Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

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  • Current Version: 1.1.4
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Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker App

***The must-have app for first-time moms and parents everywhere*** Track your child’s growth and share your family's most memorable moments in Ovia Parenting! With milestone checklists to track development, expert articles on pediatric health, and easy picture and video sharing, Ovia Parenting is the ultimate resource for new parents. KEY FEATURES ◆ Track your child's growth with customizable, illustrated milestones ◆ Learn about child development and parenting tips with 1,000+ expert articles ◆ Easily add multiple children and receive personalized updates based on their age ◆ Invite friends & family to follow your children and view updates, photos, videos, and more ◆ Customize each child's name, gender, and skin tone ◆ View all of your saved memories in one family calendar ESSENTIAL TOOLS ◆ Milestone Checklist: View and search milestones to know what to expect for baby's first year and beyond ◆ Photo and Video Journal: Upload and share every moment safely and securely with only the people you invite ◆ Community: Ask and answer questions anonymously in a safe, supportive community of parents and caregivers *Enjoy a customizable and inclusive app experience* Ovia Parenting is designed for all families. We know every caregiver and child is different, so we made it easy for you to read about a variety of parenting styles. *Upload photos, and videos, and notes of your family’s precious moments* Ovia Parenting gives you a home for all the big milestones, plus the spontaneous moments you’ll treasure for years to come. Share photos securely and privately with friends and family. *Receive personalized content on a daily basis* Receive articles, tips, and updates on your little ones as they grow. We’ll deliver content to you each day in sync with your child’s development. Categories include: ◆ Body Inside & Out ◆ Motor Skills ◆ Your Body & Wellbeing ◆ Bathing & Dressing ◆ Thinking and Learning ◆ Eating and Nutrition ◆ Sleep ◆ Healthcare ◆ Communication ◆ Parenting Styles ◆ Activities & Play ◆ Home & Family ◆ Education ◆ Work Life Balance ◆ Partners & Dads *Track developmental milestones & monitor progress* Track your child’s development with illustrated milestones, and even create your own! With Ovia Parenting’s milestone checklists, you can see what to expect from postpartum through baby’s first year and beyond. *Add family admin* Invite your partner and fellow caregivers to share full access to your family’s timeline. Admins can also invite friends and family to watch baby grow. *OVIA HEALTH* Ovia Health uses data science and your daily information to deliver programs customized to your family's unique health profile. Ovia Health for Parenting is made available through insurers and employers worldwide who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives. If we partner with your employer or insurer (and you identify them in the app), you’ll have access to an expanded set of tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and additional health programs such as postpartum health, breastfeeding support, allergy education, and more. THE HISTORY & SCIENCE BEHIND OVIA HEALTH Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. CUSTOMER SERVICE At Ovia Health, we're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at support@oviahealth.com


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Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker app reviews

  • The best! 5/5

    By Shlabrun
    I love this app. My favorite parenting app by far.
  • Love! 5/5

    By deewaaa
    I love Ovia! It’s the perfect amount of information for a new Mama! The app is easy to use, has lots of resources & it keeps me from searching the web!

    By JessiG88
    As a first time mom, this app is so incredibly helpful. I recommend it to all moms.
  • 10 stars 5/5

    By Miiyyaa
    Simply the best!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By annatoes
    I don’t know if it’s just my phone (although this never happens with any other apps—I have an iPhone 7), but more often than not it freezes my phone or the app crashes. I love the information the app provides but I usually can’t get to it. This didn’t happen with my Ovia pregnancy app and it doesn’t happen with my Ovia fertility app.
  • .. 1/5

    By naztia
    Loved the app & community option!! Until they block you from asking/viewing questions, because of certain views you hold. Every parent should have a choice!!
  • Crashes a lot 2/5

    By Krisaweb
    I love this app (and loved ovia fertility when I was pregnant) but it crashes every time I open it! Sometimes it never is able to open and freezes on the green start screen, other times it freezes and crashes after I scroll for a few seconds. It’s very frustrating and I’m sad I can’t really use it without getting annoyed!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hekinnet
    I had Ovia during my pregnancy and I loved it. And having it for the different mike stones and daily tips is so helpful! I highly recommend it!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Jday85
    I enjoyed the Ovia pregnancy app, but have been very disappointed in the Ovia parenting app. I’ve noticed several of the articles give either false or outdated information.
  • Love it and like it 4/5

    By ftm2018
    The Ovia pregnancy app was great. I looked forward to the weekly progression (hands, feet, object comparison). Some of them were horribly inaccurate. The community section is nice for killing time. I don’t suggest trying to get or give medical advice on this app...common sense people! But it was s good way to kill time. The articles for the most part arrive just when you need them. Overall, I got more accurate information from reading books and researching science based evidence versus opinionated mom-bloggers. But this app got me through my pregnancy and provided much needed laughs. Now I enjoy the parenting app just the same.
  • Not the best. 3/5

    By KT173
    Everything seems geared towards the crunchy Mama. Nothing geared towards non-breastfeeding moms or working mamas (went back at 2 months and at 5 months app is saying things about going back to work soon). Also get ready to be berated for your parenting and lifestyle choices if you use the community feature to get insight or ask questions. Leaving specifically for this reason. Ladies- everyone is different and you don’t know their situations or life. No need to judge.
  • Great 5/5

    By Camaren C.
  • Best baby app! 5/5

    By Bobby B Bottleservice
    My wife and I started w the pregnancy app and moved on to this one when my boy was born. We use it every day. It works great and never crashes, keep up the good work! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Fun to Check in On 5/5

    By GBunny06
    I started with Ovia Fertility, then happily moved to Ovia Pregnancy shortly after and now here we are! I don’t use this app as much as the first two because #momlife haha – and also I find myself just trusting that mama intuition and my baby’s individual growth and development. But when I DO pop on, it’s fun to check off all the milestones – she’s 5 months and *mom brag* only has a few left to check off in the 6-9 month section! So anyway, good app; I like the articles too, since they usually cover most bases, like articles on breastfeeding (yay!) and also formula feeding.
  • Pregnancy app was great; parenting app is glitchy 3/5

    By Lisa710
    I was a huge fan of the Ovia Pregnancy app. It was by far the best one out there, and I couldn’t wait for the weekly updates and videos. The Ovia Parenting app on the other hand is very glitchy. It freezes and forces me to close not only the app but everything else on my phone too. I’m not sure what the issue is, but it’s very frustrating. There’s also no easy way to access weekly development descriptions.
  • Ovia Has Helped Us from the Very Beginning 5/5

    By MandoLynnie
    Ovia has seriously helped educate and calm me from the beginning! The pregnancy tracker helped me learn and get excited rather than nervous for our little girl to get here. NOW I use the Ovia Parenting app and it helps me encourage my baby to grow developmentally through play and other amazing advice!. I LOVE Ovia!!
  • Can’t select milestones completed 1/5

    By jawrite
    I just bought this app last night. I tried to click completed on the milestones my son has achieved. While it blinks as if I’ve clicked it, nothing happens. I’ve got the iPhone X. I’ve tried restarting the app and the phone. Bummer because I was really excited to use this after enjoying the pregnancy app!
  • None better than Ovia! 5/5

    By snowyhoey
    I found Ovia Pregnancy during my pregnancy and became addicted immediately. My hubby and I always looked forward to the weekly handprint and the object of the week in comparison to baby’s size. It made understanding pregnancy for a first time mom, like myself, so much more enjoyable let alone informative. My baby is now 8 months old and I currently use the Ovia Parenting app which also exceeds my expectations! It’s so fun to read the articles and see where my baby is at in terms of progress compared to other babies her age. The Ovia Chat is FANTASTIC ON BOTH APPS! It is great to have support and advice from other moms going through the same thing that I am. I also just downloaded the Ovia Fertility App a couple weeks ago as we are going to start TTC our second bundle of joy 😍😊 I would give all 3 of these apps a 6/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yes..6!! Thank you 🙏🏻 to the developers of Ovia, you guys get it!
  • Love Ovia! 5/5

    By jamieleigh7295
    I have their pregnancy App which prompted me to get this one. I love them both, they are so informative!
  • Bad information 1/5

    By LesBeth
    Misleading and bad information from non-educated people.
  • Use caution with the advice 2/5

    By laurendawn1980
    It would be nice if they would just stick to the milestones instead of peddling outdated, incorrect, and one sided advice on nutrition, sleep, and parenting. The ads are also pretty annoying.
  • First time Parent 5/5

    By LAurenBliz
    I really enjoy this app. It’s easy to use, informative, and has helpful ideas.
  • Older children 4/5

    By Henri sm
    This would be so awesome if the app could have things about older children and how to deal with issues with life with a new sibling or something to that effect and what to expect from older children when they have been the only child for a period of time
  • Yes Please! 5/5

    By Brijavy24
    My husband and I both have this App and we love it. As first time parents, it has been so handy. The amazing articles categorized by subject and then age have answered so many late night questions for us. We love reading the milestone articles every time our son gets another month older. With this, we know just what developments to look for next. Very helpful!!
  • Love!! 5/5

    By Shelby Harper
    I have used all 3 ovia apps and love every single one!!!
  • I love Ovia!! 5/5

    By mindisays.
    These apps are so awesome. I use the pregnancy one throughout my whole pregnancy and this one now. I recommend it to all first time moms!
  • Great app, but some bugs 3/5

    By Sarah Burghardt
    This is a really informative app, but everything on the feed is repeated...it’s a bug that’s a little distracting!
  • Guiding Light 5/5

    Love the app. Helpful and informative and I like the interface. I have been pleased with all of the ovia apps so far on this journey. Fertility, pregnancy and parenting. Highly recommended.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Houseamber
    This app is great. It helps me to keep track of my son's development.
  • Double of everything! 4/5

    By Candylandshnana
    Love the app and all the great info about my baby’s development. Easy to use and almost spit on with the info posted everyday. Only problem I have been having since last update is that every post is duplicated and now I see double of everything.
  • Great! 5/5

    By lrm626
    Love the app! Gives you great info and is straight to the point!
  • Love the apps 5/5

    By Taytorbug4
    I used ovia fertility app to get pregnant, ovia pregnancy throughout my pregnancy and am enjoying ovia parenting now that I have a newborn. All apps are very informative and relevant to each stage of life, wether it be tracking ovulation with the fertility app, weekly info on a progressing pregnancy with the pregnancy app or milestones with the parenting app. Love them all!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Marty Mulder
    Just the right amount of daily info without annoying advertisements!
  • Great app 5/5

    By AishaWeiland
    Fun to read and informative. Love both the pregnancy and parenting app.
  • Pretty good info, app freezes my phone 2/5

    By Kjohnsonvt
    Update: app still freezes my phone!!!! Pretty good info but the app freezes my entire phone for about a minute almost every time I use it. It's especially bad when I follow a link in the daily emails I get from Ovia that try to open an article in the app. That freezes about 99% of the time. Why do I keep trying it?! I don't agree with all of their parenting advice. I just take it for what it's worth.
  • Get this app!! 5/5

    By Shelbieg98
    I love this app, it's so helpful and it's just the best I especially love the app and the pregnancy one too!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MrsPonthieux
    Don't know what I'd do without it
  • Amazing pregnancy app 5/5

    By amoe040
    This is my favorite pregnancy app out of all of them out there! (Trust me I tried them all) lol every new week I looked forward to reading the update on my baby's growth and development! I think it is very well put together and I also love the community to ask questions.
  • Misleading 2/5

    By samjz
    I thought this app would tell me what to expect as the baby grows, like how much she can see at 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. it's very confusing and bombards you with info and articles you might not even feel are important.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Norahhk
    I just wished it had an option to add notes/dr appointments for future dates. It only allows you to add notes up to present date!
  • Nice App 5/5

    By حِصّة
    I love the app with its features and milestones :)
  • Love 5/5

    By mickiedowell
    This app
  • It could be so much more 2/5

    By Kara379052
    I used the ovia fertility app and the ovia pregnancy app, but now after having a baby, I'm trying to figure out exactly the purpose of the parenting app. I see they have the community section, which is nice if you like it (loved it in the fertility app, but eventually got burned out on it in the pregnancy app). I feel like the developers could expand this parenting app to make it more essential to my everyday life, like being able to input my baby's feedings, diaper changes, sleeping habits, etc. I feel like they did the bare minimum with this app when they could have put in some extra effort to make it awesome.
  • Really like all Ovia apps 5/5

    By atxjayhawk
    I've used the fertility, pregnancy, and now parenting apps by Ovia and I've been very happy with all of them. They are customizable - I love being able to remove items and request to see less like them. The app updates are also very timely. It seems like every issue or question I happen to have is an posted that day on the app. Highly recommend!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By V___S
    Always gives me on point information that's been going on weeks exactly when my daughter is going through something or trying a new thing.
  • All the help u can get 5/5

    By MSM3DST
    Being a first time mom I am open learning everything I can for my baby girl and for myself. Ovia has been doing that since I first found out I was pregnant last year.
  • I love this so much! 5/5

    By Lil.Stafford
    They even personalize the articles with your child's name!!
  • Cool 3/5

    By Dannie161234
    I love the information in this app and being able to communicate with other parents if I have a question.... I have the other apps as well.... I DO NOT ENJOY THE CONSTANT FREEZING AND CRASHING!!!
  • Great app even after pregnancy 5/5

    By Olivia889
    I had the Ovia pregnancy app and loved it. I now have a 13 month old and continue to get daily emails about her development. They almost always contain useful information and interesting/cute tidbits. Totally recommend this app.
  • Like app 5/5

    By Wertsbritni
    Enjoy this app.

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker app comments


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