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Penn Station Subs

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  • Current Version: 2.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Penn Station Subs App

Penn Station East Coast Subs, America’s #1 Sandwich, offers grilled, baked and cold subs, along with Fresh-Cut Fries, and the signature Fresh-Squeezed daily Lemonade. Don’t forget a large chocolate chunk cookie! Mobile App includes loyalty rewards, mobile pay, online ordering, in app gift card purchase, store locators, menu, social interaction, games, and more. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Grr waste of time 1/5

    By Emileebeth
    I downloaded to get the free sub. Before I had a chance to go it sent a notification saying that I need to update to fix bugs and will get a reward for it. Well it autoupdated and it will not sign in or re sign up. It’s a joke. I wish I could show you the screen shots of the error messages. Needless to say I don’t have access to any rewards whatsoever ever. Useless.
  • My review 5/5

    By Luh SuSpEkT
    I like it but I love pen station
  • Never Works 1/5

    By Daddysgirlleggs
    Worked fine in the beginning when I first downloaded. Now it's constantly trying to load. Asked the employees if they were having issues with it and they said it works fine. Tried removing and reinstalling now it's saying internet connection issue. I'm deleted the app. It taking up much needed space on my phone.
  • Good app 4/5

    By sammy loves subs
    It works - just make sure when you scan your barcode that it works. One month I had to tell worker to manually enter the code. Have redeemed rewards for free fries several times already!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jason 028374728923
    This app is awesome. Every true Penn S customer should own it.
  • No Order through the App?! 1/5

    By Kdub516
    So they have Facebook and twitter integration so I can tweet that I'm eating Penn Station, but they don't have in app ordering! What kind of stupid business model is that. This app has been around for a year and they still haven’t added ordering through the app. This was a complete blunder by Penn Station, why dump capital into a product that cannot generate revenue? Add online ordering and this becomes a terrific source of revenue. If it had the ability to place an order I’d use the app all the time because apparently it is rocket science for the workers at the counter to take down my order right.
  • No online ordering 1/5

    By DBMjoker
    I'm extremely confused. The Penn Station website says "download the app". And then once you do, the app is just the website. What's the point? Why waste your time developing an app? Congrats, you played yourself...
  • No Order Through Ap 1/5

    By Dotsystems12379
    You can't order anything on this ap. If this place wants more business they need to get in the 21st century and add that feature
  • Consistency? 2/5

    By SuperSparkyNate
    I have used this app frequently, but there have been times that a cashier tells me I can scan anytime and other cashiers that tell me to scan at a certain transaction point. Surprise! Usually, when a cashier tells me to scan whenever is when my activity doesn't get logged. This app is spotty at best and possibly needs more implementation training for stores. Then again, when you spend an inordinate amount of money to get a 6" sub as the reward it isn't very motivating. I would say the best part of the app are the occasional freebies like fries or cookies that you receive.
  • Awful. Don't waste your time. 1/5

    By Hitlength
    What a waste of space. Why have an app that doesn't allow ordering through? Pointless and deleted.
  • Absolutely does not work 1/5

    By curlee1
    So after seeing the hype for the app in my local shop I decided to download it for the rewards. Unfortunately I failed to read the reviews first. My fault. But this app is a true waste of storage space. No online ordering (although the website says it's being worked on...), the cashiers have no idea how to use it and I've been told "you don't have to use the app" or things of that nature by the fine folks working the register who have no clue what it's about and just want to move on to the next customer. The app supposedly generates a unique barcode for each use but it rarely stays up long enough to wait through the line and then crashes before generating a new one so you back up the line trying to get it to work. Maybe frustration is the key here. If so, job well done. I've accumulated zero points after multiple visits. Oh, and I never got the "free 6 inch sub" for signing up as is advertised. This app should seriously be pulled off the store until it works and employees are trained on it.
  • Almost Useless 2/5

    By Indecisionx
    I use it for the rewards, which is its only benefit. That being said, rewards are only good for 1 month. If you get a free 6" sub, you can ONLY get a 6" sub. You can't get an 8" (or whatever) and have the value of the 6" taken off. If you use it to pay, 98% chance the cashier won't know how to take your money. There needs to be in-app ordering like every other food app I have. This is by far my favorite sub place, I eat here every week or two, and the app is a complete let down. I feel like Penn Station doesn't really appreciate their customers.
  • Not an app, just their website 1/5

    By Scooter Donovan
  • Online Ordering 3/5

    By JakeIndy
    I gave this 3 starts just because it gave me a free 6 inch sub for downloading. Although it is a pointless app since you can't order with it. I literally laughed when I selected my location and it said, "call to place order". I love your sandwiches, but this app is useless.
  • Don't download 1/5

    By Kentucky Blacc
    I eat Penn Station maybe once a month. I don't like having to call in my order, or show up and tell them my order and wait. I like Penn Station better than subway. But Subway let's me ORDER THROUGH THE APP! So guess which place I order from more often. Don't download this. It's just a menu taking up space on your phone. Ridiculous. How is it 2017 and we can't order from the app still?
  • App is HORRIBLE!! 1/5

    By Brian marge
    This app does not work. I downloaded to accumulate points since I frequent Penn Station often. I have not received any points for my purchases. Maybe I should start going to Subway? They have punch cards that I know will WORK!!
  • App? 1/5

    By Tange123456
    This is not an app it is a front to their website.
  • Issues 1/5

    By User0008
    For some reason the app doesn't always work correctly the past five times that I've been to Penn and scan my barcode no activity shows
  • App Doesn't Work 1/5

    By LoremasterSTL
    Never past the main screen, never stops loading. Says it can't reach a server. App is up-to-date.
  • It is a good start. 3/5

    By Coolville
    Would like to having ordering with Apple Pay. Optimize the screen sizes!!!!!!
  • Great app, but be careful 5/5

    By Meloskilo
    I accidentally downloaded the Penn State app and Jerry Sandusky showed up at my house with his 6 inch Dagwood.
  • Won't get past loading 1/5

    By Heatherlynn311
    I can't even check out the app. There are four buttons that I try and press, but all I can do is watch the loading button circle around. I tried to use a coupon at the store and evidently I was supposed to register online for the rewards program to be able to use it, at which point I would get the actual coupon emailed a day later, the employee informed me at the checkout. Although when I placed the order the employees that made the sandwich told me I would be able to use it on the order I placed. The employee at the checkout told me about the app as well, but I wouldn't get that coupon for at least 24 hours. I left the store frustrated but went on the app to try and get the coupon since I don't have a printer to print out the coupon that I would've needed for the website program. Even though the coupon I had that brought me into the store didn't work, I made my purchase, left irritated and still got on the app to try and get the actual coupon. Well that evidently is not going to happen. Thinking I will not be back in there again just for the simple fact that they obviously do not want me to be able to get a discount.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Anyone who likes them
    I can see the menu on the website, add some internet ordering
  • Worst reward app ever 1/5

    By Walb0244
    First couple of weeks using the app the employees had no clue how to use the scanner in the store. Doesn't seem to matter since for the past 5 weeks I have used the app every Tuesday and it has yet to actually work properly. I have yet to get any rewards from having my phone scanned at the store.
  • What's the purpose? 1/5

    By Hgfhgfjhhb
    Why would you create an app if you can't actually use it to order. Call ahead ordering? I've been doing that since I could dial a telephone, and I certainly never needed an app for it!
  • Poor app, not very useful 1/5

    By Gdvnigx
    There are a few issues I have with this app. #1 is that the employees don't seem to know how it works and thus hate the app themselves. I scan the code from my phone at the store and it never seems to work for the rewards and my points aren't added to my account. #2 issue is you can't order from the app which seems like a basic thing you would have. #3 it will take a while to accumulate points for rewards. It's nice they have started a rewards program but if you can't use it then what's the point.
  • Tasty subs, terrible app 2/5

    By Anonymous7382
    I'm an occasional Penn Station patron and thought this app would be a nice way to earn rewards. Not only do points take forever to accumulate (I've yet to reap a "reward") the tech support was unresponsive to a message I sent regarding issues I had with the app in store. Pretty sure a tuna sub with grilled onions and teriyaki sauce would leave a better taste in my mouth than this app.
  • Good start (I suppose) 3/5

    By Smoken' with Willie
    About time you joined the 21st century. No more printing out email coupons. I use an app to generate & store PW's and had to start over when I switched apps to make a PW. It'll be better once you can order directly through the app. Might want to set favorite or home location, for convenience of repeated users. I referred a friend and no reward. I WAS credited with a free 6" LOL! I suppose We'll see how the app progresses.
  • Nice 5/5

    By boggs111
    App works! I love it.
  • App isn't working 1/5

    By Italy122
    All isn't working. It just me refreshes the entire time. I've deleted and downloaded again. Please fix.
  • Honestly? Pretty bad. 1/5

    By R3vanchist_
    I don't know what all these 5 star reviews are about, no one I know gets this excited about reward programs. The only reason I downloaded this app was for online ordering support (a reasonable expectation of an app for a restaurant I think). They don't have that, and thus, to me, the app is pointless. The rewards program is lame and gimmick-y, but would be fine if it was tacked on in addition to the primary function of ordering food. Nope. That's the primary feature here Not to mention the fact that the majority of the app is just a wrapper for their website to begin with. TL;DR: Nothing worthwhile here. Use the mobile site and don't bother with the app. Unless you're just crazy about rewards programs. Then have a blast– but even then, the app still lame and poorly designed.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Drew p. Nutts
    I loved the app it really helps
  • Grilled Subs.. Say what?? 5/5

    By B__ling
    Wow.. Great food, great people and a free sandwich just for downloading the app. And free stuff when I give my friends my code!
  • Great App!!!! 5/5

    By Fort Worth Groupon User
    This is a great app and really good money saver. I used this app today and I feel like it's going to be ever better with future updates.

Penn Station Subs app comments


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