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Parkmobile App

Parking just got a whole lot easier! Parkmobile provides a better and more convenient way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. Parkmobile’s perks include: • Pay for parking with your phone. No more quarters! • Simplified map view showing nearby zones • Know when your parking session is almost up with timely notifications. • No more going back to the meter - simply extend your parking time from the app App features: • Save your car and payment information for a speedier parking experience • Quickly change vehicle information for guest cars • Customizable notifications will tell you when your parking is about to expire • Track parking expenses with a full history of your parking sessions • Use the Parkmobile app across the country in hundreds of cities Parkmobile locations: You’ll find Parkmobile in private and public parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums and just about anywhere you park. Some of our most popular locations include: • Top Cities: Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Charlotte, New Orleans, Miami, Oakland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Palm City Market, Newport Beach, Ponce City Market, Santa Cruz, Providence, Los Angeles (LA), New Haven • Universities: Cornell University, University of Arkansas, Boise State, Arizona State University, University of Southern California, Texas A&M, University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, University of Virginia • Transit authorities: MTA (NY), CTA (Chicago), METRA (Chicago), RTD (Denver) Venues: Fenway Park (Boston), Soldier Field (Chicago), Wrigley Field (Chicago), Barclays Center (NYC), Prudential Center (Newark) For a complete list of our locations, go to  Description of permissions used by the app:  • Location Services - To provide nearby parking zones and offers. Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. • Camera - Used for scanning QR codes for parking • Notifications – To alert you when your parking will expire Feedback: We love receiving feedback. Find a bug? Have a great new idea for us? Just want to tell us how much you love us? Please send any feedback you have to If you need immediate help please email us at Parking Tickets: If you received a ticket, check your parking session to ensure that the license plate, zone number, space number (if applicable), and time of the transaction, corresponds with the information listed on the ticket. Follow the instructions listed on the ticket to dispute.  In the unlikely event that you received a ticket during a valid parking session, you must contact the parking authority. Parkmobile does not own, operate, manage, or enforce the parking areas. We do not issue parking penalties and we cannot review or remove them for you. If you do not have a session active at the time you were ticketed, it is possible that you didn't confirm the transaction before starting it. It is important to wait for a confirmation message to ensure your parking has started, whether starting it in the app, on the website, or by phone.


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Parkmobile app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Regret this purchase 15
    Said our spot doesn’t exist despite using the sticker right in front of us. Both via QR code and typing it in.
  • Ad notifications with no way to disable 1/5

    By Smosh That
    The app sends constant ad notifications with no way to turn them off in the settings.
  • Works just right 5/5

    By PosnieBizIntel
    That's it. Works just right. Isn't that awesome!
  • So much better !! 4/5

    By Keepitmoving2
    The new app is great. Love that I don’t have to carry change lol.....
  • FaceID feature is awesome 5/5

    By NimoDet75
    It’s great to see an app company add FaceID soon after the iPhone X release. No waiting in line to pay for parking and fast login always makes Parkmobile my #1 choice.
  • Not what it seems 1/5

    By killer br
    I decided to call the parking department to see if they accepted this app and I was informed that they didn’t. I paid 6dollars 35 cents for 1 hour which I would have normally paid 1 dollar. I also was informed that if you did get a parking ticket they would not honor Park Mobil. That tell me that none of the money that is charged to your account goes to parking. Do as I have done and get rid of this app as most parking meters accept credit cards for a fraction of the cost. Tim
  • First time use 4/5

    By Richard Atlanta
    Slight hiccup trying to set parking time. Otherwise great concept.
  • No follow up nor any action taken 1/5

    By KenCi
    I would like to emphasize this was my first and will be my last experience with this app. The prospective convenience from this app would get anyone excited. From reserving to payment, there were no issues. However, the issue arose when leaving the parking spot. To preface the story, I was actually trying to park and pay for a different lot. I noticed I had paid for the wrong lot after payment. No biggie. 2 hours for 10 bucks seemed normal in the area, especially if it’s an enclosed parking garage. Also, this app provides directions to the lot, so kudos to the development team for being thorough. The lot I actually paid for was right behind the lot I was parked. 30 minutes was overdue of my reservation, so after my dinner with some friends, I made my way to the lot. I also need to clarify that I made sure of how this app worked at this particular lot, and also made sure it was the actual lot. App logs will confirm I followed the directions given via the app (links to google maps) and also double-triple checked that it was the correct one by checking the address and lot number. The instructions specifically made a point in me showing a parking attendant my app before leaving. You would guess my surprise when the parking attendant told me that they do not accept ANY mobile apps. I asked the attendant, and even showed the receipt, if the address was correct. He confirmed the address was correct, but that they did not accept app payments. So, I had to pay via paystation. The total amount was half the price I paid for 2 hours. I wrote an e-mail that day to customer service and there has been no follow-up. I gave the team the benefit of the doubt, but after a week, decided to email another as I was growing frustrated. I believe a service should be guaranteed if provided all the directions, payment method, and instructions on how to receive the paid services. This has not been the case. It’s only 10 dollars, sure. But it is the principle that I have a problem with here. For all your work developing and obtaining vendors I commend the team, however it’s the single experience that loses a healthy following. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • 2018 parking app 2/5

    By aguryev
    This is so dated and bad. Registration for a new acct and no Apple Pay support. Only using it because I have to.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Blondchumga
    So far it’s great! No problems and it finds my car when I forget where I parked :) love it.
  •  Pay 2/5

    By Serhii Aksiutin
    I’ll give 2 more stars once Apple Pay is in place.
  • Crashes every time I enter lot and space number. 1/5

    By Typical iPhone User
    Useless app that caused more frustration than usefulness. Multiple people in out group all installed it to help out and pay. It crashed all the time for everyone else. Had to leave restaurant to move the car. This is why municipalities should just install the parking meters that accept credit cards.
  • Could not pay 1/5

    By Hgfssasd
    Husband and I both downloaded app. Symbol just kept spinning and spinning without going anywhere. Tried calling and automated service directed us to the web. Went to the web and still more trouble. Worthless.
  • In VA, it just works, easy, every time. 5/5

    By Laurabrba13
    I've had experience with parking apps that made me give up and start collecting quarters again, after raging and stressing and screaming. Parkmobile is, happily, not that app! I've used it in DC and Northern Virginia and have never had any problems with it. Takes the stress out of parking, at least while using it for the basic functionality, and that's all I need. Thanks, Parkmobile. 😎
  • Parking ticket 1/5

    By Yunghailstorm
    I used the app to pay for parking today. The time stamp that it said that I’d be covered for was 2:49-3:19 and I got the ticket at 3:06. I double checked and made sure I had the correct zone (I did) and the correct license place number (I did). I also made sure payment went through and that the app had the current parking time on it (it did) and when I got to the car I had a citation. If this company can create the app pay meter system they can certainly make it so there isn’t a problem like this. Inexcusable. I won’t be using Parkmobile again.

    By Kensk8man
    You pay 35 cents more per session than the street machine, and it won’t let you renew a session at time of expiration. It tells me back-to-back sessions are not allowed. I called the town and they have no restrictions on renewing sessions. The APP is doing it.
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By Mobaby45
    I have used the app now multiple times at Rice Village in Houston Texas. I’ve never had any problems and I like how you can set it to remind you when it gets close to your time so if you have to extend it you can. Great app!
  • Use At Your Own Risk 1/5

    By Simsterinsky
    I keep getting parking tickets using this app. I though it was convenient, but what’s the point if you have to spend hours fighting parking tickets? If you have no other choice, this app is okay as a last resort because you can fight the ticket. Otherwise, if you have any other options, don’t use it.
  • Got a parking ticket anyway 1/5

    By Sciencematters
    Parked in downtown St Petersburg, FL, on Wednesday evening, January 10. Parkmobile charge was quite a bit more expensive than just putting some coins in the meter ($5 vs $3 for 2 hrs) but I convinced husband that convenience was worth it. Came back an hour and a half later to a $25 parking ticket. St Petersburg says they have no record of our paying, although I have a clear record on my phone, so I’m going to fight the ticket. Husband says he’ll never use Parkmobile again. A friend says she’s gotten several tickets in St. Petersburg using Parkmobile so she won’t use it there. Perhaps Parkmobile should consult w/the city of St Petersburg to see what’s going on?
  • Parking convenience 4/5

    By SharGee
    A tremendous convenience to use the app to add time to parking although a bit cumbersome to set up initially. So leave a little extra time for setup.
  • Reserved parking is a no-go 2/5

    By The Orange Fork
    The first day on my trip I used it and I saved $30. Excellent. So I decide to use if for my second day. Unfortunately the locations aren’t updated on the map and the place I was going wasn’t where this map said and ended up being a 40 minutes walk from the parking I’d reserved. I left and tried to cancel my 4 hour parking but they couldn’t prorate me for the remaining 3 hours and 30 minutes. I then booked parking for a spot closer to my destination only to find out that the parking structure was closed that day so I paid for 4 hour parking that I again couldn’t use. The thing is, once the timer starts, they won’t refund you but who arrives to parking structures early to see if the place is closed?
  • Apple Pay doesn’t work 1/5

    By sacttr
    On two separate occasions ,app didn’t give me the option to use Apple Pay and wanted me to input credit card. And yes , app is most up to date
  • Cyber parking 5/5

    By cyber parking
    I was surprised to see the new pay stations one morning, and as soon as I realized there was an app I was very excited. Now I pay for the parking from the comfort of my own car!
  • Used to be much better. 2/5

    By App Reviewer 007
    I don’t know what’s going on with Park Mobile, I’ve used it for years. The app now won’t let me login and crashes every time I attempt to with faceID or by entering in my username and password manually? I had an issue last month when I put in my parking number and it kept changing to an adjacent one? I could have gotten a parking citation so paid with a credit card at the meter. Really sad to see a good service go down hill like this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Derimix
    Very convenient. Ive been able to use it in many different states and save time.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By KatWithAFace
    This app makes it so easy to find and pay for parking in my city!
  • A great parking app! 5/5

    By Vinniferg
    I have had no issues with tickets using this app. I never worry about running out of time on meter or scrambling for change. Just short quick clicks and done! Huge kudos to the makers of this app!
  • Convenience and Functionality 5/5

    By Ottyr
    An app that’s worth the nominal convenience fee. Initial download and set-up took a few minutes, but using it the second time took virtually no time at all. Very helpful in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL.
  • Park mobile issues 1/5

    By Jerry #1
    I am in Florida on vacation and I had park mobile from last year and tried to use again this year and it said could not find my location. I tried signing in and it said my email address was not valid. I said forgot password would not send me a new one. I deleted and downloaded a number of times and still does not work. Even though last year I was happy with this app now I would rate this app a zero.
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Lpetzke
    Easy to use and with my info stored on the app it takes mere moments to pay for parking.. so nice not to stand in line at a kiosk or worry about a meter
  • It works!! 5/5

    By Something_Doesnt_Matter
    Love it use it all the time!
  • free parking 5/5

    By maybecalifornia
    i got free parking! thank you :)
  • Don’t get the app if you don’t have a pc 1/5

    By salami923
    What’s the point of having a app if you need a PC to actually buy parking not just find it... waste.
  • Disconnected from Meters 1/5

    By ThomasOD
    Used the app twice and both times had problems. First and second time app logged me out and prevented me from extending time. Second time it didn’t send a signal to the meter and I WAITED FOR TEN MINUTES, ended up paying with a credit card (WASTED $9) so I didn’t get a ticket. Great idea, poor coordination, would not trust this app to prevent me from getting a ticket and overwhelmed by city bureaucracy.
  • Easy meter monitoring 5/5

    By Karen Vail
    I’ve used the app four times and I’m impressed. While others waited in line at the pay stations I pulled out my phone and paid while I was on my way to my appointment. Quick and painless. The reminder that the meter is expiring might be my favorite feature. Assuming I don’t have the glitches others have reported, this app is a huge leap in parking.
  • Saves my life in the DMV 5/5

    By Kirby2Fly
    I love this app. I’ve used it in multiple states and it’s always better than searching for change. Also like how it allows you to modify the alert times and add vehicles!
  • Useful 4/5

    By Fred - A User
    This app has come in handy when I don’t have change to feed the meter.
  • Mediocre Only Option 4/5

    By InstantFan1111111
    It’s pretty good and does what it needs to do; allow you to park in some cities. It’s the only option for my neighborhood in DC so it’s difficult to give it more stars. It could be better too if more (or all) zones appeared on the map and it wasn’t so easy to unfavorite frequently used zones. Also, allow users to set up a parking session straight from the favorites list.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By CeeJay14
    What app doesn't have a stop time but have an "extend time" button. I called customer support and wasted my time when they couldn't fix the problem. When initially speaking to the representative who isn't even based in the US 🙄 she could have told me initially that the problem couldn't be fixed why go through the whole verification finding my location when you really couldn't stop my transaction spent over 10 mins on the phone to say "once it was started it can not be stopped" and when asked to speak to her supervisor she made me wait for one minute just to hear her voice again "acting" like the supervisor! Straight bull ! DO NOT USE THIS APP UNTIL THEY ADD A STOP BUTTON TO THE TIME! They will charge you even though you mistakenly put the wrong car on the meter even though the other car you wanted to add is on the account.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Sanj doc
    Amazing app. Easy to use.
  • Handy 5/5

    By Just need a nickname
    They get their cut but it’s worth it when you’ve got no change jingling in your pocket.
  • No customer service whatsoever 1/5

    By artkeh
    Twice now I’ve submitted support requests, and twice now I’ve been completely ignored. The first 2 months ago, the second a week ago. Same automated response that someone will respond as soon as possible. And no response. Ever. You’re paying a premium to use this app, actually paying more for your parking with their service fee. But if they don’t care about their customers, then I don’t care to give them a service fee to use their app. I’ve stopped using it completely.
  • Works good, old interface was better 4/5

    By DutchPax
    It seems like i have to click through 3 or 4 different screens just to park. The old interface was much quicker and simpler to use.
  • App Payment Never Showed Up 1/5

    By JC197820
    I paid for my parking space/zone and it never showed up on the meter. I was charged for the payment and ultimately had to move my car because the payment never showed up on the meter and I didn’t want to get a ticket as well.
  • No email receipts 3/5

    By Халиун
    I've been using this app for quite some time and it's been working great until they updated the app. Now I stopped receiving email receipts which I need for reimbursements. The amounts are on the app itself, but it's complicating to print them out.
  • Doesn't Support Apple Pay 1/5

    By XLjc078
    Was excited to see the app indicate that it supports Apple Pay to book parking. Set up Apple Pay in the app and went to park. It then prompts me to add a payment method because it says I don't have one. I check my payment methods and Apple Pay is already there. ??? Gave up and had to pay at the kiosk. ParkMobile Fail!
  • So convenient!!! 5/5

    By GinnyYC
    I use the app quite often almost on a daily basis. I’ve never had any issues and I just want to say thank you for creating this wonderful app!!!
  • Easy and Great 5/5

    By Jen RH
    I love this app. Not only is it easy to setup and use it also saves you money as you only pay for the parking you use.
  • The app doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By titan234
    Won’t let you add or edit your credit cards. And when trying to pay with Apple Pay, immediately asks to choose a credit card and won’t show Apple Pay anymore.
  • Works but frustrating 3/5

    By sk3ptic
    Once you get this setup it works fine, but it is a pain to change cars. You can only have 4 cars at once, but it doesn't tell you that until you try to add a 5th car. After you enter everything it tells you that you have entered the max number of plates THEN THERE IS NO WAY BACK. I had to kill the app and reenter it. Then you cannot delete the default vehicle so you have to delete another vehicle then add you new vehicle then set it as default, THEN you can delete the old vehicle. A good app that needs some attention to non-happypath use cases.

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