Pigment - Adult Coloring Book

Pigment - Adult Coloring Book

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  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pixite LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pigment - Adult Coloring Book App

Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Just 5-10 minutes of coloring can provide the same benefits as meditation, and help you practice mindfulness, live in the moment, enhance concentration, and encourage your creative side. So take a break, and relax with Pigment, the ultimate coloring book app. You can choose to "tap and fill" or immerse yourself in Pigment's unique coloring experience that lets you color like you would on paper, with 23 different pencils, markers and brushes. Pigment has the largest collection of professionally-drawn illustrations including flowers, mermaids, animals, landscapes, mandalas and so much more! Once you're done coloring you can easily share your creations with friends and family, and even print them out. Features: * The largest artwork collection available in an app with over 2,400 professionally illustrated pages to color. New pages added daily! * Pigment is the only coloring book app that simulates pencil, markers, and paintbrush strokes for a realistic coloring experience * 23 kinds of coloring tools — colored pencil, marker, paint brush, fill, airbrush, circle brush, fade, bloom, metallic brush, watercolor brush, and oil brush * Pigment offers ‘tap-to-fill’ and traditional coloring modes Unlimited number of colors using the professionally curated palettes and innovative shade control * Subscribe to Premium Access for unlimited access to the entire library, premium brushes, and exclusive color palettes * Share your finished coloring pages by email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks * AirPrint your finished coloring pages * Fully supports finger, Apple Pencil, and third-party stylus inputs * Adjust pressure, direction, and size of stroke using the Apple Pencil Some screenshots feature work by Cindy Primeau, Elaine Durham and Angela Zeman. ========================= Pigment Premium Access FAQ Q: How do I restore Premium Access on new devices? A: Tap on the big “Premium Access” button at the top of the Books section. From the Premium Access popup, tap the “Restore Premium Access” link at the bottom. Q: How do I switch subscription plans? A: Open your device settings and tap iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > enter password > Subscriptions > Pigment > select the subscription plan you prefer Q: How do I cancel my free trial or subscription? A: Open your device settings and tap iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > enter password > Subscriptions > Assembly > Cancel Subscription button at the bottom. Q: Do I lose my work if my subscription runs out? A: Definitely not! Pages that you’ve downloaded from the any of the books will remain in the My Work section. However, after the subscription runs out, you’ll lose your Premium Access privileges listed above. ========================= You can get Premium Access for free for 7-days with a free trial. After the free trial you will be automatically renewed to the weekly subscription which you can cancel at any time. The paid subscription costs $3.99 USD per week for the weekly plan, $9.99 USD per month for the monthly plan, and $59.99 USD per year (58% discount off the monthly plan) for the yearly plan. Prices are subject to change. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage Premium Access subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a Premium Access subscription. Privacy Policy http://pixiteapps.com/privacy-policy/ Terms of Use http://pixiteapps.com/terms-of-use/


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Pigment - Adult Coloring Book app reviews

  • Subscription bs 1/5

    By Tylr_Durdn
    Make sure you read about the pricing and remember to cancel your subscription. This app is about as boring as they come. You might as well not even sign up, before you realized it your goblins to have multiple $3.99 weekly deductions, with tax that’s $4.27 a week to do what? Sit unused in the cloud. Boring, basic, unappealing, zero stars given
  • Awesome app but... 4/5

    By Nik Beam
    Awesome app but waaayyy too expensive.
  • Nice! 5/5

    By Ncmtwester Neg. 5 Stars!!!
    Very Relaxing
  • Be careful 1/5

    By Drstgjtgxdbb
    I had the free version on my phone and all of a sudden started getting charged for a subscription I never signed up for...
  • Why? 1/5

    By maxtwelve12
    I am just going to express my opinion on this. My favorite brush tool was the airbrush and now I have to pay for it. I disagree with that because that made me want to color on your app. I could do cool stuff with it.
  • Loss of functionality on free account after upgrade. 1/5

    By Lrdv8er
    Used to be able to use content from you photo album without needing a premium account and after updating there is no going back. It would have been nice to know before downloading the update on my iPad. Good thing I still have the older version in my phone and have no intentions of upgrading.
  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt🎨 5/5

    By MJE19764192
    I am an artist, so this app is perfect for me!!!!!🤹‍♀️𗀉𗁠𗁨𗁫𗁧𗁣👩🏼‍🎨🦄🥑🍋🍽
  • This said it was a free app now I’m being charged 2/5

    By QBT
    This said it was free now all the sudden I’m being charge 4 dollars a month and I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe to it I don’t want it if I have to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Subscription? 1/5

    By Bkomanet
    I am so tired of companies ripping us off by charging a subscription charge for sub-standard apps. The templates are poor, usage difficult, and, they want a subscription charge! Do not recommend!
  • Not worthy 1/5

    By WJR 1
    I wasted good money for an iPad and pencil for this horrible app. Goodbye. And sell your iPad and pencil ASAP. APPLE = Big money for corporate mind. And little pleasure for users dumb enough to fall for this crap. Buy stock in sewing machines. All computer software rips you off. Time to rise above the machine. Become human again. Not a user. From Flinn .
  • So fun!! 5/5

    By Melanie*-*
    This game is so fun and every time I show my parents they are proud of me!!! Thx for ur help!!!
  • Fine😕 1/5

    By harhar bear
    I barely go on this app I am mostly on a app called Recolor it has much better Quality so go and download Recolor instead

    By BarrleRacer101
    I love all the coloring pages and the colors
  • Shady-dishonest-$$$$$$ 1/5

    By Fubuger
    Do not download this app you've been warned.
  • Eh... 5/5

    By Yandere_in_training
    I like it I just wish premium was a one-time purchase or free THANKS FOR READING
  • Thanks 3/5

    By Cecile Rose
    This is a very cool cool game
  • Not paying $60, holy crap! 2/5

    By Kimdriving35
    Let me be clear: I love this app and last year, I even forked over $35 to use it for a year. That was pretty pricey and I felt queasy paying that much for something I do for fun, casually when I'm in long meetings or waiting for a car oil change, but it was fun. When the membership was up, I didn't renew it immediately because I decided to see if I really wanted to shell out another $35 (I think THAT’S too much, but at least I’ll consider it). You can't even use the app now without paying for the membership, so I waited until now and I was about to renew when I saw the price! Now it’s $60??? Are you nuts? So disappointing.
  • Too Much Premium!! 3/5

    By Cool Pinkie Girl Awesome
    I love coloring, but there are way too much premium options. Please cut down on those!
  • Ummm 3/5

    By Soccermanxxxxxxx464843
    Not everything is free. All the bad pages are free.
  • Great time killer... but the price?! 3/5

    By Nascam
    I’ll admit, even though I had NOTHING to do with the actual artwork,.. Finishing a time consuming and brain tantalizing “color book” not only feels great. But it Makes for really cool wallpaper (especially on iPhone x). BUT, never in my smartphone life have I ever had to pay for a NON-utility app weekly, let alone the crazy price tag of 60 bucks for the year. I could go to the local art store down the street, and walk out with the real thing for half the price. I’m hoping the free version is as good as the trial, I don’t mind paying $2, $5, hell, even 20 for a one time fee. But to ask me weekly for something I use waiting for the game to come back on, or for my flight at the airport the ONE time I fly a year, is outrageous.
  • Good 4/5

    By Wihughe1
    I can’t imagine paying a subscription for a coloring book- but the free part is fine. Just wish you had more choices without continually paying, but you still get enough to make the app worth it in my opinion.
  • Good but not 3/5

    By el cancha
    I love this app at first I did not know anything but then it was all better the only thing is you have to buy stuff and I have no money neither do my parents so at least you can do the first one so good but not
  • Way overpriced 2/5

    By wackapuddy
    Nice app but are you kidding me on that subscription price. What happened to the old days of paying a reasonable price for an app up front? Sucking money out of people just to use it every week is pretty greedy.
  • Great coloring 5/5

    By dep68
    I choose this one over several others I have tried, the best overall experience and true to the subject of coloring. Well done with many coloring books to choose from.
  • Money 1/5

    By crystal_g_12_
    You have to pay for everything you want, you get 1 picture for every 3 books, so that's like 9 pictures to color
  • You should make it all free 3/5

    By Lilbitmurphy
    Because I really really really really really really want it to be free
  • More payment options please. 3/5

    By Loribinca
    Please don’t put everything behind a subscription paywall. I would happily pay a one time fee for access to the different pens etc and an a la cart way of purchasing individual books. Please consider this for 2018.
  • Be careful 2/5

    By DaveWixx
    A free trial will hook you for $3.99 a week. It felt almost dishonest how the subscription mechanism words! I deleted the app as soon as I updated my subscriptions!
  • Amazing with Apple Pencil 5/5

    By Xoxcookieninja
    Very fun
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Dallas1212
    This is a great app for anyone old or young! I think this is one of the best apps I've found. I like that you can actually color instead of just point and click. You can choose to do automatic where you don't have to worry about going outside lines. This is great for when you are in the car or you can do free hand and it's just like coloring on paper. There is a cost if you want to have access to all the colors and types of ink/styles, but I think it is worth it. It gives me the satisfaction of coloring/relaxing yet lets me save a ton of money on all the gel pens and colored pencils I go through. It's also mu.) better on my eyes because you can enlarge and turn to whatever angle you want. I had gotten so that I needed to wear reading glasses because some of these coloring books have such small detail. Lastly the best part is that I can upload pics from my favorite coloring books and do them over and over again. Plus if I make a mistake or choose a color that I don't care for I can just erase. If you like to color as much as I do, You have got to get this app. Especially if you have the IPad Pro and pencil... it's a dream. The only thing I wish were different would be the glitter option. I love to use glitter pens IRL so I wish this. Would sparkle and stand out more, but I still like to use it. Hope this helps anyone considering paying for this app.
  • This app is awesome!!!😜😜😜 5/5

    By lulu😘😍🤣😜🤓
    This app is awesome. There is manny different types of colors. GET IT!!!
  • $4 a week?? 1/5

    By caxhm
    Downloaded this to try it out, didn’t like it and deleted it - and it automatically signed me up for a paid subscription which I now see is charging me 3.99 per week! What a scam. Annoying to unsubscribe - have to do it through settings on your phone.
  • Wayyyyyy over priced 1/5

    By Motsumi
    Developer ask like this app is one of the most important things in its users’ life! At four dollars per week it is more expensive than Netflix and Hulu combined. This app costs more to use for four weeks than my todo app for the whole year. Guess which app is more critical to my life? This is a joke.
  • It’s lit!!!! 5/5

    By HelloSilly
    Pigment is a very fun app. I personally like Recolor a hsir better because you have access to more pictures. But this is great because you can see who designed the photos and you don’t need an account! If you are worried this is a social media it’s not at all. You cannot post anything. The only thing I dong like is there is hardly anything that is free and the trial is not working, otherwise it’s great!
  • Getting frustrated 4/5

    By Old Fan22
    I love the pigment app but recently I’ve been having big issues with it. Every time I open the app ALL 165 of my projects have load. It takes like 20+ minutes. It’s exhausting to sit that long at wait and older projects come up before newer ones. It uses the phrase “syncing iCloud projects.” It never did this before. I tried contacting the developer but they never responded. I don’t want to give the app a bad rating but this is getting really frustrating. Please help!!!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By horserider936
    This was great as a free app when I first downloaded it. However, the free version has become EXTREMELY restricted. Because I enjoyed the app, I considered upgrading to the full version. Unfortunately, the price went from $40/year to either an ABSURD $60/year or $10/month. That is RIDICULOUS. They are getting greedy at this point and I am so disappointed. I mean, it’s just a coloring book app.
  • Good app but very over priced!!!!! 2/5

    By Betty Wall
    I really like this app but it could use some work the search bar for one. It would be very helpful if you could search by an item you want to color. It would be nice if you could buy individual pages or a book and not have to pay 60.00 a year for all of them, or even a way to where you could earn a single page or an entire book. That is very over priced!!!!!! I do love that you can actually color and it not a tap and fill
  • Love It, but crashes a lot. 3/5

    By Jwald78
    So much fun! But when changing palettes it crashes a lot. Nice, brushes, widths and tons of books tot choose from.
  • Cool 4/5

    By Wendy murcia
    I kinda like this game
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Twist_Rose
    Pigment in the beginning was very fun and I used it a ton. But after a while it began to go downhill. There has always been a wide range of brushes and my personal favorite the airbrush and a drawing for each categorie but Pigment has begun to give its users less and less to use from... i just entered the app today and i realized that they had taken away ALL the brushes except for two. There have also been many bugs and goitches in the system for me. I wish you would go back to the original pigment, it was much better and I undownloaded the app.
  • Great, but not many are unlocked 4/5

    By DragonLi1y
    I do like the game, I really do, but you don’t have many unlocked pictures.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Julianna8176
    This is a very unique coloring app. With the free trail, you get access to many amazing colors and pictures! I highly recommend this app. And this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t partake a strong joy or amusement in coloring because sometimes it can be stressful lol!
  • Fun, real coloring 4/5

    By Glendaj
    But, as many reviewers point out, the app has a few serious limitations. Mainly, since this is a coloring app, the fact that the color palettes are limited, even when you subscribe, is a major issue. Also, when you manage to come up with a custom shade, you either should be able to save it, or you should have a dropper feature to pick a past color again. And then there's the subscription issue... It just doesn't seem the right model for this type of app. I'd much rather buy a coloring book for a buck or two, and leave a subscription model to the more hard-core people. Having one more subscription to keep track of and make sure I have enough money for in my bank is just not something that works for many people. But it would be a great option to have for those who do have that kind of capacity, and maybe would save themselves a few $$$ in the long run. I truly hope this new app will develop keeping our suggestions in mind. As I said, the premise is great, and executed quite well, already. EDIT: I gave myself the yearly subscription for $40 last Christmas, and it has been awesome! Especially since they have finally added a dropper, and just today a color-picker! Dunno why it took forever to add a color picker, and it still seems a little wonky/too touchy, but, still, yay! However, now I read a review that reads that the yearly sub has gone up to $60!?!? Are we JOKING? That is about how much I spend to subscribe to professional software for work! Also, if that is gonna be the new price, I would have appreciated a chance to renew at the old price. So, holding my breath in the hope I won't face a near 50 percent price hike on the already exorbitant price... And still hoping that these guys get their act together and offer the app for one-time purchase. I would gladly pay $50-$60 ONCE. There is really no good reason for recurring payments for an app like this, especially not when the price is high to begin with. Come on, people, this is not meant to be a professional tool!
  • This is a “trial”; don’t expect to use it before you subscribe 1/5

    By 1,oooooooooooo
    I understand making money, but I despise being lured in under false pretenses. This app requires a monthly subscription to use in any way. The only thing free about it is you can freely download it. Unless you want a monthly subscription, don’t bother.
  • Glitches 4/5

    By @mayagirl
    On iPad, you can watch an ad and unlock the pages. So why not on iPhone?
  • Needs. More brighter colors 3/5

    By Mspoor
    Need brighter colors
  • Why block ALL the brushes 1/5

    By xXPxytonXx
    I remember that this app used to have a lot of brushes free but now they are all blocked?? Why do you have to ruin it?? (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
  • Superb 5/5

    By RANGER83
    Best coloring app out there. Period.
  • This app is pretty great 4/5

    By Geargie 😉
    I think this app is good but I wish you didn't have to pay to do all of the pictures you should get this app it's great but have some extra money on hand if you want to dad all the beautiful pictures. I think the pictures are beautiful though and I would get the app. 😉😍😎😜

    PLEASE unlock the color wheel for a one-time purchase price. I just can't commit to monthly payments, but I would gladly pay a one-time fee for such features including brush types. I was initially repelled by the subscription issue until I realized there are a lot of free pages & you can unlock pages by watching video ads.

Pigment - Adult Coloring Book app comments


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