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  • Compatibility: Android
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Oppa App

Welcome to Oppa money messenger - over $750,000 shared between friends last month. Claim your username now before it's gone + get $2 for every friend you add to Oppa! Think of Oppa as a search engine for new friends, and a whole new way to chat with anyone you want. If you want to see who's nearby, there's Oppa. Looking to chat with the cutie next door, there's Oppa. Use Oppa to network about a job, get a psychic reading, or talk to a Doc about that suspicious mole hiding where the sun don't shine, yes - we have them on Oppa too. So welcome to Oppa - our community is now 70,000+ strong and growing fast! Be merry, have fun, and follow your own path.


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Oppa app reviews

  • Referring doesn’t work 3/5

    By catmarie121
    Refered friends and got no money at all from it like the app claims I’m supposed to.
  • Can’t even change birthday 1/5

    By Acornm1
    Can’t change birthday when signing up. What a joke.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By JoeM1990
    Love this app, ever since FriendLife died, I had been searching for a suitable replacement. I found it.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Perfect app to make money
    Put this code- CARLOLUI9 to get first $2 dollars.
  • Can't change my birth date to create an account 5/5

    By codyskyler
    Very interested in using the app, especially since I just applied for an internship with Oppa and was looking to familiarize myself with the company and product and wanted to put #Intern as a label in my profile description because I know Oppa will reach out to candidates through the app. However, I am unable to change my birth date which it has automatically set as February 18, 2018. Could I get some help?
  • Nice way to explore. 5/5

    By J3fff
    This app is great for exploring the world through people’s eyes, have strange chats, make new friends and some bucks from nothing. Come and start the fun with us ! Referral code: ROBERTMC Al around great idea, interface and experience.
  • Forces you to connect Facebook. 1/5

    By alberto brambila
    Why do I need to connect my Facebook. And why do I have to connect my contacts. There is no way around not connecting your social media’s and contacts to the app. Doesn’t make any sense on why you can’t just make an oppa account rather than connecting all your stuff including your contacts. Please fix the issue I would love to check out this new social platform :). Until then I’m not looking to making an account.
  • Pay me my mula pppplease 3/5

    By Jono❤️
    The app is awesome nice and cute. The only downfall is I brought 6 people in that I personally did on their phone myself and I did NOT get paid for 5 out of the 6 people. This is why I gave 3 stars
  • Do not download 1/5

    By WayneGGu7ewWq708
    This app is fake & sending out fake news. You don’t get anything when you share it the referral code. Do not download
  • There is a glitch 1/5

    By Yarbyzbot!!!
    I’m trying to add my friends but it keeps on freezing!!!
  • It’s ard 4/5

    By Lexiethecreator
    Lol it’s legit
  • Super cool! 4/5

    By 907_valley_cutie🐷
    Heard about it through a friend and didn’t believe I could actually make money, but here I am, making money!
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By sasssssyk
    So I heard a lot of good things about this app but unfortunately I can’t pass the whole signing in process. I log in using my Facebook but when I go to try to change my age because it puts feb 16 2018 I can’t. Therefore I can’t continue na use it says I’m under age.
  • Love it! Use referral code FVSHIONKILLV 5/5

    By _tatted_princess
    Great app I’m already getting messages and money 😍😊
  • Good app, needs easier access to funds and easier way to transfer 4/5

    By Spades_523
    App is good, but being scammed by plenty of people, need a better screening process. The app is having an issue where the notification for messages states there is one there but there isn’t and it won’t go away. There’s no easy way to contact the developer either . Being able to only transfer funds at 25, isn’t all that great. Sadly I never reach that.
  • Jackie Moody 5/5

    By Purple Maniac
    I’m just not sure how this really works but it’s cool so far and I love to meet new folks plus them loving and paying for my pics.
  • Show me the money 🍹 4/5

    By Angry app customer 😡
    Love the app but it’s obviously still working out the kinks I have friends adding me through my link however I’m not receiving the money for it 😔 I really want to share drinks with my friends lol help
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Sai Hasegawa
    Best app ever what more can I say
  • Different An fun 5/5

    By Blantonize
    Check it out for yourself.
  • Can’t even start 1/5

    By Boutiques from NJ
    I tried to sign up today but it won’t let me change the birthday. It just automatically says I was born today and I can’t use the app because I’m not at least 16 years of age. Excuse me I’m about to be 35. Tried updating my birthday but there is no option to do so. This app needs work.
  • Instructions? 3/5

    By disneycaitiw
    There is literally no clear instruction on how to use this app. I have no idea how to friend request people, search for people, join a community. I’m extremely confused.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By kayloo1295
    Not bad. Easy way to get some extra money. Use my referral!!!! kayloo1295
  • Confusing 4/5

    By piratesinlove
    Would love to know more about how to make money on this app - i am very active but with no luck

    By FallenVampRockr
    Sooooooo I downloaded it because my friend sent me a link to it I downloaded it next thing I know everyone in my contacts list had the link and I never gave it permission to have access to my contacts list and now my bosses are blowing up my phone complaining as to why I’m adding them and whatnot now I’m being told I may be fired for trying to add my bosses as “friends” so dont download this app I can’t find the person running it to be contacted as now I may be left without a job all because it has a bug issue and still sent it to all my contacts Don’t know how to reply to the developers but it sent to certain people that I’m legally not allowed to be in contact with at all and it sent it to them so I need y’all to help me with the law cause it was the apps fault with its glitch that did this so I need y’all to help like ASAP
  • Brandy 5/5

    By brandyqueenbee86
    I think it’s very cool I like the idea of it . Plus you get money from people who like your posts . It’s not much money but it’s still cool. I like it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Trushee
    This app is fantastic, & a great way to earn some extra money
  • Money Maker 5/5

    By davidedenboer
    Great piggy bank for the kids education fund!
  • Withdrawal 1/5

    By C_Nanax3
    I tried withdrawing my money and after completing the process it tells me that it can take UP TO 30 DAYS to validate my request!! WHAT!!!!! 30 Days!!!! Seriously. Oh no this is not right , something fishy is going on here. So hopefully after receiving my money I will delete and uninstall this App. Not worth it.
  • Day 2 3/5

    By Eeeyaaaaas
    So I made $25 (Min for cashing out) on the first day and I'm very low on money so I tried cashing out, and I was told that I have to wait for them to validate my request and that it could take up to 30 days. Wondering if anyone could cash out earlier.
  • Testing 3/5

    By Blackstack13
    Look oppa I’m testing ur app I give a 3 I will be back to five 5 if n when I reach $25 and I’m able to actually cash out I will promote and give 5 Star on YouTube
  • Did not work 1/5

    By J143445
    They said I need an established Facebook account when I had it for a long time and I was stuck in that screen. No way you can exit or go back. Also pls read the other reviews because some people say they made money but no one really said that they were able to cash their money out
  • Can’t even sign up 1/5

    By Erincourtney13
    I got a notice to delete the app and download it again with an established Facebook account. I’ve had the same Facebook account for ten years. They REALLY don’t want anyone actually using this app if they don’t accept accounts they have been open that long.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Gimmie500
    As soon as I open the app it says select pictures... I click on 6 pictures an it literally says click 6 pictures I do that an do that an do that an it still doesn’t go to the next page so idk why?
  • Fix the app and Tutorial 2/5

    By keila03
    I just started this app yesterday and I invited someone and can’t find them. Also when you try to add friends it take me to a screen that say add friends but you can’t click anything, I understand the concept of adding them they have to share a drink but there is no direction for the site itself. Also when I share my link after the first referral used it it says error??? Instead of Keila has shared you a drink 🥃 I’ll upvote when it’s better
  • Wow 🤬 1/5

    By joemarryy
    So I tried installing this app today and signed in with Facebook and really ??? I need to have an established profile account ?! I’ve been having my Facebook since 2012 how in the is my account not established ???? This is BS
  • Can’t use the app 1/5

    By mscassiewong
    Keeps saying I need to delete app and reconnect with a valid Facebook. I’ve been using the same Facebook for 6 years, it’s not fake. I’m not able to do anything cause it’s stuck on that screen. Could be a scam guys, I gave them access to my profile and yet I can’t use the app.
  • Downloaded this app about it a week ago... 2/5

    By breeebrreee
    I’m the beginning I thought it was fantastic , getting money for posting pictures and “$2” for every friend you add that downloads the app ! Sounds awesome right ? WRONG !!!!!! I’ve had 41 friends download the app and use my friend code and much to my surprise I still remain at $7.20 .... I would like this app way better if it actually work and you actually got paid for what they said you would. and also a little tid bit, you can only transfer to PayPal if you have a total of $25 or more ! My feelings are that they do anything to make sure you don’t get to that $25 and cash out ! And almost all of my friends that downloaded this app are stuck at $7.00 as well!
  • Won’t let “new” Facebook accounts join 1/5

    By NotHereToCheat
    But a year is not new. My Facebook page clearly says joined January 2017. Not new!
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By MzFunkyMonkey
    Not bad yet
  • This app truly is amazing! 5/5

    By Thanksfortheporkguise
    I love that this app is risk-free, and not only helps you make a little extra dough on the side, but also allows you to connect with friendly people in your area and around the world! Use my referral code LADYBLU to signup and have me as a friend!
  • Amazing! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By DanielaAryas
    Just opened an account 3 hrs ago and made 5 bucks! lol not bad...find me @dannielah 🤩🤣👍🏻
  • Deactivated first day for no reason 1/5

    By jayisa
    I tried this app yesterday, i have an instagram and have been looking for a new social media app and everything after deleting my twitter. I tried this, it had a picture taken by me and edited, and two yoga videos. They were all FULLY clothed and i even posted about how i would post my outlets here now (art, yoga, poetry, ect). Told my bf about this app and everything. WELL, I WOKE UP TO MY ACCOUNT DELETED FOR VIOLATIONS?! Maybe bots shouldn’t have the ability to delete accounts because mine had nothing wrong with it considering i have a bf, a job, college, and can’t risk doing dumb stuff online. I got my account deleted less than 24 hours, i posted 3 things, didn’t even fully get to look at other profiles or message anyone, don’t do it.
  • Cool 5/5

    By dashy.300
    Cool app
  • Interesting 5/5

    By Enejdhhbdjjfvjdj
    This app is very interesting and cool.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By pochaccu
    I’ve had this app for less than 24 hours and people have already been giving money to start conversations with me! If you’re thinking about joining this app, use my referral code: froaln
  • Really glitchy 1/5

    By onesoutheast
    This app would be great if I could actually use it. I’m hoping for an update soon because I was really hopeful after reading the reviews.
  • Positive App! 5/5

    By Dreadful Desire
    This app is exactly how it would be if Instagram was a virtual bar without the comments underneath! I had this app for 3 days and I’ve already made $10. The app is easy to understand and the sharing gift system really helps with breaking the ice when it comes to chatting with people around the world. I can see this app being a good tool for social networking. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who isn’t afraid to engage in a small positive conversation. Come chat with me on Oppa my name is Dreadful Desire :)
  • Good app 5/5

    By Leb0723
    So far loving what I see
  • $$$$ 5/5

    By otey💯
    I love it already in just under an hour I already made $1
  • Good 4/5

    By RainbowViolet2

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