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Pages App

Pages is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. This powerful word processor helps you create gorgeous reports, resumes, and documents in minutes. Pages has been designed exclusively for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom. Get a quick start by using one of over 60 Apple-designed templates. Or use a blank document and easily add text, images, shapes, and more with a few taps. Then format using beautiful preset styles and fonts. And use advanced features like change tracking, comments, and highlights to easily review changes in a document. With iCloud built in, your documents are kept up to date across all your devices. And with the release of real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud. Collaborate with others at the same time • With the release of real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a document at the same time • Collaboration is built right in to Pages on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch  • PC users can collaborate too, using Pages for iCloud • Share your document publicly or with specific people • You can easily see who’s currently in the document with you • View other people’s cursors to follow their edits Get started quickly • Choose from over 60 Apple-designed templates to instantly create beautiful reports, resumes, cards, and posters • Import and edit Microsoft Word and plain text files using Mail, a WebDAV service, or iTunes File Sharing Create beautiful documents • Write and edit documents using the onscreen keyboard or a wireless keyboard with Bluetooth • Format your document with gorgeous styles, fonts, and textures • Your most important text formatting options are right in your keyboard, and always just a tap or two away • Easily add images and video to your document using the Media Browser • Use auto-text wrap to flow text around images • Animate data with interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts • Organize your data easily in tables Advanced tools • Add bookmarks to easily link from one part of your document to another • Turn on change tracking to mark up a document as you edit it • Use comments and highlights to share ideas and feedback with others • Create footnotes and endnotes and view word counts with character, paragraph, and page counts • Automatic list making and spellchecking • Create and view impressive 2D, 3D, and interactive bar, line, area, and pie charts • Add elegant mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation • Use Undo to go back through your previous changes • Quickly open password-protected documents using Touch ID iCloud • Turn on iCloud so your documents are automatically available on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and • Access and edit your documents from a Mac or PC browser at with Pages for iCloud • Pages automatically saves your documents as you make changes Share a copy of your work • Use AirDrop to send your document to anyone nearby • Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook • Export your document in ePub, Microsoft Word, and PDF format • Use “Open in Another App” to copy documents to apps such as Dropbox • Print wirelessly with AirPrint, including page range selection, number of copies, and two-sided printing Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply. Pages does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.

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    By Hailey.D
    I am writing a document on my Air and my iPhone, so they sync the changes. But here's what I noticed: - the quotation marks are NOT the same on the versions when I use other fonts besides Arial. - no tab? there's more. maybe I'll drop another review by later...
  • Crashes and Lags 2/5

    By Dreammirr
    I second everyone complaining about a keyboard lag - super annoying and is worse with longer documents. Also, lately it's been crashing. Crashed four times in 30 minutes. Impossible to get any real work done. Hopefully they update it and fix these issues.
  • Loss of quality 1/5

    By BorzS
    I recently acquired this iPad Pro. I am running iOS 10.3.1 on it. This version of Pages, 3.1.1, is awful. Documents NEVER stop updating. Never. The little circle continually spins on each. The version of Pages I used on my previous iPad 2 functioned very well. I relied upon it routinely. This version appears to be a disaster (based on the collection of complaints I see here). Apple is apparently not as savvy or customer-centered as it once was (I've been an Apple user for just shy of 30 years). Very disappointing.
  • Why is the keyboard so horrible? 1/5

    By Valal
    I've been using pages for years, and just the past couple weeks, the keyboard lag has been completely unacceptable. Actually, tapping anything on the screen, like the paintbrush icon that allows me to select italics is also painstakingly slow. Often times, I can't switch the keyboard over to the secondary display to insert an apostrophe, because when I tap the button that does that, it just freezes and does nothing. This is a miserable way to try to write stuff. It didn't used to be this way, though. Is there a fix for this?
  • Awesome but there's bugs. 3/5

    By BurgerFX
    It's great but has a bug. I'm using a template but whenever I edit the title it goes down to the title of a new page. Also, The text box lifts. Release an update.
  • Upgrades Alter Existing Documents 3/5

    By tikiriwa
    This app very handy in iPad mini & iPhone. Many features- like rearranging a line in a table- very helpful. My only beef is that updates alter EVERY existing document- which changes text & messes up spacing for entire document. VERY uncool. Even deletes emojis used as bullet points or to draw focus to items needing attention. Not happy my work is not safe.Also should allow user to set personal preferences for default margins, text, font size, etc. UPDATES SHOULD NEVER ALTER AN EXISTING DOCUMENT.
  • Bring Back Triple-click 3/5

    By Pastorgee
    Bring Back Triple-click. Without it, you've taken away an important convenience and slowed my productivity. Bring it back.
  • Just sits there, taking up space 1/5

    By RamblinSam
    Got this with the idea that it would be a good extension when I need to access documents in a pinch. Running on my cellular network, it tries and tries and tries to load but to no avail. I cannot imagine what I would do if I needed to edit or compose using this miserable software.
  • The best mobile word processor period!!! 5/5

    By Viktorwarhola
    Don't pay attention to the negative reviews, word processing on mobile is tricky but this is better than anything in android including the new Word. If you must word process on mobile THIS IS THE APP. I do not have anything negative to write as I've been trying to find a good one forever since on android, now back to iOS I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy and intuitive Pages is! Well done Apple it made resume writing a breeze and sharing even easier.
  • Glitch? 3/5

    By NekoTora243
    I've noticed that the updates only made the app go weirder, in my opinion. The little trick I use to go behind or in front of a letter with a swipe is gone. It was quite useful when I didn't want to spend ages holding down just to backtrack one little space. The biggest issue I have now is that whenever I leave the app to look at another tab (pictures, for example) and I re-enter the Pages tab the document goes blank. Both when I tilt the screen and sometimes just re-entering the tab. It's frustrating because I have to close the tab and reopen it. Over and over and over again. I'm worried that my documents may end up being messed up or erased. Please fix this. Thank you.
  • Gets worse and worse 1/5

    By Níck C.
    The mobile version for iPad and iPhone is the most awful buggy writing app. From just general writing to trying to format a page it's super hard and confusing. I literally just tried to get a black background with white text in a text box and for some reason would only let me type grey on grey. These apps like keynotes and numbers need to get it together for the mobile version.
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By Himjawa
    Touch ID on a document causes the documents to crash when scrolling so you cannot actually view the entire document.
  • Bad changes 1/5

    By loandersen
    This app is annoying now. The keyboard used to be simple and had everything I needed for my iPad budgeting. Now the keyboard has way too much. It won't hold the $ sign I set up for my budgeting cells. I have to add it to every number I change month to month. Also the keyboard covers 2/3 of the page so I am typing blind. Can we please stop messing with it?
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Patrice Annette
    Love this program.
  • Equations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By TeX King
    You have to have an equation editor! Otherwise, this app is useless. Useless! No subscript or superscript. No Greek letters or symbols! No equation editor! What useful things can we write with this app?
  • Have to keep deleting and reinstalling Pages on iPad Air 1/5

    By Wokibew
    Dear Pages or iWork Development Team, Please FULLY test your next version of Pages after version 3.1.1 on an iPad Air (iOS 10.3.1) with close to 2000 Pages documents stored in iCloud. Before Pages version 3.1 and 3.1.1, I was able to edit and create Pages documents stored in iCloud on my iPad Air without any any problems. With Pages version 3.1 and 3.1.1, if I switch out of the Pages 3.1 or 3.1.1. app by pressing the home button or selecting another app and then try to switch back to Pages 3.1 or 3.1.1, I can no longer access my Pages documents, Pages freezes up, or unexpectedly quits. I then have to delete the Pages app from my iPad Air and then reinstall it again just to be able to edit or create a Pages document before Pages freezes or unexpectedly quits again after I switch to another app or press the home button. IMPORTANT NOTE: This bug appears to be triggered when I switch or exit out of Pages 3.1 or 3.1.1 and then try to open it again on my iPad Air. Example: I am using Pages 3.1 or 3.1.1 on my iPad Air, then I open or switch to Numbers on my iPad Air, and then I try to switch back or re-open Pages 3.1 or 3.1.1. This is when I encounter the "I can't open my Pages documents, Pages is frozen, or Pages unexpectedly quits" bug. Please fix this bug soon or allow me to downgrade to the previous version of Pages that worked on my iPad Air. Thanks.
  • Every document disappeared 1/5

    By Seeds of grace midwifery
    I use this for business and it deleted every single document i have including mileage documents for taxes. Do not use for anything important! I cant even describe how much this has messed me up. Update: I got my documents back because they uploaded them to the cloud which I specifically said I did not want. Now that I have everything completely shut off so they can't access the cloud they ask every single box I click into to log in to my Apple or cloud account.
  • Satisfy our expectations 1/5

    By Cheriegirl
    I have upgraded this App and to my horror I am unable to access my documents as the App keeps crashing. I am also at a loss as to why upgrades to this App invariably means that some features fail to work. This App was a beauty but now it falls way below expectations and that's a pity. I wrote the review above prior to the present update ( May 2017). I actually dared to think that this May 2017 update would dramatically improve the app but unfortunately this is not the case. The app continues to freeze, sometimes it opens to a blank page and generally does not deliver on the promotion promises. In order to access any document one has to constantly delete and reinstall the app.. what a pity! Even then it freezes with a few minutes of use. Please understand that Customers, while expecting that you will respond to their complaints regarding this app in a timely manner would be more than pleased if your timely response is coupled with functionability. If the response cannot be timely we, although very frustrated and not being able to access our documents, would rather that you take the time to have this app function effectively rather than drive us crazy with expectancy ( when we see the new updates) that delivers nothing. It begs the question as to whether these updates are properly tested before they are sent out. Can I encourage and challenge you to make this a priority. I have migrated to Microsoft word but am foolishly hopeful that you will have this app running to the high standard that it previously did. It certainly must be possible to upgrade without all of the "fall out".
  • Keyboard lag 3/5

    By Sin Bros. Inc.
    I've noticed that with each successive update, the keyboard lag tends to get worse and worse to the point that sometimes when I'm typing, the app will stall for a few seconds before crashing altogether. Based on other reviews, it seems I'm not the only one experiencing this problem and I hope it's addressed in a future update.
  • More options 4/5

    By Damien257
    I do petitions & political work. I would like the option to make a legal, 8 1/2 x 14 page.
  • Too Basic in 2017 2/5

    By Tracey Lynn NOLA
    Pages is limited in it's template an design. It's okay for basic documents but would be better for me if it had more features considering I've used my iPad primarily in place of my laptop since 2014.
  • Muy bueno 5/5

    By Candela 🙈
  • My Current Document Versions refresh 3/5

    By Blephen-2013
    What is up with the Collaboration refresh for current versions. My iPad Pro continuously gives me false versions and seems reluctant to refresh. As an insecure artist can be, I freak. Spending anxious moments fiddling in the dark to find the hours of work I think I've lost. No Help button and methods of hard reboot or deletion are hit or miss. I tend to stand still to calm myself and become disillusioned to continue. Even after find I've somehow gotten the document version without the knowledge of HOW. I do like this program, otherwise I'd just walk away. The simple word processing it offers is just what I want. The above glitch is evident on my iPad Pro, my phone and Mac Book are just fine. :( I just want to write, is that so wrong?
  • Updates 1/5

    By Millwork PM
    New updates made using pages near impossible from my iPhone. Whenever I try writing in a cell, it will minimize or push curser off screen. Looking for a better ap now.
  • S...o... ...s...l...o...w... 3/5

    By DonMoo
    When I type, the letters show up on the screen soooo slooooowww. Like one letter every two seconds. I used to love this app. What's happening?
  • Update is awful!! 1/5

    By Despicable Me Lober
    This new update won't even allow me to open up the app! I need to write papers and get old ones, but the app won't allow me! Bottom line is with every update creates the app to become worse!
  • Very unstable 2/5

    By @kayt
    I have wiped my entire iPad Air, reloaded the app and all my stuff and this app crashes all the time. I am giving up it's not worth the frustration. I will have to start over with another app, business forms, business cards, price tags and a ton more not accessible. I used this for years without problems. Use this app at your own risk
  • Annoying 1/5

    By corvettemark
    You can no longer add or edit formulas from a mobile device so if I want to "add" two lines together I have to go home and get my mac out insert a simple addition formula. Only to drive across town and see that I needed one more line added. What good is it to link to multiple devices if you can't use it?
  • The early update is horrible than the last versions 2/5

    By Soldado do
    The app does not work very well with the iPad when you want to move an image with the fingers and the double tap does not work well.
  • Needs more features, but good. 4/5

    By F'lip
    I came back to this app from Microsoft Word after I found out how badly they abuse their user's privacy. I love how smoothly this app works, but I do miss the features provided by Microsoft. You just can't do as much with Pages. I don't know why you don't add more features and versatility, Apple, because I know you're capable of it. But other than that, this is a great app.
  • Devastating keyboard lag 1/5

    By Tumblrisbetter
    I noticed about a year ago that the Pages display lagged behind my keyboard strokes, particularly keystrokes involving the direction keys. This lag worsened with every update. As of this writing, many keystrokes take several seconds to appear on the screen. If I type a long sentence on the keyboard, I can take a sip of coffee and check my phone while waiting on the sentence to slowly appear on the screen letter by letter. This is maddening. This occurs with any kind of bluetooth keyboard (I've tried four different kinds), and does not occur with other apps. So I have to assume it's a Pages problem.
  • Needs default font!! 4/5

    By KyleToddP
    Pages is really good, but there's a few features that would make it perfect. For example, being able to select a default font and font size would be greatly appreciated. Having to change it to Times New Roman 12pt. every single time I start a paper gets a little annoying. Also, Pages doesn't do footnote-style citations. I had to download the Word app to do that.
  • Much better with upgrade much more stable 4/5

    By QualityDan
    Would lose data on previous versions. This version is faster in response. Faster and start up. Faster in data entry. This is a much better replication been previously noted. Our use this app just about every day. I still give it four stars.
  • Easy to use word processor 5/5

    By Dangerous Tony
    I love pages and the simplicity. One feature I would like to see in future updates is the ability to open multiple documents at once. Perhaps in split view option.
  • It is not downloading! 1/5

    By Ferny
    Worst of all, now it is frozen and I can't open it, uninstall it, or use it. What can I do? HELP!
  • Gets better and better! 5/5

    By Jeffsters
    Much easier to use than the others and glad to see Apple investing in it.
  • Cannot place a colon (:) in the title heading 3/5

    By mountainman102
    Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to place a colon : sign in the heading title? Any attempt places a semi-colon!
  • Every version gets worse 4/5

    By Panchobamba
    I'm back using Pages after a year! Changed rating up to 4 stars so far. After a few days use I'm happy with the keyboard action being smooth again. New update just came out and I'm being cautious, not going to upgrade. Bad track record with Pages upgrades plus I came back to Pages after Word fouled up their upgrade. ....Older reviews.... I use Pages all the time. I've found it to be more user friendly than other word processors, but it's now gaining some features that irritate me as much as the competitors do. ***Put Bold and Italics back in toolbar.*** Take away the useless feature of the word suggestions on the tool bar - I'm typing, using my own imagination to tell a story, not looking for the computer's recommendations. And I still have to save as a Word Doc to open it in my desktop Pages ’09. That's insane! Respect your customer base that's been using your products for years (25). I usually don't write negative reviews, but every Apple upgrade turns into jumping hurdles. ***Updating my review - down to 1 star. This program is worse than I thought. Keyboard action is frustrating with delays & then deleting goes wild. Spent the last week researching other word processors rather than editing the 400 pages I still have to work on.
  • Latest upgrade = freeze n crash :( 1/5

    By peoria57
    I rely heavily on Pages on my iPad and it was working fine until I installed the most recent upgrade yesterday- now it freezes upon opening and crashes after several seconds. This is extremely frustrating as I use Pages many times daily. Luckily I did not install the upgrade on my iPhone and can still access Pages there. Please remedy this!! I can't stay with Pages if this continues!...... Addendum - The App store posted a correcting upgrade yesterday (4/25/17) and its seems to have fixed the issues I was experiencing. However, now many documents have disappeared and I can't find them - really frustrating!
  • Triple click 3/5

    By leoscherrer
    O can't select a whole paragraph anymore with a triple click. The new version only works with the double click. Please fix it, because the triple click helped a lot.
  • 3.1.1 is not downloading. 4/5

    By Gdadh
  • Pages Update 2/5

    By Ullh8me
    Having a difficult time to update the current version. Otherwise, it's a good program.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Geo---
    I use this everyday and love it everyday! Super reliable, and never crashes! 5 stars!
  • No more triple click 2/5

    By Shapimp
    Before is upgrade, I used to be able to triple click to select a whole line. Now, I can double click a word to select that word, but triple clicking, which is supposed to select a whole line, well, that's gone. There is no triple click to select a whole line. Instead, a triple click selects a word, then unselects it. Triple clicking a line allows you to change the font and style of a line of text, and now it's gone. How about you bring it back? Or maybe I should start using MS Word, which still has triple click!
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By Xtian666
    and keeps getting better.
  • Great Update!! 5/5

    By TheFithBeatle
    Reminds of times of Steve Jobs
  • Good 4/5

    By JAAL2013
    I like this app and its great features. It works for me to create documents and letters and it syncs well in all my Apple devices. I can share my documents in so many formats, like PDF, Word, RTF, ePub. If Apple could update this App and so that it let you write and make hand notes with the Apple Pencil like it let you do it with Notes app, it would be great, I would stop using Word, which is to slow. I just use word because it let me sign word documents. But if Pages could do that it would be my favorite App for documents. But for a free App, still great
  • Too many mb 1/5

    By Vanfleets
    There are too many mb in this program. If I write a paper I won't have any more room on my iPhone
  • Even crashes more than before 1/5

    By Dave hok
    Takes forever to load app, forever to load a page , forever to type , forever to see what you typed ........ Keeps crashing as I am working Totally ridiculous!!
  • Wear a helmet!! 1/5

    By Trick question
    Pages crashes every few minutes. I often can't open documents on my phone. any doc I write on my iPad I send to myself as a message so I don't have to rely on opening Pages on my phone. It is not very sophisticated either. I would not find this very suitable for work purposes. Usefulness is limited to journaling.

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