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  • Current Version: 3.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Outback Steakhouse
  • Compatibility: Android
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Outback App

The Outback App is now available across all participating Outback locations. The Outback app is the fastest, mobile way to enjoy the bold flavors of Outback Steakhouse. Get seated faster by checking wait times and choosing when you want to arrive. Sign-up for rewards and track your rewards in the Dine Rewards Tracker or get our latest promotions in our Offer Pouch. Pay when you’re ready directly from the app and save payment details for future visits. You can also find your nearest location and browse the menu. -- The Outback app puts you in control and lets you dine at your own pace by simplifying the dining experience. Here’s how: Payment Simplified: • EASY: no more waiting for the bill, pay from the app, split the bill, add tip and leave when you’re ready • QUICK: paying with the app is up to 2X faster than paying through the server and you can store payment details for future visits Get Seated Fast: • FAST: tell us when you want to arrive and get on our list in advance • SMART: get notified through the app when your table is ready Save Money: • EXCLUSIVE: receive special offers, promotions and view our menu right from the app • COLLECT: Track your Dine Rewards progress, rewards and promotions and apply them directly to your bill - no more printing Get Rewarded: • SIGN-UP or link-up: Sign up as a new member or link your existing account directly from the homepage of the app • TRACK your Rewards: Manage all your qualified visits and track your available rewards directly from the homepage of the app • APPLY your rewards directly to your bill directly in the app -- The Outback App uses data encryption to protect your financial information and card data is never stored on Outback Steakhouse servers. The Outback App uses GPS to enhance the user experience by prompting you to check in when you arrive at the restaurant. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Outback app reviews

  • Depends on participation of the restaurant 2/5

    By Hudsky
    I tried to use this app with the Austin Research Boulevard location but the hostess told me that they’d have to update the wait time manually and that they don’t have the time to update it. We drove from the other side of town because the app said there was no wait. There was a 30 minute wait when we got there. :(
  • Meh 3/5

    By Stasiu70
    In general I like the idea of this app. But the most pointless feature of this app is the call ahead. What’s the use of having it and going through all the steps then arriving at the restaurant and they dont honor it. Useless. But good otherwise
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Armadillo bait
    First, I signed up for Dine-Rewards.com and downloaded the Outback App while at the restaurant. I saved my receipt to upload my visit later. It appears there is no way to do this. After reading my receipt it looks like I have to tell my server that I am a member of Dine-In Rewards so the receipt can be tracked with the Outback app. This is not how other apps for restaurants work. An example would be the Red Lobster app. You scan the QR code located on your RL App with your phone and your points are tracked. So, unless I’m missing an important detail, this app is difficult and confusing to use.
  • It exists 3/5

    By Camwoolz
    Unfortunately attempting to order online with this app will not succeed. You will be redirected to a web page in safari to order. No support for Apple Pay. Bleh. Average, at best, for its inclusion of a menu.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Cuby2k
    We used the app to get in the wait line and when we arrived at the appointed time we were told that the wait was 45 minutes. Why use the app when we can eat somewhere else that accepts dinner reservations?
  • Wait Times Not Remotely Accurate 4/5

    By dan51678
    Pretty much every time quoted has zero grounding in reality. This last time app said 5-15 mins, so we waited did it 10 mins before, are told another 30 mins once arriving to restaurant, ended up being even longer. Don’t waste time with the app - call store directly.
  • No option to reserve a time 1/5

    By Sikkcivic
    This app used to reserve a time so I could plan my visit and not have to wait , I could better plan my lunches and dinner dates and now that it’s gone I’ve just stopped using this app entirely. It’s a waste of screen space
  • App needs some fixing... 3/5

    By BchBumm
    Wish you could use Apple pay to pay for meals via the app. I don’t like giving my credit card info to all these apps when you can use Apple Pay when already stored on my phone. Also when you are typing (sending feedback) and a word is showing up on the keyboard and I click it rather than having to complete typing the word does not get displayed. Also the font needs to be changed to make it easier to read.
  • APP Useless for call-ahead seating 1/5

    By Smokiebearr
    App is useless for call ahead seating. Made reservation/call-ahead through app for 1/2 hr later when current wait time showed a 15-30 min wait. Showed up at restaurant 30 mins later and was told it would be a 30-45 minute wait for a table! WT????
  • Does a lot! 4/5

    By smac842
    I like the call ahead and pay feature.
  • Unrealized potential 2/5

    By DLCintheOC
    This app could be really good if it weren’t so complicated. Seriously, get rid of the passcode and CVV-number requirement for credit cards and just make the payment Touch ID-enabled (better yet, Apple Pay-enabled)—AND allow for saving the email for receipts. Users should not have to enter passcodes, CVV numbers, and email addresses for every transaction. Using the app should be quick and easy, not cumbersome and complicated.
  • Can’t place a reservation 1/5

    By ip odd dude
    Not very useful if I can’t make a reservation on the app
  • Outback is great 4/5

    By pschum1
    Even if they make a mistake, they stand behind their people. The app makes it easy to pay the ticket.
  • Dissapointing 1/5

    By Alleecaat
    I got the app so I could peruse the menus. Family taking me out for upcoming occasion. Really wanted to see if Outback has entrees I can eat. So very disappointing. Tried and tried to open “ menu” in the app. Never did let me see what food is offered. So. Guess I’ll ask to be taken to Olive Garden instead. Very disappointing
  • Call Ahead Warning 3/5

    By D. Alton
    The app lets you call ahead for a future time. But it says “you may have a short wait”. Actually, you can call ahead and still have an hour wait when you get there. The app should ACCURATELY SAY THIS. Also, the wait estimates in the app are not accurate. App says 45 min. When I arrived, they said hour and thirty-five minute wait.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JoeyDeeee
    Tried to pay bill and could never retrieve receipt.
  • Server and host point of view 5/5

    By Codie 4954
    In a server and host point of view, thank god for this app. It helps so much. I love when the customers come in and say they used the app. You can get their number and use that to page them. They can go to their cars and not crowed the host stand when it’s busy. In a servers point of view, I love when my customers pay on the app. That’s one more trip I do not have to make and that trip was saved for another customer of mine. Although, it is scary because you never know if they actually did pay on the app and you have to race to the posi to make sure they did 😂 I absolutely love this app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By drrazorback
    Don't change a thing
  • Bonzer 5/5

    By B. Richards
    Good times.
  • Paying bill takes forever 2/5

    By gylgamesh
    I have attempted to pay a bill four separate times and have been successful once; the other three times I gave up after waiting for the app to find the bill the waiting for it to pull the data. Heaven help you if you make a mistake and tap the wrong thing, it’s back to waiting as you start over. Meanwhile your phone goes to sleep and... you have to start over again. Ridiculous.
  • Yum 5/5

    By fayjune
    Waiter was great Food was delicious One of our best visits. Waiter deserves a raise
  • Locks up 1/5

    By Papag123
    One of the worst apps I've ever used. Locks up incessantly. I may have paid the bill 3 times and lost my gift card. Guests stare questioningly as I repeatedly try to pay the bill. Worthless.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Tiger Fan from the Bayou Land
    Love the payment option
  • Crashing since last update under iPhone 8plus and IOS 12 1/5

    By Cascalongines
    The app will not open under my new phone. I go to open it in IOS 11.1.2 and an iPhone 8 Plus and all it does is flicker and then not run. Hasn’t fun since the update one month ago, but I got the phone about the same time so no idea if it’s the phone or operating system.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone X 3/5

    By nhimes90
    Updated app on my new iPhone X and the app will not open at all. Just keeps crashing.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Tinamarisol
    I can't even open the app without it force closing almost immediately
  • My App is Crashing 1/5

    By Marco Island Beach Comber
    Not sure what is up but can’t even open the App. Wanted to get some gift cards etc. not working.
  • Slow to load 2/5

    By Cacabee333
    The app always takes forever to load, even though I have LTE whenever I use it. There needs to be a fix where it works faster so I'm not sitting at the table 10 mins after the check trying to pay it through the app.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By FreesFamily
    I have an iPhone 7 and my husband and I have tried to download and open this several times since June and it does not work. Tried 20 minutes ago before driving to outback to eat and it still does not work. It is viewable but then when you try to do anything it closes immediately.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Priblet
    App is crashing. No access.
  • Account Linking Flawed 1/5

    By Danf87e0
    Ordering in app not available. App transfers to online system that isn’t linked to app or account. Must verify that every receipt is added to your account during checkout. Love the idea, but needs more work on reliability.
  • Almost useless. 1/5

    By GwAvA
    What's #1 reason for using a restaurant app? Maybe for ordering food? But not with this app. If you want to order, it opens your browser and you have to order on (the awkward mobile version of) the website. So, basically, this is a mobile menu. If I have to go to the web to order, why would I look at the menu in an app? If I'm going to sit down and dine, why would I use an app menu and not just look at the physical menu. What's the point?
  • Broken on iPhone X 1/5

    By Girtherobot
    Worked fine until I got the iPhone X
  • Undercooked 2/5

    By Jimleepet
    Steak was undercooked and took forever for a replacement. Received 15% off for my trouble. Big joke!!!
  • Stop working 2/5

    By Jeajud
    I used to love this app now it no longer works crashes upon trying to open it ☹️ ... I used this app whenever I visit Outback. Easy to use and convenient. Please fix.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Jennie0302
    Love having the app to see the deals ahead of time and check in is made easy.
  • What’s the purpose 3/5

    By The original Velicious
    Every time I use the app I’m directed to the online site which is a hassle if trying to order in a hurry. It’s extra steps that I don’t understand. Then I realized its not tracking my rewards which was one of the purposes of downloading the app. so after about 6 orders it has the same message about being 3 orders away 😕
  • Great! 5/5

    By mikesses
    Convenience of paying from the app. Now that's the poop!!!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Jennygotguns
    Shuts down when I try to open the app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Bshdnxksnaobfnnsk
    Easy use! Great rewards!
  • New update 3/5

    By Debandbenbeatty
    Since I updated my app yesterday it will not open. Each time I touch the app it goes right back to the home screen on my phone.
  • Latest update messed up 1/5

    By Mtorib
    Love the app normally. The latest 3.11 messed up the app. Won’t even open when I click on it. Otherwise, normally runs fine and no issues with rewards or tracking. Nice to have this to get on the seating list if needed. Great rewards
  • Good idea, bad implementation 3/5

    By Edlsoccer
    It takes waaaaaaaaay to long to look up the bill. It is not intuitive to redeem rewards. Please improve the performance!!
  • Lost points 2/5

    By KBone33
    Got a new phone and tried to link dine rewards account but it tries to set it up as a new user instead. Also, enable Apple Pay and call it a day.
  • Current version and iOS and iP8 don’t work 1/5

    By Kamui VII
    Current version and iOS and iP8 don’t work App just keeps crashing... on my old iPhone 6 with current iOS, it loads then crash when I select anything... also what’s the point of “ordering online in the app” when all it does is open up Safari?
  • Outback iPhone App 1/5

    Crashes ever since the update on 11/09/17
  • Didn't get reward 1/5

    By Taqman
    Never got credit for my visit. Don't waste your time thinking your going to get some kind of discount. Judging by the other reviews and how long this has been a problem, I don't think outback really cares. App looks really cheaply made and full of bugs
  • Ridiculously great 5/5

    By TWB7202
    I've never been more impressed by a restaurants app. From the checkin to the pay feature. It's what Chili's wished they had done. Great job! Maybe consider listing happy hour times/specials? Maybe that's too localized? Anyways, we love it. I just got so many evil eyes from non app idiots. We walked in and we're sat in front of probably 15 parties.
  • This app doesn’t work on iPhone X 1/5

    By Scorpious_69
    Very sad:-(
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Sean Blake
    Awesome app thanks

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