Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World

Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World

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Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World App

Periscope lets you broadcast and explore the world through live video. See where news is breaking, visit a new place, or meet people and share interests - all in real-time. Use Periscope to: • Broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments. • Discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic. • Missed out on a live video? Don't worry - watch the best parts with replay highlights. • Instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks. • Broadcast privately to specific followers or friends.

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Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World app reviews

  • Worst with every update 1/5

    By Aleco65
    Every time you update the app it just gets worst. Now it doesn't even stream, it just crash whenever I try to stream a video, it used to crash before, not as bad as of now. And I'm not the only one that notice the horrible video quality, known YouTube error has also noticed. No need for wasted space in my iCrap, uninstalling
  • I met my fiancé on Periscope 5/5

    By mello_metals
    That's why it's my favorite app
  • Comment voting 1/5

    By Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbj
    Need to remove the voting feature on comments. I get reported for every comment when I shouldn't. This single reason makes me hate the app.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By A substitute
    Great App!
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kassiepersona
  • Misty 5/5

    By 777Miggy
    Great app!
  • In an ever changing world we need Periscope! 5/5

    By Mingo3
    The news media is not to be trusted. People in troubled areas show us firsthand what is truly happening. Others show us how to travel or their gifts of art. Musicians entertain us. A great App!
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By askwhy1
    Incredible way to interact
  • Great app 4/5

    By Exumption
    The ability to post in the moment of great or simple life events in a natural unaltered format is the best. The ability to communicate with viewer and vice versa is double awesome. Though I would love to see an improvement in the search engine abilities like YouTube where typing in a name you misspelled will allow you to catch what you are looking for in a list of possibilities vs not seeing anything.
  • Idea 5/5

    By Ninja9790
    Love the app. I think for the next update after this one, you guys need to add subtitles. For when you Are in a place where your not Suppose to be watching but you are. Thank you.
  • Problem Help!!! 5/5

    By 👍👍👍👍Great
    The lives that I go to and or the replays won't let me see the person just lets me hear what they are saying and let's me see the comments! Also please fix the part where I'm watching some one and then all of a sudden I get sent to the next person live that I'm following when I'm busy watching a replay or someone else live! That's so annoying. Please fix this thank you!
  • Dope af 5/5

    By Smoovej13
    You could definitely use the app to start up your fan base if you wanna get your YouTube channel started.
  • Still the best 4/5

    By ShyAngel89
    I've tried using other live video broadcasting apps. This app is still by far the best, it rarely ever freezes the video, easy to navigate and just plain fun and easy to use.
  • Please update, not loading correctly!!! 1/5

    By periiiiiscoper8
    Not loading correctly and always crashes. HELP!
  • Use it 5/5

    By prinxcsss
    Great app
  • Love it!!! Only 1 issue... 4/5

    Great app.. the only problem is that there should be a way to appeal to someone if you get comments blocked by trolls. If you write a comment even if it's just "hey" trolls in the room can report it and keep on reporting til you can't comment. Please fix this and then I'll give u five stars.
  • I'm Old But!...Not Very! 5/5

    By @1lostbrave
    Hay All Who Reads This,” I Thank You For Your Individual Undivided Attention!... now that the pleasantries are out of the way” this here Periscope has a wide range of use you could watch listen to or even partake! thats a whole Lotta fun,” even at my age there are many political views, religious, science, art,” professional and music, How's this for Plain and simple.....Try It You Might Start to Show Signs of Life once again.“ in a realm of your own social identity you must throw caution in the wind and try it even if it's just for one day! There a gave you a couple of shouts; Technically Speaking Everything runs great excellent picture good sound, quality all around.” Thank You And Have A Most Blessed Life With Periscope on your Device. Sincerely Pappy T.
  • Periscope 4/5

    By buudyjdtuf
    Great app.
  • Inlove 5/5

    By momoCarter69
    I love this app omg it's life 😻😻😻😻😻😭😭😭😭
  • One World & One People 5/5

    By Aux Cayes
    (up Periscope) ...and Periscope is a big reason why!!! (others currently contribute, too like Lee Camp, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Facebook and a long list of comedians) Love lOve loVe lovE this program!!! I don't think I'll ever need to waste waste dirty petroleum and Earth's resources on plane travel to visit all my global next door neighbors...tankQ sisters and bros... (down Periscope)
  • Navigation is terrible 3/5

    By AC's games
    The navigation is inexcusably bad. You often can't even see the time marker and videos start over after being paused.
  • Great !!! 5/5

    By Danielms215
    A unique tool with no paralel
  • Ksa 5/5

    By 0551111746
    برنامج جميل ورائع وفيه من الفائده الكثير
  • Nice 4/5

    By Fresh2u328
    This is a nice app. Signal fails sometimes but it picks up where it left off. Broadcasts in general are pretty clear.
  • Forget Snapchat Periscope is it 5/5

    By JoeCross2013
    It's a live platform that you can connect with people all over the world and interact with that you don't even have to be friends or follow. It's like having your own TV show!
  • Update broke app on iPad 1/5

    By leosmith
    It doesn't work. Fix it.
  • Badly optimized 1/5

    By cihan.a
    I have the iPad 3 which I can even use photoshop, iMovie and such but this is the only app that is killing my iPad. Frozes, black screen only sound, comments killing CPU in crowded broadcasts. I won't buy a new tablet just for a badly reverse optimized app
  • This app will not update!!! 1/5

    By MJCqwerty
    I clicked to update this app, but it just takes forever and ever and ever to upload. In fact, it does not even begin to upload. I have never had this happen before. Screw this!
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Talk2dearpaulie
    Periscope is a great place to come and network, meet like minded ppl, & to grow your business!! You can learn a lot about business and ideas on how to enhance or grow your business!! I love periscope!!!
  • Review 5/5

    By Mr.Lachi
    Very entertaining app but the videos keep cutting off or getting stuck although it has improved a lot thank you
  • I like it, but needs fixes 4/5

    By The Bucky Dent
    Watching live streams from around the world is great. This app is fairly easy to use, and can take up a lot of time:). So yes, I enjoy it. But little improvements could be made easily, not to mention a bug I currently have. After yesterday's update, I can't change the audience, so I'm stuck with "public" only. Reading the reviews, I can tell I'm not alone on this, it happened to another at least 12 days ago. Reinstalling doesn't fix it, so the app's usefulness has taken a serious and frustrating blow. I haven't received a reply of any kind from the support email. Also while I'm here, I wish I didn't have to choose "recent" from the "list" view every time I open the app. It remembers other options, why not this one? And finally, adding the phone number to the settings needs to be done pronto. That way it can be "changed". If I ever change my phone # and have to reinstall the app, I'm screwed. You can't log back in without a voice call or SMS sent. If you put in different phone, you get a new profile, thus starting over with the hearts, followers, and who your following. This really should be addressed, as it seems pretty ridiculous to me. Maybe focus on these issues, and less on the political statements, I'm thinking.
  • 5 star rating 5/5

    By mrskrs1
    I'm new to Periscope, but I'm loving what little I enjoy. I'll be getting into new scopes as I enjoy this new form of social media. 👍🏾
  • Yeah it's pretty bad 1/5

    By Skaker2295
    The quality in these streams are really bad I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone. Just use dailymotion
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Turburzy
    Streaming could improve but overall a very useful and exiting app. It's kind of like YouTube, but with the added benefits of being live and broadcast able directly from your phone's camera. It would be very useful for journalists or anyone wanting to provide a live feed for an event. With continued refinement and development expect big things from Periscope.
  • Dynamite with a Laserbeam! 5/5

    Periscope is fabulous! I'm an aspiring song writer and it's really helped me get my name out there! There's an awesome community of people just waiting to watch you!✨ (yo yo yo my name's Darby Jeffords if ya curious 😉)
  • Made in America by Immigrants 5/5

    By BostonDrew
    Awesome! Glad it's not made by illegal immigrants! #MAGA
  • Please fix it !!!! 4/5

    By Joselito007
    Some many errors
  • Made proudly by American Immigrants?.. 4/5

    By WinMag1812
    +5 for app, -1 for politics, 1000 points for comedy. I'm sure we are talking about legal immigrants, and this is a legal app??
  • It's cool. 4/5

    By White Collar Baller
    Connection issues. Can't tell who is watching broadcasts sometimes. But I like it.
  • Please start reviewing more 5/5

    By 😍😊😍😊😍🙃😍😊🙃😍😊😬
    25/7 review would be a good start.
  • Private broadcast is broken 3/5

    By Chinami-chan
    Try to broadcast; tap up top where it says "Public" to change audience, and you get a blank rectangle where the list of mutuals should appear.
  • 🤔 1/5

    By mendozavr
    It was good when it was new.
  • Linguistic discrimination 1/5

    By Anithra
    You are showing entire India in Hindi and we do have lot of languages in India. Include all language based on location try to add tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali
  • Cool App 5/5

    By JoeyCracks456
    The most awesomest app for seeing people world-wide!
  • Good app 5/5

    By JCJXD
    The best app for stream
  • Excellent 5/5

    By ShyShyPie
    I love periscope I love watching people making asses of themselves I'd laugh so much watching some of these people do things they do, it is pure amusement
  • Yo 5/5

    By Kamesennin26
  • Stay connected 5/5

    By 47th Problem
    Great way to stay connected with my folks and friends. Also get connected with people all over the world.
  • Great app 5/5

    By DarcydollArt
    Love it.
  • HELP. 1/5

    By 00chananel
    I recently just got a new phone and a new number. When I had my other old phone (IPhone 6) usually periscope would sign me in automatically I think through Facebook. Now that I have a new phone it doesn't have that option, and I can't use a phone number to sign in because that's my old one. How do I get my old account back?

Periscope - Live Video Streaming Around the World app comments

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