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Paper by FiftyThree

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  • Current Version: 4.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FiftyThree, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Paper by FiftyThree App

Paper® is the immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paper—handwriting notes, drafting, diagramming, sketching, and giving form to their vision. FIND YOUR FLOW Sketch, draw, diagram, color, write notes: No matter what the inspiration, you can get it down on Paper. Capture your ideas in beautiful, 3D Journals that keep you focused and in your creative flow. Fast, gesture-based navigation makes it easy and natural to use Paper. Easily move your ideas into Paste, our app for creative teams. SKETCH WITH CONFIDENCE Every tool tuned to perfection: draw, sketch, outline, write, color, diagram, cut, fill, and mix. Auto-correction snaps rough drawings to straight lines and crisp shapes for quickly drafting architectures and diagrams. Drop in templates like grid, lines, and storyboard to help structure your ideas. WORK ON THE IDEA, NOT THE TOOL Paper’s simple, quiet interface and gestural navigation offer you space to create without the distraction of controls and sliders. Pencil and touch superpowers let you draw, cut, and move without switching modes. Drag to easily rearrange pages, group notes with sketches, annotate photos, even "undo" with a gesture and stay in the flow. YOUR IDEAS, YOUR WORLD Arrange your personal set of Journals with beautiful covers to customize your creative space. Expand your pages to view them as a grid for easy organization. BECOME A PRO Take your creativity to the next level. Get additional tools and features by subscribing to Paper Pro. Subscription is optional, and you can cancel anytime. To subscribe, visit the Paper Pro section in the Settings menu. Paper Pro is an optional renewing 6-month subscription. You can cancel at any time. * Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account once you confirm the purchase. * Your subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To opt out, you must turn off the auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. * Manage changes to your subscription in the iTunes Account Settings. * Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you purchase a Paper Pro subscription. Love Paper? Please leave a review! We read every comment, review, and tweet, and your thoughts and suggestions are taken into serious consideration as we continue to evolve Paper. 

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  • Almost there 3/5

    By J.1Felix
    Update Dec 14, 2017 I haven't updated this app since they first took away the journals. While I'm thrilled to see the journals returned, it would be nice to be able to import our own images for covers :) I understand it might be a shock for "newer" users, (damned if you do, damned if you don't) but this concept of storing our art into journals was one of the main things that made paper such a loved drawing app from the beginning. It is nice to feel like we are actually being listened to now, hopefully his will be the first step towards a better relationship with the developers and their customers. Update Dec 19, 2015 I'm also a bit suspicious seeing these sudden 5 star reviews, maybe for a new user it is a cool app, but seriously... To the developers, I think it's fine you wanna move forward with function and design, but why not just make a simple option to make it so people can revert their interface (for free I might add) back to the original concept? I loved this app, but it's just hard to "want" to use it after this new makeover. Old review: I was so excited to check out the new updates after using Paper 53 for a few years, only to be mortified to see that my well organized collection of virtual sketchbooks are now replaced by a headache inducing clutter of messy "papers". While most of the updates seem cool, I agree that this UI update is a big turnoff.
  • My Favorite APP 5/5

    By Acrobatic don
    Best app ever! In previous version. Now I’m lost! New update is unnavigable! Help. What happened to my favorite app?
  • Paper kills rocks and scissors every time 5/5

    By HPRefugee
    Dec 2017- update. Paper is still my go-to drawing and idea processor program. I use it to annotate images, draw ideas, or anything that requires a quick and easy way of drawing an inspiration. I use this for draft process flow diagrams (PFDs), circuitries, maps, product concepts and deep design layouts. I have customers who are using products where the original idea is on Paper. The first time I saw this program, I thought it was for the artists who do amazing things on the iPad. However, it is ideal for the graphically-challenged, like me. It is probably the best idea processor out there. It takes away the sloppy graphics and gives you straight lines and a lot of tools to redo and clarify. I no longer have to write a treatise on an idea, but simply draw. It is the first program that I use that makes an developing idea e-mail-worthy, with minimal explanatory notes. The last update is awesome. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  • Not Happy... 1/5

    By kikomoko
    I bought into the new paper app and then I found all of my past work hard to locate. My journal covers now had been erased and I couldn’t get any photo images back on my books like I had previously to the new update. What can I do to reverse back to my original work? I’d like to reverse this new concept.
  • DO NOT UPDATE -New Version is Oooff! 1/5

    By MrHokie
    Rated it a 2 because some of the old still works. New layout is clunky and added features which are not intuitive to work you are doing. ***Pencil no longer works with new version, and all of the good stuff that you seldom used you want to charge me for now. Come on man!
  • Miss the old paper 3/5

    By kristasaur
    I've used this app for a couple of years and I genuinely miss the the old version. The format has become a little confusing and the last time I used it, it was hard to tell the genuine artists from the real ones ever since the update to allow uploading pictures and drawing on them etc.
  • Update Great 5/5

    By Ralei
    The update harkens back to Paper’s beginnings! I love the journal view! I downloaded Paper when it was a brand, new app. So I’ve been with them since the start. Many don’t like the new update because they don’t understand the “new” journal interface, but it makes me happy to have it back after several years. Keep it up Paper! I look forward to all the upcoming features! You’ve got a loyal patron in me. Also, I use it in my 6th grade math class to draw math notes for my kids and they love the work I do in Paper!
  • Totally unintuitive 1/5

    By beatrixkiddo10439
    I have paper pro. Can't figure out how to paste what I copied, though I managed to do it once by accident. Can't figure out how to use the eyedropper or expanded color palette, if they even exist. The cutting tool is incredibly clunky. It's hard to move between pages without accidentally cutting something or drawing across the paper. One good improvement is that the tool palette can now fully hide, but that's the only improvement I see so far. No helpful tutorials on their 'help' page to describe how to use any of these tools.
  • Terrible Update 3/5

    By Basha24
    Ever since the update I can't tell how things work anymore. The picture won't go away or move, it's complicated and confusing at times how to make something do what it's supposed to do. This update has only caused problems for me and I'm sure that's the same for everybody else.
  • 4.0 is a disaster 1/5

    By Bebemd
    Used Paper since the 53 Pencil days, then really kicked up a notch on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It has become my go-to note taking, sketching, and markup app. I’d purchased all the tools/ options etc in-app and was happy to do so, as I got so much great use out of it. Was keen to see this update until…it actually happened. Now I would give it zero stars if I could. My beef: I believe the developer (53) has profoundly crippled the app and broken faith with its (paid!) users. Specific major criticisms follow. In the release of 4.0, 53 has: 1: throttled palettes 2: removed camera access 3: removed ability to see a list of books or grids 4: removed ability to apply your own image to the cover of sketchbooks. Now you only have access to a few color combinations There are probably others, and perhaps a few things to cheer in the free or subscription version. But I refuse to spend time looking for such ‘silver linings’ or even consider misleading the developer by giving them more of my $$ without some confidence that they are proceeding in an honorable way. Really, it’s a shame. I was a huge evangelist for Paper. Now? A hard DO NOT RECOMMEND. ps I think I’m going to start tweeting this out on Monday, along with my conjectures of WHY they went so awry. hint: see the theory of “bad profits...” Want to convince me I’m missing something important or being unfair? /END RANT/
  • Great 5/5

    By Mikhail Telfair
    Great we will use it again just great I love it sooooo much
  • Bad update 2/5

    By PaperUser
    The update with the journal look is horrible. I can't figure out how to get my files back to just a list. I use this app for work every day and having to swipe for the categories is awful and a waste of time. I would like them listed and able to alphabetize. Sincerely, Annoyed Paper User
  • Not worth the purchase 1/5

    By dbrynne
    No, the app is not “ingeniously designed.” The $6 for “premium” features isn’t even close to worth it. The tools don’t work half the time and even when they do, they don’t add any real value. I thought this would be a good app to use for digital drawing, but really what I want from this app now is either a MAJOR update that makes it actually useful, or my $6 back.
  • Disingenuous update 1/5

    By paulasmf
    Not at all happy with the latest update, not only are the journals cumbersome to navigate, they also ignored the previous covers I had set up, and on top of it all the objects which I used to be able to drag and drop are crashing the app. Not a fan. EDIT: also, impossible to see the EXIT, UNDO and REDO buttons with a dark background. And now I can't swiftly switch between written note and sketch, can't even visualize the sketch while writing. Definitely not a fan, glad I did not buy the pencil after all...
  • Are you kidding me? 1/5

    By John in PA
    To the developer: If Paper stopped supporting the feature over two years ago (I’m suspicious that’s accurate) my notebooks were intact up until a recent update. Now the feature is not only unsupported but retroactively removed from all of my content. And maybe I didn’t “pay” for a specific feature, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t factor into my decision to support your app and commit to giving you any money in the first place. I’m glad the feature is coming back, but this response is still shady. Original review: I was a pro user with the original app... even had two Pencils that worked okay (never great) until they just died. I wanted to support the developer because I loved the product. I used it for all kinds of notes and sketches. I had 20 notebooks identified by colors and custom artwork. Now I open the app and all my work is shoved into 20 identical black notebooks that I have to pay to customize. Plus features I regularly used are now behind a paywall. I’m reading the developer responses and they are tone deaf. They played bait and switch with their users. The argument is that the features you “paid” for aren’t locked behind a paywall. Maybe, technically, that’s “mostly” true. But people didn’t pay extra for brushes and pens. They paid extra for brushes and pens to use with Paper. When you put what devs consider “free” features behind a paywall (like something as silly as journal customization) they are taking features away from pro (paying) users. Not only taking away features, but actually going in and changing the no longer “free” artwork you created in your device. I’m very sad this developer turns out to be so hostile to users. I’ll use my money to find an alternative that isn’t going to steal my work. I get it... developers need revenue to maintain software. But these actions are just rotten to the core.
  • New subscription model is awful; abandoning app 1/5

    By hoorayberet00
    Current review: I am not a fan of the new subscription model and their approach. Sorry, it’s just not for me at all. Competition offers for free what this app is trying to get money for. No thank you. I am abandoning this app and can only encourage you to do the same. There are better ways they could support themselves than forcing folks to pay for features which should be free. I believe in rewarding true innovation. “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” — Steve Jobs Previous review title: Needs better journaling to use as a real pencil-like stylus Previous review: The Paper app is wonderful! I love that it's free and it's even better with the Pencil stylus. However, my sincerest wish is that the journal part of the app allowed to write in a journal mode similar to how the Moleskine journal app is setup. In fact, I requested that the Moleskine app team incorporate the Pencil stylus SDK/platform and they hope to incorporate it (based on their response). Initially I was shocked that 53 wasn't offered in offering a feature-rich experience where one could journal and/or be as productive with note-taking with iPad and the Pencil stylus by 53. Moleskine has since offered Pencil 53's styles support and it just not magical. It's terrible. I purchased the stylus to help support 53's efforts...I'm a bit disappointed in their response to suggestions. I understand they may not have the funding to offer such enhancements. But the feedback from people that are new to iPad or to using my iPad in an education or business settings is the wish to take better notes. ("Better notes" has meant: able to record in an easy fashion - like a journal or notebook - and also apply technology to further the input methods. i.e. - allow for handwriting recognition (or OCR) so that users can search through their own notes.) Personally, I love the form-factor/design of the stylus Pencil...I know that many prefer the slimmer design of a pencil-like design of Apple Pencil. Now, I have arthritis and I believe that the bigger Pencil stylus is great for people with arthritis. Not everyone has arthritis. The Paper app by Pencil seems only for "journaling" by taking a list of notes and not serious journaling. Treat this beautiful stylus with complimentary features that make people want to use it (other than the drawing bit - which is quite phenomenal). So in short, the app is great for drawing and design options. But to do some note-taking or journaling, just go for another app (and I don't recommend the Moleskine app either, at this point). I hope this review is helpful. And I look forward to enhancements in the app. I am impressed that they offer journals to be backed up. I wished that they offered an iPhone companion app to do quick sketches or notes that could integrate into the Paper app. (Again, I use the Moleskine apps as a reference. OR you can refer to the GoodNotes 4 app.)
  • Hate the update 1/5

    By Annoyed daily user
    Not often that you run into an update where they remove functionality from an app. I used this almost everyday to storyboard for work and was shocked to open my iPad to the update version of paper. I can no longer quickly duplicate pages, there are less options , and I can’t export PowerPoints anymore??? I don’t want to use your NEW paste app to make presentations. Why the hell would I add another step to my work flow? I liked paper because it was quicker to use than Procreate, even though Procreate is a much better drawing app. So disappointed
  • Latest update 2/5

    By Gordon Winke
    App was more fluid, and geared towards drawing. This latest version seems to have gone backwards. Just one example: when the tool bar is made hidden at the bottom of the screen, the buttons outside it at the top are hidden too, such as undo. Or there’s the weird format of having to exit panel view and see notebook view every time you want to use the ‘duplicate’ functionality. More clunky. Previous version was solid 5 stars though.
  • Used to love... 1/5

    By gwynnieadc
    I really loved the original version of this app. But I don't like the new update. You have to pay for stuff that was originally free to use, such as the diagram, cut, and fill. You also can't move photos to be the size you want anymore, or change the covers of the notebooks. It is frustrating.
  • New update is incomplete 1/5

    By Rsingaby
    While the developers intention to revamp the interface and enhance the user experience is clear and appreciated, the product isn’t there yet. The interface seems less intuitive than before, the slider of black journal covers is dull, and not being able to simply view a quick list of my 60+ journals as before is just wrong. The “done” button on the paper space that allowed you to then swipe between papers is gone, you have to go back to your grid to choose another paper or add a new one... Overall, the experience seems to be more complicated than before, and I choose to use a different note/ sketching app for now. Waiting for a fix.
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By All Charged Up
    I tried to use Paper, but found it confusing and difficult to use. Then, I was penalized for my efforts. This last update wiped out all of my files except one small one. Since I had logged critical info there, I was in a real panic until I remembered I also had it on another device that I had not updated. So, I went to the other device and tediously copied every file. Good thing, because today Paper updated its file on my other device without my permission and now all of the files are gone everywhere from their app. I didn’t intend to use them any more after the first fiasco, but now I am deleting the app with much pleasure and a hooray that they’re gone.
  • Love App but… 3/5

    By Deanze
    I really do love this app but somethings changed and messed up my workflow. Main thing is bringing images into my workspace now fills the screen. I always would snap a picture or pull images off google and write notes around them but now it fills up the whole screen and looks crappy when I present. Is this something that can be fixed? I even purchased the 6 month thing hoping this feature was fixed in that purchase...but nope :(
  • Updated review 4/5

    By csong629
    I won’t give up on Paper53. There are some strange quirks going on, but I can’t believe they won’t address them: inability to zoom, rotate or move imported photos, freezing up, when zoomed unable to move the drawing. I still like this app very very much. I will give them time to work these issues out. I’ve come so far with them.....
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By jd0101010101
    EDIT: I have used paper for a few years now to organize my meeting notes. I do not like the last update. I can’t figure out how to reorder the Journals. The gigantic journal images add nothing to the experience, and makes it cumbersome to navigate. The pay-for subscription pro features don’t add any value at all other than useless aesthetics. I’m used to looking for controls where they use to be and they are just not as easy to use now. I really liked the app before because it was simple and useful. I am thankful for the app that it used to be, but unfortunately, this just does not work for me anymore. I’m going to have to switch to Notability or OneNote. ———— ORIGINAL: I use it on my iPad Pro to keep notes throughout the day and during meetings. I also use it to create flow diagrams and network topology diagrams. It's super-useful to whiteboard during WeEx meetings (use QuickTime to share the iPad screen content). I tried a few other apps (including OneNote) and like this the App best for the purposes I listed above. It's handy to organize by grids. I also have it on my iPhone so I can refer to notes etc taken earlier if I don't have my iPad with me. I made a vow not to have any paper notepads anymore after I got this app. Now notes are never misplaced. Saves paper clutter, too. Apps like this are justification to purchase an iPad Pro. Great app.
  • Update is no good 1/5

    By bmonske
    Lost the ability to reorder the workbooks. Can’t scroll through multiple workbooks on the side tab. Can’t resize photos imported. I was happier with the programs previous version.
  • Getting Better at a fast pace 4/5

    By Mr..Dessert
    With these new updates, I am much happier, but not feeling perfect yet. Still waiting for the ability to take photos in app and also being able to resize the image background. I’m happy that you guys are working on the custom backgrounds for notebooks as well as on the navigation interface. Keep up the fast updates, and please make your next priority adding photos straight from the camera, and the ability to resize backgrounds.
  • Hey its back!!! 5/5

    By silverzippo
    After years of original paper users complaining about the “improved” format, they’ve brought back the Journal format. I’m happy about this and I don’t mind paying the $5.99/6 months fee. Developers gotta eat too and if it means that this app continues to be supported that I’m fine with that. I see that they have a new app called Paste. Haven’t checked it out but it looks like more of a “business” app. I started using Paper many years ago because it was the most natural app for a creative type. I’m glad it’s back and will be using it once again. Thanks for listening.
  • From 5 to 1 and back to 5 again 5/5

    By Élias de Kelliwic’h
    I see most complain about the subscription, I am not. If you want good software you can rely on, you need to pay. And Paper is not expensive at all for what you get. Most issues I have reported are either fixed or going to be fixed as shown on their update notes. Keep the good work 53!
  • A delightful drawing app 5/5

    By Ron Jeffries
    I have almost every drawing app available (really). I prefer Paper™ to them all, for almost any drawing purpose. My book /The Nature of Software Development/ has a picture on almost every page, all drawn with Paper. Any quality issues with the pics are those of the author, not the product. Paper is elegant, has a unique set of tools, and offers an approach that is unusual, and to me, quite nice. This is not a giant toolkit like P****S*** or even other iPad apps. It’s simple, lean, and lovely. Highly recommended.
  • Well I’m Bummed 1/5

    By TKring
    Just upgraded and I lost all most of favorite features (personalized journal covers, cut/paste). Apparently, I can get them back if I buy a subscription fee. Feel like I’m being held hostage. Hope I’m overlooking something. Update: Developers, thank you for responding. my apologies on the covers. Tho I use this app frequently, I never noticed that my covers were gone until this update. My husband tells me that I need to be more observant. Upgraded rating.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Boh57!
    From 5 stars they downgraded the app to 1 star. Do not upgrade. The presentations are grouped in a horrible black books Could not import photos I found it difficult to use it. The undo-redo and the “X” command are difficult to see in busy background. I would never pay 5.99$/6months for something like this
  • Update is no good.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Mikel27
    The new update is full of design flaws and a good example of 'if it's not broke don't try and fix it'. So much more difficult to navigate and find what you need conveniently not to mention user-friendly editing has become below par. Nothing like a good swipe of 'paint' the app doesn't allow you undo when trying to flip between pictures or pull up menus.. Switching back to an app I used previously for my designs.
  • Subscription refund 1/5

    By twolepta
    I leaved refund message through apple subscription confrim mail, but I didnt receive any message from you. It is totally fraudulent method that put subscription button besides restore my purchase button. Im not willing to purchase subscription this time and for all. Give my money back.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Markquag
    Thanks to updates-I lost EVERYTHING!
  • Awesome app...until the latest update 1/5

    By TheGallifreyanAlto
    This was honestly one of my favorite apps EVER—and they just completely trashed everything good about it. First they took away Mix, which was one thing; frankly, it was becoming a big pile of spam and role players who apparently don’t know that 53’s a DRAWING app. But that was still annoying, because the few people who used the feature like they were intended to were amazing, inspiring artists, and usually very kind people. THEN they updated it, AGAIN, and oh boy. I’ve suffered through and even come to appreciate some of the last updates—cut and paste was helpful, text was irritating and caused spam, but useful for some things, etc.—but this users may not realize that the “new” journal format IS THE OLDEST VERSION I REMEMBER, come back to haunt us. That was the format of the app when I started using it, 4 YEARS AGO. The worst part, though? They’ve taken away features that USED. TO. BE. FREE. I mean, if they’d added new restricted features, I’d be cool with that. But no, the same features that used to free, like setting your journal cover as a page or photo, and apparently even being able to delete a card, cost money now. Let me just pause a moment to point out how stupid this is: I CAN’T DELETE A CARD. What if I mess up?? We’re humans, people! And I don’t appreciate having the rewind buttons moved to an idiotic place, and the palette made tiny, and the cards such that you can’t do ANYTHING with them. Including DELETE THEM!!! Literally the ONLY good thing about the new update is that the tools are easier to see all at once, and I still wouldn’t give up the palette design for that. So, if the developers are reading this, and I hope they do, let me just say two things: 1) I apologize if I’ve been rude or overly harsh; you guys have done a good job until now. 2) As a long-time user who has appreciated the smooth interface of the app for years, I implore you, on behalf of all Mixers and users: PLEEEEEASE give us back the old interface! At the very least, the card design, with the ‘Done’ and ‘share’ buttons, and the normal pallete and undo button positions. It will make the app once again useable and enjoyable for us all. Thank you. UPDATE: Sorry, I am very unobservant. After having read reviews from people who liked the journals, I understand that change, although I don’t really like it as much. If y’all fix all the things the description says you will, it will be good again. :)
  • One of best visualization tool seen so far 5/5

    By smarisetti
    The new version is very smooth and professional. Easy to write, color, snap shapes, move the shapes around. It made me more productive and creative. It is so well improved from previous version that I decided to pay for the subscription. There is one feature I would like to see - ability to select a portion of the visual (using scissor feature), copy it to another application like PowerPoint or Word and not just between the pages of this app.
  • What I initially bought, now subscription? 1/5

    By pjbeckycleaved
    New interface seems to have changed certain qualities. Sure seems the plan to make people pay for previous qualities is a poor business practice.
  • Confusing UI 1/5

    By Dude100x
    I see brought back page flipping. The initial release of this app 4+ years ago was great with page flipping. Over time UI become weird, not intuitive, just bad or not usable. Now push for Pro on monthly subscription so could cut and paste between pages? This feature exists before updates!!! Loss originality, can't think different from Apple failures? Pro, bionic, charge more, sad ... My 2 cents complications show competent, simplicity is genius ... this app UI is just complicate There has to be better ways for developers make money without sacrificing user experiences, gutting essential features forcing monthly payout like Comcast or Adobe. Consumer destruction ☹️
  • Upgrade deleted all my contents. Useless app 1/5

    By drown
    Thanks for losing many years of my daughter’s artwork. When I updated your software today my entire set of her artwork disappeared. That’s a really awful way to upgrade someone’s app. Rest assured we won’t be using. Your software anymore. Why we would we ever trust you again. Strongly suggest no one consider this does either.
  • Last changes and lost features 2/5

    By llalloo
    The last improvement caused some features like printing and resizing image to be lost. I bought the pro virgin but I did not feel that it much different that the free one.
  • Updating my review to 😂,😂,🖕🏼! 1/5

    By Stussy
    So now you want people to pay for functions we had 5 years ago?!? I’m laughing, and scratching my head with my middle finger. This must be social experiment titled, “how stupid do you think I am.” If you read my first review, you’d know that I moved on (quickly & easily) to others apps offering much better functionality and integration of both drawing tools and notation features. And only since the latest update did I decide to peek back into the dusty old 53 just to see how behind you guys really are. Wow? Now you guys charge subscription fees for this basic app. I really can’t stop laughing and wondering who proposed this idea during one of your campfire meetings. I would love to have been present during this meeting where one of your junior staffers said ”hey, if we ever want to get rich from this app, we have to charge monthly fees and as long as we post fake positive reviews... fanboys will follow because they want to be considered chic.” Anyone with two hemispheres in their head will see this as clear as I do. Get over yourself “Paper,” a statement I made years ago. Looks like you won’t be retiring to the Bahamas on my dime. Move on people, nothing to see here... Just another VC startup with hopes of dining on you monthly subscription fee whilst they develop through 3rd party vendors new ways of getting your credit card info into their bank accounts. Good Luck👍🏻 And just in case you missed my last review, I’ve left it below. Enjoy! (It’s still free to read isn’t it?)(maybe I should charge a monthly fee for people to read my reviews... why not?!?) I can’t possibly be the only one alive today with common sense, can I? My first impression of this little app was favorable. I thought it would be great to use as a drawing / journaling tool. Then I started following the forum and realized this company must be run by a bunch of 53 year old’s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) All of the necessary additions needed for this to be a great tool were being asked of by the user community. Yet all of the 53 employee responses were a consistent “we are working on other aspects.” Did you mean you’re working on your tan, or working on your retirement? What exactly are you working on? It most certainly is not customer satisfaction! You built an app that had all the earmarks of a great drawing app, with usable pen tools only to completely ignore all of the requests that were simple and necessary additions. Are you waiting to get bought or something? Is that what you're working on? It appears the only thing you're working on is ignoring your users! Talk about a limited scope of what works in app development today! Get over yourself Paper! (In the words of StrongBad) Deleted!
  • update fail 1/5

    By dreamsurfer23
    the switch to notebooks has pretty much made this app useless to me. i may as well be using a stack of field notes books. the old layout was the only reason i used this app. it was great when i could see my whole projects list to the left of my open project, but now i even have to specify that i want to see a grid instead of flipping through the pages.
  • They now want me to keep paying for what I already paid for. 1/5

    By VJ DJ
    I bought paper when it first came out. I believe it was $2.99 then. I even paid $7.99 on top it for the upgraded color picker and additional pens. I loved the design of moleskinesque fan out journals, and the way the watercolor brushes blended on paper. I also loved being able to choose my own art for my journal covers. Then at some point they made paper free, and redesigned it to be a bunch of cards. I wasn’t a huge fan of that redesign, but I still was able to organize my journals with cover art. Now they went back to the original fan out design, and restricted my choice to one color with no custom covers??? And want me to pay $5.99 every six months to get the features that I already paid money for??? Fank you very much FiftyThree!
  • Potential 1/5

    By Boachieee
    New subscriber here. A few things: 1. I want to be able to customize the journal cover 2. Some aspects are not user friendly. For instance I want the option to delete page in different journal perspectives 3. I would like for it to sync across devices. If I sign in to a different device I would like to access my work. And when I sign into my phone, it doesn’t recognize that I have a subscription. 4. why was the backup feature removed? It seems crucial. 5. I can only upload images/pdf through my photos library which is restrictive. 6. We should have the ability to add text onto pages. 7. Ability to rotate images, and add multiple images to a page. I want to give the app 4/5 stars but it is missing some very basic and fundamental features. And I can see from other reviews that I am not the only one who feels this way. Overall a very beautiful app. I am using it to replace my clunky paper planners. Edit: I contacted FiftyThree support and they said they are working setting up a syncing feature. For now you have to do this inconvenient back up process with iTunes which is cumbersome.
  • Electriciam 5/5

    By walter miranda
    For my work this application is excellent and very practical to use, I recommend it to business people
  • The best drawing app in the App Store 5/5

    By jonesbabie
    The versatility of Paper makes it my favorite drawing app. No need to spend hours watching Youtube videos to learn how to use the tools in this app. A few minutes and you are off and running, creating to your heart’s content. With the addition of Pro content, and adding Slack and Paste apps, interacting with other artists, sharing information and ideas has become better. This app improves with each incarnation and update.
  • Update makes it useless 1/5

    By Kay_Rock
    Not only is the functional organization of the workspace destroyed, one you enter any “journal” there is no way to go back to the main page and see your other books. You have to force quit the app and open it again. I have no idea who designed this but they need some remedial lessons in design and functionality.
  • Pencil 53 Palm Rejection Unreliable in 4.0 1/5

    By CoolSLO
    Using iPad Air 2 Good to see they finally brought journals back. However using the pencil 53 is useless because the Palm Rejection is not as good as the 2.0 versions. Previous Review: Tile: Was Better as Journals Number of Stars: 1 “This app feels more like PowerPoint. I got this app for 2 reasons: 1. Felt like I was sketching and taking notes in sketchbook. 2. I could print to a moleskin right from the app. There is something gratifying about flipping through pages of a sketch book. I don’t have that gratification anymore.”
  • So sad that the update has ruined a wonderfully useful app. 1/5

    By Lacarreau
    And I will have no Christmas card this year because it is too late to use the more complicated and Brushes app and have it printed. I guess I will be learning brushes least I can import photos with brushes, and resize, and duplicate etc.....
  • disappointed 1/5

    By Lilymarleen
    to find all my book cover designs removed plus now having to pay for that feature is very disappointing. will probably delete this app.

Paper by FiftyThree app comments


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