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  • Current Version: 1.26.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etermax
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pictionary™ App

QUICK SKETCHES, HILARIOUS GUESSES! The classic drawing game comes to life on your mobile phone. Two exciting game modes let you choose between drawing colorful masterpieces or racing against the clock -and your opponent- in a guessing challenge where winner takes all! The best-selling board game has been reborn as a digital and dynamic experience. Take turns painting and guessing thousands of words from various categories. Create impromptu works of art to challenge your friends. How would you draw ‘cool as a cucumber’? How would you doodle ‘dignity’? You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy the game. Use your wits to get your point across and earn prize chests. Level up your paintbrush and add new colors to your palette. Feed your creativity! Highlights - Two distinct, engaging game modes - Thousands of words in various languages - Prize chests full of exciting gifts! - Visually stunning interface, fun animations, and lovable characters - Upgraded tools and new colors around every corner - A twist on the classic look and gameplay you know and love


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  • Language 4/5

    By althani A
    Add Arabic please 😁💙! You put all these languages it’s not hard to put Arabic
  • hurtful 1/5

    By bearbear562728
    After playing this game for 2 days i became obsessed. i was playing it nonstop all night and as soon as i woke up. After work i decided to go on and play. i had tons of drawings to guess from and was extremely excited; until i received a “drawing” that said “u are a crappy drawer f” not using those words of course, i drew back, “i try my best” after a day of just using my fingers i went out and got a stylist to make the app much easier to use. I put alot of time and effort into my drawings mean less to say i am only 17 and i definitely am not an artist. So after that i decided to delete this amazing app.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Nat5704
    Freezes and won’t allow me to play another round in one day
  • 0/10 -ign 1/5

    By Add me pIease
    more advertisements than actual gameplay.
  • Has A Lot if Potential 2/5

    By Cupcake lax 245
    Ok, I’ll be honest, this is way better than Draw Something and games like that because it has more tools. But, the makers of the app seem money-hungry. Even if this is not true, there are too many ads. Another thing is the chests. When a player guests your drawing right you get a chest. The problem is, there’s too little spots for them. I play a lot of people at a time because they all play at different times. When they all take their turn, I get to play a lot. I love playing, but I always earn too many chests. I earn 8 hour and 12 hour chests, so I have to wait so long so I have slots or I sacrifice getting new tools and coins so I can play. Once they fix these problems, I will rate this game 5 stars. Until then, I will wait 12 hours between my turns.
  • None of the drawings are coming up 1/5

    By Artisticlwt
  • Insufferable Ads 1/5

    By DrCashmire
    Look, it’s a free game and the developers need to make money, sure. But the ads are relentless, you’ll see about two ads per interaction with a round, it’s too invasive and frustrating, especially if you want to play multiple games at a time. Combine that with the strange need to restrict colors, pencil types and even strokes, this game devolves into Cash Grab: The Reckoning. Fun game though.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Getting more Keys
    The app’s great, not too many ads, but with the new update, when I try to speed up a chest by watching an ad, the app crashes or reloads after the ad is finished and the chest disappears without giving me anything.
  • Good but reports don’t do anything 4/5

    By Happy good h
    The app is fine just you need to kick some people off I have people swearing and being inappropriate, and I’ve sent in many reports and they all are still playing one of them is @kylahjack4.112 So if you are seeing this please kick this person out or contact me so I can show you what they did
  • First ad was 60 seconds. 1/5

    By charleszink
    Really? A 60 second ad? At the beginning of my first game? No thanks, instant uninstall.
  • why did you get rid of 2v2? 1/5

    By loyyot
    2v2 was the reason i downloaded this app.i played it on my laptop and it doesn’t have that anymore.i think it is dum and that they should put that back.
  • Way too many ads just like the other app they make 1/5

    By Jeoeieie
    Horrible amount of ads. Said they would fix , still bad.
  • Ads 1/5

    By SUMFrekinBOSs
    TO MANY FREAKING ADS ! Let me live
  • Problem 2/5

    By ThePKLucas
    I was using the game on the English language but all of my quick matches are in Spanish.
  • Can’t guess if I don’t know the language 3/5

    By LRC0515
    Love the game BUT can you fix the Think Fast game. I can’t guess the drawings in a different language!!!!!
  • I want English cards 1/5

    By Malicror
    It’s giving me cards in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • ... 3/5

    By Umyeah.
    Fun game but think fast is stuck in Spanish for me even though it says English
  • Language 1/5

    By VTAero2002
    I don’t speak Spanish. My settings all say English. I even tried setting it to Spanish, playing a game and then switching back. This is on Think Fast mode. Nothing but Spanish. No bueno.
  • Works halfway 3/5

    By Gwen girl1
    The one on one works well, but you only get one turn. I'd like it if you could keep passing it until someone misses. The Guess the Sketch works, but the answers and categories are in Spanish under the Spanish and English language selection.😡
  • What? 3/5

    By TheRailingStones
    The languages keep switching in the middle of the game
  • Spanish 1/5

    By gpchoirer
    The language is set to English and yet it keeps trying to get me to guess Spanish clues.
  • Too much ads 1/5

    By josephmattar
    I have trouble believing how so many people gave this a five star rating, the ads are too frequent and repetitive to the point where the game is no longer that worth it!
  • Facebook link doesn’t work 1/5

    By Merhee
    Trying to play with fb friends but I can’t link up with my fb account. Have tried multiple times and keeps saying it failed to link ☹️
  • Nice 5/5

    By dodobono
    😘 👕 👖
  • Feeling frustrated. 1/5

    By TarheelDachshund
    My app updated two days ago and now all of a sudden the button to send drawings does not work!
  • Poorly designed and NOT user friendly 1/5

    By 79remat
    The amount of ads is intrusive and makes the game overall not fun. The developers are more concerned with you paying for the ad-free version and buying in app purchases than making a quality game. In multiple instances I got the many duplicate words sequentially which is pointless. Will be deleting this app... I suggest avoiding the frustration.
  • They won’t give you your coins! 1/5

    By C💓B
    First of all the latest update is horrible the ads are worse and now they make you pay to switch categories they make you use your coins a lot more with the update but yet when you win . they don’t give them to you they have something now where you spin the wheel but I’ve never gotten any of the prizes none of them it’s rigged and their cheaters!!! Oh and I emailed them about it and they still never gave me my coins :/
  • Too many ads … 2/5

    By iMans0ur
    Too many ads, crashes, wheel spinning to the point they are annoying.
  • Great game but 4/5

    By OctoberSage
    I added my fb account after I played the game for a few days but it won’t let me use my user name just my fb name and I don’t want to play with my real name. Is there a way to fix this?
  • Ads!! 1/5

    By allthedamnnicknamestaken
    I just bought some coins thinking the ads would be gone and dammit took my money and still ads. Wish I could give you 0 stars
  • Telestrations-like game? 5/5

    By Silver_sniper4
    I haven't played this game yet but i wonder if theres like a telestrations-like game mode where you get paired up with several people, get a random word, draw it within 1 minute, then trade with a random person’s drawing, guess that, then get another random person’s notebook and look at the word that the person guessed, then draw that. and repeat 2-7 until everyone guessed and drawed on each others notebook and returns to the original owner. Then everyone takes turns telling word that was supposed to be drawn, then shows everyone the drawings and guesses that everyone else did. If someone ends up with the same word at the end, they get a point. The first person with 3 points wins.
  • Can’t play online 3/5

    By pinkkitty521
    I can’t play online unless I do think fast but it won’t let me draw and when I do 1v1 I can only play with somebody I am with on the same device. NOTE: The pictures on here look different from on mine Ex] there is no speech bubble on the bottom.
  • Disappointed in recent update 1/5

    By Dustin8787878787
    I played with 3 other friends and we all uninstalled after the most recent update. They’ve limited the number of skips by adding a cost to skip. I suffered through the never ending ads and now they want to be even more greedy.... no thanks. You ruined it guys.
  • The desire for money ruined this game. 1/5

    By LoCeeBel
    The game was fun when I first got it. And then they started slowly introducing new features that were clearly just attempts to get people to pay for in-game currency. And the worst part was that they were introducing these new features without even formally updating the app. For example, I was playing a round with someone when I wasn't pleased with my card. I went to pick another one from a different category, and that had been free and easy to do initially. Then, without even updating - just doing it out of the blue - the app made it so that you had to pay coins to switch cards. After that, they made it so that you can't even pick a card from a different category after you've chosen one from a specific category already. And then they made it so that it costs gems (which cost real money, unless you watch a 30-second advertisement) if you want to change cards. None of those changes would have been nearly as bad or jarring if the app had warned people before doing it, or if the changes had been in a formal update. But they did it with absolutely no warning, no update, and no mention of it. They just did it randomly. I get wanting to make money off of a fun app, but putting in arbitrary limits and payments that end up reducing the player's overall enjoyment of the app isn't the right way to do it.
  • Unskippable ads. Fantastic. 3/5

    By unmuse
    No x to close 75% of the ads, not even after a minute. I'm not paying for no ads because your tactic is forcing awful ones down our throats that require an app restart.
  • 5 Gold to repick? 1/5

    By The Bat Outta Hell
    1 Star to remake that decision.
  • Thank you so much developer! 😘 5/5

    By By Daniel jamjoom
  • Fun game but ADS 3/5

    By Jaaaasonnnn
    Literally an ad after every drawing or guess. Its making me crazy. Not even a pay option to get rid of them. Its fun but half of the game is ads.
  • Changes 3/5

    By Lee1321
    Soooo apparently I have to pay to “pick again” when I choose a topic. Most of the time my 7 year old doesn’t even know what it is. Why can’t we pick our own cards?
  • Not enough different words 2/5

    By smr111
    This app is so weird to me! It is really well designed and cute. It has a bunch of features and everything works smoothly. But I have been playing it off and on for the last 24 hours, and I have already seen "Bigfoot" three times and a ton of other words twice!! Really?!? I'm probably going to delete it pretty soon.
  • 5 coins to pick a new card 1/5

    By booooooooooo!
    Picking a new card used to be unlimited. Change it back. Some of the cards seem impossible to draw.
  • Frustrating! 3/5

    Jesus Christ, how do you quit in a game!? I don’t want to keep playing with random people! This is possibly the stupidest question on here 🤬
  • Board game play? 3/5

    By Moikeha09
    Hey! Pictionary is one of my favorite games, but this is not Pictionary. This is Draw Something with a different name. Is there any plans for a version that plays like the real Pictionary? Maybe a button for “online” or “local” game play. I want a board, dice clicker, all play vs solo randomizer, hard set of cards or easy, and categories of words just like the real game works. It would be awesome to play without needing to lug around the whole box.
  • Worst game with potential 1/5

    By Nemisis prime 69
    You can’t do anything with out an ad and I downloaded this game to have fun with my friend cause it seemed like fun but I was wrong I was just full of disappointment of a game that just wants you to spend money in order to get rid of the ads that make the game unplayable like literally u can’t write what the drawing is and can’t draw with out an ad popping up and by the time the ad is done you run out of time
  • Annoying 1/5

    By AnonymousDogg
    If you like advertisements after everything and unnecessary notifications every 5 minutes when your not playing, this is the game for you.
  • Time 4/5

    By Gifts and the day before
    There is too little time to guess and draw I like the game but there is two little time to guess and draw.

    By linzie loves bunny
    Everything about it is bad if I could rate this game a zero I would
  • Money hungry MUCH?!? 1/5

    By Szhlopp
    1. Thousands of ads 2. .99 cents PER TURN to unlock the other card packs(no, they aren’t permanent...) 3. Want other colors/pencils? You pay for the coins to upgrade them. 4. Did I mention more 30 second ads? Seriously developers? Shame on you. I’d rather pay 4.99 ONCE and unlock the entire app than this garbage pay to play. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Abigailisnotafail
    The amount of times you get to “spin the wheel” is just plain annoying, always popping up, same goes for the ridiculous amount of ads. It seems like everything I do on the app is watch endless amounts of ads and exit out of pop up wheel spinning. I understand the need to make money on a free app, but really?
  • The X does not work on adds I am about to delete the game 2/5

    By Uksay
    After every time I play a game I have to restart the app because it will not let me close the app. If you make false x’s to leave the app on the screen longer it doesn’t make me want the app. I will delete the game if it is not fixed. It isn’t only this game but on trivia crack as well. I will also leave a bad review on all of your games that have this issue. Please fix it.

Pictionary™ app comments


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