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PayByPhone Parking App

PayByPhone is the highest ranked parking app in the world. 12 million motorists use the service to take control of their parking every day. Our app is the one that parks you, lets you extend your parking on the move and sends you smart reminders so you never need to worry about getting a ticket. With the addition of the Today View Widget and one of the first apps to integrate with the Apple Watch you can keep track of your parking on the move without even opening the app. We’re also the first parking service to support Apple Pay! You can complete your transaction using Apple Touch ID for the best payment experience in the market and with our industry leading payment security you know your information is safe with us. FEATURES * Start parking from your iPhone * Check your parking with our Apple Watch app * View your session with the Today View Widget * Park with Apple Pay * Get a fully contextualized experience with our Dynamic Labeling * Receive local notifications about your active parking * Receive smart notices in the app, including local events, parking history and traffic information * Get email receipts to your inbox * Manage your parking receipts for expenses and accounting Please note: This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.


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PayByPhone Parking app reviews

  • Man 1/5

    By ashley jonex
    Bump 12
  • The app is alright, but... 3/5

    By oaj1977
    For some reason it doesn’t seem to save credit card CVV numbers nor does Apple Pay seem to work. Having to pull out my credit card every time I go to park defeats the purpose of having the app.
  • Fluid app but no stop function 3/5

    By MorganWJ
    Most Street parking apps have the option to stop paying if you over pay or get to you car ahead of time. This app does not. A bit jarring.
  • Worthless. Paid for parking with CORRECT details and still got ticketed 1/5

    By bwrede
    This app and customer support is worthless. Don’t waste your time. I downloaded the app and on my first use, got ticketed. I triple checked, and in fact, entered in ALL details correctly: parking address, lot number, license plate, etc. My car still got ticketed, despite an email confirmation from this app confirming they’d charged my card. I called their “24 hour support line” to have them clear this and an answering service tells me I now need to remedy this on my own time - they won’t do this, despite their error. Fail.
  • Makes things easy 5/5

    By billshourly
    Easy to park, pay, extend, manage multiple vehicles. Solid.
  • Reliable 4/5

    By SonusFan
    App seems pretty reliable and fairly easy to use.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By jrancel
    Very friendly app and easy to use . Very fast to park and pay
  • Incredibly convenient 5/5

    By galadhremmin
    I was hesitant to use this, but now I’m a convert. Quick initial payment, online payment records instead of stickers that fall off or leave glue on windows, built-in expiration reminders and easy extension without going back to the car. Perfect.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Colunge
    Una muy buena forma de ahorrar tiempo.....puede pagar desde cualquier lugar......realmente una muy buena aplicacion
  • it's not working well 2/5

    By Revolt's
    It's not working well.. The application needs to be updated. Last update resulted in many crashes. The apple watch update is not working.
  • Thumbs up. 4/5

    By Kokolor
    Not that long ago I would have dissed this app, but the recent upgrade has proven a vast improvement over its predecessor. Fast. Easy. Accessible to those of us who have been drinking. Prost!!
  • Easy peezy! 5/5

    By Stevie1der13
    Great app! Makes minced meat out of feeding the meter... beat the meter maid at the game of cat and mouse...
  • Very handy for parking 4/5

    By JCA1957
    Really good app. I like that I can park in so many locations without dealing with cash. I get notifications of payment. Adding vehicles is easy. Sometimes finding a location can be a bit tricky if you can't find a sign with the lot number but otherwise awesome!
  • Great parking app 5/5

    By j%nml
    Some cities and towns contract with other vendors, so I’ve tried several of these apps. This one is BY FAR the best I’ve used. If this works in your location, go for it. Saves a ton of time.
  • You broke a useful feature 2/5

    By Total bust
    The app is decent, seeing how I’m forced to use it in my area. However, the developer just broke it by disabling the ability to pay for a second car. I sometimes have to log in and pay for my wife’s car, and she does for me as well, but I just discovered that we can’t do that anymore. Why break your app?
  • NFC!!! Hooray! 4/5

    By SF_Jeff
    Updated: FINALLY!! NFC on iPhone!! Even better than OCR! Thanks! Previous: This app would be SOOOO much more convenient if you could just point your camera at the meter number and the app recognize and enter it for you, rather than transcribing it manually, which can be prone to error.
  • “Got a ticket? Not our problem” 1/5

    By Funkairbnb
    That’s the only solution if you get a ticket, yet they take your money no problem. This is not the first time it happens and not in he same city. You really need to fix whatever system you’re using to communicate with the parking centers, it’s clearly not working. And give me my money back if you can’t fix the ticket thing then don’t keep my money your service doesn’t work
  • Great, when it works 2/5

    By Lifecake devotee
    I have used the Pay by Phone app for nearly three years. When it works, it’s great. The trouble is that at least half the time, I pay for parking via the App, yet the meter’s light doesn’t turn green it just stays flashing red. I’ve spent at least $20.00 in the last year on meters that didn’t register my payment. Not good. My advice is to try the app by putting just five minutes worth of time on the meter on question and then wait to see if it turns green (give it up to 90 seconds). If it does, great, and you can just add more time using the “Extend” option. Otherwise, resort to using quarters or find another meter.
  • Good 3/5

    By Kdooley32
    I like using this when we go out and about in town. I wish there was a way you could pay for a spot then move to another spot in town that uses the same app and just change your parking location. Instead I have to pay for another spot even though I still have time on the other spot. Other wise it’s great and easy to use. If there was a way to fix that it would be great.
  • Terrible-no history and spelling errors 1/5

    By imlytle55
    App doesn’t save history and developers will update app with “bug fixes” just to reset bad reviews. Plus there are spelling mistakes which shows bunch of amateurs at work. Talk to customer service and they say some people can see history, some can’t. Sounds like a great answer to me.
  • Park by phone 5/5

    By cerasela betonela
    Love it! So convenient
  • This is really a great app San Francisco user 5/5

    By jpitnc
    Live in San Francisco and have used this app for a long time. Almost every morning so I can sleep in. No tickets yet ! Pros : Easy to use . I take a picture of the parking meter the night before. Set my alarm to 8:55am ,open app enter parking meter number and how much longer i want to sleep. Works everytime. Sends me a text 5 min before the meter expires. Sends me an email with date,time paid to park and amount billed to credit card,as prof of payment. Note ~ takes about 1 minute To engage parking meter. Meter shows time left and flashes green 👍---- Update 10-17-2017 It now works with Apple Pay no more trying to remembering my pin #. This app just keeps getting better!
  • Love this ap! 5/5

    By CAVU42
    A few months back, I paid for and placed a parking sticker on my window; I guess the meter reader did not see my sticker, and I received a parking ticket. That was the last time I used those stickers; guaranteed. I have had zero issues with the PayByPhone ap. It works like a dream. I can also add more time if I need to and not worry about racing to my car to catch the mighty Parking Enforcer.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Suzshops
    I couldn't survive San Francisco without this app. So easy to use
  • Great app! 5/5

    By fgph
    Easy to use. Great job!!!!!!!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By CommuterLl
    Convenient, good support
  • Love this app 5/5

    By grantan
    Fantastic app. Location signs are usually visible. Just enter your parking spot number (not always needed) and location . I always receive a messsge because I have the notifications turned on!! I get a message that I've paid and a messsgeehen I'm about to expire. I don't have to go back to the car. I reload my time and I'm good to go again. This app is awesome
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Fuse42
    Stop parking function doesn't work
  • So Easy!! 5/5

    By SnapDragon66
    It's a joy to no longer have cold dollars and stuff them in a slot. I love the ease and convenience of this app!!
  • Saves me time 4/5

    By Fernandom80
    I pay for parking on my way to where I'm going. The only suggestion I have is to have it access my location to give me a list of a few parking locations
  • Needs improvement & accountability 2/5

    By Paying user
    I've received the occasional (x2-3/myth) errors where payments don't go through. The activity screen is stuck on Dec 2016 which is not helpful. LAZ says it's not their problem although there is no other option for payment.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ev Fam
    Helps me take care of parking quickly & get on w my day. Appreciate that it remembers my usual lot.
  • Enjoy this! 4/5

    By hayes valley
    Great service and easy way to park in SF.
  • Very convenient ! 5/5

    By Bob183029482
    I like it, especially when I have park at a meter. It let's know the time left, so you can make a decision to extend or run to your car.
  • Not bad and convenient for me 5/5

    By bzbroad
    This app is simple to use and I don't have any problems.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Ess.Kay.Bee
    Forced to use this app. Can't reset password after 20 min waiting for reset notification. Won't let me create new account because phone number has been used. So now I'm stuck . Super frustrating . Fix this guys.
  • Stupid idiotic hard to use junk 1/5

    By VinylBobby
    Piece of junk
  • Clunky 2/5

    By D@rkSn0w
    The concept is ok if you can accept the accompanying rate increase but app is clunky. I park at the same lot for the same period every morning but it takes 7-8 clicks to make the transaction. The time options do not match location; I park for the day yet selecting the day button pays for two days. The 1 hr option pays for the " rest of the day". Worst of all though you can only store one credit card.y Update; some minor improvements (can now store multiple credit card info) but still clunky. Too many clicks to do a repetitive task. And there are privacy issues- app demands location services, but you get nothing for that (it does not suggest nearby parking?)
  • Good functionality with some support opportunities 4/5

    By lisars
    I like the convenience of using the app. On occasion the lights on the meters have not changed. Calls to Cushman support suggest that if I get a ticket I can go to City Hall and fight it. I think it should be more proactiveon the Support side.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Gea Pet
    The fact this app alarms 10 minutes before parking is due is pretty cool and useful. Now it's hard to imagine getting a parking ticket in the future.
  • Super useful app but...! 4/5

    By TheTmon
    It's extremely frustrating that it doesn't account for existing meter time and will still charge you just the same. So if the meter has 15 mins, and you want full 2 hours. you have to pay a full 2 hours and eat that extra 15. I use it in SF, California.
  • Does what it should 4/5

    By ResplendantAir
    If only all the parking spots were covered by this app, it would be better.
  • doesn't even deserve one star 1/5

    By Nls1374
    i was trying to use this app in seattle and it could never confirm a location or process a parking "purchase"--- it would "find" a zone occasionally but then would never let me "choose or confirm it" & say: "connection broken, try again"-- OVER AND OVER AND OVER---even when i'd move to a spot where i had "better reception"-- or even to extend a spot once we had used the parking machines and stickers on window. NOT WORTH THE TIME. #majorfail i use the Parkmobile APP in the metro DC area and it is WONDERFUL; so i am very experienced on HOW an APP like this is SUPPOSED to work.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By Bellexandria
    It costs three times as much to park with the app, and that doesn’t include the “convenience charge”.
  • App is now broken. Can't login, can't register. 1/5

    By Algalgal
    Used to work, awkwardly but reliably. Now they require you to login. Why??? I just want to pay for parking! Also, they don't let me login, because their pin/password reminder flow never sends an SMS with my existing credentials. So, to summarize, thanks to this update and required account policy, I can no longer use re app.
  • Spike 4/5

    By Spike775
    Saves on the parking tickets
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Arp1976zzz
    This app is contracted by our public transportation system and is the only way we can pay to park in a commuter rail locked. Fortunately, it is easy to use and easy to get a review of past payments. Usually, I am running to the train when it's time to pay for parking, and I can do this quickly with one finger and my attention elsewhere.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Ktrboston
    After update app does not work. Keeps asking for location and that window does not go away.
  • Can't find the parking lot 1/5

    By AK Mel
    I was able to use this app once after That it can never find the lots when I put in the number from the signs in the lots. Pretty useless at this point.
  • Floors With Distinction / Bruce Sinclair 5/5

    By goody1818
    I think pay by phone is a God's Send. The best part of pay by phone is when you park a 1/4 or 1/2 mile away and run into friends and decide to stay out longer and do not have to walk back to the meter to install more mo way to stay longer. What a wonderful convenience. Warm Regards & Thank You So Much for the service. Warm Regards, Bruce Sinclair

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