Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 12.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Cubic Games
  • Compatibility: Android
400,673 Ratings
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Pixel Gun 3D App

In Pixel Gun 3D you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else all around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! *** MULTIPLAYER *** MAIN FEATURES OF THE MULTIPLAYER: • WORLDWIDE and LOCAL connection types. • More than 35 unique maps of various shapes and sizes. • Varied weaponry with upgrades: Sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons, magic weapons and many others. More than 100 kinds! • Up to 10 players in one game. • Chat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle. • Several online modes: Classic Deathmatch, Deadly Games, Team Battle, Flag Capture, Coop Survival and Point Capture. *** CAMPAIGN *** Pixel Man has found himself in an awful situation ... In the middle of the night tonnes of frightening zombies come to attack his farm unexpectedly! Later on, he figures out that the zombies don't just wander through his village, they are everywhere! Will he be able to survive and figure out the reason for the Zombie Apocalypse? Stay with him until the end and solve the whole mystery of the world of Pixel Gun 3D! MAIN FEATURES OF STORY MODE: • Completely different worlds with tonnes of different locations. • Many different kinds of enemies. • Unique types of weapons. • Colorful comic book plot which tells us the story behind Pixel Gun. *** SURVIVAL ARENA *** A separate set of conditions that allow you to check your survival skills. How far are you willing to go? How many waves of monster attacks can you overcome? SURVIVAL MODE FEATURES: • Endless gameplay. • Unexpected combinations of different kinds of monsters. • Awards for getting through to the next stage. • Get the best results you can and compare them to your friends! *** FRIENDS AND CLANS SYSTEM *** If you made friends with someone while chatting in the battlefield, then all you both have to do is press the [ + ] button in the game table and you will become friends! And then you can quickly find and team up with your friends for new matches, look at their accomplishments, how their characters are made up and so much more! Also, you can create your own CLAN made up only of the best players. Be the strongest Pixel warriors in the world. *** SKINS AND CAPES MAKER *** Now you can make your OWN SKIN and USE IT IN THE MULTIPLAYER GAME! You can also turn on a function for a custom cape. Design it yourself using whatever patterns you want! Thank you for all the comments and advice, we really appreciate it. In this version, we tried to fulfill your wishes. Wait for the coming updates with cool new features! Pixel Gun 3D is the most popular multiplayer game in many countries! Pixel Gun 3D is: • Millions of players all around the world; • More than 100 kinds of weapons; • More than 35 maps and locations; • Lots of communication among players from from all around the world; • Great HD graphics; • Exciting sound effects; Join the exciting world of Pixel Gun 3D! ————————————————————————————————— This is not an official Mojang app. Pixel Gun 3D & Starobeast Limited are not associated or connected with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.


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Pixel Gun 3D app reviews

  • Wow 1/5

    By Limestonegamer
    To me this game is just a copy of block strike it's just 3D and the game gets you angry and more raged by the second game If you ever think of buying anything for this DONT IT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY and don't play this game if you can't control your anger
  • Pixel gun is awesome 5/5

    By Chiptenders
    Verrrrrrryyyy funnn. Eat on the App Store
  • Spinning chest 2/5

    By JmZavi
    ThAt things is rigged. I always get gold,gems, or a character. Please improve!
  • SWEET! 5/5

    By Steph Corey
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But, I wish that y'all had a round that you had to go and defeat monsters and make your way through a coarse.
  • Add Trading Nad Selling 3/5

    By Pixel________ Man 101010101
    They should add trading and selling so people with guns they don't use can get use out of them. You should also be able to trade with people so you can let other people use your weapon and they will give you money for. This would be helpful for gadgets and weapons. I would definitely use this if they added it. They should also have a customize gun skin option. Maybe they should add more contests and event instead of like 5 a year. It would also be nice if you were able to earn gems faster. For example if you kill like 15 people in a round and if you kill 25 you would get 2 gems and so on. If you agree reply I agree. Thanks for understanding and I hope you take some of my advice and put it in the game.
  • Good 5/5

    By OnePieceFan 8192
  • Best 5/5

    By Dragonosaur
    Awesome app!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love It Because 5/5

    By MmanuTheGmaer
    This Game so Ruck
  • too much ads 1/5

    By procrastinator aka lazy kid
    to the point it made me write a 1 star also the new app store is wack
  • AMAZING AWESOME INCREDIBLE!!!! Plz fix clan load 4/5

    By Quinn :P
    Let me just say pixel gun is AMAZE it is like 60% pay to win...but still a GREAT game. I easily would give 4 stars.My only suggestion is maybe a returning system like 50% back of the gun you want to return? Listen idk but anyway keep up the great work! P.s I'm not giving 5 stars because I can't even visit my own clan members it always crashes, BOO!!!
  • Fun but terrible 4/5

    By 🤑🎊😏😠😍
    When I first started playing pixel gun it would not let download and it kept saying pixel gun 3D can not be downloaded at this time I finally got it to work and it's a really fun game so the only thing I would fix is the downloading process
  • Want information about effectively 5/5

    By Super sell pay attention
    I want to know how much damage my guns do plz Respond
  • Hello 4/5

    By TurboTrux
    Not bad
  • Amazing (bendy) 5/5

    By Super bendy
    Cool guns and love you need to get this game
  • I'm confused. 3/5

    By Teddyandpunkynrewsterlover
    Why does the company keep changing its names? Seriously CUBIC GAMES? How uncreative can you get? I think they should have kept it as rilisoft. I've been here since there was rilisoft in the loading screen.
  • Would give 4 due to glitch 3/5

    By Impatient driver
    For some reason, I always redownload and I have 2 do a tutorial and I try to rotate the screen but it never works. Please fix.
  • A very awsome game 5/5

    By Diamond boy youtuber
    This game is so cool that I even wasted all my money in my phone for all of the good guns but it wastes a lot of space
  • God 5/5

    By Carmazing

    By Dasc55
    This game is super fun game
  • My rate 4/5

    By Heathermae05
    I love this game but it doesn't say are you shore and I was going to bye a gun but I bot ammor

    By Caedmon9000
    I say this because this game has been getting to many options to be a overpowered Anus that can ruin your experience in the game and therefore coins are hard to earn and even though this is a pay to play game it's still unfair with its option by getting you to get the overpowered weapons therefore to destroy the stronger opponents. Stop making your game an OVERPOWERED ANUS!!!
  • Hi love it it's so good but 2/5

    By Cccck
    I whant to restrore old data and I press restore purchases and it won't work can u help me?
  • Pixel gun 3D rules 5/5

    By ken kaneki is ghoul
    The game is amazing , its alot of fun when you also play with your freinds but my only concern is that coins an gems should be easier to get for example 4 coin a round deathmatch ,team fight, capture the flag .
  • Pixel Gun 3D 5/5

    By Mucho Aida good app
    I love the story and all modes it's really good.
  • New improvements!!! 5/5

    By Sniperlegend06
    You should make a gun creator where you can create your own guns depending on what level you are on!!!for example:players levels 1-10 or up can make creates guns up to their level also players levels 20-30 or up can create guns down or up to their level and the max efficiency,weight,and capacity should be up to 50.if you don’t like this idea,I don’t blame you. From:χχ_Lynx_MLGswagχχ
  • The Revival Whistle is too OP 4/5

    By X__kitART
    The game is awesome apart from a gadget that was added a while ago, the revival whistle support item makes players too op in duals, I find it very annoying and unfair that killing them the first time won't count do to revival. I'm just saying I think the whistle should either be removed or make it so the player gets a kill even if his opponent revives himself...
  • Don't have so many penalties 4/5

    By knik 159
    Please don't have a penalty for leave the match
  • Pls add this 5/5

    Trading, Only you can trade with friends, you can trade weapons and capes. Pls add this
  • Please Save Us Cubic Games, Unless y'all are Rilisoft in disguise, then screw u 4/5

    By LJ JayJay Luis Ayala
    Add good updated, listen to your ratings, that's it
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By johnnymask6
    Pixel gun 3D is fun it has a lot of work and stuff :3
  • I recommend this game because it is pixilized so that parents will allow you to have it. 5/5

    By stand back epic game
    Great game
  • currency 3/5

    By Very awesom and unique
    The game is great and all but could you make it easier to get diamond and coins? pls
  • An idea for a weapon🎻 5/5

    By Rootziel
    How about create a weapon that should be called vio-lent which is a violin that is in the special class and it plays notes that shoot out and deal damage and it must be Legendary or Epic your opinion and the violin must be green. Please make my idea come true🙏🙏
  • I hope this game.never ends ilove You 5/5

    By Feuerfox
    You have happt
  • Good but can use improvement 5/5

    By Dj Lonnie's son
    The gameplay is good but it needs more animations like dancing blinking and fingers
  • Epic 5/5

    By 929383718
    I love this game! So cool! I love sniping people's heads off. LOL
  • Vanoss 5/5

    By toth les 196
    This game is almost the best game I have Vanoss
  • Good Game 5/5

    By Devin Dubs
    Good game
  • Veteran player 5/5

    By Chimajames
    I love your game, 5/5. I would appreciate in the next update to add some sort of “gun game” like in COD or battlefield if possible
  • Fun but a few problems 3/5

    By Wiket123
    One, the new weapons are WAY to overpowered. Two, whenever I play Duel I never get a kill when I kill the person it gets very annoying.

    By ethan the beast killer
    MY FAVORITE GAME I PLAY 24/7🏹 Love it
  • Guns need buffed back up 2/5

    By pixelgunnoob
    I know by watching YouTube that some of the guns should be buffed up. Especially the solar power cannon. Please buff that back up to 25-27 efficiency at least. I was so depressed. It was my favorite gun and you made it a piece of crap. 😭*cry* If you buff it up again I would be so pleased or you lost a fan. Thank you IF you read this.

    By Doydodkgskgsfmamghxkhxkgdifkck
    This game is great and all but THE LAG I can't even log on and when I do I can't enter a battle:( please make more updates for fixing this Lag
  • Best game 5/5

    By jamestiscool
    It's like gta and Legos
  • Ligit minecraft shoter 5/5

    By fhchj guhgyi
    I love all the wepons and its a call of duty for minecraft and i love the mini games I especially love the parcore and the maps are amazing it is just so much fun and i like how they let you costomize your own caps and skins and have a clan and friends. You should definetly donload it and if you dont you will regreat it

    By Creon Obichere
  • Nice 5/5

    By Hi Jeff pot
  • Best Game 5/5

    By OverJoyedPack
    Supa Hot 🔥
  • I ❤️pixel gun 5/5

    By Rathbones12
    I is so epic and fun! I recommend it to people of all ages.
  • Review 5/5

    By It's just me Max
    I made this review for diamonds

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