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PEOPLE everywhere. We define celebrity, drive conversation and inspire action. Experience the new PEOPLE Magazine app on the iPad and iPhone and get all of the latest news and exclusive stories about celebrities, royals and the world’s most intriguing people right at your fingertips. *Please note when you download the app you will need to re-login to your digital account and/or restore your iTunes purchases within the app.* New features include: - A live newsfeed from the website so you get breaking news in real time - A “Reader View” that allows long-form magazine articles to display in a text and mobile-friendly format. You will no longer need to pinch and zoom! - Cross-device access with your PEOPLE digital account - Offline reading for downloaded issues - Alerts when a new issue is available Each magazine issue is available to subscribers and for purchase. Current magazine subscribers get full access to their issues by signing in with their PEOPLE digital account. PEOPLE Magazine Subscriptions Available: 1-month subscription - $9.99 3-month subscription - $27.99 6-month subscription - $54.99 Single issue - $5.99 SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Current subscribers may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING A SUBSCRIPTION OR SINGLE-COPY OF THIS TITLE, YOU AGREE TO THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF SERVICE WHICH CAN BE VIEWED BY GOING TO: Having any technical difficulty? Email:


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PEOPLE Magazine app reviews

  • Update... not good! 1/5

    By Zobo0217
    New update stinks. Every time i touch the screen a message saying “swipe up for reader view”appears. It no longer remembers the last page I had open. I’m no renewing. So disappointed. The update needs an update!
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Love textplus
    The paper version is available a day or two before the digital, I can no longer access my downloaded issues when I’m on a plane - the main reason I opted to pay EXTRA for digital access - and there is no bookmark. You’re forced to search for where you left off. Wish I could award ZERO stars. Worthless.
  • Loved it before... 1/5

    By brenda444
    I hate the updated app and when my subscription is up, I will cancel. Hate that it does not remember where you left off. Just such a mess now. Simple is sometimes best and does not always need changed.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Aktoothfairy
    I am so frustrated with the new update! I have to sign in each and every time to get the new weekly magazine. It is not user friendly.
  • You messed up with latest update... 1/5

    By lvphotomama
    Why mess with something that works. How things have changed since I posted the previous review below. I HATE this latest update. When I get out of an edition and return later sometimes it is where I left off but more often it is the download page. I select, get the cover page and then have to find where I left off. You took away the bookmark feature and the thumbnails are so small I can’t find an image that looks like the page on was on when I got kicked out. Getting the message to swipe up for reader view is annoying. No way to turn it off. On 11/12/17 I sent an email with the complaint about not being able to turn off reader view and was told it was being referred to the appropriate office. No further response. Later I received a customer service survey. No one contacted about my complaints. Please listen and respond to your customers. Previous review: I have been a People subscriber almost since the first edition and love the digital version. I have my magazine with me everywhere I take my iPad. I really like the bonus pictures and stories, and being able to watch the videos that I don't get in my paper magazine. Great app! I have no complaints.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Catiana14
    This app keeps going downhill with each update. Everything looks so blurry now, words and pictures. And the reader view option every time you flip the page is so annoying. I get a headache each time I finish the magazine 👎🏼👎🏼
  • New format horrible 1/5

    By sfpoooiiiiuuyytttvvgxx.
    I hate the new format. It does not save your place in the magazine if you leave the app and come back- I’m just going to read it on texture from now on and won’t renew. It’s a waste of my time in the new format. Very disappointing.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Moester OC
    It’s nearly impossible to read this magazine with this app. Not an improvement at all. I’d rather go back to hard copy
  • Annoying 1/5

    By bizzybee4
    I’ve been a subscriber for years, but every time there’s a new issue, it tells me to subscribe. So frustrating!
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    Awful awful awful. Worst upgrade to an app ever. (Sarcasm starts here) Thank you people as I love having to find the last page I was reading and the last issue I was reading every single time I launch the app. My days may be filled with a full time job and caring for my family and home but it just wasn’t fulfilled without a online news magazine (that is suppose to be a relaxing indulgence) creating more frustration for me.
  • New app is awful and not user friendly 1/5

    By Lin4327765
    Hi the past app was the best. This updated app has ruined my favorite activity in the week. It asks you to sign in every week and doesn’t remember you like before. Each page has a reader view message which is in the way. Too awful. Please fix it
  • Update Ruined a great App 1/5

    By Ace tuna
    It's hard to fathom what they were trying to do with this update. Reader experience is so much worse, especially the visual quality. In a world where we expect only improvement (UHD, OLED,etc), it's stunning to get a degradation like this.
  • The worst improvement ever 1/5

    By cranky people reader
    The changes in this app are making me consider canceling my digital subscription. I shouldn't have to spend extra time clicking on the magazine cover numerous times to open it when I've already been reading the magazine. Every time you open the magazine you will have to search for your page. It never opens to where you left off. What happened to extra pictures because you're reading the digital version? That's gone. Each page now is blocked with a message to swipe to read in a different format. But it blocks the top of the page making it impossible to read. Once you go to article the pictures come up so slowly and often blurred. Bring back the previous version. It had flaws but nothing to this extent.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Sakuragirl1
    What the heck did they do... they took what was one of the best digital magazines and made it crap over the past few years after a few iterations. I came to write a review and saw my original review (shown below) and it reminded me just how far they have fallen. No bookmark when you leave the app, you have to find your place again every time you come back, swipe up for reader view message every time you go to the next page is so annoying. Not interactive, just the print magazine in digital form. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep my subscription if they don’t fix things. Previous review: People magazine got it right. The best iPad magazine out there. Able to have subscription and not pay per issue, great interface, love the extras such as additional photos, videos and music clips. The bestest!!!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By cwpepper
    The new app is absolutely horrible. Trying to delete or download an issue is like watching jello gel. The app also just stops working at any given moment. Tonight I tried to download the newest issue and it just goes to a blank screen then back to all the issues and when I try to download...back to a blank screen. I am supposed to renew my People subscription in the middle of December but why would I spend money, and People is NOT cheap, for something I can't access. SO frustrating. I also hate all the other crap on the screen now...I just want to read the magazine!
  • Not worth the $ 1/5

    By De'foxed
    Not only is the app worthless, I can’t figure out how to stop the auto billing. I deleted the app twice but still get billed for something I haven’t looked at in probably a year.
  • Worst "update" I've ever seen! 1/5

    By Good morning people
    There is nothing about this app that works right...trying to read the magazine is miserable! People should give me my money back for the subscription. This app makes it worthless!!
  • Update made the app unusable 1/5

    By KateAf
    I just deleted my subscription. That is how bad the latest update is. It doesn't remember you logging in. It pushes a "reader view" via a black box on every page. And most importantly, it made all the pictures blurry and out of focus. The magazine is essentially unreadable now on an iPad, and it was fine before. I encourage others to cancel and delete the app too.

    By Runn4
    Updated 11/24/17 - What happened to the bookmark feature?? Blurry pictures, not user-friendly - especially when reading offline, poor all around! But most of all, if I can't read the whole issue in one sitting, (which is never) I'd like to know where I left off! PLEASE ADD BACK BOOKMARK FEATURE Updated 7/7/17 - What's with the new redesign? The text is too small to read without expanding every page! What happened to all the interactive content? That was the fun part of the digital version. I don't want a shrunken down copy of the print magazine that's too small to read. If that's the case, give me back the crossword puzzle that was in the print version that couldn't be in the digital version!
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By B$$$$$$$*
    The new app format is so awful!!!! It's so slow, doesn't even load sometimes. My place never gets saved when I stop reading an issue and close the app. Sometimes the app shuts offing the middle of using it. TERRIBLE!!!!!
  • What a MESS!! 1/5

    By KateBR
    I am a long-time People subscriber. I have the iPad with Retina Display, and People magazine always looked crisp and perfect. However, suddenly most pages are completely blurry. Plus, the “solution” to the new minuscule print is a completely annoying “Swipe Up for Reader View”. The entire thing is such a mess! From the blurry photos to the smallest print to very busy pages with constant ‘swipe up’ messages, it’s so unenjoyable. I don’t want to have to swipe up to read a second version! And many photos in the ‘reader view’ don’t show up at all. PLEASE fix this mess before I give up one of my favorite magazines!
  • New app is horrible! 1/5

    By Kaman12345678
    I can't make this a one star review but that is all it's worth. The new app is clunky, slow and not user friendly at all. If you stop reading in the middle of an issue it takes you back to the beginning. To read bigger is awkward. This app was so good and then it went to pdfs you couldn't make bigger and now this. Stop trying and go back to what worked in the past!
  • The update is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Taboo9bk
    The font is way too small. The issue does not stay open to where you left off when you reopen the app. It has in app windows that pop open all the time, which is annoying. Please fix this update or revert to the old version but do it fast please.
  • HATE THE UPDATE!! Canceling subscription! 1/5

    By NurseVeeRon
    I absolutely HATE this stupid update!!!!!!!!!! The app used to save my page in the issue I was reading and whenever I had a free minute, I’d just click on the app and go straight to that page. Now I have to go through all this other bologna that I don’t want to see before I can get to the issue I’m on and it doesn’t even take me to the right page! I waste my few minute of “alone time” from the kids trying to find my page, so that by the time I find it, my “alone time” is over....If it stays this way, I’m canceling my subscription cuz I only read my digital issue and this is a HORRIBLE waste of time!!
  • No bookmarks?? 1/5

    By regniteihcS
    This is a magazine app, not a social media one! I don't have the time to always finish an issue in one sitting. There are no bookmarks! I can't even delete issues offline. Don't piss off longtime readers any further and remember you're providing reading material. Bring on the next update with at least bookmarks!!!
  • Failure... deserves negative stars 1/5

    By where's my iPad issue
    How can something be released that is an utter failure? I can’t even begin to describe the many ways it does not work. The most annoying, it does not let me see a downloaded issue. I click on the cover and all I get is a white screen. Second, if I do get to the magazine, unbearably slow. Also, slow just to start up.
  • Latest upgrade VERY BAD 1/5

    By bettmac
    The latest update has pretty much made People Magazine useless. 1. It takes forever for the pages to upload! 2. I have had a subscription that been on auto pay for years. When I tried to download the new issue, after waiting 10-15 minutes for the App to load up the App says I don't have an account. 3. I went back thru my subscription payments and they were renewed in October and their current. SO for no reason People is blocking me from downloading the latest issue even though my subscription is current. TERRIBLE APP AND SERVICE!!!
  • From amazing to awful in one update ... 1/5

    By TabithaChef
    The People application was my favourite to read, however this new update is dreadful. Wants me to purchase each new issue despite having had a subscription for years. No amount of deleting the app or restoring purchases seems to help. Contacted People and was informed that it is an ITunes issue as I have a digital subscription. I seriously don’t need the run-around. Same issue with Entertainment Weekly. Will give it a week or so then will stop wasting $16 a month.
  • Update won't let me access current issue 1/5

    By BridgetOBrien
    Developers smugly say in Help to restore purchases. That only works for past issues. Can't access current issue. How is it even possible to release an update with such a huge bug? My subscription would have renewed tomorrow. Apple does absolutely nothing to protect iTunes subscribers from ripoffs, so I know I won't get a refund if I pay for another month. Just canceled my subscription. Bugs in updates are one thing. A bug that makes it impossible to access a current issue just illustrates a company's contempt for its customers. Contacted the developers. They said they can't do anything about this. iTunes can't do anything about it either. Seriously? Just glad I canceled before my subscription renewed for another month.
  • AWFUL update 1/5

    By Gerberdeluxe
    I too rarely write reviews but this update is the worst. Very glitchy and blurry. The swiping up feature to read a story just keeps taking me back to the cover. Please, People magazine, fix this app!
  • HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By VeepGeek
    This app since the update is SO HORRIBLE that I’m thinking of going back to the print version!!! It used to be my favorite magazine app. Now the print is tiny, the pictures are blurry, and there are no more “extras” where you can tap and see additional stuff not available in print. It’s like they let a middle school computer class scan the magazine pages into a PDF and upload it. IT’S AWFUL!!!!!! I would give it ZERO STARS if that was an option. GIVE US THE OLD APP BACK!!!!!
  • Really miss the old app 1/5

    By Battybats4
    This new update needs a lot of improvement. It keeps crashing in the middle of the issue and never holds my place. It takes longer to open the issue every time and is not user friendly like the old app. Constantly seeing the message to swipe up for reader view is so annoying. I hope they fix these issues soon.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Rohoz7
    I loved reading my people magazine...then they changed it..I agree with the other person..the crispness of the magazine is gone. I called and spoke to the digital specialist today, he hemmed and hawed and said everything is the same and didn’t know of any change to the visual look of the digital edition..also used to get my digital copy very early “4am” on Thursday and it is now 3:30pm and I still don’t have the latest copy. Whoever people is using to send the digital version out should be fired and the customer service people should know their job...enough of lying..get your acts together and give people what they are paying for.
  • Hate the update! 1/5

    By Record function
    I don't like the new format at all and am really mad that I have to redownload all the issues I already downloaded. I'm especially frustrated that all my favorites are now gone!! Being the old app back!!!
  • New app terrible 1/5

    By laurel_sharon
    What used to be a great app has turned into something I can't even read. The two-page view is too small to read anything without expanding every page. I want my money back.
  • Hate the update 2/5

    By Mrs. Briggs
    Hate this update. The black bar that says swipe up for reader view is so annoying. Don’t care for the reader view, difficult to read. The overall user experience is trash. Wish there was a way to go back to the previous version.
  • Love the new app! 5/5

    By Island pita
    The reader view is great! I don't think many people seems to know about it but it is now enjoyable and easy to read on my iPad. It was so hard to read before. So glad you updated this! The text is large now and layout of article is perfect. Readers- make sure to swipe up to read otherwise no way could I read just the way it is.
  • Piece of trash 1/5

    By SharonSF326
    Ive been a subscriber for several years and I am always wear. Now the “new and improved” app does not know I am a subscriber. I have seen lots of this complaint online but absolutely zero response from People.
  • Seriously, People... 1/5

    By deltapilotwife
    You owe your loyal subscribers better than this reworked piece of junk app. Pictures are blurry. No more close ups. Sad.
  • Update a Huge Step Back 1/5

    By Subscriber for decades
    I don’t normally review apps, but this new update is a huge step backwards. Some of the most basic functions have been lost. The app no longer keeps track of where you are in the magazine, and you have to open the magazine and find your spot every single time. What’s the use of a digital app and a digital subscription, if it’s this useless.
  • Why Do They Always Ruin A Good Thing. 1/5

    By PurpleJeb
    I’d love to sit in a design meeting sometime to understand how they decide to make something so much WORSE! This new People Mag app is pretty much worthless. So far, the most annoying “new” app I’ve ever seen — especially when you swipe to a new page and end up a black strip blocking pix/text telling you to NOW swipe up for Reader View. So, instead of one swipe to read the page, you make us swipe twice. The only reason for the second swipe is to get rid of the new and annoying black strip that is not needed! Next they’ll probably impose a full page block with instructions to turn off app and go buy the print issue! Only reason for 1-star is because it won’t let me post with none.
  • Horrible Update-Canceling My Subscription 1/5

    By Lovetoreview777
    I would give this new update zero stars if I could. The text and images are blurry, even when I zoom in on the page. I cannot understand why People (and Entertainment Weekly) thought this new format would work. I was already considering canceling my subscriptions to both magazines. The release of this “upgrade” made my decision easier.
  • What the h—l? 1/5

    By Rox43
    I have been a LOMG TIME subscriber to People. Every Thursday I download the digital issue to read......but now the app is gone or lost. I updated, but nothing happened. Kick the college grad IT out and get a fifth grader to fix it.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Blazerunner14
    I don't normally write reviews but in this case I must, if only to warn others not to waste their time and space on this app with the new update. It is absolutely the worst update I've ever seen. What used to be a great app with crystal clear images is now crap. Everything is blurry and so out of focus and small you can barely stand to look at it. So disappointing coming from a company that is supposed to aim for customer satisfaction. I will not be using this app, if a large company such as people magazine can't afford to better their app and instead make it worse, I won't waste my time with it. You better improve this fast or you will lose so many loyal customers. I would put zero stars but of course it doesn't allow that.
  • Love this read the magazine 5/5

    By Sara19810
    I’m been reading people magazine weekly including celebrities and royals on digital and prints of magazine but I’m been subscribed of people magazine for years..
  • What app? 1/5

    By nancy b 26
    It won’t download , I’ve called customer service twice and they say all is fine. Not sure what they’re looking at. All I️ get is a blank screen . No magazine
  • Used to love this app 2/5

    By ShaDaniels
    I loved how interactive this People magazine app used to be. Now it’s just like reading the magazine. The print is so small that I am constantly zooming in just to be able to read the article. Horrible “upgrade”.
  • Link from list of cover/content is not active 2/5

    By WillyPaine
    Link from list of cover/content is not working anymore. Not active. Now is more time time consuming on searching for article I want to see.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By SAMWill93
    I’m very disappointed that we pay hundreds of dollars a year for a subscription, but have to pay extra for the digital version. You have enough of our money, thank you.
  • New layout 5/5

    By Poopy28283838
    I love the new layout! You can actually see the magazine covers now! Before they were super tiny and it was annoying.

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