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Pages App

Pages is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. This powerful word processor helps you create gorgeous reports, resumes, and documents in minutes. Pages has been designed exclusively for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom. Get a quick start by using one of over 60 Apple-designed templates. Or use a blank document and easily add text, images, shapes, and more with a few taps. Then format using beautiful preset styles and fonts. And use advanced features like change tracking, comments, and highlights to easily review changes in a document. With iCloud built in, your documents are kept up to date across all your devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud. Collaborate with others at the same time • With the release of real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a document at the same time • Collaboration is built right in to Pages on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch  • PC users can collaborate too, using Pages for iCloud • Share your document publicly or with specific people • You can easily see who’s currently in the document with you • View other people’s cursors to follow their edits Get started quickly • Choose from over 60 Apple-designed templates to instantly create beautiful reports, resumes, cards, and posters • Import and edit Microsoft Word and text files Create beautiful documents • Format your document with gorgeous styles, fonts, and textures • Enhance your document with a library of over 500 editable shapes • Easily add images and video to your document • Use auto-text wrap to flow text around images • Organize your data easily in tables Advanced tools • Add comments and join threaded conversations • Turn on change tracking to mark up a document as you edit it • Add bookmarks to easily link from one part of your document to another • Create and view impressive bar, line, area, and pie charts • Add linked text boxes so text easily flows from one place to another • Create footnotes and endnotes and view word counts with character, paragraph, and page counts • Automatic list making and spellchecking • Add elegant mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation • Quickly open password-protected documents using Touch ID iCloud • Turn on iCloud so your documents are automatically available on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and • Access and edit your documents from a Mac or PC browser at with Pages for iCloud Share a copy of your work • Use AirDrop to send your document to anyone nearby • Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook • Export your document in ePub, Microsoft Word, and PDF format • Use “Open in Another App” to copy documents to apps such as Dropbox • Print wirelessly with AirPrint, including page range selection, number of copies, and two-sided printing Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply. Pages does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.


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  • Thanks! 1/5

    By RainMan111111
    Thanks for the update that deleted all my notes off my phone, that I’ve had for two years. Bravo
  • No Longer Working 5/5

    By AbbyRoseCrimson
    This app now opens with a white screen on my iPad Air 2 after the latest iOS update. I uninstall and reinstall without a solution. Very frustrating. Update: The app now works as expected!
  • App Freezes 4/5

    By KC Boomz
    The app is very useful but you can’t share any documents unless the receiving-end has the app, also; the app freezes frequently.
  • New update 1/5

    By Graphene_Fred
    This app was great for what I needed it for, however after the most recent update in October 2017, the app will not allow me to access any templates I created prior to the update. The templates are there but won’t open, won’t allow me to rename as it says there is no file....I’d like to access them again, but I feel the app has corrupted the files and they’re lost.
  • Morgie 1/5

    By morgiemi2
    Just one little problem after the last update.... I can’t open any my documents...Wait...this isn’t a little problem.
  • Won’t let me chang the name 4/5

    By DassaZelmo
    I️ love the app. So easy to do almost anything, but I️ can’t name my work and no matter how manny times I️ read the instructions, it doesn’t help a bit! Please either make it easier or make better instructions on how to change the name.
  • Huge problem 2/5

    By Princess Homegirl
    So I’ve had this app for a while and I love it, but with the update I’ve had a major problem. The app claims that none of my files exist anymore. I can’t work on anything. I can’t open anything. I can’t delete anything. Please fix this!
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By Molly1162012
    Pages worked amazingly for me until the last iOS update, now I can’t open any of my files. What happened?!

    By Chwastell121
    I am extremely mad, because I can no longer access one of my documents. I press down on it to open it—— nothing. Literally this is so lame.

    By Man OverOR
    I was really enjoying Pages until I upgraded to the latest version and I could not open my older documents. Cannot open documents created in Pages just a few days earlier. Who does this? I mean, really, come on boys and girls, you have to fix this. Please, please, remedy this as soon as possible. This is not what I expected from Apple!
  • Lost everything 1/5

    By Maine40
    Pages made me update, and now I can’t access ANY of my documents!!! This is horrible
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 99RainyDay
    I cant open my files! It says to open from an earlier version. How do I get a previous version? I updated in October. Very disappointed I can’t get these important files.
  • Last Update was a Disaster 1/5

    By Buyrockbttm
    After the last update, none of my 800 documents are stored locally on my iPad. To access them I have to be connected to wifi and download them from the cloud. There is no option available to redownload all of them at once. This is a major headache. Please stop trying to “update” this app. It worked fine before.
  • How It Is Worse 1/5

    By InfoBug
    I have been using pages since iPad 1, and it has been getting more difficult to use, and less intuitive. I will not get into all the ways that it has worsened since then, but I will mention a few very annoying changes and bugs in this version. Bugs The file system does not properly sort by date. If there are files and folders in the same folder, the files will sort by date, but the folders are all pushed to the bottom in alphabetical order (at least if you have lots of files and folders). If you have many files and folders, this makes things VERY difficult. If there is a file that has been modified in a folder, then the folder contents have been modified, and the “date modified” should be updated similar to how file arrangement works on all computers. The first time you use pages “recents” tab will not show any files at all until you quit the app and restart it. Issues The file system is less intuitive in every way. I understand that the developers are trying to make pages use iCloud drive in a more visible way, but why? It used to work very well with iCloud without imposing all the extra steps to get to your Pages files. Why couldn’t the functionality of sharing files between apps using iCloud been added without adding all the extra steps? Couldn’t they have defaulted to the Pages folder? Why would Apple go away from the visual approach with folders? Pages used to have a visual representation of a folder that allowed you to see a preview of the first many files in the folder. This allowed you to see what was in there at a glance without opening the folder. I found this very useful. Also, when you tapped on the folder the screen split—showing the contents of the folder without the need to leave the page. Not so any more. They have now “improved” to huge blue folder images. That when tapped take you to a new view to show the folder contents. This “improvement” has been around on computers for decades, and makes absolutely no sense on a touchscreen tablet. The “Recents” tab only shows files opened in the last two days! Why not the last 30 days?? Who needs a special view for displaying files modified only in the last 2 days? So if you have not updated, don’t! Not if you do not want to be frustrated by a far less user-friendly app. Apple has moved away from the original goal of making apps intuitive for the touch concept, and is regressing to a far less intuitive PC oriented model. I hope that someone will see the degradation of this app and create a dynamic alternative for all kinds of document processing. If Apple keeps up this pace, it won’t take long for them to “improve” this app until it is completely useless.
  • Compatibility issues 4/5

    By jcoopjr16
    Just like everyone else this is probably the best word processor I have ever use easiest so much information works well for the most part is flawless right up until you try and integrate it with Office putting a resume out people don’t except it on pages you have to put it in word it doesn’t integrate properly therefore causing issues so that being said someone please please help make this work for everyone around the world make it integrate with word flawlessly
  • Freezes 1/5

    By sgx99
    Every time I get on the app it freezes, can you please fix that?
  • Problems 1/5

    By DC678
    Do not update pages-would give this minus stars if it were an option. I have regularly done so and the last two times was unable to open my documents located there. A message comes up saying the document has been delegated by your provider when the only thing I’ve done is updating my app.
  • Visually Impaired High School Student 1/5

    By J10.
    This app was great before the update, but now; since the update... it is terrible. It keeps changing the location of the curser, and voice over isn’t so responsive with this. It’s just like the files app, so why do you have both apps? I would like it if it was back to the old one. I can’t rename a document, I cannot edit a document easily because of voice over’s cooperation with the app, or the lack of cooperation I should say. I would really rather have the old version back. This was the only great app I used for school, but now with this update... I’m struggleing to work with it.
  • Lost access to my documents 1/5

    By Hawkwolf223
    Have used pages for years. Quick notes and such were so easy to create and maintain. A recent update has made it impossible to open anything, move, save or print. I see the icons but the app claims the docs do not exist. Very disappointing
  • S...o... ...s...l...o...w... 4/5

    By DonMoo
    I’m getting that typo where i type an “I” and get the “! []” instead. They’ve fixed this on the iPhone. When will there be a fix for the iPad?
  • Files no longer exist 1/5

    By John T R
    Spent quite some time creating documents, now being told they don't exist. They are on the screen but I can't tap them to open. I can't move or copy them. No problem displaying a thumbnail, though. A folder I just created: can't tap on that, either. Avoid this app until it can function on a usable level.
  • Files are gone! 2/5

    By Joey Rebecca
    I loved this app, however it says my files do not exist. Can someone assist me? Thanks!
  • What has happened to Pages? 1/5

    By Feeling Grinchy
    when I installed Pages after I got an iPad, down from my Desktop, I really liked pages. But now - less than a year later, it has subsumed all my material, all gone, gone, gone. Yesterday it lost an entire afternoon’s work and will not even open in proper form - just a page of “tags” to use - it is now useless to me. Supposedly an update was just installed by me - but there was no change. Just awful in every way!
  • A Step in the wrong direction 2/5

    By RandyML
    This app was decent on iOS 10, but for whatever reason apple made some more up changes to the app that have taken a few steps backward. As of now (11/20/2017) on iOS 11 the app is designed to incorporate the files app. I preferred the old look. That wouldn’t too much of a big deal, except now the app doesn’t properly sort files by date. It simply fails. I other words, if I edit a document, the folder that contains the document should float to the top as the most recently edited document, but the app no longer does this properly like it used it. It simply doesn’t work. I’ve been waiting for Apple to fix this issue. I do not think that Apple believes that new features need to come at the expense of older ones. I would rather use the older app on iOS 10. I’m having the same problem on Pages for Mac.
  • Locks you out of documents 2/5

    By htfgigddv
    There’s a problem where it won’t let you access your documents unless you restart the device. It happens many times and sometimes documents will disappear altogether. As an author, this is very concerning because when it does that I fear my book I’ve been working on for months will disappear. The only reason I give it two stars is because it’s easier to use than google docs.
  • I’m in love again! 5/5

    By CesarZz
    This app is seriously amazing, I only hope they keep up with maintenance right after major updates. I use it for everything: work, school, and personal use. Great and very user friendly.
  • Huge fan of Pages, but not of this update 2/5

    By JMZunion
    I am HUGELY disappointed in a couple of things regarding the latest update. First of all, and it might seem like a small thing, but you now (for some totally senseless reason) cannot rename a file while you are in the file. WHY??? Why should I have to completely out of the file to rename it? This is an issue for people like me who are using files as templates which need to renamed multiple times per day. Along with this, you also can not DUPLICATE a file from Pages - now you must go into “Files” to duplicate, and then open the file to get back to Pages. I also do this multiple times a day, and it has slowed down my flow significantly. Very disappointed. Please change this!!!
  • HORRIBLE. Useless, time-wasting, ugly. 1/5

    By 62tiger
    Also: Since Apple “submits” your “review” for you when you even touch the stars, I am guessing that many of the 5-star “reviews” are, like one I apparently just submitted, mistakes! 1 star. I would give a zero if I could. I used to love Pages, despite some of its slowness and etc. But now I hate it. The 8 steps it takes to name a document (now only available as “Rename,” and requiring, literally, 8 steps, including immediately closing the document you just opened) make my workflow impossible. As a writer, I use Pages for poetry and drafts and often want and need multiple documents open at once. To have every document “named” “for” me as Blank x is not only absurd, it’s a complete time waster —and the fact that I can’t quickly name/rename a doc from within the doc is worse. Also, the new views are ugly — the whole thing is just a mess. How could anyone design a word-processing program so that naming your documents is a massive interruption in workflow? How could anyone design a word-processing program where all of your documents have essentially the same exact name automatically applied to them, forcing you to completely interrupt your workflow to rename them so that you will have a chance at knowing what they are later .... when previously, you could tell what it was .... it’s as if whoever designed this update (3 and beyond) never used the program.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By idhsh
    I got this app for homework purposes but when I went to create a new document it just gave my an error message and I can’t use it because of that reason please fix this problem
  • Update issue 1/5

    By Jump doodle
    I installed the latest update and now I can’t open any of my documents! Please fix!!!
  • Update wiped out files 1/5

    By Alta1234
    After the latest update I can no longer open any of the files I have on my IPad. Do no update.
  • Worst update 1/5

    By Madeilaine
    I couldn’t open my documents on my iPad at all after downloading this new update just last week. I have iMac but I’d rather do it here on iPad because it’s so convenient to take it with me wherever I go. I’m so disappointed to apple. I never had any problem in the past updates but this new one is sooo sooo terrible.
  • Ugg 2/5

    By Luckeys Itunes
    App was good till the recent update now I can even get on any of my pages I created
  • Cannot Open Documents 1/5

    By sscaterpillar
    I love this app but for the past couple of weeks I've been unable to open any of my documents. Please fix this.
  • Cannot Open Documents 1/5

    By GemTheWolf
    I updated the app today and I can no longer open the documents. I will click on them and it takes me no where. I even made a new document to see if the problem persisted with that one and it did. I’m very upset, I had some important works on there and I want to access them.
  • Please add tabs like One Note as Option 3/5

    By JustpeachynDC
    Love using Pages because it’s a beautiful writing app and it syncs seamlessly with iCloud. MAJOR BONUS! But Pages Developers you soooo need to add a tabs format like Outline Pro or One Note, PLEEEEEASE GOD! Please ADD THAT AS A FEATURE. IT is so hard to see all the pages especially if you have sub folders. It is so hard organize and follow. Please update PAGES with that feature.
  • Why apple 1/5

    By Mlgproquickspoper
    Justa complete copy of word but slower and less choice this is the pinticle of why I hate apple
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By TDJ1010
    I can no longer access most of the documents that I created with this program since the last update!!
  • Does not open old docs 1/5

    By Zimon Zayz
    I did an update and it will not open nor let me share old documents, making this a nightmare as I have many docs on my iPhone that I cannot open.
  • Support iPhone X 4/5

    By Alex.kun
    When will it support iPhone X?
  • Not working! 2/5

    By Fishjsims
    Love this app and it was working fine but now I can’t open any of my documents!!! Need help

    By PeekMeUp
    Terrible. Like many others, my files will not open, delete or share all of a sudden. It says my files “do not exist” when I try to do any of the above. I have important documents that are completely inaccessible at this point. Gone. Ridiculous. They need to FIX THIS NOW!!
  • Constant problems 1/5

    By 19harrison86
    I have nothing but problems out of this app. I have an iPhone 6 Plus with the latest iOS and the app is up to date. It is constantly glitching. May or may not recognize files and won’t respond half the time.
  • GARBAGE. Where are my files?! 1/5

    By s.tbn84
    *UPDATE* 11/16/17 - Now all my files that were in Pages are GONE! They’ve somehow been deleted, don’t know where they’ve ended up and some of the files were confidential. Awesome job, Apple. *ORIGINAL REVIEW* App freezes now and documents won’t open. You click on files and it just hangs & does nothing. Newest Pages version 3.3.1 & newest iOS version 11.1.1 on an iPhone 7. The app at this point is essentially useless, and I desperately need to open/view/edit docs with it on this specific device, so right now I’m screwed. Also, the newest UI is something awful. Hard to navigate, control and find things that used to be very simple. iOS 11 (as a whole) and the version of Pages that was re-vamped to be compatible, has been an absolute nightmare. Completely ruined and it seems like nothing is being done. Look at the reviews; I’m far from the only person who is experiencing major flaws. What are you doing, Apple? What exactly is your vision for iOS 11 and the apps to go with it? Nothing has been seamless, good or IMO, improved at all. Feels like we’ve gone backwards.
  • 升级之后文档全部丢失 1/5

    By 9:8
  • Professional and easy. 5/5

    By mRast
    I can’t back to Microsoft.
  • You Fixed the Update! 4/5

    By Wade Preston
    What’s the deal with I️ popping up every time I try to put in “I” Fix this, please. Wasting my time having to fix this every time ... like I️ just had to do ... see there?
  • Help 1/5

    By Majed Qtr
    Old files do not open after the new update What is the solution
  • Why no Pencil Support? 3/5

    By TheRabidWookiee
    Honestly, I don’t understand why you develop and IPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and you don’t have it work with Pages app. Even the Microsoft Word app lets you use the pencil, tho, unfortunately you have to pay a monthly fee to use Word. But please add this feature! Also, you should allow the color of the background of the document to be changed.
  • Pages not working 1/5

    By mad snappy
    I have an iPhone X and I have pages installed on it But it does not work Fix it Mad user

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