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Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try! Just some of the things you can do with Pinterest: • Find everyday ideas you love—what to make for dinner, what to put on your walls, what to wear and more ideas for every part of your life. • Save ideas for later—organize ideas you save by topic, so they’re always easy to find. • Collaborate with friends—save ideas together for your next group trip, party or project. • Search for an idea even if you don’t know what it’s called—built-in search guides help point your search in the right direction. • Save ideas you find around the web—just use the Pinterest’s Save button on your mobile browser.

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  • Candy 5/5

    By Cfandrei
  • Horrible Update 1/5

    By Mindycteach
    Pinterest-please listen to your loyal users and bring back labels on pins like everyone is asking for. Please!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sweet1469
    I love this app, it has all of my interests at my finger tips!
  • Old Pinterest was great 2/5

    By Hotpinkpinner
    I hate the new Pinterest layout. I hate the home page and all of the ads. I was a huge Pinterest fan before but I have stopped using it as much.
  • 2 stars is being generous 2/5

    By KrsAps
    First off, I don't rate apps. If I don't like it, I remove and don't use it again. Second, when I downloaded Pinterest on my first iPhone 5 years ago, I loved it. It was amazing, it had the features it needed that shouldn't have slowly but surely began disappearing one update at a time. Third, the reviews below mine almost all consist of the same things. The updates took away the most simple of things. The first thing I noticed with this update was not being able to send a pin without pinning it to you own boards and then going to the message thread with the person you wanted to send it to. I HATE that and I HATE that you can't see which of your friends or people following your boards pinned a pin you pinned earlier on. Messages don't come through half the time. Finally, The promoted pins are out of control, too many. I'm all for supporting an Etsy shop, but when you're showing promoted pins by goodwill, IKEA, and other big businesses, I don't care. Sorry but I don't. Giving this review two stars was too generous. I still love Pinterest, as I just bought my first house with my fiancé and look forward to DIY decorating while I'm on a tight budget, but slow the roll in taking away the simplicity of this app. The negative comments should tell you something. Same things over and over. Slowly but surely, Pinterest popularity is going to die down and people will stop using it all together. Get you s*** together Pinterest. Sincerely, the entire Pinterest community.
  • Ummmm... 1/5

    By Jonaslover15
    I love Pinterest and since I have recently got a new phone, I finally was able to get it again and use it more. However, it bugs the crap out of me how you cannot see who pins what anymore... why was it necessary to even take that feature out? I don't get it. Hopefully the makers will put into consideration to get that back. Or else I will have to start pulling out my laptop for it
  • 3/5 3/5

    By Cloeq5
    solid meh
  • Great app 4/5

    By RMCumpian
    Love being able to find anything on here. But why aren't we able to see anything has been liked?
  • Love love love it 5/5

    By Florida girl 40
    Allows me to tag (or pin) all of the things I come across on the Internet that I either dream to have, plan to buy, ideas for my home, etc in one place. A form of retail therapy for me without actually spending money...yet.
  • Lovely app! 5/5

    By Your Personal Hell
    Easy and fun to use! 😇
  • Great App 5/5

    By beccyangel
    I've had Pinterest for the past three years and I've just gotten the new update and it's amazing! I highly suggest it for the iPhone because it's really useful especially for recipes and workouts and even things from fandoms. To be honest, Pinterest was considered my first social media so it's great for young people.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By yvette156
    Pinterest have you not read all of these recent reviews?? We want the old Pinterest back. If we wanted suggestions or ideas then we would keep looking at the boards we follow. Nowadays it's all suggestions and not even the best of suggestions. I can never tell when something is a suggestion or if it's a board I'm following. All of us users want THE OLD PINTEREST BACK. So please, give it back to us because sometimes I can't stand getting on Pinterest because of the update.
  • Ruined 1/5

    By Ouiski2
    Nothing more annoying than "picked for you." Oh wait, I take that back. More annoying is that the ability to randomly discover cool stuff has disappeared. I don't care what's trending. And you've made it impossible explore beyond your options. Bring back "All". (I rarely write reviews but I'm so disappointed. And it looks like I'm not alone.)
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Michi2672836278283737182836466
    Very difficult to write a review. App is too glitchy and I can't even open the app anymore. This app needs to be saved.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Britt032010
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kinah88
    I absolutely love it
  • Pinterest 5/5

    By Leeshaoshuai
    Gooooooood nice.
  • New format 1/5

    By Beaucephus iii
    I hate this new format. The fun part about Pinterest is seeing which friends pinned certain posts. Now I can't even see it on my feed. Quit trying to make "improvements" and leave things as they were. It's terrible. And I never asked to be in the trial group. Put Pinterest back to the way it was.
  • Bring back the text 2/5

    By JRandles
    I hate the new update! Bring back the text bars so I can see what the heck I'm looking at. It defeats the purpose of being able to quickly hold down on a pin to like/pin it when I can't see the text to tell me what the recipe or object is that I'm looking at. I suspect that the text bars were removed to hide how many sponsored and/or "recommended" pins they're showing (which is a whole other annoyance).
  • Love it 5/5

    By Vdcorre
    I just love it! Love the hair style health fitness and everything!
  • Buena app 4/5

    By jrgolivero
    Todo lo que necesites se encuentra aquí
  • It's all good until something goes wrong 3/5

    By Buzidy
    I have had Pinterest for 6 years almost and I've never had problems with my app until now. It will not show me what or who posted the item unless it's a sponsored post. I've deleted and re added the app and everything. It has been doing this for like a month or more now. It's getting annoying!
  • Pin and then lose all of your pins. 1/5

    By B-Rad2020
    Formerly a Five star app, I have contacted Pinterest once a week for several months and have yet to receive a SINGLE RESPONSE. I'm amazed they have zero customer service!? Great app until anything goes wrong or your account gets hacked or deleted and then you're on your own with a radio silent company who is extremely difficult to contact.
  • Sooo uhhmm....... 1/5

    By Forever Annoyed x5
    DO YOU EVEN READ THESE REVIEWS PINTEREST!!! Clearly no one likes the new updates. Honestly the app was better before all these updates. What used to be a very helpful app has now become rather useless one.
  • Worse with each update 1/5

    By Kaylamessies
    1. All of a sudden I can't send pins to my friends... 2. I like ONE pin and thousands of the same thing start popping up on my feed. It's no longer pins of what my friends are posting, it's random junk that I don't want to see. 3. I can no longer see who the person is that's pinning things! 4. I can't ever click on an interesting ad because it takes me to the website! These updates need to stop. It gets worse with each one
  • NONONO 1/5

    By Reallier
    WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR LIKES. This is a GREAT website, but there is one thing that would make me love it 100x more. FOLDERS in the boards. It just needs to be an option. NOT mandatory. I overall love this app, but I would like the OLD LAYOUT BACK.
  • It's Awesome 5/5

    By 3R3Z
    Please refer to the Above Supplied Data And yes Thank You very much for this app
  • Crashing, not loading 2/5

    By Hdabru
    March 2017: Pinterest. Your humor section is still full of random and useless photos of nugs of weed and charts and things for nurses. Just. Every five pins is something not humor related. And it's usually one of those two things. Can you please just give the stoners and nurses their own categories? Now I can't even select a pin and inform you it's in the wrong category anymore. You removed that feature. And I still can't read what's behind the Pin It button on graphics on websites I open within the app to read the content. It's really annoying. Get rid of the button or move it outside the image or make it transparent or something. Instead of huge and red and ugly and covering the punchline on all the memes. February 2017: the app crashes completely anytime I go to search, and then select the humor section. None of the other categories. Just humor. Which is the primary one I use when I'm just scrolling for fun. So the app is pretty useless at the moment for me. I've tried removing humor from my list of top categories and then putting it back. No dice. Also, I'd like to weigh in and say I also hate those stupid white dots. November 2016: Ok for a little while, you had the captions and ability to comment missing, but you had finally fixed the horrendous annoyance of the Pin It button sitting in the bottom right of every image on say, a buzz feed list if I opened it to read all the memes. But then you fixed all the new problems and put the stupid button back on everything. And once again I cannot read the punchline of 90% of the humorous things I want to read before deciding if I want to pin one of them. There's literally no way to get that stupid button off of EVERY SINGLE image which is not only annoying for the way it blocks the text or image but also unnecessary since there's already a giant red button in the top right corner of the app I can click on if I want to pin something on that page. Will you fix it already? It's annoyed the crap out of me for nearly a year. October 2016: where did the captions go, Pinterest? How am I supposed to know what the pin is about if the captions vanish when I pull the pin up? Also, why can't I write comments on them anymore? Also, what happened to the descriptions of where something was pinned from and how many repins or likes it has? All that vanished with this update and it's awful. September 2016: Ok so along with the nursing students getting their own category so their crap can get the heck out of my humor section, it looks like we also need to give the stoners their own section too. Like since when are photos of nugs of weed humorous? Also that caption thing other people are complaining about ticks me off too. August 2016: app crashing constantly. Also, Pinterest: WHEN are you going to give the nursing students their own category? I'm tired of scrolling through my humor section for fun and being grossed out by cross sections of body parts. Medicine is not funny. It's important, but it's not humorous. March 2015: I still have to delete and re-download the app every week or so. It just stops loading, period, until I download it again. And it still crashes pretty often. New update won't load. Saw another user had the same problem and fixed it by deleting the app and reinstalling it. Tried that, it worked for one day, and now it will open but won't load my pins again. Don't want to have to reinstall the app every time I use it. This is on iOS 7. I have an iphone 4 and no room to update to iOS 8. Fix it for ios7 users please. Usually I adore this app. But I'm tired of trying to load it, and constant crashes when I do open it successfully. Update: still waiting for an update to fix the not-loading problem for ios7 users. Anytime I want to use it I have to delete the app and re-download it. Come on already.
  • Unusable in current version 1/5

    By Bendix2114
    Recent update takes away names on pins. You won't know if you are seeing pins from friends or if they are even from boards you follow. With the change to the notification stream it is impossible to locate pins from friends. Unusable in current state. Will no longer be using app.
  • Unable to follow anyone 1/5

    By scott-in-columbus
    iPad and iPhone apps don't let me follow anyone. Wasted a bunch of time.
  • Landscape mode for iPhone 3/5

    By jalaw13
    Please update so we can use landscape mode for the iPhone...pretty please!!
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By Melz_ie
    What happened to the like button? I would scroll through and like a whole bunch before I pinned and now it's extremely time consuming...also like most non here just because I search Disney or a dip recipe doesn't mean I want all my pins related to that
  • Use it daily 5/5

    By Conan646
    Enjoy all the variety of subjects offered to consider.
  • Love Pinterest 4/5

    By Ryditcowgrl
    I just wish you could move pins between your own private boards!
  • step yo game up 1/5

    By yeta kallasi
    there was basically NOTHING you had to change except maybe a few glitches w crashing or whatever. just the last 3-4 reviews perfectly capture all the new problems that have arisen from you guys changing everything. we don't need circles to click for related images, we don't need to know about what other people saved/liked if it's not from our boards, and we DO need descriptions under pictures along w names. i don't want to be rude (and i know saying but after a statement like that always ends up being rude) but you messed w a perfectly fine app & it's only just dumb to use now.
  • I Love it!!!! 5/5

    By Soe7~
    Pinterest is the best!!! I just love all the ideas and tips I get. I teach Pr-school and this helps me so much! The variety of ideas are the best. I love to exercise and with limited time the suggested exercises are Awesome, among the endless ideas for other things. Love it, love it love it!!!!
  • Restore Pinterest 1/5

    By Courtney4424
    I love Pinterest, but this update is the worst. Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so. The circle discover thing was annoying at first, but I actually don't mind it now. HOWEVER it is SO stupid to get rid of the titles of the pins. No one wants to look at pictures of food. If we wanted to do that we'd go to google images. I like being able to see what pin I'm about to click on and who pinned it. I also hate the new categories page. The old one was so nice because you could go to the food page then click on suggestions at the top like "healthy" or "beverages". Now if I want to look up healthy recipes I actually have to type in "healthy recipes" and don't get as much of a variety. GIVE US OUR BELOVED PINTEREST BACK.
  • Please 4/5

    By Spotifysteph
    Please stop matching me with people. I find it very annoying. If you do I will give you your star back! :)
  • Where are my notifications? 1/5

    By lwfky
    Can't see who is pinning my pins or comments from them. What the heck happened? Agree with all the other reviewers- I HATE this new update. Just picture after picture with no mention of content. Spending a lot less time on this app. Fix it, Pinterest.
  • Good design works fine 4/5

    By Wimpjuice
    I like it
  • Pinterest made its own board for me? 3/5

    By Letitgoelsa
    It was super weird logging into my Pinterest and seeing a board that I didn't make with a pin that I didn't pin to it. What's going on? If I wanted that board I would have made that board. Are they going to continue making their own boards on my account?
  • pinterest save button 1/5

    By Krazychris61
    1 star simply because the website forced me to download an extension to make an account.

    By Córal
    Great app. Just wish that you could expand pics when in their app. Sounds like an easy request.
  • Pinterest new app 1/5

    By SD Quilter
    I am ready to drop even bothering to look at Pinterest. It jumps around and insisted I go to their famously great new app. What a mess.
  • Micorazon 5/5

    By Eney photo
    Thank you for making this app so easy and accessible
  • Great, but... 4/5

    By Athena Vanquilz
    Pinterest. I don't use Pinterest like it's known for, makeup, diys, etc, but I'm obsess with it nonetheless. One thing I've noticed, though, is all the ADS. I swear 40% of the things I see on Pinterest is just advertisement after advertisement. And the lack of VARIETY in these ads doesn't help either. Do you really need that much as revenue, Pinterest?
  • Love it 5/5

    By Pinteresting Christina
    Love it!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Naomi13N
    This is a great app. I use it frequently on my Ipad and on my Iphone!
  • Want descriptions! 1/5

    By Nckiki
    I've enjoyed Pinterest over the years, but it's very user friendly now. I want to be able to know what I'm looking at without opening the pin. Also, it makes the search nearly impossible to find what I'm looking for. If it's not changed I just may be deleting the app.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By sfal1967
    I love this app, great for researching anything from recipes to reef tanks.

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