Photo Grid - photo collage maker & photo editor

Photo Grid - photo collage maker & photo editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: KS Mobile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
39,639 Ratings
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Photo Grid - photo collage maker & photo editor App

Over 100 millions fans, Photo Grid is the most popular Instagram collage maker. With Photo Grid, you can combine ordinary photos into worth-share photo collages; you can decorate your pics by applying fantastic filter, adding stickers and text. *Features* -Grid- Quickly combine multiple photos with 300+ layouts into a beautiful picture. -Photo Editor- (Formerly Single) Stylize your shots with perfectly categorized filter effects. -PinBoard- Pin moments to a customized board. PinBoard allow you add photos, texts, stickers to a customized background. -Video Slides- Turn your photos into stunning video stories. Video Slides allow you create beautiful video stories by using your Camera Roll photos, adding music, text and stickers you love! -Stitch- Tell a story via a long picture, combining multiple photos via text and stickers! -Poster- Transform your photos into stylish posters in seconds. *Popular Functions* Layout - 300+ layouts for Instagram; Text - What you see is what you get “Text Editor”; Sticker - Tons of stickers, and update frequently; Clip - Create your own sticker from the Gallery. Blur - Create photos with popular blurred background; Curl - Add curling feature to your photos in PinBoard. * Ad info: * Face Technology by SenseTime

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Photo Grid - photo collage maker & photo editor app reviews

  • *Caution*Looks like grid maker but not 1/5

    By Far rider
    This was my fav app for years, but they sneakily turned to other function: now it is Insta-esq SNS app. Inevitably dangerous. Don't touch.
  • idk? 5/5

    By jmern
    love this app ❤️❤️
  • If I could rate it less than 0 1/5

    By Lorde_squid
    I am so offended that this app is now another social media site. I loved this app because it so easy to use but still had a lot to offer. I will probably be removing this app from my phone and finding something else. Smdh.
  • Magnificent!!! 5/5

    By Estrada1154
    And you will love the SCRAPBOOK option!! Using it on an iPhone 5s.
  • Why is this "instagram" now??? 1/5

    By Me136982420
    I used to use this all the time to build photo collages, but now it's getting deleted because I don't care what some 18 year old girl's duckface looks like.
  • Spam!! 1/5

    By Desertaggie02
    What's with all the ads and spam since the update?? I could hardly even get anything made. Garbage.
  • New update ruined the app 1/5

    By Jennahana
    I will remove the app. Couldn't use it. Pop-ups to the App Store to download random apps. I couldn't even edit a picture!! Pop up every 1 second!! Not kidding.. Removeddddddddd it
  • Horrible horrible update!!!! 1/5

    By 43?723!@
    I think you all have been hacked!!! This is no longer a photo tool but a girls gone wild creepy social app! Just nooooooooo!!! Fix it!!!!
  • What up with app 2/5

    By Sean&Liz
    I loved the app once. But just know was trying to make a photo grid and ever 2seconds an add would pop up. This never happens before. Can't even finish qanat I wanted to do! What gives????
  • Awful! 1/5

    By Carmenfrommercy
    I used to love this app now I can't get to it with all the ads popping up and you can't get rid of them. Why ruin it. Uninstalling!
  • App Store pop ups 1/5

    By Howie947371
    I used to love this app until I had to reinstall it. Now it's completely useless because it's endless pop ups for junk games in the App Store. It's literally impossible to use this app.
  • Pop up crazy 1/5

    By alnickell
    Oh my goodness! I can't even create😫. What a mess. Pop ups. Mount every 3 seconds. Awful.
  • OMG the Pop Ups!!!! 1/5

    By TwinkleTus
    I've used this app for years absolutely loved it until today. I use this app for my business to make collages to showcase pics of my work this morning I go to make one and add pop up every 2 seconds I can't do anything! Please fix this!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Kdigglesworth
    Ad redirects to AppStore every second. You can't save a picture without visiting the App Store at least 10 times, even then the pic doesn't save. Don't waste your time like I did.
  • Worst update in history 1/5

    By mcklsh
    I have been using this app for years as it was my favorite. With the new update I actually can't even use it before as the moment I try and do anything it just takes me directly to the App Store and won't even let me edit anymore. Horrible.
  • Unable to select pics ... kept bouncing into App Store 1/5

    By Me913
    This was my favorite - now I can't even select 1 (one) photo before I am sent to App Store. Sorry to lose this app.
  • Impossible to use... 1/5

    By RI0Tkitty
    Since the last update, the app keeps launching the App Store over and over, about every 3 seconds, making it completely impossible to use. I've been using this app for years, so this is really disappointing. Hopefully it's just a bug and will be fixed soon!
  • This used to be my favorite editing app 2/5

    By Theosilva
    This used to be my favorite, but now ever time I go to edit a picture, ads pop up constantly for different games. I hope this gets fixed soon. Until then unfortunately I have to use a different editing app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ex Avid PhotoGrid user
    Absolutely AWFUL update! Can't do anything without constant pop ups taking you to download new apps! Deleted and will be using another app. Never again.
  • Don't download this. 1/5

    By Kyleisagirlsname
    Just removed from my phone. Every time you click it takes you to an add. I clicked to start a project 4 times and every time I was taken out to the App Store to download some other junky app. Bad!

    By Ada210
    Use to love this app but now this ad keeps popping up every time I try to make collages
  • Update ruins a once good app 1/5

    By ClaireSaint
    New update takes you to the app store every two seconds - rendering it useless. Also I don't like that you now need an account.
  • Pop-ups 2/5

    By Meloontop7
    Too many pop-ups. You cannot make no photos 😕.
  • Aweful 1/5

    By _bslice
    Can't do anything without it directing you to the App Store. Can't even use the app because of that
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Katie6878
    You just ruined a good thing. This was my favorite ap to make collages. Now I can't even make one without an ad popping up every 2 seconds. Deleting this and finding a new 1. Big fail PhotoGrid 😡
  • New update 1/5

    By Km17589
    Since the new update I can't even choose a picture before a game ad comes up. It takes me to the App Store for a game every four seconds! Super frustrating...loved this app. Now I guess I need to find a new one.
  • 1/18/17 updates RUINED IT 1/5

    By Hannnnahx
    I can't even make a grid because every time I try every three seconds an ad pops up and redirects me to the App Store!! I've been a fan of this app for literally YEARS - they better fix this ASAP.
  • Crap now ads pop every second 1/5

    By Forren2
    Ugh ads keep popping up and can't even use it anymore... was good now it's crap
  • Launches the AppStore every 1-2seconds 1/5

    By ColleenBC
    Virtually unusable. Launches the App Store into the various advertised products without the links even being touched, every 1-2 seconds, can't even navigate the app beyond the first few screens.
  • New update makes app impossible to use 1/5

    By Betty Mars
    Ads constantly opening the App Store automatically. Can't actually use the app at all. Total shame.
  • Worst experience since updated 1/5

    By keeba08o
    Uninstalling because the ads pop up every two seconds so the free version is unusable unless you pay for ad free and you post your photo on their site. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Basically Unusable 2/5

    By ojoy114
    I've been using this app for YEARS. The recent update, which bombards you with continuous ads is pretty useless to me. Can't even edit a picture without being redirected to a game within 2 seconds (not even exaggerating). I have no need to share my Facebook info with this app either. DELETED.
  • Terrible. Ad junkies 1/5

    By NecroPanda
    Can't very well use the app when it literally switches to the App Store before you can click any button. I couldn't even select which pictures to use because every time I'd go back to photo grid from the AppStore, it immediately takes you back to the App Store. Lol useless.
  • Pop ups overtook the App 1/5

    By Ash492842837
    I used in the past fine, but now when I try to use it, it sends me to the App Store every 4 seconds to look at a different app each time. Even if I don't touch anything it sends me over. This app is ruined.
  • This app is garbage now 1/5

    By Brook Oser
    This used to be my favorite app, I used it all of the time, now it has some sort of social media aspect of it plus a 10 second ad that opens immediately and is super inconvenient. I just close the app and say, "forget it I don't want to make a collage"... bummer. The simplicity is what I liked about this, so sorry it was made to be something it's not. Goodbye.
  • JUNK APP FULL OF SPAM!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Akruger579
    I used to love this app 100% hands down but since recent updates it's impossible to save or even edit a photo!! Absolutely junk!! I'll never use this app again!!! Opens app store to try to get you to download other junk apps!!!
  • Update(s) ruined it 1/5

    By nojustno
    Deleted after using for years. Worse with every update now all I see are girls pics like this is a follower finder app. Plus adding a watermark to every pic edited was rude and not necessary at all. Bye
  • Heats up phone, drains battery 1/5

    By SeBa_05
    I hope that the developer(s) check this app because there seems to be a major bug. This app made my phone extremely hot and drained my battery, I lost 10% of my battery life with only being on it for a few minutes. Checked my usage and sure enough, Photo Grid was the culprit.
  • Enough with the pop ups!!!!! 1/5

    By Dcstrutter
    I couldn't even create a collage because pop ups kept getting in the way! Either fix the problem or lose users!! Morons.
  • New update 1/5

    By Kali Zimmer
    I use to love the app, but I deleted it because of the update. I couldn't even stay on the app for 2 seconds. It kept pulling up a bunch of spam and ads. Disappointed
  • Need a new collage app. 1/5

    By Elliedee17
    Really annoyed that the app brands my grid pictures now... can't use it anymore.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Myelik
    Enjoy this app. Paid for no ads, that's how much I like it.
  • New update ruined this app for me. 1/5

    By Themis83
    I loved this app because I could use it to make collages, edit photos and save them to my phone. Since the update, it is like a social media site now. Forcing me to create an account with my FB before I can do anything. Had to delete it to find an app that is just for editing photos and creating collages. I don't need another social media app.
  • I like it but... 2/5

    By Sooozer1
    Please don't make it like a social media platform. We've got too many as it is. I just want to use it to make photogrids.. not to be a part of another social media.. 🙄🙁
  • LOVE THIS APP!!! 5/5

    By trudyt
    Super easy to use with lots of options.
  • Hate the new update! Very disappointed!!! 5/5

    By Lisa Marie💕
    Great app now!!! Definitely my number 1!!!!
  • really great app 5/5

    By AutonomousExistence
    love the visuals, stickers, and filters. amazing.
  • What happened??? 3/5

    By TheArtNation
    I can't share my photos! I can't do anything! But I still use it for thumbnails...How do I get back my login???
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By QueenStacy332
    I love this app so much ❤❤
  • Fix the problem for a five-star 2/5

    By Turtle gaming
    Can we please finally edit videos

Photo Grid - photo collage maker & photo editor app comments

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