being late. That said I'm sure there are technical reasons. In my experience Google Maps and Moovit make the same kind of adjustments at the same time, so I don't think it's the apps fault. Just something to be aware of. I use the Bookmarks feature heavily. It's pretty easy to save different routes by location. A saved location (I name each one.) is easier to get to in a pinch in this app compared to Moovit. Moovit has more stuff, but I happen to prefer One Bus Away.
  • Great tool for Seattle commuting 5/5

    By djsurge
    Number one app for figuring out bus schedules
  • Great app 5/5

    By Saajworld
    I love to use it every where. But I saw some time didn't match. It's easy and few so I don't mind.
  • Good arrival info sometimes a little bit fast on the arrival though. 4/5

    By Blindguy89
    Wow this app provides reliable arrival information most of the time, occasionally, there are issues either with the tracking, or with the updating of arrival information at certain stops.
  • Nice 5/5

    By d-dre-$
    It's great to have some real time eta on buses. Loving this app!
  • Most used and useful app on my phone 5/5

    By Angellhe
    A must have if you live in Seattle

OneBusAway app comments

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