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Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World

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Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World App

Periscope lets you broadcast and explore the world through live video. See where news is breaking, visit a new place, or meet people and share interests - all in real-time. Use Periscope to: • Broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments. • Discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic. • Missed out on a live video? Don't worry - watch the best parts with replay highlights. • Instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks. • Broadcast privately to specific followers or friends.

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  • Profile Pic Woes 2/5

    By LilNikita
    I just created an account using my mobile number. I followed the instructions precisely, logged out then back in, re-uploaded the app, updated my iOS system and I still can not add my profile pic. When I tap my default pic in the edit menu to change it nothing happens. I refuse to begin broadcasting without a profile pic! Not cool!
  • Avatar won't change when uploaded 3/5

    By Rmar86
    App works well, my only problem is when I go and upload a new avatar it doesn't change.
  • Please add groups! 4/5

    By Jmdougherty
    For the most part, I love this app! The concept is fabulous and the interface is simple. What it is lacking is the ability to create groups. I love that we have the ability to broadcast to a closed group of selected people, but I hate having to select those people every time I want to broadcast only to my friends and family. There really needs to be a way to save a closed group so I can just periscope to them easily.
  • BEEBO 5/5

    By Reneeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Needs more features!!! 4/5

    By Grrrrr....y
    A great app that can only get better! PLEASE ADD...ability to control playback of recent broadcasts with pause, rewind, & fast forward options.
  • very entertaining and fun 5/5

    By sweetpipedreamz
    I follow a few people for business reasons and some for pleasure/fun. This is a fun app especially late night on the weekends lol. @BreezerCoin
  • Zoom your camera 3/5

    By Therealarod
    Maybe some year, you'll be able to zoom your camera in periscope. Some year
  • Renee 4/5

    By Jezuzkid
    It's a great app but I would love to change my username other than that, no complaints.
  • Useful, but slow 3/5

    By Hilolaazi12
    Very slow, no matter how fast the Internet.
  • Won't work 2/5

    By Leopold 271
    Won't load the areas I want.
  • Television is Horizontal 3/5

    By Business303
    Idiots that use there phone vertical. Television is horizontal. Figure it out. Using this app is like looking through a narrow slit in the wall to see something.
  • Loads of glitches - don't release yet- fix it 1/5

    By 10-Minute-Bitcoins
    I registered for an account, and it absolutely nothing would load from the start. Restarted and it crashed on 3 different pages- deleted
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By @Deposit25cents
    Can't load any feeds whatsoever. Whatever the new update did broke this app entirely. I can't even see my previous scopes.
  • Black and white? 3/5

    By Mags4685
    Am I doing something wrong or is the latest update messed up? Whenever I click on a broadcast now, it starts in color for a split second and then changes to black and white. It worked fine before so I don't know what the issue is. Please fix!
  • Loading issues 3/5

    By landiodo
    The fast forward feature works, but it takes forever to load before it lets you fast forward. I think there is a bug in how the videos load.
  • Periscope Freezing 3/5

    By Venusishot
    One of my broadcasts when I tried to play it back it was fine at first and now there is no play option. It's just stuck there. Can you advise?

    By Redriderjewels
    O m g I can't deal with not having a fast forward. Too busy to watch a video from start again!!! NEED A FAST FORWARD URGENTLY!!
  • Not sure 3/5

    By us4hvnbnd
    I would like the fast forward to be allowed during whole broadcast not just at the beginning.
  • Love the app but.... 3/5

    By Too-Cool
    I love this app! Very exciting! The only thing is that it keeps saying poor connection and I'm on wifi. I'm in the house with my wifi and it keeps losing connection. Very irritating. This needs to be looked at right away. But it's a great way to network and meet new people!!!

    By Kdr11112
    You have to stop underage users from using this ap! Teenage girls on here doing things they shouldn't be! I'm a mother and will report to the authorities every time I see underage girls/boys using this ap inappropriately!
  • Pretty fun app 5/5

    By JoePits
    Good idea
  • One problem 4/5

    By MiaSoKute
    It's great but I can't hear anything with the app since around July 25th
  • Landscape mode please! 3/5

    By Mike Olbinski
    I love Periscope. It's been a blast. But vertical video is amateur. No TV or movie is seen that way so who wants to broadcast vertical? I know television personalities would love to use it on broadcasts but vertical makes it silly. Hope this feature is coming soon!
  • Love it.....But, 4/5

    By SillyLoveBug
    The replay needs to have a fast forward and rewind option. Other than that I love the app. I love the different connections with people.
  • Yess 4/5

    By Rosaaaxooo
    Good app the only thing I would suggest is if you can rewind and fast forward when you want to watch the replay videos and if everyone can message even if the room is full
  • Now that it's not a brand new app, needs: 4/5

    By Meehere
    1. Fast forward and timer on video playbacks 2. Hide my location as a viewer or any time 3. Mute what a user wants you to watch but not that user's direct feed (some users I like but get annoyed by their suggestions) Thanks!!
  • Awesome App 4/5

    By Lolachickie
    Love this app so much but many times my messages are not seen by the people I follow???? I have not been blocked by them and this happens all the time. Is this a huge glitch???? Please fix! Thanks
  • Review 5/5

    By danei
    This app is amazing. I really enjoy going and watching live broadcasts from around the world. It is still new and it still bugs but a great app.
  • Love It! Needs 1 thing! 4/5

    By susieflyhigh
    Please add a way to snooze audio notifications during a set time, like at night I don't want to hear the whistle until I wake up the next morning, as it is now, I have to manually adjust this in the phone settings. Once something like this is added, I'll rate it 5 stars!!
  • Great concept, but needs improvement 3/5

    By Yayeeta
    Love the app! However, it's becoming increasingly frustrating to have to constantly log into the app after being logged out for unknown reasons. I have to request another code be sent to my phone every time. Please include the following in next update: 1. The ability to link Twitter accounts after signing up w/phone number 2. Fix the auto sign out when signed in with phone number 3. Add fast forward feature because it's a pain to have to sit through a replay when you were able to watch most of the live broadcast but wasn't able to finish 4. When my silent switch is on, on my phone and I tap the notification for a broadcast it stays silent until I flip the silent switch to ON. I should be able to silence all alerts and still be able to pop into broadcast and hear sound. Once this improvements are made I can give it a solid 5 stars
  • Needs More Features! 4/5

    By Deal With It!
    However, for a first generation this app isn't bad at all. I'd like to see the following features to improve it: 1) The ability to select the camera you want to use (front or rear) BEFORE you start the broadcast. 2) The ability to tap the screen - as the broadcaster - in order to auto-focus the camera on something specific. 3) Replay viewers should automatically give the broadcaster at least one heart. 4) The ability to Mute someone within a broadcast without having to block them. 5) The ability to add an external camera to feed the broadcast.
  • This app is wonderful!!!!! It can change the world! 5/5

    By Andrew Pryce
    Aside from the title I will say it is probably the most powerful networking tool as well as platform for live streaming ever invented. It has a realtime feature for showing appreciation to broadcasters as well as a chat window for people watching a broadcast to communicate with the broadcaster and each other. Broadcasters are everywhere in the world and can be seen via a geographical world map or list view. They also have the option to show their exact location or not, choose who sees the broadcast, who can type in chat, whether or not to post a link to the broadcast via Twitter. People watching a 'scope' can type in chat (if chat is not restricted), share with their followers, follow a broadcaster they like, and show appreciation in realtime by tapping the screen (which sends hearts in real-time up the side of the screen for everyone to witness). The 500 heart limit, for those who think it is a flaw, is there by design to make paid heart giving less attractive and styfle people trying to abuse the system (something observed in previous versions of the app). For very famous people/celebs it can be a bit difficult to really communicate with an audience because once a room fills beyond 100 it becomes difficult to read everybody's comments (and for people like John Mayer with 6k people watching him play guitar or go kayaking) it is impossible to catch everything. There is a limit to chat message length to prevent overcrowding the chat (chat also disappears after a few seconds) but messages allowed can be longer than a tweet. For not as famous (or not famous at all) people wanting to put themselves out their or nurture what is inside them, support is easily found in the periscope community. Negative people, trolls, innappropriate conduct can be blocked and reported making it possible for people broadcasting and people watching a broadcast to have the power to remove unwanted behavior/energy, etc. This is the second app I have ever felt compelled to leave a review of on the app store (since the apple app store's conception). It is free, and more valuable than words can describe for people who know what to do with it. The developers broadcast as well and are very keen to adapt the program to meet the demands of the ever expanding community in the most ideal ways possible. Truly something special. The next big media thing with significant signs of staying power for sure.
  • Cool idea but needs more playback features 3/5

    By Joysie14
    It is fun to watch a few videos but I rarely watch them live and playback needs more features. I would use the app more if I could know how long a video was before I started watching the playback and if I could fast forward it.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Timolocity
    Don't waste your time...the novelty wears off in about 3 minutes. App doesn't work all the time!
  • Love it but!! 4/5

    By Nvnvlnd
    Was watching a live broadcast and when it was done I wanted to watch it again it was there and then disappeared. Why????
  • Love 4/5

    By Jasz618
    I love this app. I am a growing artist and the fact my favorite artist/ body painters etc are able to showcase on here while answering questions and socializing in real time is pretty awesome. I do wish that when I went to replay the feed that I didnt have to start all over again or that maybe the posts weren't just 24hrs. Aside from tht its my new addiction. Thx!!
  • Love it but needs.... 4/5

    By coachkevin81
    A fast forward button or being able to move in the broadcast without watching the whole thing.
  • Awesome chat, but Chat Issues 4/5

    By Jrooks777
    I love this app, but when you replay the video sometimes the you cannot see the chat. This is very frustrating and needs to be fixed.. Thanks
  • Lots of issues 1/5

    By bnbplanet
    Not able to change profile pic. The only way to change your profile pic is to delete your account and recreate it. It is also slow and keeps buffering.
  • Love the app!! 4/5

    By TW214
    I love the app!!! If you guys made it compatible for Mac users as well, it'd definitely be 5 stars
  • name 4/5

    By spac3lf
    you should add thing to change your name next update bc I made this a while ago and now I have a different @ and want to make my periscope the same @ as my Twitter
  • Love Periscope needs some better camera control 3/5

    By bernardj
    My only real gripe with the app is the auto focus. I wish you could at least override it. Tried taking some video of fireworks and the focus was changing non-stop.
  • Abroad 4/5

    By Miraty
    A great app but is there a way to make the chat not visible to others only to the one it's being sent to
  • I pad periscope 5/5

    By Cesar ibrahim
    Please make application for ipad wifi
  • Black video 3/5

    By Roger holmes
    There are many times where the screen is black yet you can still hear the other person.
  • Change username 4/5

    By leonardodedeus
    Please improve the app to let me change my username!!
  • Excellent App - One Minor Issue 4/5

    By Withlovele
    Love periscope. However, the replays need to offer a fast forward and rewind button.
  • Update Danger 1/5

    By Pink gavel
    Just updated.... All follower/ing GONE!!! Really? Try to find them and it says "We're sorry loading error. Please try again later." in a red banner across the top of the page.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kryptonianking86
    This app is simply awesome and a great way to make new friends.
  • Love at first sight 5/5

    By iamgiannidamato
    I LOVE U

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