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Palmistry & Daily Horoscope

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Palmistry & Daily Horoscope App

Palmistry & Daily Horoscope is an ultimate fortune-telling app that helps you find out more about your future. You will get detailed personal results about your health, life, heart lines and special marks. All you need is to scan both left and right palms. Be confident and ready to face the future! Along with palm readings, the app provides daily horoscope forecasts and compatibility tests that fit every taste. See what your sun sign has to tell you. Discover your mutual compatibility for love, success, parentship and much more! Know every aspect of your future today! FEATURES: - Instant palm reading - Daily horoscope forecasts - Multiple compatibility tests The app contains the following subscription options: - Monthly ($9.99) with a 7-day free trial period - Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: * The app cannot guarantee 100% accurate data, consider using it for entertainment purposes.


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Palmistry & Daily Horoscope app reviews

  • Crappy Scam App 1/5

    By Daymi14
    Yea the app might be free at download but to use the palm reader they charge $10 very SNEAKILY. Not only that but the palm reading was s**t. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want to be scammed.
  • Not worth being tricked into paying $10! 1/5

    By MilaMNYC
    You scan your palms and then it automatically asks you if you want to see the result as you have your finger already on the home button/Touch ID so it automatically charged me without me having the chance to even read what the pop up message said. The reading is general and totally not worth $10 - I definitely want my money back.

    By appalachian rose
    and you’re going to be. best of luck
  • Trick 1/5

    By AlexTins
    You have to sign up for a recurring $9.99 charge in order to get your reading. Stupid.
  • You can’t recall it 1/5

    By LainyLane
    Once you’ve paid $9.99 to get your results you can’t access them again. I ended up paying for it twice since it doesn’t save it.
  • A scam 1/5

    By Supercat Whitepaw
    Unless you're willing to pay $10 for virtually nothing then I'd advise not getting this façade of an act.
  • Waste of $ 1/5

    By Tritchhh
    The in-app purchases are overpriced, lack detail, and the information given isn’t relevant or accurate. Not worth the $.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Kelseyjeanne.d
    Pretty lame that the app is advertised as free but the palm reading is $10 and you have to have the pro version to have access to the majority of the app. I would so much rather pay $3-$4 upfront and an additional $1 for other features here and there than feel lied to and tricked. Just feeding in to the negative stereotypes of tarot cards and palm reading via technology now.

    By tony :"0
    Seriously, everyone but those paid 5 stars is rating this app 1 star!!!! How is it possible that the average star rating it 4 stars?

    By moneeka_mo
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Nikkerzz
    It won't let me unsubscribe from the subscription now! 😑
  • You have to pay! 1/5

    By Crickette897
    I saw the cool advertisement for this on Facebook and how it was free for getting your palm read. After 20 minutes of trying to get it just right, to get the results I had to pay 10 bucks to get them. Not worth it, not free.
  • Has you put in personal info then pay for results 1/5

    By Cierrala
    It has you put in all this personal info after downloading it for free, then in order to do literally anything you have to pay. Total scam, tried to get me to pay $10 for a fortune telling thing I wanted to do for fun -.- unless you have the money to waste, I really suggest you do NOT get this app.
  • Not free- a scam! 1/5

    By Kellie Brooks
    Don't do it. Bait & switch.
  • ?! 2/5

    By J9andWhat
    I spent the money. I can’t go back to my review. It gave me my horoscope and very little palmistry. I liked what it said, but I can’t go back to it. And now it wants more money to say new things.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By bayliejo
    Forces your hand into an unrealistic pose, just to end up with no results. Obviously a great way to scam people put of their money and nothing else. The capability side is bs too. Do not waist your time with this app, and definitely don't waist your money
  • Disappointed!! 1/5

    By Blassfamy
    What a scheme they have going! Not only is it 10 bucks to buy the thing but you can’t even access your report after exiting the app, which they don’t disclose to you at all!
  • This app ripped me off 1/5

    By Juliarose1999
    I wish I could give this negative stars it's a total scam I was just resting my thumb on the home button when the payment thing popped up and before I could even read it it was too late. I want my money back you should change it so people have to confirm.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By MeEthos808
    This app BLOWS. Total waste of money. I've gotten 30 minute in depth palm readings for $5. Also it doesn't really seem like it's a palm reading. Seems like they take your birthday and just tell you your horoscope. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
  • Nothing for free 1/5

    By TravelLiz
    A palm reading is $10 each
  • Retarded 1/5

    By Spencealot1
    THIS APP IS A SCAM! IT MAKES YOU PAY $10 FOR LIES! There are many other apps for free that are much better
  • A Rip-Off 1/5

    By RavenC
    What a bunch of sneaky, snake-like losers who created this app. It's almost like they're preying on dumb millenials or something.. It's a so-called "free" 'palm-reading' app in which THEY DON'T TELL YOU IT CO$T$ $10 bux of credit card debt (which they will probably collect data, steal and sell, no doubt..and who KNOWS where our personal data goes). I feel like a sucker! I'm deleting this B$ 'app' immediately.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By trynsnd
    You have to pay for everything

    They say it’s free.....ITS NOT!! Then it says it is on auto renew but doesn’t tell you how to cancel it. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By audie_poo
    Free app? Yes. But you have to pay to get results. What a ripoff! Deleting now...
  • NOT FREE!! 1/5

    By Bredef
    You download the app, enter your name and birth date, take a photo of each hand and then when your results are ready ask you to purchase them for $9.99.
  • Scam Warning. 1/5

    By Uliuliulio1357
    This app gets one star for costing 10 bucks and being “free on the App Store”. NOTHING ABOUT IT IS FREE. Apple should regulate the apple so so scams like this don’t happen. It should be either that you can’t make the actual app free and have it still cost money to use any part of it or force a huge disclaimer on the first page of the app on the App Store. Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t care how amazing it works.
  • Do not get 1/5

    By BridgettlovesChad
    Said they needed my thumbprint for authorization. After I used my thumb to access their app, it popped up "you will be charged 9.99 to your iTunes account." Contacted for a refund and they never responded. Had to go through apple to get my refund back. #scam
  • Scam!!! 1/5

    By Rates
    There should be a way to give zero stars. I thought I was moving on to the next screen but it charged me $10!! It's a generic horoscope. Not worth it!! And, it's says it's going to auto-renew but there's no way to cancel!!
  • Don't download it 1/5

    By Patient no. 9
    It will just ask for money
  • Make you pay for a reading 1/5

    By Garden83634
  • Requires purchase 1/5

    By bmac2283
    Free app but requires $10 to read your palm. I'd suggest just charging $1.99 for the app. Total rip off and waste of time.
  • Not worth $10! I want my money back. 1/5

    By muffy and molly
    They make you take two photos one of each hand and you can’t actually fit your hand in the stencil they give you then just to move forward for any kind of reading you have to pay! Then the reading just a couple of small paragraphs. For $10 I would think they would show you where your lines are and what they mean. It’s more about my horoscope than my palm reading. There’s a percent on each section and I don’t understand I got a 78% on success but what it said was that I was bad with my money. It didn’t make any sense.
  • Says free but then charges you 1/5

    By Butterflyflyhigh
    Unfortunately this app is $9.99 after advertised for free.
  • Bait and Switch 2/5

    By Gwen Sandelvar
    Says free and then charges $9.99 for palm reading
  • Lame 1/5

    By The rater 12
    You have to pay to do the cool stuff
  • Did not agree to pay! 1/5

    By Rabbitsblinkyblink
    I would like to be refunded ASAP! I had to use my finger to close the app once told u would be charged $10 and it went through! I DO NOT AGREE - this is a scam!
  • RIP OFF 1/5

    By David’s Settings
    Charges $10 to read your palm, so stupid
  • Crap 1/5

    By apps4576
    Misleading- no palm details as images lead you to believe. I want my money back.
  • Complete waste of money 1/5

    By drkakali
    Please spare your $9.99. The reading is generic taken from horoscope books and sites. There's nothing in the reading that is personalized other than what your star sign means which you can find for free anyway. Don't buy!
  • RIP OFF!! 1/5

    By Samiiiii x3
    Free app but in order to do anything with it you must pay $10!! Scam!
  • SCAM ****** Not worth it & Not easy to get rid of it 1/5

    By Comcast customer (unhappy)
    This app is not magic, there are plenty of other resources to find out about your zodiac sign. The palm reading wasn't resourceful either. There is a 7DAY FREE TRAIL AND I STILL GOT CHARGED FOR $9.99 - sent a complaint to Apple. And make sure they won't charge you as a monthly subscriber.
  • I'm with "Sneaky $10 spent"! WtH? 1/5

    By Mollyomalley
    Here's a palm reading: DOOMED FATE IF YOU PROCEED! Don't do it!! You think it's free, then you open it and in small print that flashes by before you can stop it, you've been charged 9.99!! No! I don't want this. This is not what I was agreeing to. I too would like a full refund. You can keep your app. This should not be allowed by the App Store. Bad business.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Solacexrawr
    If you want to spend 10$ on something you could get at a live fortune teller for the same price by all means but it's a waste of money. Took 8 tries to get my palm and then it sneaks up on you with a payment. I deleted it as soon as the price tag came up.
  • Just a few suggestions here 1/5

    By Maddie2024
    Saw this on insta... “ Looks Amusing “ I download it and put my name in first to find my zodiac sign... “ Purchase For 10.00 $ “ decided to maybe try something different because I don’t feel like spending 10 $ for a reading that may or may not be correct. Moving on to “ Palm Reading” oh look YOU HAVE TO PAY 10$ for ONE rating. Now, I hope the people who did spend 10$ get the information they wanted but to me this is just a complete plain off the bat RIP OFF and a waste of time and money. Here are a few suggestions that could possibly help. One is you could lower the price to 5$ and even that can be a little to high. Also, at least let the people who want to see what they got for a palm reading , what’s the point of this app if you can’t even see your palm reading unless you pay 10$. Last, I think you should maybe add a few more details like more information and a daily update about your horoscope and such... maybe even send an email. Point is there’s a LOT of potential for this app.
  • 🚨 WARNING 🚨 1/5

    By CL30.
    There is an in-app purchase of $9.99 to do a reading. When you click the GET RESULTS button it brings up Apple Pay and if you touch the home button to exit the app you get charged $9.99. I had to call Apple to get a refund. 😡😭🙄😬
  • Let people know it’s a $10 purchase 1/5

    By Lesa👸🏽
    I started to put in my information even took the picture of my hand but on you ur Instagram it say FREE
  • I really wish I could give this zero stars 1/5

    By Mstar1486
    I really wish I could give this zero stars because this app is so deceiving!!! They make you believe that it’s free so you download it try all the games on it and then BOOM !! Just like that they’re asking you for money to continue to read a freakin horoscope that you could get off google for free. What a rip off!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bell swag
    They make you pay $10 for it to read your hand. I sat there for 5 minutes trying to get it to take a picture of my hand and then they ask for $10 dollars.
  • I wish there is a negative rating!!! 1/5

    By I ❤️THIS APP!!!!!
    This app is a rip off! It asks you questions and when it gets to the results it asks you to pay "free" results and it is $10😤 Like honey nobody has that much money to waste on a dumb app that might take ur money😬

Palmistry & Daily Horoscope app comments


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