Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

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  • Current Version: 4.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Ovuline, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App App

Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Our personalized approach to tracking your baby's development gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. With Ovia, you will… — Read daily and weekly updates on your progress and baby's development — Watch your baby grow with adorable illustrations and size comparisons (at 17 weeks, baby is the size of a creme brulee!) — Use our lookup tools for food safety, medication safety, and symptoms to stay safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy — Log your symptoms, moods, and more to get personalized feedback based on your pregnancy stage, BMI, age, and health data — Receive real-time health alerts for when your symptoms could be dangerous ESSENTIAL FEATURES & TOOLS ◆ 2000+ pregnancy articles, tips, and tools to support you throughout your pregnancy ◆ Illustrations of your baby's current hand and foot size ◆ Fun size comparison themes: fruits & vegetables, animals, Parisian pastries, and fun & games ◆ Calendar to organize and track all things pregnancy, from baby bump photos to doctor appointment reminders ◆ Customizable health tracker: log the data that fits into your life! ◆ Apple Health: Fully integrated to share blood pressure and weight data ◆ A safe, supportive Community of moms and moms-to-be ◆ Health assessment: unlock more content, tips, and tools! COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED ◆ Customizable baby name, gender, goals, and health tracking ◆ Dynamic timeline with articles and tips based on your data ◆ Weekly reports on your pregnancy progress ◆ Pregnancy milestone tracking for belly pics, ultrasounds, baby shower, and more ◆ Postpartum support: receive articles and tips in your 4th trimester **OVIA HEALTH** Ovia Health uses data science and your daily information to deliver personalized plans, milestones, and immediate alerts for health risks. It's made available through insurers and employers worldwide who share our goals of helping women have happier and healthier pregnancies. If we partner with your employer or insurer (and you have identified them in the app), you’ll have access to an expanded set of tools and features! THE HISTORY & SCIENCE BEHIND OVIA HEALTH Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. CUSTOMER SERVICE At Ovia Health, we're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at support@oviahealth.com


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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App app reviews

  • a Verdia 5/5

    By AVerdia
    Great app with tons of information!
  • Issues with loading 3/5

    By CK611
    When I can open it, I love this app. I like seeing how big my baby is growing, and the updates on his development. Tracking symptoms is helpful and I like saving notes about milestones or questions for my doctor. The community section is usually hysterical. BUT it usually takes at least 15 attempts before the app will open, if it does at all. I’ll have to download another app when it comes time to track my contractions.
  • Hum 3/5

    By Maniebutterfly19
    Love the app. It’s been a great help but I’m having trouble opening it recently. I can’t get into it. And I’m afraid if I delete and reinstall that I’ll lose all my progress.
  • GREAT APP🙌🏼 5/5

    By LaReesa.
    I love seeing & learning about my baby’s development💗
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Rachelle07
    This app does everything! This is my first pregnancy and it has been a great tool!
  • Love it but.... 3/5

    By RhiKonshuk
    I have really enjoyed this app a lot! I love seeing different things that my baby is the size of each week. The last 2-3 months though have been very frustrating!! Every single time I first try to open the app, the loading page appears for a good 30-40 seconds and then the app just closes itself. Usually trying a second time works just fine, but now there have been a couple days over the past week where the app will just keep closing itself no matter how many times i try! First of all the loading page lasts way too long... second of all why should i have this app taking up space on my phone if it is just going to choose not to work whenever it feels like it! One of the couple days i had just mentioned, i was at the store and wanted to use the food safety lookup...in Heinz sight i should have just used safari because i knew even if it was working like usual (second try access success) that would still be a full minute or more of waiting for it to just load!!! Safari takes less than a quarter of that time! Please fix this problem as i still love everything else about this app!
  • Love it 5/5

    By MommaLette4
    I love this app, my doctor suggested it and it's been super helpful. I really like the messaging part of it and be able to get answers or suggestions from others. I'm having twins and there are multiple people on here that are having twins as well. Which is super helpful!!
  • Terrible for multiples 2/5

    By Wb2305
    Nothing special or more helpful for twins. Disappointed for sure.
  • Love it :) 5/5

    By SuzanLov
    Love this app!!! One of the absolute best out of the 6 pregnancy apps that I have. Thank you for creating this app! :)
  • Great app 5/5

    By Krispy Ki
    I love the app! It's informative, it's understandable, and you even get coupons sometimes on your home page. My husband has the app on his phone also so he can track our baby's growth and he likes learning about babies and the female body. Good stuff.
  • Constantly shuts down 1/5

    By korpatch
    I would like this app. It is cute. Fun. Looks nice... however it takes so many attempts to open it that it's almost not worth the bother. It often shuts down unexpectedly... I've had to delete many times and then reload it to get it to work... it's very frustrating. So many bugs.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Recherch.e
    This app is super handy, first pregnancy and this really helps me to see what's baby doing this week or how big is baby now.
  • Really good for first time moms! 5/5

    By Kridd8296
    I learned a lot on this app and it helped me keep track of my appointments! Pregnancy brain is a real thing!
  • Love this app but keeps crashing 2/5

    By Ames00
    Bummed that this version of the app keeps crashing on my phone. It takes me 3-5 attempts to open it.
  • Not Syncing w/ MyFitnessPal 3/5

    By Coal167
    Like the app. Only reason I gave it three stars is because it’s not syncing with MyFitnessPal. Having to pull in all that info manually is annoying to me.
  • Improvements 3/5

    By Physics1011
    While I do enjoy this app a lot it would be great to see some improvements in the community tab. Maybe make groups you can opt in to for your same due month? Make it more interactive with the comments? I understand the no names thing, but maybe have user names?
  • Good 3/5

    By uk mama
    Overall, helpful app to track symptoms, appointments, and look up food safety. The videos are basically the same as the weekly written article. Which, are all written around the US model of medical care. It suggests a lot of appointments and procedures that we dont do here in the UK, and for a FTM, it can get confusing.
  • Absolutely Amazing ! 5/5

    By Jaaasmyne
    I Personally Love This App, This Is My First Pregnancy And Ovia Pregnancy Makes Me Even More Excited About My Little One On The Way. I’m Simply Obsessed ! I Catch My Self On The App About Almost 20 Times A Day Lol. It’s Just So Informational Especially If You’re A First Time Mommy To Be. You Can Keep Track With Everything It’s Just Great. I’d Highly Recommend This To All The Future Mother’s Out There, This Apps Where It’s At !
  • Great app 5/5

    By DarkAngel1005
    I love this app. I can read all the way up to 42 weeks. And it shows me all kinds of things.
  • Great app with some bumps... 4/5

    By panda1210
    It was a fantastic app! I loved keeping up with my baby’s development but once the update happened the app started to crash every time I opened it. I’m going to keep it for the rest of my pregnancy and even with this flaw I would still recommend this to friends. I was able to put this app on several different phones and so family could keep up with his development. It really is a good app!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By GPohlman
    This is one of my favorite pregnancy trackers! I love all the features it has like the calendar that keeps track of weeks, doctors appointment, nutrition, activity, milestones like ultrasounds and kicks! This app truly lets you keep track of and helps you remember everything you need to in pregnancy plus it tells you all the new things about your little one and it gives you fun creative comparison objects outside the normal fruits and veggies everyone compares baby size to, although that is an option in there too, the only thing I don’t love about the app is the forum community part but even that would get 3/5 stars from me.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Ellie478
    I'm a new mother and Ovia really makes me confident in my pregnancy it's so cute and has so many amazing features especially the food safety lookups and appointment calendar absolutely love it!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Mackymac17'
    I really love this app so far. It’s very helpful in many ways. I definitely encourage others to get this app.
  • Love Ovia 5/5

    By Thebombdottcom
    This app gives me something to look forward to every day of my pregnancy!
  • The best 5/5

    By irenakanfeta
    Couldn't have been more organized or knowledgeable without the help of this app, and I'm a nurse!
  • . 5/5

    By jensen0204
    Great app I love it!
  • Can't get the app to stay open. 2/5

    By RyanSkye
    I love this app but have not been able to get it to open without deleting and reinstalling it. It is so frustrating! Then after I reinstall I can open it 2-3 times before it stops opening again. Like I said I love this app but I am ready to get rid of it for good because I can't trust it to actually open when I need it too. If the company can fix this I will be a customer for good.
  • Fun app 4/5

    By Elle Jane
    Good info. Easy to use. Enjoy the baby size “toys and games” theme. Only thing I don’t like are the videos. Wish I could block them from appearing in my feed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dmpc33
    Very helpful and backed by research! like having an Ob in your pocket
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Me and sid
    I am so thankful for the Ovia fertility app and the Ovia pregnancy app❤️ I most definitely do recommend the applications! Thank you Ovia!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By King062
    I've been using this app for my 3rd pregnancy and I love it! I used a different one for the first 2 and it was exactly the same the second time. My best friend who's pregnant for the first time suggested this app and I love it. There are so many ways to personalize the content you receive. It's so easy to use and I love the information I'm getting. Thank you!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kate714MD
    My favorite pregnancy app!
  • Best pregnancy app! 5/5

    By snbergren
    I have downloaded and tried 6 pregnancy apps total, and this one is by far my favorite. It has all the features I like in one place, most other app only have a few of the features. I also love the layout, how you can change the settings to personalize the look. It’s cute, simple, yet has everything you need. It gives helpful and relatable medical updates and tips. Overall I love this app!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Erica 27
    Very helpful
  • I love this app 5/5

    By ninjarosie96
    I love that it tells me what is happening with my baby and whats happening in my body week by week and day by day!!!!
  • Not great not awful 3/5

    By Jcorlew
    I like this app, but I was really disappointed that there’s no way to track twins. There’s no options or advice for multiples at all.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Tink503
    A great app
  • Best app!!! 5/5

    By u8bugs
    This is the best pregnancy app I’ve used and i will use it with my future pregnancy
  • Broken 1/5

    By aliamaria
    I used this app while I was pregnant with our first child and it was fantastic. However, trying to use it again for kiddo number two has proven to be a terrible experience. It won't open no matter what I do. I can redownload it and successfully use it once before it breaks down again and refuses to open at all. I guess I will have to go find a new app.
  • Love 5/5

    By Arielove06292018
    Love the app! Having my first baby and it has been SO SO SO helpful! I would definitely recommend to anyone having a baby! ❤
  • Lots of information!! 5/5

    By mama220
    Super helpful app to learn all sorts of information about my baby, changes to my body, and helpful preparation tips! I love seeing the picture each week of how my baby was growing!!
  • Won't load :( 1/5

    By Aeir523
    So disappointing doesn't work...
  • Invaluable app for pregnancy 5/5

    By Spdrmnky90
    This is my first pregnancy, and this app has been invaluable. It has been immensely helpful in helping me understand the changes that are happening to my (and baby's) body. I love seeing the comparison of sizes for how big my baby is each week, too. I will definitely use it for any future pregnancies and would recommend it to anyone.
  • Great App 5/5

    By N. Larson, Peanut's Mom
    This app is super helpful for first time moms! It shows weekly updates of the baby and provides a lookup for food and meds in case you are wondering if you can consume a certain food or med. Love it!
  • Only app I use.. 5/5

    By Lilliee29
    Love the way this app work !
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rereen987654321
    Best information, great supportive community chat. Beautiful illustrations and positive vibes.
  • Thank You Ovia! 5/5

    By Leigh from NC
    This application has been so helpful! I’m a first time mom, and it’s amazing how spot on Ovia is in knowing exactly how I’m feeling.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By kelly with the belly
    Best pregnancy app!
  • Neat app 5/5

    By Tiffie2006
    This is a neat app that gives you great updates on baby's development as well as interesting articles. You can change the theme from fruits and veggies to animals and more. You can also track appointments and medical information. I would definitely recommend using this app during pregnancy.
  • First Time Mom- it has been amazing! 5/5

    By Frustated and Very Unhappy
    I used the Ovia Fertility app, and when I got pregnant, it automatically downloaded the Pregnancy app. Info is concise, accurate and very much in line with my doctor’s advice. It also helped to show my hubby what was going on. Being a first time mom can be overwhelming and surprisingly isolating at times. The weekly videos by the chief of product kind of put a human touch on it.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App app comments


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