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Parkmobile App

Parking just got a whole lot easier! Parkmobile provides a better and more convenient way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. Parkmobile’s perks include: • Pay for parking with your phone. No more quarters! • Simplified map view showing nearby zones • Know when your parking session is almost up with timely notifications. • No more going back to the meter - simply extend your parking time from the app App features: • Save your car and payment information for a speedier parking experience • Quickly change vehicle information for guest cars • Customizable notifications will tell you when your parking is about to expire • Track parking expenses with a full history of your parking sessions • Use the Parkmobile app across the country in hundreds of cities Parkmobile locations: You’ll find Parkmobile in private and public parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums and just about anywhere you park. Some of our most popular locations include: • Top Cities: Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Charlotte, New Orleans, Miami, Oakland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Palm City Market, Newport Beach, Ponce City Market, Santa Cruz, Providence, Los Angeles (LA), New Haven • Universities: Cornell University, University of Arkansas, Boise State, Arizona State University, University of Southern California, Texas A&M, University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, University of Virginia • Transit authorities: MTA (NY), CTA (Chicago), METRA (Chicago), RTD (Denver) Venues: Fenway Park (Boston), Soldier Field (Chicago), Wrigley Field (Chicago), Barclays Center (NYC), Prudential Center (Newark) For a complete list of our locations, go to  Description of permissions used by the app:  • Location Services - To provide nearby parking zones and offers. Note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. • Camera - Used for scanning QR codes for parking • Notifications – To alert you when your parking will expire Feedback: We love receiving feedback. Find a bug? Have a great new idea for us? Just want to tell us how much you love us? Please send any feedback you have to If you need immediate help please email us at Parking Tickets: If you received a ticket, check your parking session to ensure that the license plate, zone number, space number (if applicable), and time of the transaction, corresponds with the information listed on the ticket. Follow the instructions listed on the ticket to dispute.  In the unlikely event that you received a ticket during a valid parking session, you must contact the parking authority. Parkmobile does not own, operate, manage, or enforce the parking areas. We do not issue parking penalties and we cannot review or remove them for you. If you do not have a session active at the time you were ticketed, it is possible that you didn't confirm the transaction before starting it. It is important to wait for a confirmation message to ensure your parking has started, whether starting it in the app, on the website, or by phone.

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Parkmobile app reviews

  • Convenience! 4/5

    By ReaderBee
    This is great because you don't have to rush back to plug the meter AND it reminds you! Easy to use. Note: Meters don't change from expired red flag to green but you're ok. The meter police will check with the app evidently. Also, be aware it does charge for use ($.35 per transaction) and when you extend your parking
  • 1/5

    By Viking C
    App is frustrating to use. It often takes a loooong time (20+ min) to update parking info
  • I love it 5/5

    By Waleed Aleqabi
    Very helpful
  • App never works 1/5

    By Htanky
    When downtown app just thinks and when you call they are having technical difficulties and can't help.
  • Awful App, didn't work, nearly cost me a ticket 1/5

    By Bhamids
    This app is absolutely terrible. First, they request always on access to location services, which is super shady. Second, app never worked, and I wasn't able to reserve my parking spot. As a result, had to use their even more horrible website AS A VISITOR instead of logged in customer. Horrible experience.
  • Best app ever :) 5/5

    By tigereyes25
    Best app ever :). No coins required
  • Great app - super convenient 4/5

    By angelinao69
    The only complaint is that I have to re-log in every time.
  • Making life easier downtown 4/5

    By Oceangirl4618
    Parkmobile has been great as I am settling in downtown and trying to get my parking situation sorted. It makes life easier and the apps works perfectly 99% of the time.
  • Great app 5/5

    By johnnyboy24/7/365
    So very helpful on our trip to d.c.
  • Used the App, still got ticketed 1/5

    By oldArty
    I would not recommend this app to anyone. I used the app at the Aurora Route 59 Metra parking, got the receipt proving I paid, and still got a parking ticket.
  • Support?? 1/5

    By Didi7266
    Whereas the app generally works, the one time I ran into an issue, it locked me out. I emailed customer service (?) and it had been a week and a half. No word......... I went to the city and complained. Found I was not the only one, unhappy with the lack of support for app. Meanwhile, can't park at the beach.............☹️
  • Nice to have 3/5

    By Disappointed12345677432
    Some technical issues, usually fixed by restarting the app. Not free. Not all stations participate. Sometimes it is hard to figure it out, for example, once I wanted to help out a friend by paying for her parking, it didn't let me do it without "unparking" my own car. But aside from that, I like that I have an option on my smartphone, and I use it a lot.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By A moron
    I use it everyday for the metra and I've had zero issues with it so far
  • Great app 5/5

    By EGQY2K
    Easy to use!!!!
  • Convenient, but glitchy and very poor customer support 2/5

    By andytimetogetup
    This does indeed make it more convenient to park in metered locations, but the implementation could be better. I've encountered many errors in the app where the session fails to start, etc. I once was double charged due to an app error. I contacted their support team twice about it but never even received a reply. Not very professional, considering they're dealing with people's money.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ilya_t
    Forgot my wallet at home, it's nice to be able to pay with paypal
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Eespin21
    Great app but the daily parking says it ends in the morning the next day rather than 24 hours. (At least when I tried it at a lot in old Sacramento)
  • Best thing since sliced bread! 5/5

    By sbrinkman
    So convenient and no worries about getting a ticket. Just set your profile up and park.
  • UNSAFE! push notification advertisements while driving! 1/5

    By iseanstevens
    NOT OK. Parkmobile spams me with push notifications WHILE I AM DRIVING on the highway. Thanks for the reminder that I can "reserve a parking spot" every time I am driving from SF to Oakland or back, on a bridge at 50mph. It is not reasonabe to send unsolicited push notifications to remind people that they could use your paid service... especially while they are in a moving vehicle. I very rarely take the time to write a review of an app or service, but after the 4th or 5th time I was momentarily distracted from driving by a vibration in my pocket by this obnoxious advertisement it was just too much. I would disable notifications for this app, or uninstall it but then I would miss notificaions about parking expiring. @Apple, please remove this from the App store - I'm pretty sure this violates your guidelines.
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By Ahmedabad
    Parking made very easy and convenient!!!
  • Great! 4/5

    By ladyimaus
    Very convenient.
  • GOT A $35 TICKET 1/5

    By Tahlla t-dubs!
    Paid $1.35 with this app and came back with a $35 ticket. DO NOT USE THIS APP. Now i have to go through the hassle of seeing if I can even get this ticket resolved. RIDICULOUS.
  • Fine 4/5

    By Kini4
    It's ok. Like any other parking app
  • Grate app excelente app 5/5

    By Dcastel4
    Muy buena
  • Warning 1/5

    By Sejuwan
    I started a session not knowing what it is and was charged immediately. I never used the app before. I did not know what a session was. When you start session it does not state we will begin to charge you now. It does not have a pop up or any notification confirming you payment choice. I stopped the session as soon as it started. Less than one minute on the time stamp and it still charged me for a full hour $7. For new users this is awful. Poorly made app.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Stede1
    Best parking app
  • The bomb 5/5

    By Here we go Steelers
    Absolutely clutch. Total game-changer for city parting in Pittsburgh.
  • Easy enough 5/5

    By Chubsicle
    I now have no excuse to get parking tickets.
  • Too complicated, no Apple Pay 1/5

    By Bs unique nickname
    What should be easy is yet another needless account to register for. Want to pay cash in person? Nope. Want to use the app to make an ad hoc payment because you don't use the transit system every day? Nope.
  • Worst parking app 1/5

    By New belkin user
    I've used a handful of parking apps and this is the worst from a user experience perspective. Took 10 minutes to setup.
  • Just ok 3/5

    By TheBroad
    If convenience is most important then this app is handy. One time it told me it couldn't start a session even though it did and I paid twice. My biggest complaint is about the wallet. The transaction fee doesn't apply if you pay at a kiosk, and I thought I'd avoid the transaction fee by loading the wallet and only paying it once. It doesn't work that way. So even though there's no visa transaction fee that the app has to pay, we still get that fee deducted from the wallet each time we start or extend a session. Not cool.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Mrs. Kimmer
    Took a little time to set this app up. But once I got the hang of it, worked out really well!!!
  • Love the convenience! 5/5

    By nath1636845968
    Love love love the convenience this app brings!
  • No good 1/5

    By Platinumkat33
    I tried to use this app for the first time and wasn't able to get pass the entering of the zone numbers. The app kept saying no matching zone. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2/5

    By Azrael.Alexandria
    I live downtown Indianapolis and every time I try to use this for parking it tells me "this is not a Parkmobile spot" yet the Parkmobile is on the parking spot...... so I haven't had a chance to use it :/ 2stars for hope
  • Doesn't work?? 1/5

    By ddvnielle
    I tried using it to get another parking pass since the lot only does 1 hr max parking, and it just kept loading after I signed up. I could've gotten a citation since I couldn't leave the meeting that went over time. I was lucky I didn't 🙄
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By TheSandManIsComing
    No more coins!
  • Was good... when it worked 2/5

    By Stratcat31
    It worked fine for a while, but all of a sudden it seems to want a five digit code for the parking lot instead of a four digit code, which it originally needed. I have sent to support request in with just an automated reply. Also, they have done an update to the app twice but it still won't work for me! I guess it's back to waiting in line and having cash on hand.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LoriUSA
    This is a lifesaver if you are moving locations downtown or if you are looking to potentially add time to your fare.
  • Great & very useful app! 5/5

    By Konstantinos O. Megas
  • Ridiculously convenient 5/5

    By Thatmaxkid
    This app is insanely convenient and I've never had a ticket while using it! Hopefully this doesn't jinx it
  • Convenient 4/5

    By mskeg
    This is very convenient since I hardly ever have coins to pay for meter parking.
  • Gamechanger! 5/5

    By M-SF
    Should have come up with this myself! I love Parkmobile, dont need to use the parking meter anymore for 5 minutes to pay for parking. I park my car, click the zone im in and then pay, it's so easy! The other day they saved me a ticket while I was in a restaurant, I could see my car and was finishing up my food when my time expired. Since I was about to leave, I didnt want to add extra time but then I saw a meter maid. Without need to get up, I grabbed my phone and paid all from the app saving me a ticket. Totally awesome!!!!!!
  • Crashes since update 1/5

    By Dmgmail007
    Frustrating app that is great when it works but has been crashing lately. Today's update crashes each time i use it. Back to Paybyphone!
  • LOVE This App! 5/5

    By rod.musselman
    Works for my regular downtown haircut parking, albeit WITHOUT accessible Wi-Fi!
  • To pay or not to pay? 1/5

    By pubgoggles
    Can you possibly make it harder to remove expired or add new payment types? Halfway though dinner and I'm still going in circles with your app.
  • NEVER USE 🛑🚫 1/5

    By Atlanta GA Customer
    Do not ever use this app. Parking meter attendants don't check it before issuing a citation. I received THREE parking tickets while using this app, and then had to go through this long process of disputing the citations. It's not worth the time and effort to get them to remove the tickets. Just use the meter there. I tell all my friends and family to never use this app. I would give it zero stars if I could.
  • Add Apple Pay 2/5

    By DannyNemer
    Please add Apple Pay. I am shocked this is not already available because it would remove the majority of on-boarding friction new users experience. It would cut setup time in half!
  • By Joegifted 4/5

    By Joegifted
    Good app, just need more options. I've used this app many times now in DC and it works great for me so far. However, I just wished it had a button where you can end your time at the meter before the meter was able to expire, if you've finished sooner than you expected? Meaning, I initially added max time to the meter (3hrs) but finished before my 3hrs was up. But other than that, I'm fine with the app.
  • Notifications spam 1/5

    By Churchill95
    Enabled notification hoping to get notified when my parking time is running out. Instead, I get spammed with all this random stuff. Lame.

Parkmobile app comments

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