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PayRange App

Pay with a simple swipe on your phone screen. Use PayRange to pay at thousands of vending, laundry, arcade, parking, coffee and other supported machines with a simple swipe of your finger. - Swipe left or right on the phone app screen to select the machine. - Swipe up on your phone screen and payment will be sent to the machine. It is that SIMPLE. QUICK AND SIMPLE: NO MORE COINS, NO MORE BILLS. PayRange takes the hassle out of your life. To guarantee the highest level of convenience, we designed our app for a quick and secure payment experience. Your experience is as simple as swiping your finger on your phone screen. You do not need to worry about having the right amount of change, small bills, or bill acceptor issues. SAFE AND SECURE: Safety and security of your payment information is our first priority. We accept a range of payment options including all major credit cards and Apple Pay. We use a secure PCI compliant processor to guarantee that your PayRange payments are protected. At any time, we do not send any personal information to the machine. EVERYWHERE AND GROWING: Look for the PayRange icon on the machine to determine if it accepts PayRange payments. As soon as you enter the range of a PayRange supported machine, the app will automatically detect the enabled machines. No pairing or configuration is required. All you need to do is swipe on your phone screen to select the machine you want to pay at. PayRange is enabled on machines in a broad range of industries such as vending, laundry, amusement, coffee etc. Get the app today! Simplify your payment experience with PayRange. ------------------------------------------ *** NOTE: The machine must be PayRange enabled *** This app will not work if the machine is not equipped with PayRange hardware. ------------------------------------------- Visit for a video demonstration. If you’d like your machine at work or school to be PayRange enabled, have the operator of your machines contact us at


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PayRange app reviews

  • Love this 5/5

    By Red_Baby
    I can buy a drink, when I don’t have cash on me, Love it! Wish they do snack machine like that.
  • Faster than Android 2/5

    By iphonenutt
    The Pay Range app is faster on IOS than Pay Range on Android However as with both apps I would like to be able to make 10 purchases across different machines to earn a free vend.
  • So convenient!!! 5/5

    By DJ PBS
    If you don't have this app installed, you are losing! I absolutely love this app! So convenient. Plus, I don't have to have cash with me if I decide to get a snack or two....
  • I’m disappointed 2/5

    By Nichole caswell
    I have been charged 5 times without getting my purchase vended!
  • Didn’t get extra $5 2/5

    By cookiefdl
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Barney Cobl
    Why wasn’t this done years ago! BEST EVER
  • Life-changing! 5/5

    By Susyte
    I have struggled with quarters since I moved to the US, and finally I’m enjoying doing laundry! Best app I’ve downloaded in a long time...
  • Residance 1/5

    By miro9m
    I put all my $10 for nothing i wasted it and still doesn’t working the machine
  • 2/4 machines work - no refund 1/5

    By guy who wants clean clothes
    In my apt building, only 2 machines worked while the others just took my money and didn’t run. Need a way to refund my money easily.
  • Central apt alameda dryer issue 4/5

    By daishavu
    I love pay range. Easy to use. Only problem is one of the dryers stopped being recognized by pay range so I emailed about it many times with no resolution. It still doesn’t see it on the app. So I have to get quarters anyway. I wish they would fix this it can’t be that hard.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Tanks iPhone
    Have used it for about a year now. Rarely if ever have problems. I’m glad it came along.
  • Question 4/5

    By Conceitedxxx
    I didn’t receive my $5 when I added $5 to my account
  • Great but has room to improve 4/5

    By Culver City user
    One feature that would be very helpful is the ability to track the remaining time from my phone app, or an alarm that rings when the cycle is done.
  • Laundry room game changer 5/5

    By House500
    No more stashing rolls of quarters for my overpriced San Francisco building laundry!
  • Needs more work 2/5

    By teezyla
    This app would be better if: -the pay options started from lowest to highest by default -it hard distinct/intuitive pay button instead of just swipe up -better more intuitive user interface
  • Better than a trip to the bank 4/5

    By marc0ni
    Carrying change is such a nuisance. And hoarding quarters is a hassle, too. This app makes my once-a-month trip to the bank a thing of the past.
  • F |_| [ K Y O U 1/5

    By Goosekeeper
    Forcing customers to use this app by taking away the coin option? Saving money by not needing to pay someone to collect the coins? How much does it cost to repair your machines?
  • Best App. Ever!! 5/5

    By DJ John Asenso
    ¡Life Changing!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ernie V
    Sometimes I don’t have singles on me. This app comes in handy very often. I usually stay in similar hotels so they always have machines with this setup. All machines should have it.
  • No more coins! 5/5

    By agrc811
    No more being an inconvenience at the grocery store or feeling like a criminal at the laundromat. Load funds on the app, link, and wash (or dry). Remember to clean the lint trap 😉
  • Machines washing 5/5

    By Ohhhhhcaroline
    Lo siento es mi primera vez y me ha hecho difícil como comenzar. I’m sorry but is my first used this
  • Keeps charging me when I don’t use it 1/5

    By FullyArmedNinja
    I keep trying to get in range, and the app charged me for 3 loads I didn’t use; the washer just keeps telling me I owe it $2
  • Redo option 5/5

    By Aniamc13
    Should have a cancel or redo option
  • Almost perfect app 2/5

    By Angry angry angry user
    Thanks for allowing me to load money with Apple Pay. Once and a while, I get a message saying the Bluetooth is not on. But it is on!!! I have to restart my Bluetooth and the app several times before the app will start working again. How frustrating?!?
  • Ballin 5/5

    By 😎a boy
    A great app. I don't have to worry about getting change.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Prime Instincts
    I have vending machines at my work but would often be short on change. This app helps so much because now I don't have to worry about having change and can just add funds with a credit card. Very convenient and recommended!
  • Scans same machine twice 2/5

    By Dabaki
    Is what the app did to me. There is no functionality for reporting errors or problems. No response to email support. I want my $2 back.
  • Great! 3/5

    By Swerle
    My only issue is that when I activated the dryer it did not put in the whole amount, it was .25 cents short When I tried to just add the .25 it added another full 1.25 cycle. Otherwise I love not having to go to the bank for quarters
  • Cludgey interface 2/5

    By Dorothy Paaske
    This app has the potential of being great but falls down with issues of login and help when needed. Struggled to even add funds to use the equipment. Solid two out of five.
  • Steals your money! 1/5

    By Louis Minogue (CupidBOY)
    If machine is reported to PayRange not working, a messages should be sent to all users so money and time is not hijacked! A timer should be set by payrange to inform users items are ready for pick up!!!!!
  • Wow.. never have to worry about having cash. 5/5

    By wedabdul
    I love how convenient PayRange is. My kid needed a snack and I didn’t have any cash on me and no ATM near by. And then a few weeks later at the mall she wanted to play at kiddi Rides and again only had a $1 on me.. Amazing.
  • Searching for machines 1/5

    By Luciindamae
    Worked great at first now it won’t pick up the machine in my break room.
  • Great app 5/5

    By JayDizzy2
    Awesome app. It keeps you away from trying to put crumbled money I got the machine.
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Nitaabonitaa
    Displays unavailable units as available and vice versa. Does not allow connection even when in range
  • Over charged 1/5

    By washtime
    First time using the app over charged for the first wash the machine didn't start for the second wash so I did it again was charged for twice I have now been over charged $2.00 so far couldn't get anybody on the phone Very annoyed
  • Machines are mislabeled 1/5

    By Butterflutter
    I have been charged multiple times before being able to use the washing machine because either your team has mislabeled the dryer as the washing machine or the app recognizes the dryer as the washing machine. I was given a $3 ‘free use’ coupon but somehow I’ve ended up being charged that + another $7 by the app for using a $2 cycle. So in the end I’ve paid $10!!!! Please fix this!
  • P Grace 3/5

    By Patricia Grace
    I really like the app but sometimes it charges you 2 or 3 time and you contact anyone to assist you. They should have a number to contact to refund.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Unclestove
    Love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dboys915
    Easy and fast
  • Red 5/5

    By Red080365
    Very comfortable everywhere the payrange available, support it!!
  • Middle man 1/5

    By YoungWolf g
    They take a 1$ for every 10$ you spend
  • Not Bad!!! 5/5

    By Peanutskid88
    I was a little bit shocked and confused when my apartment complex had replaced all of our washers and dryer's. They had increased the price of doing laundry which was bothersome, but, I saw these machines could run off of an app. I tried it out just because I forgot to pick up quarters. I love this app and recommend it to anybody in a similar situation!!!
  • App glitchy, but worth it. 5/5

    By Bee the Bee
    App still needs some TLC, but the functionality is there. Haven’t had to go find quarters in ages. Also super useful to see when other machines are in use. Customer service is great- accidentally overpaid on a machine and they credited me immediately.
  • All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi... 1/5

    By DerpTheExplorerp
    But you wouldn’t sell it to me. Ran across a machine that accepts this payment method and there was no option to pay the $1.50 for a single soda. Sorry, I’m not loading $5 into an app that I’ll never use again.
  • I ❤️ junk food 5/5

    By Dangerwalker
    Man I love getting candy bars and sodas without for carrying a bunch of quarters around, or trying to fight to get dollar bills into a machine. A+ app!
  • The best way to eliminate quarters forever 5/5

    By Romey get money Rome
    Super easy just reload your card and pay with your phone I was way better than getting quarters and losing then all I have to do is swipe pay in automatic watch or food out the vending machines this needs to be installed in more vending machines & washers/ Dryers
  • Can’t dispute faulty charges 1/5

    By freshsmoe
    Tried to dispute a charge when the machine didn’t dispense the soda. Attempting to use the app to Report the issue triggered a notice of “no mail composer”. Attempted contact via email from their site and have received no response.
  • Not the best. 1/5

    By derekjaye
    When it works.
  • It does the job 3/5

    By nickfl407
    My employer enabled our vending machines at work to use this app. It is quite convenient not having to keep change at hand to buy soda. The app offers several methods to fund your wallet. It could use some further polish, for example it takes Masterpass but not if your account is enabled through a member bank. It also seems to ‘lose’ stars which is gives towards free purchases. While I’ve gotten a free purchase once or twice, I tracked it over last week and after 3 purchases have fewer stars that I started with.
  • Don't waste your time or money! 1/5

    By Yoimdope
    I am one who does not write a review unless I feel it is worthy to do so. For starters, this app and its purpose seems like a wonderful idea if IT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT'S GOING TO DO! The instructions are extremely easy to understand and surely you can bet that you will not mess it up. As I added enough funds to my account to do my laundry, the app began the process of trying to locate the "PayRange" operated laundry machine. In doing so, it was able to locate the machine and show my prepaid balance availability. Here's where my patience started to run thin and my frustrations grew. The app would show all the available machines in the pay range. I selected the 2 CORRECT machines, swiped up for the payment process, app showed "connecting...", then "waiting for machine. Machine is in use" and prompting right back to the "Ready. Swipe up now" status. I repeated this process multiple times. I figured it was a misstep on my behalf the first time around . However, after attempting the process over and over I am almost certain I didn't make a mistake. I have checked my transaction history to only see my 'funds added' transaction was there. I don't know if it is a glitch in the app or a connection issue with the machine but I would rather stick with the old fashion "hard cash" transaction for laundry services. As stated before this app has a neat concept but IT SIMPLY DOES NOT COME THROUGH. I wasted my money loading it on my account which I'm most likely not going to get back. Simply put, Don't waste your time and stick to physical cash or coins!!!

PayRange app comments


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