Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

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  • Current Version: 3.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Neybox Digital Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pillow: Smart sleep tracking App

Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed and learn more about the benefits of great sleep. Included in Best New Health & Fitness apps on the App Store. Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CTV Canada AM, The Guardian, The Hindu and many more. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT - You can now track you sleep using your Apple Watch. - View last night’s report right on your Apple Watch, along with the heart rate analysis for the night. INTEGRATION WITH APPLE’S HEALTH APP - Automatically adds your sleep duration to the Health app after each sleep session - Visualise inside the app how your sleep quality is affected by a variety of health and fitness metrics including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine and alcohol consumption, dietary calories and Nike Fuel activity. [Premium Feature] TRACK YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH ACCURACY - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research. - Accurate sleep tracking algorithm that detects both motion and sound patterns. - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics. - Heart rate analysis for each sleep session (requires connection with Apple Health) - Detects and analyses naps and short sleeping sessions. - No calibration required. SOUND RECORDINGS - Records sounds during your sleep. - Play, export or delete any audio recording. [Premium feature] - Smart audio recording algorithm, discards noise. OPTIMAL WAKE UP TIME - Pillow monitors your sleep cycles and selects the best possible time to wake you up, just a few minutes before the alarm you have setup. - Adjustable time window for the smart wake up period. SNOOZE LAB [Premium Feature] - Personalized experiments & recommendations. - Constantly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep related facts. - Achievements to keep you motivated. BEAUTIFUL & EASY TO USE UI - Beautifully animated, intuitive gesture based interfaced - Clean iOS8 inspired design. - Easy to access help screens and video guide. DETAILED SLEEP HISTORY TRACKING [Premium feature] - Explore your sleep history with Week,Month,Year and All Time overviews. - Data integration with Apple's Health - M7 & Runkeeper activity data integration: View your physical activity in comparison to your sleep quality. - Discover your sleep profile. DATA BACKUP & SYNC - iCloud support: Pillow uses iCloud to safely backup your sleep data and audio recordings. - Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices. - Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps. - Export your database to .csv format. 5 SLEEP TRACKING MODES - Switch between any combination of app functionality: Sleep cycles, Audio recordings and Alarm. 3 POWERNAP MODES [Premium feature] - Select between power, recovery and full cycle nap MOOD REPORTING - Easily enter your mood after each sleep session and see how it relates to your sleep quality SLEEP NOTES - Add your personal notes to every sleep session SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Carefully selected wake up sounds. - Select any song from your iTunes library to use as wake up sound. [Premium feature] - Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep. - Optional vibration settings. 2 ALARM DEACTIVATION MODES - Press and hold to stop - Shake the device for a short period. 3D Touch support - Quick start an alarm - Quick start a nap - View your the diagram of your last recorded sleep session PREMIUM VERSION (available as an in-app purchase) unlocks the following features: - Detailed sleep statistics - Unlimited history - Full access to sound recordings - Powernap modes - Access to all wake-up melodies - Access to all sleep aid programs - Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips - Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library Web: http://www.neybox.com/pillow Twitter: @neyboxhq


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Pillow: Smart sleep tracking app reviews

  • Buggy 2/5

    By busternc333
    I initially liked this app but quickly started having issues with it. Tech support was helpful even though it took several days to resolve my issue via email. Most recently, the app has not allowed me to download the data into my iPhone that’s leaving me with days that have no data. Now it is stuck in it’s mode of analyzing and I can’t seem to get it restarted correctly. I am going to see about getting a refund for this purchase.
  • So so 3/5

    By Smuturbopony
    Has a couple too many quirks. Woke up this morning to the alarm going off at full volume (I left it at 1 bar) and no option to snooze. Other nights it’s decided to wake me up 30 minutes prior to the alarm because that was it’s calculated best time. Well it definitely wasn’t the best time. A single app that can leave you sleepy and angry within the first minute of your morning. That’s a feat. Seems that almost any data set, and even to just tilt your device costs you the $5 for premium. That includes trying to see yesterday’s data. What’s the point. Deleted, looking for something else.
  • Not Sync and Restore 1/5

    By JMRBR
    Since lasted updates is getting worst, the app doesn't sync with Health and I deleted and reinstalled the app to try sync, and It was worst, because I can't restore the data of years. I tried to contact the developer, but it was a standard answer, say they are working on the issue (this was 2 months ago).
  • Really Great 5/5

    By Renelle
    This app is awesome!
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By Attackoftherainbow
    I’ve only been using pillow a few days but I am fascinated by how it keeps track of my sleep! I have started to look forward to the reports every morning to see how well I slept through the night.
  • Great sleep tracking app 4/5

    By JackBlack2000
    I just wish it would sync with more apps
  • Fair 2/5

    By bill hrt
    I am transitioning from-fit bit to Iwatch and like Fitbit sleep tracking better nicer graph and accuracy -pillow did not record that I got up to go to the bathroom-it says I slept right through it -also the recordings stopped working two days ago. The percentages of REM deep and light Sleep are quite different from Fitbit-though overall time sleeping was spot on. As far as the recording‘s-when it did work-I was unable to edit/delete irrelevant recordings. I either had to delete the whole night or nothing-this is day five so I will keep it for a couple more days-hasn’t earned its five Dollar cost yet
  • Pillow App Does Not Pair With AW3 1/5

    By Marcus S-P
    Just downloaded the app. Watched the video and set up the alarm. I updated the alarm and now he App will now update on the watch and will not pair with app on the iPhone. Waste of time after I set everything up. I will look for another app and update the review later so others don’t face the same issue. Update: I tried what the developer requested. It still did not work. However, I was able to get it to work with some various other tricks. Still some lag time there. The sleep calibration somehow is off. It read if I was awake when I am sure I was well asleep. It miss a big chunk of time. With that stated, I’m not sure of any faith in the other metrics. Maybe some updates in the future can fix this issue. I’ll try a few others and update to suggest for other users.
  • App works well... 4/5

    By Siberian Sabre
    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I wish I didn’t have to start the app on my iPhone and Watch. I wish the iPhone part would auto-launch when I activate the app from my connected Watch.
  • Tracking not working 4/5

    By Berkamaki
    I love this app up until the last two nights I haven’t been able to get my data from my sleep cycle. I’ve updated my watch OS and even turned off and turned it back on several times. Any reason why that is happening?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mrs.Linan
    I got the free version. Set it all up on my watch only to have the next day it read analysis failed. If problem persists please restart watch. So I did that abut this time I bought the full version thinking it would help. Well this time I got it to actually pop up more stuff. Last time nothing would work. I was so excited to analyze my sleep. I just woke up stopped everything and went to analyze. Guess what? That stupid notice popped up again, dismiss and restart your watch. You know what? It takes a while to restart my watch for this one app. Everything else works. I would have to pair it again with my phone, for what? A chance this might work? It didn’t work last time. This app costs $4.99 and it’s insane that it doesn’t work.
  • Pretty cool! 5/5

    By Luke Bart
    It tracked my sleep and sounds during sleep! I felt too after getting my rest and now I will use this more often!!!
  • Clunky and unreliable 1/5

    By djbacon
    Not sure where the great reviews are coming from. Its clunky to launch requiring turning it on on both your phone and watch. Usually resulting in an error to close or open one of the other. And then 50% of the time the analysis fails. When it works the data is good, but its a gamble.
  • Lacks sleep granularity 3/5

    By Xav6455
    There are no time stamps on sleep stages. I can see what times I started and stopped the alarm, but no way to to see specifically when I was awake during the night. Only a vague hourly timeline across the bottom. This folds into an overall trend with this app: the data is either difficult to access, or simply unavailable/absent. Fitbit’s app is much better for getting sleep insights.
  • Does not work for Apple Watch 1/5

    By Eclipseband7
    Apple Watch app will not analyze Sleep. It’s a known issue on their site but the steps listed do not work. I really wanted to use this app too. Also the constant upgrade popups are quite annoying. If you rotate your phone the app becomes unusable.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Tempest42
    Just wish you didn’t have to start it manually every night, it should just start when it sees you’re sleeping
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Mischkers
    This app won’t let me see previous days without tricking it by holding my finger on the screen. And for the last two nights it failed to analyze and send my sleep results. It told me to restart my watch, which I did. Still nothing. Not impressed.
  • Great when it connects 3/5

    By Penguins2416
    I got this app mostly for the wake up feature. I’ve found that I wake up much easier when it begins the low volume chime that progressively gets louder when I’m in a lighter sleep stage. I love being able to see how long I was in each stage and it gives me a personal goal to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Lately however when I go to turn on the app from my Apple Watch, it says there is no connection between the phone and watch. I’ve spent many nights trying to get the two to pair. I’ve even completely undownloaded and redownloaded the apps to both devices with no luck and end up just having to set a regular phone alarm. Ive sent many emails to the company to see what is needed to fix the issue but have yet to hear anything back. Long review short, it’s great when it works but I personally will likely end up looking into a different sleep app in the future.
  • The one thing it shouldn’t do: crash 1/5

    By zBen
    This app crashes! And guess what, good bye alarm. If you want to be certain, you set the system alarm app which for some reason seems to not crash :)
  • Horrible 1/5

    By shannontrampel
    Does NOT work with the Apple Watch. I used this app for a while on my phone before I had the Apple Watch. Now I have the watch and try to use this app with it and it looks like it’s working then every single morning I get an “analysis failed” message on my watch and never works. When it does seem to work it says that I was awake the entire time- which is not true. Don’t get this app. Not worth wasting your time trying to make it work
  • Recent update broke the app 2/5

    By Dementors United
    With the recent update six days ago, it stopped connecting to my Apple watch. Every time I start the app on my watch, it tells me to turn Bluetooth on for both devices.
  • Needs a upgrade 4/5

    By alexee🦄
    I think people that use this for the first time get confuse so you need to tell them when to start it
  • Analysis failed! 1/5

    By Dr.Grace
    Tried their suggestions, still didn't work. I don't have time for this.
  • Not free 2/5

    By Soitgoes11
    I picked this one over others because I thought I was setting the most features for free. It tells you it’ll tell you if you snore. Records you, supposedly, then tells you it made 67! Recordings overnight then wants you to pay 4.99 for the premium in order to hear them. At least prove to me it recorded. Give me a sample of the recordings why would I pay if I don’t know that it did what it said? Finding a different one that STATES what is free and what is premium. The app also tells you to rotate your phone for more sleep info, so that and all you get is an attempt to make you pay 4.99 for premium. Also, the app is confusing unless you watch their video. I don’t appreciate video tutorials. Walk me through it. Whatever, finding a new app, one that lets me know if I snore for free. I don’t. Still curious what it recorded 67 times!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Curldog58
    i’ve tried other apps, this is tops by far....
  • May be a working version at some point? 3/5

    By Promiceus
    My previous review was quiet negative. For a reason. The app just acted too weirdly for me. However, developers replied to the review with instructions on how to contact their support and try to figure out what the issue is. This surely is a nice touch. May be they do listen and try to improve. We’ll see how it will work out. As I mentioned previously, if the app worked - it would be a great one. May be I was just unlucky, may be something happened. I will update the review as soon as I have something to add.
  • Solid app, but problems with watch 3/5

    By Drill Sergeant
    I like the app and it seems decent tracking info, but it is irritating trying to get in sync with my watch. I start on my watch and it’s says open my phone, when pillow is open and on my phone ready to link. May switch to a new app to the compatibility and ease I’m looking for I try to sleep at night.
  • Connectivity Issues 3/5

    By O'Boyle
    I’m generally happy with the app but I continue to have connectivity issues between the phone app and the Watch app.
  • Rarely works with watch, audio recordings are useless. 1/5

    By vosechu
    I can’t fathom how this made it out of qa. I can’t only connect my watch 1/10 times. It’s slow and buggy.
  • Watch won’t analyze 1/5

    By grampsx3
    I have tried everything I can think of but my watch won’t record pillow data or transmit to my phone. I know it works but not for me. iPhone 7 Apple Watch 2
  • THE best sleep app 5/5

    By hardcoretruthpsn
    This has been the BEST sleep app I have ever used and I’ve tried at least 8 different ones but this ones the one I’ll keep using and never delete. Simply the best - period.
  • Pillow 1/5

    By Dnalym
    My analysis never works. Trying to work with the manufacturer to get my money back.
  • Doesn’t work for me 2/5

    By Linda Gottschalk
    I desperately need to track my sleep but this app is not accurate.
  • Stopped working on Watch 2/5

    By Echo9966
    For over a week I cannot get this app to work on my Apple Watch. I press Start and nothing happens. Everything is connected as it has always been but it will not start.
  • $5 to find out 1/5

    By Umustbnuts
    Would I pay $5 for a great sleep app? Absolutely. Is this a great sleep app? I have no idea. It spews colors in the morning but requires the full version to make sense of that. Even for free, it’s a pretty cumbersome addition to your bedtime routine.
  • Watch App Will Not Install 1/5

    By DavidBowlby
    I have a new series 3 watch and I cannot get this app to install. I updated the watch to latest iOS and have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times on the phone to no avail.
  • Additions for Better Experience 3/5

    By Hev_ahhh
    I come from using another sleep tracker app. Therefore, when looking at the graph, it was “busy” and takes a bit more time for me to analyze. I would like the the option to Change the Graphic Display. Perhaps a Single Line Graph with the same Color Code (currently used) to Review the levels of sleep (light, deep, etc). The one line with Varying color could show when the sleep phase changed. Another Feature I would like to have is the ability to Tag Sleep Factors -- *NotMyBed, *DifferentTimeZone, *Stress, *BodyPain, etc -- so that I can determine Trends that Impact Sleep Quality. I’m have been on the hunt for a New Sleep Tracker app that works on the iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch. I like what this app offers and that it continues to receive updates. I’m hesitant to give up the app that allows me to log the “Sleep Factors” so that I can review the day-to-day changes that can impact my ability & quality of sleep.
  • Like but.... 3/5

    By angelusvero
    I really like the app but for some reason it seems to uninstall and no longer work on the watch. I try to open it but it just crashed and when I go into the watch app it shows it’s installing but doesn’t seem to ever finish. I uninstalled and reinstalled app from watch and phone it seemed to work for some time but then went back to doing it again.
  • Sleep Analysis 3/5

    By abandrob
    I wish that the initial sleep analysis (the one that pops up right after you wake up in the morning) was accessible later. If it is, I wish it was easier to figure out how to get there.
  • Sync with iWatch is a problem 3/5

    By jpintobks
    I saw the reply of the developer. I did see the instructions to deal with sync issues but it should not be that difficult to have the problem recurring. As I said, I use several sleep trackers, some with fees and all work flawlessly sync with the iPhone. I like Pillow and add a star since in the las two day seem to be working well. I will review again this if the App continues to work well. It has a friendly interface and look, but sync needs work
  • Not impressed by day 3 2/5

    By Meadows3
    Purchased 3 days ago & app has been inconsistent. Day 1: Recognized, recorded, & transferred my sleep session to ihealth; but despite stopping the session, it credited me with an additional 1.5hr in the bed (which was during my drive to work!) Day 2: FAILED to record despite setting/starting the countdown for the alarm & actually turning it off the next morning- I had to shutdown the app to get the alarm to shut off. Day 3: Recognized & recorded my sleep/wake up time successfully- FAILED to transfer into ihealth. Suggested improvements: 1. Provide a way to edit/adjust ‘time spent in bed’ so it doesn’t add false statistics 2. Provide a way to sync or force ‘push’ the data from pillow to ihealth.
  • Moving on to another app 2/5

    By Enterprise J
    Overall it seems to function well as a sleep tracker, however, without an automatic on/off cycle it’s senseless to have a sleep aid which doesn’t automatically know when I’m asleep vs when I’m awake. Isn’t that the point really? I’ve forgotten to stop the app after waking up and after I’ve been awake for a few hours so it renders all the data from the night useless. Also why should I have to turn it on? Again, shouldn’t the app know I’m asleep? Once the developers update an auto on/off feature perhaps I’ll use it again.
  • Too inaccurate to trust 2/5

    By quiddled
    I’ve seen dev replies saying a new algorithm is coming this month and that’s the only reason I’m keeping this app installed. If the new algorithm doesn’t deliver then I’m out. First off, no matter what, the app says I fall asleep in exactly 10 minutes. I’ve started the app, put my phone in my pocket and walked around for 20 minutes before and it still thought I was asleep. Next I can unlock my phone, text people, and even answer phone calls and the analysis the next morning says I was asleep that whole time. The obvious inaccuracies makes it impossible to trust the rest of the analysis.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Bella!23
    I like how it syncs with he Health app on iPhone’s.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Bruky!
    The free version started off very well. It seemed to actually track how I was sleeping, but when I paid for the premium version it began to show its true colors. I have to get up several times a night to use the restroom. The app will show that I went to bed and stayed in REM sleep all night. I woke up several times so I know that not to be true. NEVER waste your money for the premium version of this app.
  • Interesting how app uses watch to monitor sleep 3/5

    By mdataz
    I like the analysis of the sleep cycle. I wish results would be visible on iPhone too. I can’t get heart rate to record with sleep results.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By cms315
    It worked for a while. Then it would just sit in the analyzing mode. Never finish, finally have to dismiss. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again-still doesn’t work. This is the free version-why would I pay money for a full version??
  • Rest Assured 4/5

    By EmeraldKnight206
    Honestly I bought the app before even trying it. I had just bought my Apple Watch, and wanted to use it to its potential. I was not to keen to apples sleep tracking layout of the health app. It has been what I wanted, for the most part. I feel the ability to change the background/theme color would be nice. Also an auto off sleep track system, or at least a reminder to stop the sleep tracking, or be able to adjust the length of time we slept. On the plus side, the lay out is super user friendly. Other cool things include a sound recording setting which allows you to hear snoring, sleep talking, and other stage noises that you may or may not want to be aware of. Over all its a good app. Be even better once they make the recommend changes to the app. If hey complete 2/3 I’ll give 5 stars.
  • Good app, could use some improvements 4/5

    By Ugabandit
    I like this app and really like how the data shows up/the layout. However, I moved to an Apple Watch from a Fitbit and forget to start or stop my sleep often. With no option to edit it makes it useless. I would love to see this feature added and then maybe I would spend $5 on the upgrade. I have found that the AutoSleep app is similar on the tracking when I track both and automatically stops and stops. However, I like the look and feel of pillow much better. The ability to edit your sleep time and the auto start/stop would move me over to using pillow exclusively.
  • Needs an Autostart 3/5

    By Stevie2008214
    Fitbit has the auto-track feature. Pillow needs it as well.

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