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  • Current Version: 2.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Philips Lighting BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Philips Hue App

Meet Hue Your personal wireless lighting that lets you easily control your lights from any device and create the right ambience for every moment. The Philips Hue app is designed around you, your home and your everyday life. Play around, create and explore the limitless possibilities of the world's most connected light.


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  • Just listen 1/5

    By Fdothutch
    Re-Download the gen 1 app asap!!! The fact that this app only functions by room is annoying. I’d love to create scenes that changes all the lights in my entire house simultaneously. You can only do that with the default presets 😑😑 dim, concentrate, etc. sooooo pointless.
  • Can’t wait for App 3.0 1/5

    By TxRandy
    The first hue app was way better than the current version. High hopes for 3.0!
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By Belayme
    Only seems to work over the home WiFi connection. Can I/we not control the lights via any connection? I can control the lights through Amazon’s Alexa app so that’s a decent workaround. Otherwise the app is just fine. I just want that functionality when I’m out and about.
  • I must be stupid NOT 1/5

    By MH573645B 1022 47
    It’s not like I don’t have computers have routers have all kinds of electronics equipment that I know how to use. Once again somebody makes a product that is a piece of crap to try and figure out how to make it work. Oh yeah I’m sure you’re going to say that I don’t know enough about this kind of stuff to do it. go ahead. I don’t have time for this.
  • Peace of crap won’t connect 1/5

    By Luv Liberal Tears
  • Last Update Fail 2/5

    By The Digital Guy
    After the Latest Update it will only intermittently work with Amazon Alexa and the Hue App will also disconnect from WiFi and will not work with “out of home” any longer! PLEASE FIX!!!!!!
  • Previous update was better recognizing location 1/5

    By Slingo123
    Feature request: Idk if it helps for the developers but try forcing the if statement for the variables regarding the JSON for location. Put this in your SCRUM sprints please! As of 1/20/2018 The app tends to not efficiently verify location when switching between cell to wireless, wireless, and just cell data. The user experience when in the house causes the user to - close and reopen the app Multiple times - delayed time in response from user to lights due to the amount of hops from permissions -user is locked out of certain features from app
  • Thankfully I kept the last version 2/5

    By Mipley
    Awkward to use. I only have three lights and just want the ability to change their color and brightness quickly (without having to set up scenes). Also as with the first version, the slider inputs often change slightly when you release touch. It would be nice if they stayed where you set the slider (don't register the touchend event, or if a value was held for about 500ms or longer then ignore a subsequent shorter change). I'd also like to see manual value inputs (e.g., set brightness level with numerical entry or color values by RGB or HSL) and limit available colors with corresponding GUI for each light's own gamut range.
  • A bit insufferable really 1/5

    By Pissed613
    Should do a whole lot more. Unresponsive interface is unacceptable.
  • Help! My app says it needs to update. Won’t update 1/5

    By Stevie012112211321
    When I try and open my app. It says connecting, connectibg. Always connecting. I try and update in the App Store. I try and update by clicking “update” in the app. Nothing is working. Please fix my app.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By Flynbeloradar
    Less than 30 days of functionality and then my app cant find the bridge even with repeated resets website links and reinstalls of the app.......... total waist of F-inggggg time and $
  • Good app, well done! 5/5

    By crypby
    Works exactly as it should - smoothly and clearly. iPhone with the latest firmware. I set up my bulbs without any mess without reading any of manuals just in this app.
  • Giving up on this app. Just sticking to apple home instead 1/5

    By justins_dream
    I feel like with every reiteration of this app it progressively gets worst. My bridge no longer connects to the app yet it works perfectly with Apple HomeKit. How is that possible if this app is made by Phillips hue? I’m throwing the hat & hours of troubleshooting & giving up using it.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By _Æ
    For whatever reason it needs to update within the app and not the app store. The update constantly fails and takes forever. The app cant be used unless its updated. So basically it does not function.
  • Can’t sign to the hue ever 1/5

    By styles4u2c
    I’ve been trying to login to the home away and I can never sign in! Just sits there. Can You fix that please? Anybody??
  • Fix this 2/5

    By The Aceman
    Every time I open the app since the last update, the app tells me the lights are unreadable. It used to work no problem, but since the last update the app has been glitchy. Please update and I will change my review to 5 stars. Thanks.
  • Dissapointing 1/5

    By CW28
    In short, this app is not user friendly at all. The whole design of the app is just odd. The hardware is fine, but the software is just terrible...
  • I can’t rename individual lights 1/5

    By Tom_Langel
    Please allow me to change my light names from “bulb 1” “bulb 2” etc
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Edlag
    There are major connection issues with the app and bridge. If your lights are more than 3 feet (according to web site) the bridge may not find the lights. The bridge will not be possible to locate most days. I have been able to get no resolution. It is a great product with a lot of fun applications. It is too bad there are too many issues that I will just chose turn on or turn off instead of using the lights to their full potential. Even the support link in the App Store sends you to the sales page for and not the support page.
  • Good basics 3/5

    By Bassin guy
    Would give a 5 if it was a mix between the Apple home kit for its multiple options for customizations of how you the user can set up the lights more to your likings where as now u need to bend over backwards to just make it do what you need and then it’s mixes with the current app now for more simplicity then you got something going on but till then it’s just a mobile on off switch with a dimmer that can change to another color which isn’t new.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By knarf78501
    This is a disaster. I’ve had hue for over 5 years and this new app has not made any significant improvements from the previous Hue App. I am disappointed by the way the developers have executed the software. they’ve advertised Hue to be flawless and it’s quite the opposite.
  • Can’t Search New Lights 1/5

    By Blobyyyyy
    Get new lights for Christmas and finally setting them up. Unfortunately Hue app can’t find new lights. Siri or Alexa can’t operate the existing lights either. “Sorry, 8 of your devices are not responding”. How can an app go from decent to so bad.
  • Most terrible company for lightbulbs 1/5

    By AppsILove69
    This company is terrible. Minus well call them apple, Most of Phillips products have been good over the years but this propriety b.s is too much. This adapter forces you to buy more items after you purchase the bulb which easily has a huge box that it comes in. Which tells you a lot "sorry guys we made this box huge enough to fit two bulbs and a hub but were just so greedy we're fitting one. But no....Phillips wants to surprise you when you get home go on your App Store and the app starts telling you it needs iOS 10. Once downloaded here come the trickery it says searching for hub!? this has been the most annoying light bulb for me because I want to use it fast and have an easy setup and also use it as well with google home. Well let me say that this hideous hub they managed to build is annoying. Why do I need to purchase an expensive hub. 60 dollars!? Most bulbs have Bluetooth inside and the wifi. Why does Phillip charge the same price and the light bulb is the lightest weighing one out of all the LED brands they sell. They also have other brands of lightbulbs that have easier controls and apps that install quickly. With this Phillips multi color bulb that I purchased, it gave me a standard yellow color at first and nothing else. Call me cheap or poor but I'm not making this company rich when other companies are offering better technology, And when I download the app please be on ios 10! because they don't support iOS 9. It's almost like apple google and Phillips got together and said let's make these suckers pay with there life for a pretty looking light bulb that needs extra peripherals to actually work. Good job Phillips, you made me boycott these bulbs for your corporate selfishness.
  • A total disgrace 1/5

    By raygood
    How is it possible that a company the size of Philips puts out such disgraceful programming for one of their products? Just back from CES and there are so many better choices. They have a great bulb and abysmal software behind it.
  • Version 1 is much better 1/5

    By Gözcü
    although the ui looks more sleek and modern in this version, i highly suggest sticking to the original Version and not updating it. many of the useful features have not carried over and the software development team looks lost and confused with this version. perhaps they should try using this app to control their own lights to understand the major problems this app is facing!
  • Still one step forward, two steps back... 1/5

    By First Raider
    So after many updates, there are still significant problems that have not been addressed despite being repeatedly brought up in the reviews (though we did finally get an iPad/universal update - after over a year). But the more fundamental software design issues have not changed. What few improvements we got overall, like the addition of rooms, are outweighed by the lost functionality from the original app. Case in point, everything only functions by room in this version instead of allowing the option to use certain bulbs from different rooms (like turning off the lights in one room and simultaneously turning the lights on in another or turning on the lights in more than one location.) The emphasis on photo-based scenes leaves very limited ability to choose specific bulb color and grouping is still not possible. Plus, in case you want to have multiple bulbs in one room with the same color, good luck getting all of them to match correctly. We've had the new app for a few years now, and Philips has failed to explain the purpose of using it instead of improving the original one (all we get is a Twitter handle saying they'll pass along info to their development team.) Still a case of the company demonstrating a knack for excellent hardware and absolutely terrible (and clueless) software, even in their updates.
  • Stopped working with most recent update 3/5

    By mbc93
    Bulbs working fine but now no longer respond after I updated the app. Says I need to update in the app but I have already updated.. Edit: updated from one star to 3. Finally got it working after unplugging and restarting my router. This app is okay but honestly is just hard to use and I end up using other apps like OnSwitch. Kind of frustrating since I spent almost 1,000 on putting hues in all of my house. Overall I don’t think I would buy them again if I had the chance.
  • Great! When it works... 1/5

    By taylorfan10122
    We have been using this app for about a month and it was working great until tonight. Now it won’t find any of the bulbs we have in the house so we are unable to control the lights with this app, or individually through Alexa. I was really expecting more from this experience.
  • App ok, widgets ng 2/5

    By StusReviews
    The hue app works fairly well, although it could start up a bit faster. The widgets, however, on the same device do not operate properly, saying the home bridge can’t be reached. A bit frustrating since quick on/off access is important for home control.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Capitol Hill Parsifal
    This app is an example of technogeeks not knowing the difference between features and functions. Sadly, this app does neither. It’s function should be to pair the hub with lights, assign colors to lights, and update hub & light code. It doesn’t do any of these functions. There’s no way, within this app, to assign a color to a light. I want “red.” There are all sorts of pictures to pick a sort-of color (a feature, not a function), but no way to assign “red” to one bulb and “blue” to another. Also, after a power failure, the lights revert to a hideous, dog-pee yellow. It shouldn’t be hard to have lights default to the last color used before a power outage (or switch turned off, then on). Neglecting the poor wireless communications between the hub and the bulbs (that should be a feature), updating the bulbs (with new code) isn’t possible. There can be a warning in the messages that you need to update the bulbs. The instructions for doing that are ambiguous. What does the bulbs should be “connected to the main” mean? Even after insuring the hub is properly registered and the lights are on, clicking the button merely produces a “updating” message — for two days (and counting). Even if it did, there’s a warning message that says “it can take up to an hour per bulb.” Say what? I’ve got 20 bulbs and I’m supposed to have my device unavailable for 24 hours? Oh, sorry, we’re running 48 hours and counting. This is ridiculous. Come on. It only takes a few bytes (eight, perhaps) to describe a bulb’s state and a lot of that doesn’t appear to be stored on the bulb. So, let’s say the code to manage the bulb operation is 100 lines of C code. The Zigbee standards are IEEE 802.15.4 in the ISE radio bands, which require a transmitter and a receiver. As the bulbs report their state, each bulb has a transmitter and a receiver. For low-power devices, this may be 1,000 lines of code (or less — it can be simulated easily with gnuRadio). So, for the sake of argument, lets say each bulb has 4K of memory. That should take a few minutes, at most, to update over the air. And, my lights are still on, waiting, . . . I may box the whole thing up and put it on eBay.
  • Very Expensive For Low Quality 2/5

    By Karyme.chavez
    I bought the Phillips Hue Lights in National City, San Diego and they were very expensive all for low quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love these lights just that the app has a lot of failures and lags frequently not only that, but the light bulbs aren’t even bright enough. I still like that you can change them to any color you’d like it’s pretty awesome it just lags
  • It doesn't even work anymore. 1/5

    By JakeT2
    It now says limited functionality without update, but it won't connect to update. You guys need to hire some good software engineers. There also appears to be major problems with the latest update to the hub and the lightbulbs. The hub keeps disconnecting and the lights are slow to respond to commands.
  • Version 2.19 does nothing 1/5

    By glp52
    This app has been doing what it should with no problems until I updated to version 2.19. That upgrade is supposed to push a firmware update to the physical hub. When launched, the app attempts (several times) to connect to the hub, but it cannot stay connected. Eventually it stops, says no connection to hub found. At that point, the app provides no working functions for controlling the hub or attached devices.
  • Fire Somebody! 1/5

    By locomotionmike
    The design team of the new and improved app should be fired. What an idiot! Shame on Hue for not reverting back.
  • HELP 1/5

    By ViperGlobal
    Ever since this new update almost every time I try to use my phone to adjust the lights it keeps saying connecting no connection connecting no connection connecting no connection having lots problems.
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By bo$$hawg2015
    The lights are finicky, they don’t always turn on and off, and my biggest disappointment is the integration with Alexa and Homekit. I have reset over and over again with no good results. The color commands don’t register and it’s hard to delete the history and resolve conflicts
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By I Gadget
    Like the entertainment, I will see what I can do with it.
  • Bring back old app 1/5

    By Unnameddd
    All these updates and no improvement. Consistent “No hue connection.”
  • Server Can’t be Found 2/5

    By K06
    This was working great, I had it synced to Google Home but it didn’t know when I added new lights, I tried unlinking it from my Google Home account but now I can’t link it again because I keep getting an error message saying the page can’t be opened because the server can’t be found when I try to link it in Google Home, Alexa and when I try to access it through this app. If this issue is fixed I’d give a better rating but the main reason I got this was to use with Google Home and Alexa. I have to get used to always leaving the light switch on and just letting Google turn them on and off. If I turn the lights off with the switch I can’t turn them on again with Google or through the Hues app. If everything worked the way it should with the apps I’d love to have these in every room and make even do some colored lights but right now they are too expensive to do that. Hopefully the price will go down soon. Until then I can’t justify spending $50 on one light bulb, especially since I don’t know what the life of a bulb is yet.
  • No Hue connection, fix 3/5

    By WeelittleKrissy
    Took some googling research, but finally found a fix that worked. I just needed to unplug route ten minutes and restart router. Hue app then finally found Hue so I could process the update. Otherwise app was completely locked on you must update screen. Back to normal. Previous comment: Frustrating, stopped working the auto on off lights, app says needs update, but won’t connect to hue, no connection found, therefore won’t update. I held the iPhone right next to hue...guess I threw money away, no idea how to fix.
  • I can’t even get to first base with this product. 1/5

    By Skeeda12
    How about explaining what a hue bridge is in either the package instructions or the app or the website? I plugged in my bulb, turned the light on, and expected either the hue app or Alexa to be able to detect it (this is 2018 after all) but nothing happened and there’s no easy way to troubleshoot. Just an expensive boring lightbulb.
  • Latest update breaks it all 1/5

    By Apollo821
    Latest update (Jan of 2018) breaks all functionality. App won't connect to any lights at all.
  • Can’t connect Alexa 1/5

    By Whatapain65
    Horrible. It won’t go to the internet to connect.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Askiiii
    Useless app and lights crash out frequently. Instead just turn on and off with the manual switch..stay away..
  • Not great. 2/5

    By macwhizNY
    The IDEA of Hue is nice. But the implementation? Too often, I have to reboot my light bulbs because they hang and become unresponsive to commands. Hue is supposed to relay signals between devices; that doesn’t actually seem to happen. Radio shadows caused by masonry, etc. make device communication flaky. The app is slow and clunky, with a very un-Apple-like user interface. And the back-end infrastructure has issues: with the latest update, the release-notes and entertainment functions don’t work. It looks like Philips broke their DNS. It’s a shame; Philips makes good light bulbs... the non-connected ones, that is. Hue is an expensive afterthought.
  • Great hardware 5/5

    By Phillysdon04
    I have 7 bulbs so far and they work great. I previously had 3 first generation Lifx bulbs but I switched because they only released homekit for the third generation bulbs. I also did my research about the hub and it seems like a better solution for stability.
  • Needs actual color options 4/5

    By jfruck21
    Love the system and keep expanding it. Only problem is that it’s almost impossible to get multiple lights to the same color since the only way to select a certain color is find it by scrolling over the color wheel and hope it’s close to the color you want. Very frustrating. Needs an option to duplicate the same color for different lights.
  • Not intuitive 2/5

    By AmericanNitPicker
    This app feels like a confusing mess. I’ve had my bulbs for like three years now, and this app keeps getting worse. So many functions are buried within things, and many of those things should have a separate section. Like make an easy-to-access place for the colour picker. When you get what you want, hit the plus and create scene, and then choose the room/bulbs. I hate having to dig into each bulb separately to get to the dang colour picker.
  • Horrible interface 1/5

    By Thefluentone
    This updated interface versus the original is absolutely horrible for multiple lights and rooms. It's no longer easy to grab a while set of lights and make them similar or specific colors, they must be done one by one. Also, in the previous set up I have entire scenes set for my house, or for areas in my open floor plan down stairs, but in this one in order for lights to correspond with Siri and rooms, I have to separate everything out. I've built up the collection of hue bulbs over the years. Starting at the basic kit and now 24 bulbs. That's a lot to individually manage. I'm not sure there's anything the new app does better other than add rooms. But the design doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Did I mention I hate the interface? I wish philips would listen because I'm not the only one who complains. But I'm not a billion dollar corporation either.
  • Decent app. 1/5

    By the_lone_jedi
    I’ve had this app for about a month and have 8 lights paired to it. The lights work great, the app is OK, the biggest downside is I cannot log in to my account. It authorizes, then sits there with a spinning wheel. I’ve tried resetting the bridge and completely starting from scratch, doesn’t solve it. I’ve tried logging in with my Google account, doesn’t solve it. Created a brand new Phillips account, doesn’t solve it. I am assuming this is a bug, and if it is resolved I’ll gladly rate this app as is 3+ stars. UPDATE: I still can’t get the app to allow me to login.

Philips Hue app comments


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