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OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks App

Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today! Having problems with font size in some books on iOS 10? See http://help.overdrive.com/customer/portal/articles/2574801 for help. • Available 24/7, now the library comes to you. • No more late fees. Titles are automatically returned. • Place holds, create wish lists, and return titles easily. • Sync libraries, bookmarks, and recent positions across mobile devices. • A valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution is required. • Each library builds its own collection of titles. Contact them directly to let them know that you’re using OverDrive and to share any suggestions for books you would like to see them carry.


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OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Oma of one
    OverDrive is so easy to use! I travel frequently, and can check books out even when I’m hundreds of miles from home, so I never run out of books to read. The best part is the books are checked out from my library, for free.
  • Reinstall to fix problems. 4/5

    By EugeneOrygun
    Having problems? Delete then reinstall Overdrive. 'Should fix It. Also I would like to filter only audiobooks but my preferences are not saved. I wish I could save them and not continually re-enter this “audiobooks only”. Also the navigation is clunky.
  • Crashes all the time! Very annoying! 1/5

    By cslaterde
    About once a year, these guys send an update and it actually makes the app worse! This has happened with the latest update. Come on guys, send an update to fix the last update!!!
  • Klunky but functional 2/5

    By William Baggins
    My state library uses this app for their ebook and audiobook selections. The app works, but is not very intuitive. There too many steps between dining a book you want and when you can actually read or listen. I have lost books a number times. There are no hints where to look for the LOANS once you’ve made a selection. There have been a number of times I ended up not getting. Book because it was too difficult. Once you have the book on your device it is great.
  • Easy Library! 5/5

    By Happy Reading!
    I really enjoy OverDrive. I have an audio book and regular digital reading book on hand at all times. Once, my car broke down; I was stuck at a mechanic’s garage for hours, and this app made waiting a good use of time. It’s easy and enjoyable.
  • A lifesaver 5/5

    By MzZeuf
    Traveled back home for the holidays and find there's nothing to read but Sarah Palin's autobiography and some old Reader's Digests? Have a two hour travel delay and no books in your carry on? Has conversation at the holiday table become contentious? Plead a headache and go read a good book. Having this app on your phone means fresh reading material to the rescue. I've used it for years and can't say how much I appreciate it.
  • Rural book lover 5/5

    By b boots
    The app connects me to my library flawlessly. The interface has made spectacular improvements in a very short time. I get the fun of "browsing" the shelves with the undeniable ease of getting and returning books on my schedule. Way more rewarding than what you get from Amazon Prime.
  • Bit a confusing for me 4/5

    By Jinzo808
    I’m still trying to learn how to use this app, but’s it’s pretty good especially for trying out audio books for me. I think it still haves some bug to fix, my opinion.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mrs. Temple
    I commute two hours a day and this app helps me to use that time in a constructive way. I have learned french, how to meditate (not while driving), how to get organized... One suggestion I have for overdrive is to add a pop up that says when this title have been previously checked out. I hate it when I check out a book I read a couple of years ago and my history is so long I don't even look at it.
  • Exceptionally effective 5/5

    By nogaboga
    Quietly and without bells and whistles, this app allows perfect maneuverability and control of files and downloads. Doesn’t crash or glitch, and seamlessly moves between your device and the library. Excellent.
  • One change I’d suggest... 4/5

    By nyelarebirth
    Why is there no way to see one’s progress (as a percentage and/or the associated page number) through an audiobook?
  • No. 1/5

    By Older every day but not wiser.
    The app is difficult to use. How to move from page to page is obscure. It has never been a direct, easy process for me. I'm going to look for another solution.
  • 5 stars? More like 5,000 stars. 5/5

    By Emmarosecurtisearl
    This app is life changing. It deserves more than 5 stars. I have never in my life rated an app before, but what an amazing idea. The people who made this app deserve raises all around and a lifetime supply of candy.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Ariberry1995
    This app has been such an amazing tool that can be used anywhere. On a plane, while cleaning, long drives. It definitely is by far one of my favorite apps.
  • Overdrive 4/5

    By frankietoo
    I like this app except for one thing. There is no place to change the font size.
  • Excellent for entire family 5/5

    By JRBeck
    I drive a lot and listen to several audio books. My Library has a large selection, so I can always find something. It’s easy to download and couldn’t be easier to use. I get in the car, open the app, and either tap the book to open and it starts playing OR (if I haven’t closed since last use), it’s already open and I tap play. My kids have also used for non-audio books for school reports.
  • Overdrive App 5/5

    By Rg5824
    This app is an incredible way to read lots of books from your local library on your iPad or kindle. I love having it! Only wish the library had more inventory!
  • Grey definition text. 5/5

    By MdmFan
    Dec 1 2017: Updated my review from 4 to 5 stars! Thanks for the very quick bug fix for the header bar brightness. Nov 20, 2017: Just downloaded the latest update. The status bar at the top of the screen now stays bright when I turn down the brightness of the Overdrive text, very distracting. Sept 2017: This Overdrive application is the most used app on my iPhone and iPad. Simple to use and shares current page number between devices. It would be nice if definitions font was darker and or larger. Also an option to scroll vertically would be a plus.
  • Much improved 5/5

    By Sam Z. Edwards
    Earlier versions of this app (circa 2012) were very slow and difficult to use. I was afraid to try it again. Now that I've taken the plunge, I love it! The link to my library to search for books is seamless, books on hold automatically get added to my account when they're available, and I can download them easily. It's a little strange that the books download in several parts, rather than all at once, but downloading occurs smoothly enough since I download them one book at a time. OverDrive has become a great app, rivaling Audible for ease of use!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Spikap
    Great app for my audiobooks!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By docgoldman
    Until now a good app. With latest update it will not open on my iPhone X
  • Great 5/5

    By X1x4x5
    If you want to download from a library, this is your app
  • Use it daily 4/5

    By Thundermama
    Just wish I could return ebooks as easily as audiobooks. That clumsy trip to Amazon account results in my hanging on while someone Waiting could be enjoying.
  • Not as easy as other library apps 1/5

    By lmsimpson3
    Our library previously used “CloudLibrary” app which was much simpler. All you had to do was borrow the book and it automatically downloaded and opened. This app requires more steps. It needs a huge overhaul.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Crusterbuster
    Works well has lots of content and makes it easy to check out your material. Wish they had more audiobooks but they have plenty of books and ebooks.
  • There’s a bug in this app 1/5

    By Amelie12345
    I can’t download books as I’m listening to another one. It will not let me pause or back up, then eventually closes.
  • White top margin 5/5

    By tony783
    I really love this app, but with the last update they changed the layout of the page and now I have a white margin on the top of the page with no way to adjust it. I find it extremely distracting while trying to read and it made me desperately wish for my old kindle.
  • MAGA 5/5

    By 6383819):7,83
  • Purchased books 3/5

    By suzy388
    Cannot delete books purchased prior to last update.
  • Never will read all 4/5

    By soccergoalie9999999999
    So many books but once I wanted pandamonium and I was behind 1000 people (exaggerated) and no one read the book it was so annoying and they didn’t return it early 😫 so that was reallyyyyyy anoyingggggggggg
  • Overdrive 5/5

    By Jake_Pauler123
    I absolutely love this app because whenever I go to get a book it's so simple and easy to add an audiobook and listen to it for the night
  • App wastes my time!!!! 2/5

    By Cattywumpus
    12/6/17. I see that I requested a long time ago a place in OverDrive to put my private notes to myself. I still really need a place IN THE APP to write myself reminders. Please! 11/15/16. Several things: I realized today that looking up books in my wish list would be much easier if I had the option to sort my wish list books by author and then by the position each book is in a series. I read a lot of series books in order, and looking to see if the next book in the series becomes challenging, tedious, and frustrating. If only you clearly stated in each book's initial information WHICH BOOK IT IS IN THE SERIES!! I waste so much time opening each book to see the second layer of info that usually shows me the number of the book in the series. Or I waste time pulling up a series list online that's in order so I know which book to read next. So extraordinarily FRUSTRATING and A WASTE OF TIME! I received a pop up saying "go here to try out the new OverDrive app, tapped it, and went to a page that led me nowhere. I was so excited to think that you might possibly have incorporated some of the ideas I've sent you, but was disappointed (again). It is clear to me that you do not want to hear from your customers/users -- you make it impossible for anyone to contact you except via reviews, which are public. Wouldn't you rather have people rant at you in private? Just a thought.... 3/25/16. My 4th Review Would it be possible to have access to a Notes section where I can note reminders? Since you persist in not providing the sequence of books in series, it looks like I have to do this myself. Might as well be a handy provision in this app. 3/8/16 My third review: I was able to log on today without having to pick my library and tediously enter my (long) numerical library card number, for which I am grateful. It's been quite a while getting this fix made. Or is it really fixed? Time will tell. None of the app enhancements I listed below a year ago have yet to be implemented. I had no idea I'd have to start dating my reviews for perspective because there would be no response. Still frustrated! Obviously, responding to reviewers' requests is not a high priority of the developers. Wish there were some competitive apps out there! There's a new bug, folks. About 40% of the time when I begin or resume reading an eBook on my iPhone, a handy popup appears asking me if I want to resume reading in a further location where I left off in another of my devices. My answer is an easy "no," because I'm not reading eBooks on my other devices! What's up with that? My second review: I filed the review below at least a year ago and am frustrated that none of the app-strengthening enhancements I previously requested have been implemented. So incredibly frustrating. I encourage other app reviewers to suggest other annoying things about the app that they have found. Maybe the developers will respond to an irate crowd? What's the point in posting a review that doesn't spark any changes? I have another app suggestion: after spending a 45 mins trying to find a book I wanted to read by using both the Mystery and SyFi subjects, I am moved to reiterate the need for more search filters. When searching by subject, I see no way to filter for "available now" or "eBook only," causing me to waste a lot of time looking through unavailable eBooks & audio books. Please pay attention! My time is valuable! The next time I am frustrated enough to review I will be assigning 1 star! My 1st review, sadly all of which is still valid: I regret wasting the time of folks looking for app reviews, but I could't find any way to provide feedback or suggestions for this app, so here I am. I should mention that my frustration level with the app has reached a point I couldn't ignore, so I'm providing feedback here. It is very tedious searching for books in Overdrive on my iPhone. Could you please provide additional filters for searching? Here are some examples of filters that I would find helpful: Only Women Authors Only Science Fiction Only Fantasy Only Paranormal When screening through a long list of books to borrow, it would be helpful to be able to "Go to page ___" when searching, or "Go to 'G' or 'P' when filtering by author's last name or title. Please CLEARLY provide the position a book is in a series ("Book 1," "Book 7") and list the books in order when showing all the books in a series. I get so frustrated having to go online to find series books listed in order, then find the next one I want to read, & then have to go back to overdrive to find the book. I read a lot and would appreciate being able to put more than 4 books on hold. Sometimes there's quite a wait and 4 hold items isn't nearly enough. (Addendum 3/16: I have now started using the WishList in addition to the hold function. That helps a little -- I scan it from time to time & find that there's occasionally a book that's become available. More often than not, though, the available book is third or fourth in a series instead of first. And the book's position in the series order is still unavailable!!) Additionally, when scrolling through a list of books, after clicking on one for more information, then using the left arrow to go back to the list of books, I am always returned to the top of the page of the list, not to my place on the page, which results in my having to find my place every single time I click on a book for more info and then go back to the list. Annoying! Thank you.
  • Great app 5/5

    By DarkHelmet100
    Easy to connect with all the libraries in my area, the reading app interface is well-designed and easy to use (love the white text on black background too) and it's great to download a book (or several) and read on the go without needing a constant internet connection. Two thumbs up!
  • A truckers life 5/5

    By LadySeahawkFan
    I listen to at least one book daily. I love that this is offered at no charge through my library.
  • Love it, but so many glitches 1/5

    By Kac B
    I love the availability of books and that I can listen to audio books for absolutely free. However, there are so many times this app glitches and won't let me download until I delete the app and start again. It makes my phone run slow at times. I would rate higher if I wasn't experiencing so many problems with the app. I changed my rating to a one because it’s been over a year that the download problem that has been happening, others have experiencing it also. It’s very frustrating to have to delete the app in order to get books to download. Doesn’t happen every time, but enough to be annoying. Please look into fixing this glitch!
  • Great for library downloads 5/5

    By AZgigi
    I use it frequently for audio books on my iPad, and it works wonderfully.
  • Okay but confusing 2/5

    By mckaystewart
    I use this app to checkout library books for my Kindle. It's workable but only just. Needs work. Update 6 Dec 2017, still confusing as hell. There are basically four apps to wrangle: overdrive, LAPL, kindle and Amazon. It’s super awkward and annoying. And confusing.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By tia b
    Oh how far the world has come since fumbling to change CDs when listening to books. 😃
  • Greatest app ever! 5/5

    By Boptakebop
    This app won life. I feel like I am rich because of this app! Even people who don’t read books would probably love this app! It has turned my smart phone into genius phone. It deserves more than five stars .I will state it again, it is the greatest app in history. It deserves to be compared with such innovations as internal combustion engine the discovery of harnessed fire and domesticated dogs. You should probably try it.
  • Virus! 1/5

    By lwkinca
    I can eventually download a book and read it, but the process is NOT intuitive!
  • Gets better and better 5/5

    By hidegard von bingen
    Our local library began using this app back in the very dawn of time, when we used it to read ebooks on a thing called a desktop computing machine. The app (we called them Programs back then, ya whippersnappers) was kludgy, non-intuitive, and just painful to use. No more. Bugs have been banished. I can summon books to my hand in the wee hours, snug in bed. I can send them back to Oblivion with ease. This is an app that was obviously developed by clever elves with unicorns companionably lounging at their feet.
  • Great With Library Card 5/5

    By HannahFromAlaska
    I use this app to check out ebooks from my local library. It works great! It was confusing at first that you have to download even after you click borrow but other than that I love it.
  • Huge money saver! 4/5

    By VioletVol
    Overall I love this app. It saves me a ton of money and time especially on audio books. I often have a hard time finding new books, this may be a ‘me problem’ but better book suggestions could be helpful. Audio versions of more books is also helpful, I’m in a car a lot and love to listen to lots of books! Also when there’s a series it would be helpful if all of the books were available in the same format. Or all available at all. I get sucked in and then I have to buy the others elsewhere. :)
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By mandasaurusrex
    Love having access to my library's online catalogue! App works great and allows you to place holds. Automatically puts it in your loans.

    By Snikpoh9402
    UPDATE:: after deleting overdrive from my phone and adding re-adding the app, it now works. I love this app. My only complaints, if I had to have some are: 1. All books in certain series are not available...BUMMER, and 2. I cant simply click on the book in/on my bookshelf and renew it. App will not even open with iPhone X!!!! I keep getting an error that tells me to ‘retry’. I went to your website and it directed me to my Library. This is an app problem. I LOVE this app. I use it EVERY day, but carrying my iPad on walks and shopping is getting to be too much. Please help so I can give this the 5 that you deserve!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Yume_kichigai
    It was a little tricky to learn how to do things at first but once you get he basics, this is the best app for having access to so many books. I love how I can now just borrow digital books from my library. There is a help guide that’s easy to follow for those new to the app so you don’t have to fumble through. It offers every important aspect I expect from a reading app, as well as audiobooks. So far there is a fairly decent collection to borrow. While not nearly as much selection as going to the actual library, the convenience and auto lending returns certainly makes up for it.
  • New issue 2/5

    By PointedQuill
    On the latest revision the developers decided to link the brightness control of the app to the brightness control of the phone. Also, it won’t retain the brightness setting any more, it reverts to the default setting whenever you close the app. Otherwise the app is decent, it this one feature that’s hard on my night owl eyes.
  • You can ditch the CD player in your new car 5/5

    By audio booklover
    Now that new cars are getting away from CD players I was pleasantly forced to learn this app to download books to listen to while driving. Now I can listen to books wherever I have my iPhone
  • Used to Love it, but now searching is flawed 2/5

    By .its.Just.me.
    I enjoy being able to access the audio books available with the app, but just recently it started to mess up on searches. When I searched for a book that had just expired, it didn't come up with the author or the title. I discovered the history link and it was there. I renewed it with no problems. But why did it not show up when I searched for it? This makes the app pretty difficult to navigate if searches won't even show what is available.
  • Well done! 5/5

    By Underyoursink
    Love everything about it

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