OWA for iPhone

OWA for iPhone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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OWA for iPhone App

IMPORTANT: You need to have the latest update of Office 365 for business to use this app. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department before installing. With OWA for iPhone you can: Get work done faster with email - Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories - Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites Manage your schedule with ease - Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder - View shared calendars including delegate support - Use your voice to look up a contact or bring up your schedule Keep business data secure - Remote wipe erases only your corporate data in OWA for iPhone and leaves your personal data on the device alone - Separate passcode for OWA for iPhone provides an additional layer of security Requirements: - The mailbox must be on the latest update of Office 365 for business or Exchange Online - iPhone must be iPhone 4S or higher and have iOS 6 or higher


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  • Happy 4/5

    By Anneemeek
    I'm happy with this app. Does what I need.
  • Use regular outlook if you can 1/5

    By ShpongledAgain
    Where to begin? Notifications don't work, syncing doesn't get all emails, UI is buggy, requires unlocking almost every single time even if I just opened it a minute before, gets stuck downloading updates for days at a time and won't show emails, gets stuck saying that it's seeing up for offline mode for days at a time. I wouldn't use it at all, but I don't have a choice, as regular outlook doesn't work with my work email.
  • Doesn’t notify of new mail 2/5

    By Msbarnes87
    It will show the badges with how many email there are, but no sound, no banners, nothing. Please fix.
  • Even 5/5

    By yztxy
    A Biii ME mdw
  • Useful, well organized app 5/5

    By Zk28g
    I keep all of my calendar events and email in this app and it gets me through. Highly recommended.
  • It is okay 3/5

    By emilycat.
    They app is okay, I have no complaints except for the fact that I wish it would load and be more consistent- it often doesn't give me notifications that new mail has come into my inbox.
  • A buggy nightmare 1/5

    By 15rthughes
    New mail doesn’t trigger notifications hardly ever. I’ll delete emails and they’ll still be in my inbox saying they’re unread until I kill and re open the app. There’s a host of other annoyances this app has as well. It hasn’t been updated in forever, so I feel as though the developers don’t care or have more important things to work on.
  • Very good app 4/5

    By Skulblakaskolir
    I like this so better than outlook mobile for keeping my work email separate from my personal accounts. Only issue I've had is that the so kept failing to prompt for my password after I updated it. Minor bug keeps it at 4 stars, since its happened for the last few password updates.
  • Worked great, no 2FA support 1/5

    By Deadwalrus
    My company recently rolled out 2 factor authentication via Duo Mobile and killed this app. Time to update, Microsoft. The app doesn’t even work with your OWN 2FA solution.
  • Good! 5/5

    By Eljeanko
  • Great app, but no notifications 4/5

    By Drewheitzman
    Great app had no issues other than I do not get any notifications even with the notifications turned on.
  • Password change? 2/5

    By David Lari
    Unlike every other app that has a login, there is no way to actually logout and log in again. Since I just updated my password on my 365 account, OWA won’t connect and doesn’t bother to ask for a password. Other than the fact it totally doesn’t work without a correct password, it is a pretty nice app.
  • Setting Meeting Times is Awful 3/5

    By Jazz Thompson
    Please do away with the stupid way that the app sets meeting times in the calendar tab. It takes me forever to “dial in” to the right time.
  • Needs to be updated 1/5

    By TobyOGreen
    The app hasn’t received an update in over 2 years
  • The worst hands down 1/5

    By Houston Lindy
    This is not only the worst app I have ever used but the worst program I have ever used since the 80's. Slow. Crashes. Does not allow phone or address to use the phone or maps.point blank the worst EVER!!! Turn and run like death is millimeters from your family.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Chrisbyn
    Search is terrible. Filtering is hit and miss.
  • Broken in iOS11 1/5

    By DrKnow1
    Broken for iOS11. Joy.
  • It doesn’t work reliably 1/5

    By Remiss Meerkat
    Sometimes it refuses to sync mail, it often gives me duplicate notifications for new mail and all around it just doesn’t work that well.
  • High unsatisfied 1/5

    By Domm528
    It seems like 30% comparable with iPhone. Mail doesn't always load, takes forever to respond to a command, doesn't send emails and takes forever to update
  • Needs a LOT of work 1/5

    By habu99
    This app is the slowest performing one on both my iPad and iPhone. It takes 10 seconds or more to launch, open my mailbox and then begin to check for new messages. Often it reports unread mail but when I filter my unread messages it reports there aren't any. The user interface is cluttered (the last thing we need on a smaller screen is more visual clutter) but there is no way to simplify and turn some of the unneeded junk off. Because Microsoft apparently knows better than we do what features we need and use and gives us no choice to truly customize the UI.
  • Gets the job done 3/5

    By jigaboon
    App is useful, but no notifications are pushed and constantly omits signature from emails.
  • Often Falls Short 2/5

    By MarkS347
    This app just has a very "junior varsity" feel to it. It's as though the development team didn't have a complete understanding of the iOS platform but rushed OWA to production anyway. This slipshod quality phenomenon is one which, I'm sad to say, as an IT professional, I have come to see in a lot of Microsoft infrastructure software over the last several years. My "favorite" thing this OWA app does from time to time is that for whatever reason it will not show all of the e-mails in your inbox when viewing the contents of that folder. However, if you enter a message and use the arrows at the top of the screen to navigate to either the previous or next message the hidden messages can be seen. I'm happy to be leaving this app behind and switching to Outlook for iOS.
  • Navigation completely unresponsive 2/5

    By Mandyonba
    I like this app to be able to see what I've added to my desktop calendar. It's completely useless to add a date though as the nav just doesn't work.
  • Great 5/5

    By HCG does it all
    Great mobile app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Marine rope
    It works very good
  • It gets by. 2/5

    By sara8766383
    This app constantly shuts down and has glitches within it. I only use it because it's my work email. I do not recommend this app.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By DDruckerman
    This is the second app Microsoft support instructed I use to go with our office 365 business account. The content from my outlook desktop rarely syncs and this app is constantly freezing which renders it useless. I am very disappointed.
  • Serious letdown from a tech giant 1/5

    By Jetsetpro
    This app is clunky and difficult to use. Shocked to see such a poor product out of a tech giant like Microsoft.
  • Bye Bye Responsive Emails! 1/5

    By utheusedu
    Completely breaks any idea of a responsive HTML email. Emails are basically cut in half. Not a fan
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hurlyjr92
    Not happy with it. Only works 10% of the time. Really disappointing when I need to get emails for school and nothing comes through.
  • Nice email app 5/5

    By TheJoelG
    Thumbs up
  • Great app. Can manage my calendar from here! 5/5

    By MSS-review
    Great app. Can manage my calendar from here!
  • No badge app notification 2/5

    By Owellwell
    While much in OWA works fine, the most significant frustration I have with it is that the app does not show that you have new emails. The badge app notification does not work. Very frustrating! I have to deliberately turn this off with many of my apps, because it is just so frustrating to get all these notifications, and somehow in this app Microsoft can't make it work!!!
  • 😍 it 5/5

    By Angelfishhh
    I absolutely love the new update that include pin login feature.
  • Okay for the moment 3/5

    By Dlynne30
    Okay until it crashes.
  • Don't use iPhone app on iPad 5/5

    I have three mail apps and this is my favorite because I can see the emails that come into my separate Outlook folders. I'm glad I figured out I installed the wrong app!
  • Crashes more often 1/5

    By SamadGoozoo
    It crashes a lot 1- While typing your email 2- Trying for find an Email 3- Trying to open an email. It selects all email and search bar disappears once deselect them
  • Inferior 2/5

    By Leffrey
    This product does not make the cut by any means. The only reason that I occasionally use it is because it allows me to use alternate email address in the Send From. There is NO technical support help. The Outlook app has tech support inside the app. OWA has none period. The app ALWAYS says downloading an update and NEVER finishes. Inbox frequently does not update. No special features. If it wasn't for the alternative "From" email address ability the this app would not be on my phone.
  • Horrible mail app 2/5

    By AgDrumma07
    I'm only using this app because it's the only option for work but it is awful. Sometimes I don't get notifications when new mail arrives or when I do, the number on the red notification doesn't match the number of new mail items. It is also very slow at sending replies and won't send unless the app is open and connecting. There is also no option to change out of conversation mode.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Avalynn27
    It's been stuck for weeks. Every time I open it it says it's "updating" yet it never has. And according to the App Store, there have been no updates. Very upsetting I can't check my mail from my phone now.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Burr456
    Haven't been able to sign in for about a month now. Says it found my settings but couldn't connect to the server
  • Ok, but has potential 2/5

    By Ronee Leigh
    I recently downloaded this app. At first it was working great! But for last several weeks it has been saying - downloading update, this may take a few minutes. So, I click on an email to view it and it tells me that there was an error. What the heck is going on? Please FIX this ASAP. It is VERY annoying. 😡
  • Good crashes sometimes but rare 4/5

    By Chownari
  • Never shows notifications 2/5

    By BS5799
    App works pretty well except one thing, I never receive notifications that I have new mail. Been like this over a year now.
  • It's working well for me 4/5

    By Jmb4405
    No issues so far
  • It's ok 5/5

    By Wgeegewge
    I will say this I prefer to use this app...Outlook up it's not really good for the phones, don't take me wrong I love outlook on my PC but not on the mobile device, that's why I prefer to use this app on mobile device
  • Stinks 1/5

    By bealittle
    Can't open mail. Can't reply to mail. Worthless.
  • Very useful for school 122223 2/5

    By gameplayer12343253Girly
    Needs an update now!!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Courtz672
    Tells you have new mail when you don't and/or it just doesn't want to show it. Also doesn't tell you when you actually do have new mail. Clumsy and awkward features.
  • Signature hyperlinks 4/5

    By tutto1
    While the interface is reliable, I am most concerned that the hyperlinks within my signature only show up as name files. Would be an important enhancement.

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