Overcast: Podcast Player

Overcast: Podcast Player

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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Overcast Radio, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Overcast: Podcast Player App

A powerful yet simple audio podcast player, with features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows, and completely control your experience. Overcast is a modern, fully featured audio podcast player with many useful features in a simple, intuitive interface: - Download podcasts for playing anytime, even when offline. - Search and browse for new podcasts, plus get recommendations from Twitter. - Create custom Playlists with smart filters and per-podcast priorities, and rearrange the list whenever you want. - Receive optional push notifications when new episodes arrive. - Subscribe to a podcast, or just add an episode: try new shows without committing. - Download podcasts over cellular, set a sleep timer, or use Voice Boost to enhance and normalize speech volume. - Adjust playback speed, and use Smart Speed to pick up extra speed without distorting the conversation. - 3D Touch support - Rich notifications - Apple Watch app - CarPlay support Overcast is ad-supported. If you choose to purchase Overcast Premium to remove ads, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current price for the Season Pass is $9.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country. Overcast's privacy policy: https://overcast.fm/privacy

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Overcast: Podcast Player app reviews

  • Works great; less filling 4/5

    By docwhat
    It took me while to find where the option to control whether to stop after an episode or not (hint: its in the setting as "play continuously") It does one thing and does it well.
  • Funky Downloads 2/5

    By THEAnderson51
    Really annoying that the app wiped all of my downloaded episodes and tried to download them all again. Seems like things are kind of coming off the rails for Overcast lately.
  • Best podcast experience on iOS 5/5

    By Joshua McShane
    I was kind of frustrated when Marco first put ads into the app, but then the following happened: Marco added custom ads for actual podcasts instead of the garbage AdMob (or whatever ad service he was using). These ads are actually very attractive and useful. It's only $9.99/year (a YEAR) to remove the ads. That's less than $1/mo. The above combined with the recent UI/design updates have kept this app at number one for listening to podcasts on iOS.
  • Best iOS podcast player 5/5

    By daigakusee
    Appreciate the control offered and good UI experience. Subscription worth it to not see ads and support the developer.
  • Offsetting negative reviews 5/5

    By JoeJohnJohnson
    ffs. You use the app for years, and then complain when the opportunity to support continued development presents itself.
  • Simple the best podcast app. 5/5

    By thedirtythirty
    Easy to use and just works. This is what the default iPhone app on iOS should be.
  • Best Podcast App 5/5

    By Djrbkj
    I can't say enough about overcast! When I discovered it, I was so overjoyed to discover someone had made something that wasn't the absolute garbage stock Podcast app. It's better in absolutely every way: organization, playback, downloads, discovery, apple watch support, etc. Well done!
  • Great 5/5

    By trinidadiv
    Excellent podcast player.
  • Really clever features, from an entertaining fussy developer! 5/5

    By Gretyl
    Thanks for keeping podcasts awesome! We appreciate your time and attention. You've more than earned my premium subscription. What do I love about Overcast? Smart Speed, priority playlists and a developer who gives a crap!
  • So much clicking 4/5

    By FrankLuciano
    I have to select at least 3 times to get an episode to play. Needs faster playing of episodes by either just selecting the episodes like in Apple podcasts or 3D Touch options
  • Won't download 1/5

    By podcast blocking
    How can review or rate it if it won't even download? #frustrated
  • Look elsewhere 1/5

    By cdkii
    I ended up paying for a year of Premium since I felt like maybe there was something there I was missing. There wasn't. This app simply isn't worth the $10/year premium subscription to not have advertising crammed down your throat, and I cannot recommend this app to anyone given the much cheaper non-subscription alternatives out there.
  • Can send podcast to Apple Watch! 5/5

    By Charske
    This is the only app that allows me to listen to podcasts on my Apple Watch without my iPhone. Perfect for working out! Amazing developer and app!
  • Free is great 5/5

    By WookieMage
    Paid I haven't tried yet.
  • Best podcast app 5/5

    By David Levine
    This app is thoughtfully designed and works great. Smart speed is an awesome feature that saves time while listening to a podcast by speeding up silent portions. I really like being able to rearrange episodes in a playlist on the fly without impacting the overall sorting as new episodes are released. The CarPlay interface is great. It allows you to quickly access your playlists or listing of podcasts. Overcast 3 makes an already great app even better.
  • Best podcast app 5/5

    By BicedTea
    I listen to a LOT of podcasts. And this app makes it an even better experience. SmartSpeed has saved me more than 18 hours of time by eliminating unnecessary silence. Voice Boost means I don't have to crank my car radio up when I listen to podcasts anymore. The Discover area means I always find the best new Podcasts. Playlists, the ability to program my skip durations, and the simple interface means I will never need another podcast app. My Premium did not have the problems others have complained about. There are a few options in the menu, and I could pick my icon and turn off the ads in the directory. I remain a very happy customer!
  • Smart Speed is a huge time saver. 5/5

    By Spud1234321
    Smart Speed is a huge time saver.
  • Not getting bugged 4/5

    By Mr.Pool
    I love not being bothered to rate an app. So I decided to rate the app thanks for being considerate not popping up and saying rate me. The app works as expected and the headphone skipping Morse code thing is cool!
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Bear Park
    Works well No fuss Highly recommend to anyone
  • Great and simple UI 5/5

    By Mdzwolf
    Love the UI. everything you need is easily accessible and I am loving smart speed! Continuous updates continue to make a great app only better!
  • Best Podcast App 5/5

    By jdennis27
    The best there is, I love how easy it is to use.
  • The best 5/5

    By Alexadler2011
    The best podcast app available! Must have!
  • Indie app development at its best 5/5

    By Grrrrrrrrrrrrreg
    This app is an impressive example of simple and thoughtful design. Lots of great features. Smart speed is awesome. Love it!
  • Great improvements to a great app! 5/5

    By bhspdx
    I have used Overcast since its launch. Love smart speed. Love the look. I did miss a few features from my prior app. The most recent update added the most important one for me: the app interface now auto rotates, which is exceptionally useful while driving (plug in bottom, phone sitting in cup holder ). The new version also adds a pop-up interface to getting info about a certain episode. This is really neat, since I always want quick info about an episode's details before committing to playing it. I love this podcatcher.

    By davidreview
    Not sure if something's wrong with my iPhone 7 Plus or account since I noticed this review was deleted somehow. Not sure when that happened. Usually don't look at reviews I posted. Not sure if it's because I mentioned the FAKE RANKING of the podcasts the developer does. Didn't attack or write anything obscene. I even wrote a excuse for the fake ranking of his app. Although I don't watch many video podcasts this podcast player not supporting it is a minor con for me. Could be more or less for someone else. I try various podcast players and some of my favorite do support that feature. With it being free to try it doesn't hurt to try it out. If it's just audio podcasts and not watching any this could work for you. A couple of the paid versions (without subscriptions) are really good too.
  • Now with ads! 2/5

    By Haruchai
    This is a great podcast player with a couple of features that really like -- Smart Speed and Voice Boost. I was an early adopter and paid to unlock. Now the developer wants to add in ads. Fine. I turned them on to help support him and his development. This version now pushes some of them on early adopters. But it breaks the player so nothing will play even after a reboot. Sigh. It's been a great run, but when monetization trumps functionality, it is time to look and see what else is out there. Update: Now it wants to redownload all my files -- several gigabytes of podcasts. Well maybe it'll be working again in a few hours. Makes for a long commute today.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Karthich
    Great app
  • Completely broke my podcasting experience 1/5

    By jleibow
    I listen to a lot of podcasts. I maintain a playlist of all unheard episodes and listen in oldest to newest episodes. The latest update has completely broken the ability to play episodes. It's stated that if the latest patch update doesn't fix it, re-download. Many episodes I have are no longer available. This is a pretty big misstep and as a paying customer I'm pretty disgruntled.
  • Super good works great! 5/5

    By howark
    It just gets better and better with every update. Really like the app and it works great. The special features that take out long pauses and other neat things works really well. Only thing that would make it perfect is Siri integration!
  • Works well 5/5

    By Shorty44444
    I've been able to find all my podcasts as well as upload my own audio files.
  • What a joke.. 1/5

    By ordinary_review
    Paid for full version long time ago, and now they update the app and push out ads anyway..dishonest, greedy developer. Deleted
  • Incredible! Better than Downcast! 1/5

    By Hitokyri
    This is an amazing podcast app! Truly impressed and immediately paid the $5 to unlock everything :-) Only thing I can think of is to add a night mode. But that's about it Edit (4/21/2017): lowered to one star. I paid for premium on 1.0. I should not have to be punished for my decision to support you guys early by changing what early premium does. I still see ads now in the directory and can't control an icon color. Very disappointed. Feels very bait and switchy.
  • This version is totally broken! 1/5

    By Refactor83
    I have several gigabytes of podcasts stored in this app and the latest update can't play any of them. Many of these files are no longer available, so I believe they may simply be lost to the mists of time. What a disappointment.
  • Ads 1/5

    By muchnut
    I paid $5 for the premium features. Now there's ads. Back to podcasts I guess
  • Super! 5/5

    By MiszterX
    Thx the watch support!
  • Best podcast app out there! 5/5

    By 0x6772
    Intuitive UI changes with v3 just make it better! (Save one nit: the progress bar is easy to miss on smaller screens like the iPhone SE now, but that's easily tweakable.)
  • Amazing amazing podcast app!! 5/5

    By wakeupgen
    EDIT to v3.1 (5 stars): Back to 5 stars after a temporary drop to 1 star. Maybe it needed a couple extra hours to re-index my 4GB library for a random reason. No clue, but it works again. Glad I don't have to reinstall! V3.1 (1 star): This latest update broke playback for all my previous downloads. Issue persists after restarting. I have to redownload EVERYTHING to play ANY of my podcasts. I'd rather not reinstall since some of my podcasts are not available anymore and are only local copies to my phone. Please fix for 5 stars. V3.0.3 (5 stars) I really don't understand these negative reviews. The app is still AMAZING. For those having trouble playing with 1 tap, have you used the today widget? It's amazing! I use it every single vday to easily resume playing in the car or at my desk. V3.0 (5 stars): I already LOVE this podcast app, and they just sent me to the moon with this update (3.0). All the little things that have bothered me slightly in past versions were addressed. I can now read the full description in the list, I can support the app by enabling ads, the horizontal layout is now stellar on the 7+, and the details with overlays is on the cutting edge of stop design trends. Just beautiful!
  • Native watch player is garbage 2/5

    By kj1631
    I've been an Overcast fan for years, but the new feature allowing me to transfer podcasts directly to the watch so I can listen without my phone nearby when I go on a run is garbage. The watch app crashed no fewer than 10 times, and finally stopped working altogether. Totally worthless.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sammy Gutierrez
    Looks and works fantastic. Amazing job on the update!
  • Best podcast app hands down. 5/5

    By ericmelzer
    Don't be an idiot, download this app now. Worth it for the Smart Speed feature alone.
  • Apple Watch playback 5/5

    By Johnvvvvv
    The new sync-and-play-on-apple-watch feature works. Great job Marco
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lantro
    Super easy to use. Wish the search function was a little better, but it has basically every podcast known to man, so there's that.
  • Ads are annoying... 1/5

    By soldat7
    ...and the business model of the app keeps changing; that's frustrating. Unless your 1.0 has ads, you can't introduce them later and expect people to be happy about it.
  • Smart speed is amazing 5/5

    By Frozenchef
    This is the best podcast app I have found. The playback features are great and it is so easy to use. New version is even better.
  • Nice app but hope you don't need support or have a question. 4/5

    By valueplayer
    Overcast, like everyone has stated, is a nice app created by a well known developer. My issue is Marco's very public stance on how little he replies to questions about Overcast. He has stated/almost joked on ATP, more than once, about how little he replies to. Isn't part of running a business customer support? Three times (twice on twitter and once thru email) I tried to contact him with, what I thought was, a very basic question and couldn't find the answer to. I was ignored each time. For that reason only I don't recommend this app, I already paid my $10 for the year, but made sure to discontinue my subscription. I edit, on 4/21/17, and moved up my rating to 4 star not because I heard back from the developer. I changed my rating, because he updated the app to support exactly what I was inquiring about. Storing podcasts directly on your Apple Watch so you can use your AirPods and leave your phone at home. It's a great feature, so I felt it was only fair to up my rating. The only reason it isn't five stars is for the simple reason that trying to communicate with the developer, from my experience, is impossible. Overall though it's an awesome app and I am now going to renew my subscription. Todd
  • Good app 5/5

    By nicolbuni
    Does the job, night mode is a plus
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Muéro
    The removal of the "what to do when this podcast ends" button was moronic. It had been the main reason why I switched to Overcast. The ability to send to Apple Watch doesn't work. At least, there's no mention of it in the app on the phone anywhere, and also no mention of it in the app on the Watch. So if this feature actually exists, it's not discoverable even for people specifically looking for it, and is therefore useless.
  • New Apple Watch app won't detect BT headphones 2/5

    By Danandbetsy
    I was super excited to see that someone had finally added podcast support for the apple Watch. Unfortunately, the new player won't detect my Samsung Gear IconX headphones, and thus, won't play a podcast. Please, please fix.
  • Love the update! 5/5

    By lewpiper
    I am so happy I can finally sync podcasts to my watch and listen on the go. No my bringing my phone for my morning walk. I am not sure if it is me or not but the quality of the audio is definitely degraded on the Watch. Which might just be how it is going to be for now for limitation reasons. But I'm still pretty thrilled. In the future I'm sure this feature will be refined more and more maybe adding things like voice boost and smart speed can be processed by the phone before the transfer.
  • A better option than Apple's podcast app 5/5

    By Xxxfn
    I've been using vlc and apple's podcast app for a long time and didn't think I'd ever need to change. I heard Marco talking about his thought process on ads and subscriptions and it was so compelling that I have Overcast a try. Now I'm a convert.

Overcast: Podcast Player app comments

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