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  • Current Version: 17.15.2017082222
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peet’s Coffee & Tea LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Peet’s Coffee App

Get rewarded for your love of great coffee! Download the Peet’s Coffee® App to access Peetnik Rewards, where you’ll earn points towards free drinks, gain access to exclusive offers and rewards, and pay quickly and easily with your Peet’s Card, all in just one scan. Program Benefits: • Get a free beverage after your first check-in • Earn a point for every check-in. 15 points adds up to a free beverage • Enjoy a free birthday beverage • Access exclusive offers Add a Peet’s Card for the fastest way to pay!


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Peet’s Coffee app reviews

  • Wish I could tip from the app 4/5

    By ZhaneelOK
    Other than that this us simplified my mornings enormously.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Ash💋
    No issues
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By ReadingBug0730
    Just downloaded this app last week. Both times that I went to Peets on Lake Ave in Pasadena, the baristas told me, "you can check in but our system is down.. you'll get the check in point later." I couldn't redeem by free drink because their system was down (but bonus points to the barista who gave it to me anyway!). And it's been a couple of days and the check in point I'm due for has yet to arrive in my account. My husband had the same problem with no check in point arriving AND his free welcome drink never arrived ☹️. Such inconsistency is really unfortunate and unappealing!
  • Airport locations left out 3/5

    By Matt25g
    Please add airport location support!
  • Hoping for mobile order 3/5

    By Dwisch
    I think the app is good, it functions and has processing speed better than the Starbucks app. I like how "check in" and pay by Peet's card is all in one step, however I wonder why there even is a "check in." Perhaps so that people who pay with cash still get the credit, which is not the case with the Starbucks app. So I like this actually, now that I think about it. One thing that would make me very happy with this app is if they would incorporate mobile ordering which is a super convenience and stops me from waiting in line. Even if I have to wait my turn to get my order, at least I can do it while sitting at a table or on the patio or even in my car.
  • Great app! Love getting rewarded for my loyalty. 4/5

    By Beautyjunkie824
    Took off one star because I only get one reward even when I buy 2 coffees. I'm not going through the trouble of ordering separately.
  • App is fine, reward program needs improvement 4/5

    By smirkysue
    The app is fine and does exactly what it's supposed to. My only critique is that customers should collect points towards rewards based on how much was spent, and not get 1 point per check in. There's no difference between buying 1 drink per visit or 5 drinks and a bag of beans.
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By loveitsomich
    Finally Peet's has caught up to Starbucks, love the app
  • Great app 3/5

    By Johnny Bayless factor
    The only thing is can I make an order from the app or do I have to go to Starbucks instead.? I think a menu would be a good ad for this application.
  • Great simple... 4/5

    By Punktured
    The only thing missing is a menu. I'd like to see that added.
  • check in is a breeze 5/5

    By amanda b12
    super easy to use. just open it up and check in! plus a free drink for updating the app! Update: I've been getting lots of good offers for things like double points and $1 off. Love the deals. Also I'm now paying through the app and it makes checkout easier
  • 👀 5/5

    By Annie_DC
    Great interface - wish they had online ordering!
  • Horrible app and implantation 1/5

    By Coffee Deinker
    Confusing distinction between Check In vs Peets Card button. One clerk tells me to pay by checking in, another one tells me to click on the Peets Card button. Neither work because my card didn't get auto re-load didn't work... also can't Pre-order like Starbucks, which is light years ahead.
  • No Apple pay?? 3/5

    By silversubie
    This should be a given. Please add.
  • Improving. Please let me tip. 3/5

    By Altopalo
    Update: Not sure whether they've updated their POS systems or done some training, but the crashes are gone and checking in has felt like less of a chore. I'm sure some of this feeling is because I've gotten better as a user, with practice. Raising my original review to 3 stars from 1. Now, a request: I would really like to be able to tip within the app like I can on Lyft. I can imagine the challenge of linking my purchase to the barista, but I'm presuming it's possible because they login to the point-of-sale systems, right? Seeing my friends behind the counter every day makes it very awkward when I pay with the app, and don't have cash, and can't tip. Even when I do have cash, I'd much prefer not to take out and fumble with my wallet while there is a big line behind me. Kind of defeats the purpose of putting my Peet's card in the app. In the grand scheme of things, not a big problem, but I'm sure your baristas are getting fewer tips from people who have installed and use the app the way you were hoping they would. That's a shame, because they are awesome. Keep grinding on the improvements. Thank you. ---- original review ---- Tried to check in several times without it showing up in the app. Froze the register for the poor kid working behind the counter. Want this to work. Rating it 1 star hoping the bugs get the proper attention soon.
  • Apple Wallet 3/5

    By Xyz 12345
    Cannot figure out how to add to my Wallet. I cannot find an account number either.
  • Wallet support? 3/5

    By jzjakob
    App is ok... not as innovative as competitors. The AppStore says it supports Apple wallet which would make it WAY more convenient but I can't figure out how to add my Peet's card to the wallet... the app still has some ways to go.
  • Needs security PIN 3/5

    By rjvb
    Until this App gets convenient security protection such as a PIN, I'll not give it access to my money. It is not convenient to sign out and then sign in whenever wishing to pay for coffee. Do have a look at the Starbucks App--they've had time to think user needs through.
  • Server issues 1/5

    By erwigg
    Kept getting the same message all day that their proxy server was down never could sign up
  • Can't create an account 1/5

    By ay.ay.ron
    Facebook sign in doesn't work and it won't let me create an account. I paste my passwords in from a password manager app, and this app keeps asking me to confirm my password. I already confirmed it! I posted the same password in both fields! Please fix.
  • Playing Catch-Up, Store Staff Uninformed 1/5

    By paul4791
    Amusingly, this morning at Peet's Opera Plaza in San Francisco, the customer ahead of me presented a QR code from the app. to a dumbfounded employee who had no idea what it was or what to do with it. The employee embarrassed the customer, who had simply followed the instructions on the big poster in the store, encouraging us to try the app. A big, international coffee chain that I won't name here has had a loyalty program for over a decade, released its loyalty app. a long time ago, and successfully rolled out in-app. ordering two years ago. Peet's is badly behind the times, and has done a lousy job just trying to catch up with the competition.
  • Can I add the Peets card to Wallet? 3/5

    By Got 5
    So that I don't have to open the app. Just like Starbucks or other Apple Pay enabled credit cards.
  • Fix the card deletions 3/5

    By RgrRbt
    Every time I update the app it forgets my cards. Not much point in having it then. The store can still see them on my account but not the app. Also, please get a real UX designer to work on this not a marketeer. It is meant to be customer friendly and should be store personnel friendly too, not just a habit collector for Marketing.
  • Love the new app! Looking forward to updates 4/5

    By Monica Galvan
    So glad Peet's finally created an app! --- What I love --- I love how you can check in and earn points WITHOUT using the app to pay (something the Starbucks app requires). I prefer to pay per coffee with my own credit card instead of constantly reloading. Thanks for this feature! --- Updates I'd love --- I'd love to see a menu and eventually mobile ordering!
  • Can't create an Account 2/5

    By Arlew
    Tried to create an account but it wouldn't take my password.
  • Can't even signup to use the app 1/5

    By Antonimat
    Signup with Facebook doesn't create account and asks to create it manually. But when I try to create it I can't get through password confirmation, it keeps saying it is required even if full password is there
  • Mobile Order, Please! 4/5

    By mouse94002
    If you add a mobile order option, you'll have a lot more business from this Peet's customer. :)
  • Loading gift card issues 3/5

    By thedoglady1
    After finally figuring out that one can depart the welcome screen by a simple swipe (developer hint: put an arrow on the Welcome screen), I joined up. Trying to add my gift card(s) was impossible because no PIN numbers exist on the physical card and I never established nor needed one. My old key card was even worse - only a 4 digit number printed on the card. So transferring one's gift card is not a simple procedure. Guess I'll take up time in the coffee line to go completely online. Folks waiting in line at my local Peet's hungering for a caffeine fix will love me! A little more thought might have gone into this app design.
  • Bad, really bad 1/5

    By KarmSingh
    I like Peets coffee more than Starbucks. You need to up your app game though. Why can't I pay or see my balance easily.
  • Good but two additions could make it great 4/5

    By LauHa!
    Now that this app is out of pilot mode, it is working well. However, two drawbacks prevent it from being great: 1) No password option: Thankfully this app allows me to purchase finite gift cards or I wouldn't use it at all. I am very wary of linking my cc to apps that don't allow password protection 2) No tipping option: As a former barista, I would be furious if my company asked me to promote a product that actively removed tips from the tip jar. The introduction of a tipping function would be great for customers like me who would like to tip but are attempting to go cashless. I know it's possible because the Starbucks app lets me do it!
  • Happy that Peet's finally got an app 4/5

    By aberrantnyc
    Works great but I don't think you can tip through the app. That means you have to have cash anyway, which kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Can't enable auto reload 3/5

    By PowerMove13
    The app refuses to let me enable auto reload. A credit card is store and the digital card has been loaded with an initial balance but no dice. UPDATE: After waiting 10 minutes and trying for a third time, it worked!
  • Doesn't work in store 5/5

    By Rgchucgihggg
    Went to a store in Palo Alto California and tried the app, only being told by the barrister that it doesn't work...had no choice but pay cash. Totally waste of time. This is an update to my previous reward. It works now!
  • So excited about this app 5/5

    By jannyc
    So far so good. Like the way they tie it to checkout. Very clean experience. My Peet's knew all about it and everything worked great.
  • Staff needs training 1/5

    By Irritated pHK
    Went to 'The original' Berkeley location to purchase some beans. Staff member was mentioning the App but was only familiar with the reward feature. Wanted to pay with the App but she didn't have a clue. Seems so much easier at Starbucks. Would be nice if they also make available the order ahead & pick up feature (along with the tip feature)...but if they don't train their staff why bother.
  • Will see 3/5

    By LMLee49
    Tried this app a year ago when I assumed $25 card was was loaded.Receved an email from Peet's developer so I guess I can try again, but no idea whether my funds loaded or not because I gave up on the app and the card.
  • Supports wallet? 3/5

    By rocket.fuel
    The App Store says it supports wallet--huh? Is there a setting on the app I missed? Having the Peet's card in the wallet like Starbucks does would make it so much better!
  • Finally, I've been waiting for the app to launch to all 5/5

    By tac#1
    I heard about this in beta a few years ago. I've been waiting and waiting for it to launch. I'm sooo happy. Can't wait to use it!
  • Staff training/POS UI problem 3/5

    By iggy_piggy
    It seems that there is a point of sale UI / staff training problem. Sometimes it takes one scan, sometimes two. Some times they forget to press something I don't get a point. I'm happy to not carrying an extra card in my wallet regardless. Please, take note of how Starbucks does it and how their app looks.
  • Painful - Not any more! 5/5

    By nickbarling
    Update to my previous scathing review: Credit to Peet's designers! Single QR code to check-in and pay. Larger QR code that scans quickly with minimal line up with the scanner! Much improved! Well done Peet's, you listened and made great changes! Still the best coffee too :-)
  • Doesn't work in LA 4/5

    By YogaDog
    Downloaded it and loaded some gift cards on to it and headed down to my Peets. When I got there, they had NEVER seen the app before and I couldn't use it. Luckily I kept the gift cards. Bummer :( UPDATE: They've improved the app and I've been using it everyday. The experience is much improved, but they can still make it better. For example, the app should read the gift cards rather than having to enter the card number and codes.
  • Finally great Peet's reward app 5/5

    By Jons415
    Finally a Peet's Rewards App is here. Great app, easy to use, checkin a breeze. Thank you!
  • The best 5/5

    By ThatCaliKid
    Super stoked on petes getting this app launched I love it just as much as I do their amazing coffee
  • Great Coffee 5/5

    By Guest3674
    Great coffee and great app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lacn84
    So happy they rolled it out for everyone to use!
  • Amazing. Simply Brilliant. 5/5

    By tim cone
    So good. So so good.
  • Bye bye punch cards 5/5

    By cookooforkoffee
    Great app... easy to use... great coffee too!
  • But first, coffee 5/5

    By ILikePirates
    Wow, the only thing that would make this app better is if it spit coffee out of my phone. Best loyalty program out there, love how easy it is to earn free coffee!!!!!☕️🏳️‍🌈☕️
  • Works, but needs paypal! 5/5

    By Useditfor2monthsmeh
    Really glad to have my Peet's card in app form now, but would love it even more if I could connect my Paypal account instead of handing over my credit card number.
  • Super easy app! 4/5

    By Nessyjo
    I've been waiting for Peet's to launch their loyalty app, so happy it's finally here! Easy to use and the rewards are pretty awesome ☕️

Peet’s Coffee app comments


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