Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator App

Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator App

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  • Current Version: 3.9.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ovuline, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator App App

Ovia Fertility is the #1 most accurate fertility app, helping users conceive up to 3x faster than the national average. We use proprietary algorithms based on cutting-edge fertility research to track your cycle and predict your exact ovulation and fertile window. Ovia Fertility exceeds traditional methods, such as fertility charting and ovulation calendars, because it is the only app that learns your unique cycle and makes customized predictions based on the personal information you share. Our algorithm even makes accurate predictions for women with irregular periods. Developed by Harvard scientists and the nation’s leading fertility experts, Ovia Fertility makes it fun and easy to get pregnant by tracking your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and symptoms. KEY FEATURES ◆ Ovulation calculator and calendar ◆ Period tracker ◆ Expert articles on fertility and conception ◆ Data-driven predictions of fertility and ovulation ◆ Export your data to Excel ◆ Personalize your background with various colorful themes ◆ Track your: °°° Period and cycle °°° Moods and physical symptoms °°° Intercourse °°° Weight and nutrition °°° Sleep °°° Ovulation tests and pregnancy tests °°° Cervical fluid °°° Activity and exercise °°° Medications °°° Blood pressure °°° Basal body temperature (BBT) ◆ Support for women with irregular periods ◆ Share data and sync your calendar with your partner ◆ Receive detailed health summaries and statistics ◆ Fully integrated with Health to share blood pressure, weight, steps, and body temperature data ◆ Sync your FitBit, Jawbone, and Withings fitness tracking devices ◆ Back up your data securely in the cloud ◆ Protect your app with a PIN number ◆ Take the health assessment to unlock more tips & tools WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING ABOUT US ◆ “I love being able to see my data and after trying other apps. This is by far the best!” ◆ “With an irregular cycle, it’s been extremely hard for me to track my fertility, but with Ovia Fertility, I love that MY data is being processed for ME.” ◆ “BFP this morning! Conceived on cycle with Ovia after trouble for two years more or less. I honestly never thought I would have so much fun tracking my data, this has been a very enjoyable experience to conclude a very difficult time.” MORE ABOUT OVIA FERTILITY We use proprietary algorithms based on cutting-edge fertility research to track your cycle and predict your exact ovulation and fertile window. Our algorithm even makes accurate predictions for women with irregular periods. THE HISTORY & SCIENCE BEHIND OVIA HEALTH Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies and start families with confidence. DEVELOPER APPS Ovia Fertility Ovia Pregnancy Ovia Parenting LEARN MORE Blog: http://blog.ovuline.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oviahealth Instagram: @oviahealth CUSTOMER SERVICE At Ovia Health, we're always working to improve your experience with our products. The best way for us to do this is by hearing your feedback. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at support@oviahealth.com

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Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator App app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By Ellycejaflores
    I totally love this app, is so helpful
  • Love it! Easy to use and ACCURATE 5/5

    By Nat Daniels
    My friend (who IS pregnant) used Ovia for 2 years, preventatively AND proactively when it was time they wanted to have a baby. She loved it and recommended it to me. I was having a hard time with birth-control and I really wanted to track it but I didn't know how reliable an app would be. Ovia has helped every day and I recommended it to many of my close friends!! I don't write many reviews, but this one seemed important to me. I hope it helps anyone looking for help tracking their cycles and preventing or trying.
  • Very Helpful App 5/5

    By UniquelyJazz
    I am currently trying to conceive and this app really helps keep track of everything in one place!
  • Like it 5/5

    By Chiragaznaga
    Has been useful so far.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Mrs.Hoff
    I absolutely love it! It's so easy and detailed!
  • I enjoy this app 5/5

    By Truekarma10
    Love it. It keeps up with my period. I have had this app for a while now and it has not let me down once!!!!
  • Very helpful and informative! 5/5

    By Kben1202
    I use this app while TTC and tracking my periods. It is very accurate for me. I love the daily tips and informational notes they provide.
  • Okay for Tracking, but Horrible Community Inbox 2/5

    By TraceG_08
    The community Inbox feature can be a nightmare on weekdays. The questions and responses are usually filled with bad information to give false hope to desperate young ladies who only want to hear empty well wishes. Also, it doesn't help that the app declares everything as "a very common early sign of pregnancy." SO MISLEADING!!! It's merely confirmation of ovulation. That's all!! The weekend crowd is more realistic and helpful. The tracking feature is really helpful for determining trends in symptoms. It would be more helpful if there were more symptom options like heart rate and pelvic area pressure. Also, it would be better if symptoms for CM had more options like amount and time of day. There is a timestamp but not if the same symptom changes during the day. You'd have to add a note with the time yourself.
  • Spectacular App! 5/5

    By CoachCandaceO
    The accuracy is incredible.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Sarapers1212
    Very helpful, specially if you keep putting all the data in, it gets the know your cycle.
  • A good start 3/5

    By RKGg
    For the record, I am not using the app as it is intended. I am not trying to conceive. I was hoping I could use the app first for data collection and then to find trends in that data. This app does an amazing job of tracking data. It would be more efficient if it would work with things like apple health to import the data that's already available. For actually doing something with the data, I haven't figured out how to either exported or view by "symptom" once I figure that out, the app will do exactly what I hoped it would. Until then it's just a data dump. I would also be happier if I can figure out how to turn off all of the trying to conceive tips. I was able to tell the app I am not trying to conceive however it's still feeds me information to help me conceive. It's a little obnoxious. I can't be mad since that's who the app was made for.
  • Very Pleased! 5/5

    By Kara Shea
    Very pleased with this app. It's helpful and informative. Their tips are excellent! The format is fun and refreshing yet easy to follow.
  • Really Pleased 5/5

    By Harukichi89
    I'm really pleased with how this app works. It's a lot more detailed than any of the other apps I've used to track my period and aid in answering all of my TTC questions. The community is amazing and everyone is so nice and helpful. ☺️
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Tgumowski
    This app is the reason me and my husband have a 6 week old baby! We where TTC and this app helped us and in a month we where pregnant! I will refer anyone who is TTC to use this app!!
  • Way better than Clue!! 5/5

    By I LoVe My MacBook Air
    Highly recommend!!
  • Good for tracking period 3/5

    By Butter_peacann
    I keep track of my period well with this app but I don't like that it changes the past months ovulation prediction depending on when I get my period for the current month. So how do I ever know when I've really ovulated if it keeps changing the predictions.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By It's war time
    Very accurate app with great articles!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By dghum
    This has a lot more than many of the others. I love the articles and tips as well.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Malabrigo8
    After using this app religiously for way too long, I am no closer to conceiving than I was when I first began.
  • Very, very useful tool for a first-time pregnancy 5/5

    By WisChef
    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, and since I have been on birth control for a very long time, I was not sure when I was ovulating, what all happens during and after my cycle, etc. This app has been extremely useful in helping me stay on track. I like how positive they are--I feel like I'm not alone in being worried about this. Thanks, Ovia!!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By natural_rhythms
    Excellent app! It's cycle predicting skills are spot on! I've been charting my cycles for 13 years and this app is extremely good at collecting data and predicting cycles.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By emmyann011188
    Great for keeping track of everything, just in case and for planning!
  • Wonderful and informative 5/5

    By live laugh love ❤️
    Love this app! Love the articles you can read and the Anonymous chat room you can go to to have questions answered or help others. It's the perfect place to keep your data!
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By NatashaM13
    My husband and I are trying right now and this app has been extremely helpful so far. I've been learning a lot about myself and we're hoping it'll help us great pregnant soon!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Shebagodess
    This app is very detailed and provides the necessary support needed to have a baby or prevent getting pregnant. Whatever you choose. I also love the various options the app provides.
  • Great Ap! I immediately stopped using the others! 5/5

    By Startfish159
    I am so glad I found this ap! It has proven to be extremely helpful and accurate.
  • This is amazing! 5/5

    By Ebeth18
    Love this app, it's great!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By kpcrumpet
    Great ap love how easy it is to use
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Savedbygrace11
    I have had this app for about a year. My husband and I just now have gotten serious on trying to conceive. I have been using it for quite some time tracking data and I love it. I feel like I have learned a lot from the app and appreciate all the information provided. I am new at TTC so this is all helpful! Hopefully this month we have success!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mayaisbaeforlyfe
    I love this app it is very accurate and helpful i will forever use it😊
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Sweetcountry
    I got pregnant with my son within 3 months of using this app
  • Love 5/5

    By Sheryl John
    Best app!!!! Great advice and tracking! Simple and now I have their pregnancy app as well!!
  • Extremely helpful and informative 5/5

    By aalonso4
    This app has been very helpful ever since we decided to start trying to have a baby. I really don't know anything about ovulation so I'm not sure on how accurate it is but I am learning because of the app. It provides a lot of tips and it's it also very informative. There is a support system or what seems like a chat to me with other women also trying to conceive.
  • It's ok 4/5

    By Angelrocker20
    I like the app And all its features but I feel like lately it's not reading the info I'm putting in. For example I put that I have headaches and drank all my servings of water but then it said I'm getting headaches from not drinking water so now I feel disappointed in the app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By storyio
    Very helpful!
  • USE THIS APP 5/5

    By Ladyfiredancer
    I have gotten pregnant 3 times using this app! It's so easy to track everything! Your moods, period, symptoms, everything! Use this if you are TTC. Or even just to track your period. My friend can NEVER track her erratic flow but Ovia could. Now she's always prepared. Download this app. Have a great day!
  • Great 5/5

    By Mrsgraves80
    So many awesome aspects of this app that help you track and give you such wonderful information. Thank you Ovia!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By AllisonE0326
    This app is easy to use and read. Gives you all the info you need for ttc and also to help you through the process.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By bpotter22
    This app really works great! Very user friendly and easy to input information.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Jess1856
    It helps me keep track of symptoms and get to know my cycle better, and the predictions are exactly on point. That said, I'm lucky to have a textbook 28 day cycle with ovulation consistently between days 14 and 16, so it's probably pretty easy for the app to track that accurately.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Srwhale412
    I just love being able to keep track of everything. Easy to use
  • Love 5/5

    By B͠e͠ s͠o͠ s͠e͠q͠u͠i͠n͠s͠
    Great App
  • Best ever! 5/5

    By ............NO!!!!!
    I love this app! So many places to record different types of data. It gives you tips and tricks if TTC. But it is also just a good app to track your cycles with, even if you are not TTC.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Goobette95
    Have been using this app for several years! And am glad that I was now that my husband and are are ready to have a baby I already have all the info I need! Definitely worth it!
  • Using it daily. Lots of good info 5/5

    By NotInclusive
    Learning something new everyday in a fun way
  • Been using for 3+ years. Such a good app 5/5

    By Megmucklebones
    🙌🏽 great app.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Srs333
    This app is very insightful, just wish I was pregnant already!
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Cuddles2201
    The app is ok. I wish it had more features but good for the basics of tracking your cycle...
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Me and sid
    A great app when trying to conceive!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By CJ Loves Wesley
    Makes trying to get pregnant more fun!

Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator App app comments

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