Peel Smart Remote: TV guide & Universal Remote

Peel Smart Remote: TV guide & Universal Remote

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Peel Smart Remote: TV guide & Universal Remote App

Peel Smart Remote turns your iPhone into a smart universal remote to control your home electronics and provide personalized TV guide listings. Control via Wi-Fi is available for many devices, including many internet connected set-top boxes from Dish or DirecTV, along with Roku and Sonos media players, and some models of connected smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony. **** PRONTO DEVICE NEEDED FOR SOME REMOTE CONTROL FEATURES **** If your devices are not supported via WiFi control--including set-top boxes from Xfinity, Comcast, Time Warner and ATT Uverse--you can easily universal remote control 400,000+ devices, including all major brands of TVs, set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-Ray players, audio systems, media players like Apple TV and more by purchasing a Pronto device for $49.99 from major online retailers such as Amazon. You can also download and use the Peel Smart Remote app without Pronto or WiFi control if you want to use your iPhone as a TV guide to discover great shows and movies, save your favorite shows so you never miss an episode or simply set reminders to watch that episode later. TV listings are personally customized to your viewing habits. What you get with Peel Smart Remote: • Personalized TV listings and program guide • Ability to set reminders for shows or movies to watch later • Save your favorite shows so you never miss an episode • Control your internet-connected Dish (select Hopper models) or Direct TV set-top box • Control your Roku or internet-connected smart TV from LG, Sony, Vizio or Samsung (pre-2013) • Easily find and watch streaming videos from Netflix and YouTube • Control your TV, DVD, set top box, Apple TV and more right from your iPhone (with Pronto) • Peel Smart Remote offers Apple Watch app for iPhone • Control your favorite home device directly from the new iPhone 6s’ home screen using 3D Touch and Quick Actions This universal remote replaces Samsung remote, LG remote, Sony remote, Vizio remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote, Xfinity remote, Apple TV remote. One remote to rule them all. Pronto costs just $49.99 and is available on Amazon (, and in the U.S., and also available at in Canada. Once you get your Pronto, set-up is easy. The device connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth Smart and then controls your TV and other electronic devices with a powerful 360-degree infrared IR blaster. For more information, visit We are constantly working to improve our app so you have the best experience possible. If you're having trouble getting the remote to work properly on a particular device or experiencing problems with TV listings or TV guide, please email directly rather than post the problem in a review. This will allow us to help you quickly and effectively, and solve the problem for others in our community. Visit, or follow us on Twitter (@peeltv) and Facebook ( for app updates. Supported brands include LG TV, Samsung TV, Vizio TV, Mitsubishi TV, Sony TV and hundreds of thousands more.

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Peel Smart Remote: TV guide & Universal Remote app reviews

  • Messed up my tv 1/5

    By Life of a zombie b$&@h
    I downloaded it and it messed up my TV it won't connect to wifi and other things way to go I hate this app
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jimboo5555
    Wasted my time. Horrible app
  • Samsung vs iPhone 5/5

    By Sparkool
    Works excellent with Samsung; worthless with iPhone. It's not the app it's the high and mighty cellphone giant Apple!

    By Aby Recarte
  • Battery lasts for months, great device 5/5

    By Ruusa1
    Not sure why this doesn't have 5 star average. Battery lasts forever, which is amazing given its Bluetooth is always on, it easily controls my media devices including Directv box. Makes it easy to find programming I want and discover new channels.
  • Cheap 1/5

    By Skills2123
    Poor support. They don't even respond to questions or problems with the app. Bluetooth does not pair correctly and no one on their end replies to repeated messages for help. Hey developers, check your overwhelmingly negative reviews "Pronto."
  • Samsung version is better 1/5

    By Madellyne loves music
    I have the app on my Samsung tablet and it works flawlessly. When I downloaded it on my iPhone phone I expected it to be the same. But it wouldn't connect because it kept asking for the ip sooooooo apple should fix this
  • Lost of time 1/5

  • What the heck happened? 1/5

    By User417
    This worked so well when I first purchased it a year ago and now it doesn't work at all! Apple user.
  • Crap 5/5

    By Crappy boy122
    Delete it's the best app ever
  • Use to love it 1/5

    By Melindavega
    I had this app on my Samsung Galaxy S5. It worked perfectly. I switched to iPhone 7. Now it doesn't do anything. Says connect to Bluetooth, then to wifi. Then says it can't connect to device referring to the wifi.. wth? I use to love it. Pointless to have it now if it doesn't work!
  • Samsung Winning 3/5

    By jaybabyo8
    Use to absolutely love this app until I got an iPhone and wasn't aware of the whole IR thing .. If you have iPhone don't waste your time
  • Works really good 4/5

    By Rick_6857463524
    I have the peel app and the associated IR device. Because the iPhone doesn't transmit IR the Peel Pronto IR transmitter is required. The iPhone connects to the Pronto IR device by Bluetooth and the Pronto connects to the TV (or in my case the cable box) via IR. Works really good and is very convenient. He are my only cons: - can only be connected to one iPhone at a time - sometimes the cable box does not tune to the correct channel the first time. Doesn't happen often and is usually corrected on the second try.
  • Lacks in comparison to Samsung phone 1/5

    By Malyreb
    I loved this app on my Samsung galaxy phone; it was the best thing ever made. That was until I switched phones and downloaded it for apple. You can't do very much, even with my smart TV connected to wifi! It does not detect it and says no TVs present. Total let down
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By jackiesarae
    This app used to be great!! Had no problem with it. After a stupid FORCED update I was no longer able to use it. Complete garbage.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Wingthirteen
    Useless! Deleting now!
  • Worthless app on APPLE 1/5

    By Wreefwgcshsjc
    It's free on my note 4. App expects me to buy a $50 pronto item just to have it work with my I phone. I could buy several new remotes with that kind of money. Buying an iPhone has proven to be a waste of money.
  • Worthless For Apple 1/5

    By Psnyder1985
    Apple Devices Do NOT have an IR Remote so this APP does NOT work without an added device.
  • Desepcionada 1/5

    By Llereiinii
    Ya no puedo cambiar la tele almenos que compre algo o utilize wifi
  • 🤔🤔 5/5

    By 😩❤️😬
    How to set a blue-ray on this app
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Shaquanabrown
    Doesn't work
  • Old version is better 1/5

    By Gabrieljs99
    Now you need to use your Wi-Fi to connect to the TV and other things
  • Needs iPad app 3/5

    By UNOlker
    Just bought yesterday on Amazon. For the $37, it gets the job done of physically replacing all my remotes, and the range covers my 900sq foot apartment. The app itself isn't pretty, and has to run in iPhone mode on the iPad mini I'm using just as the remote (sonos / Apple TV / Fios). Hardware feels like a good value so far, at least compared to an IR remote extender of similar price. Software NEEDS an iPad version. No excuse as they have an apple Watch version. It would definitely benefit from a little refresh, but it does work.
  • F^^k you buddy 1/5

    By Lostmyphoneinurmom
    Lol "remote" the app is not only confusing to a new user theres not even a remote (the reason i searched for tv remote on the app store" false advertising and also just garbage i hate you for wasting my time and phone memory
  • Waste of time for iPhone users 1/5

    By Channonbstone
    We accidentally broke out tv remote. My boyfriend downloaded this app on his Samsung and said it worked great. He suggested I should do the same for when he's not around. So I downloaded it and it's telling me in order to get the EXACT SAME features as my boyfriend has on his Samsung I have to pay $50 to buy a device off of Amazon (who knows if there's shipping costs involved). I literally just want to be able to turn my tv on/off and turn the volume up/down... how does that make any sense that as an iPhone user it will cost me $50 with an extra device but it's free with no extra device for a Samsung? If you've got an iPhone DONT WASTE YOURE TIME WITH THIS APP.
  • Calm down people 4/5

    By rbinz
    So many negative reviews based on apples failure - people Apple has refused to add a IR sensor in the iPhones. HTC and Samsung have IR, so peel on Apple requires additional hardware. this is a Apple issue not the application - I use the app on my HTC one and it rocks / disappointed in Apple for being so far behind the competition!!!
  • Htc user /iPod user 3/5

    By Mickie D's
    Cool app if you have the htc one m8 or similar
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By KanD Ceedee
    You have to buy an additional device in order for it to work. Not worth it. Uninstalling.
  • Play store is better 1/5

    By AAGGB21
    I agree with everyone else. When you have had better, there is no comparison. I now use my Samsung as my remote. Wish it were the same with iphone😩
  • I can't work it on my tv ??? 1/5

    By Me me98
    Ummm I just want to turn my tv off why can't I just turn it off like I used to !! This is frustrating. Need To go back to the old ways .
  • Junk 1/5

    By Space ray
    Used to work fine on iPhone, now requires pronto? Lame....
  • Wow 1/5

    By Kymoore
    Seriously it's a freakin remote why would I need to buy another device to use it when it's absolutely free on my Samsung ? Makes no freaking sense
  • Crap! 1/5

    By TRV Racing
    Basically just an ad for a Pronto remote you have to buy. All this app does is list programs...NO REMOTE CONTROL included!
  • Not good for pranks 1/5

    By Wish cotton
    Don't get it
  • It used to work. It doesn't now. 1/5

    By Gpujic12345
    Simple enough.
  • False advertising. 1/5

    By Pwhitty1
    Garbage. I read the description thinking cool I can control my tv from my phone. But nope, as soon as I downloaded and installed the app it prompts me to buy additional hardware from amazon. Losers. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Waste of Time and Wifi 1/5

    By Abey medeiros
    It wants me to buy some stupid 'Pronto' device to set up my TV. It's like $50!! I might as well buy a new TV, or a remote control. Utterly useless for my purposes
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Maddi0513
    Worked when I had my Samsung galaxy, but now that I switched to iPhone the app can't find my tv.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By MaryK2492
    I love this app. I make sure to put it on all of my devices!!!!!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Bain's jabs enjoy w gncmb
    This is the worst app ever and it should be updated so then it is like the way it is on Samsung phones

    By Gomeztisha3
    This app is a freaking joke!!! What the heck is an IP Device & why is it saying it won't connect to my wifi?!?!??!?
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By Jce4996
    It works great if you have a samsung phone. It's completely useless if you have an iPhone
  • Amazinng 5/5

    By Gymnastics rockstar123
    Just amazing
  • bad 1/5

    By vivicoop
    i had this app on my note4 for 3 yrs and now that i got an iphone it doesn't work very disappointed
  • Worthless 1/5

    By QueP89
    Waste of data
  • Awesome all 5/5

    By Bo_123_456_789
    Even though it was better when I had my Samsung, this is still awesome... IT SHOWS THE CHANNELS! And numbers!!!!
  • Don't download 1/5

    By Tiffy199815
    This app is a complete waste of time. It's simply NOT FREE you need to buy a device for 40 dollars on amazon just to use this app has a remote. It's like buying a 40 dollar remote that also takes up room on your phone.
  • Still no A/C support after months 1/5

    By nastynapkin
    I have been emailing the company for months about adding the infrared codes for my air conditioner. They say they'll work on it but never do. Terrible!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Jdvmjr4578
    I had high hopes, this app would work on my tv when I had my Samsung galaxy 5. But now that I have an IPhone it won't work. Whatever you have on the play store isn't the same as here! Pls fix
  • Too much work 1/5

    By Mad tv watcher
    Why is this so hard to operate all I want to do is operate my tv from my phone but yet it wants me to have another device ugh frustrating!!!!

Peel Smart Remote: TV guide & Universal Remote app comments

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