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  • Current Version: 7.4
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness App

Introducing the all-new My Fitness app from Planet Fitness! Now you can schedule and track all your progress, from quick jogs on our treadmills to lengthy home workouts and everything in between. Oh, and it’s free! But that’s not all this shiny new app can do. You can also use it to find your nearest Planet Fitness location and check in when you stop by for a workout. Or sync it to your Fitbit or Jawbone and easily connect to popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. Feeling inspired? Use the app to sign up for Planet of Triumphs, where real members can share their inspiring fitness triumphs, no matter how big or small. And it’s entirely free! Planet Fitness has over 1,000 clean, spacious clubs featuring tons of the newest equipment in a laidback environment. All for just $10 a month. So download the app today. Did we mention it’s free? As in zero dollars and zero cents? Well, we’d have zero reasons not to. Because it is. We’re not a gym. We’re Planet Fitness. Please note: We’re working to streamline member accounts. In the meantime, you’ll need a separate username and login to use the app’s fitness tracker. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Planet Fitness app reviews

  • My honest review, 1/5

    By Mr.Bosniak
    App has no support for iPad Pro , just blows up into one huge Awfulness of pixels, I’m running the latest iOS 11 , the progression is terrible, I’m better off just writing it down on my note pad , as a popular gym in my area sad how bad the app is , shameful to see how many 1 stars was posted.. you should overhaul this entire app dev team, and don’t give me some crap on an automated message neither, I’d ask for a true response with some new ideas like for beginners and for expert advice for machines and work outs , keeping track of your machines and workouts, use you’re mobile app to sign in keep track of how long or what days you logged into you’re at the gym from a week to a whole calendar for the year to feel accomplishment, what foods should be avoided in a diet , or a diet challenge tracker , your mobile store is complete trash , I get better deals off of amazon for the same product.. you might wanna do the same .. I do t. We’d to get I to further review bc I’m sure people already have posted the majority of how bad this mobile app was sprung together with complete laziness , do yourself a favor fire your whole dev team and start looking for better ones
  • Unable to sign up 2/5

    By Jclandi
    I’ve been unable to sign up
  • It works well 3/5

    By Sms0415
    The app works well, it could use an update though, it would be nice if it automatically logged your days based off of your check in with your card, does the job and has potential to be really good.
  • Seem like it requires wifi now :-( 1/5

    By AviatorDave
    App wouldn't allow me to display the barcode until I connected to wifi - it should have worked with just LTE internet.
  • Wrong time zone? 2/5

    By dkay62
    The app is showing Eastern time and I’m in Central. The classes fall off a hour early because of the time difference. I can’t find a way to reset the time zone. My phone is showing central and the club location is correct in central. Any help? I deleted and reinstalled with the same results. My account online is correct, only the iPhone app is wrong
  • Navigability is exceptional 5/5

    By SexyFitChick
    I really like that I am able to use this app to book appointments, view class scheds online, keep track of my account, view my points gained each time I workout at the gym, watch workout vids, track my workouts, and connect apps that I use such as, RunKeeper. This app is very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sexy workout buddy 5/5

    By Mrsbey Acura
    I need a workout buddy who can join me everyday at 6am sharp at Fordham location in da bronx. I'm a sexy dark skinned female looking for a handsome male. Dm me ya pic and only if u available at least 3 times at 6am sharp @beysummer2017. See you soon mwah
  • Fix App 2/5

    By Itsfefe
    Please bring back the snap. With the last update all the calorie burned numbers changed when you manually add work out.
  • Friday workout 3/5

    By Marezoats
    Pretty good for paring with other phone apps to track calories for weight loss.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Tay13579
    App is so helpful and easy to maneuver. I’m not electronic inclined so I Love something that’s easy to use! Can do it while using certain equipment to!!!!
  • Bar code scanner 👎 1/5

    By aopalenik
    Did anybody bother testing the barcode scanner before “updating” it in the app? It’s the only feature I use so I can’t speak to any of the other functionality. It used to work and now it’s very troublesome for the staff to get it to work with the PF scanners.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jamien79
    The workout aspect of the app is so incredibly slow. It takes about 2 minutes to complete the whole process. It’s to the point where I never want to use it. They also need to bring back the option to take a picture of your machine to upload the information on the app.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By Twitter 1889
    Poorly designed. Very linear. Takes you down paths with no way to change direction. Have to close app to go backwards.
  • Update: issue was resolved 4/5

    By asilva1595
    I recently got a membership so I figured the app might help with tracking everything. Unfortunately I can’t even register under my home location. Edit: the new update resolved my issue and I can use the app now, quite helpful for my workouts.
  • The app works great for me! 5/5

    By Mikej7061
    Using capture helps me see my workout history. I’m loving the progress I’m making towards my goals.
  • Very Pleased 5/5

    By Nittnjammies
    Great app! I love the Captcha feature. Never had this app at my former gyms. Excellent response when I had a question.
  • Snap workout disappeared 3/5

    By MissJBprepaid
    I've loved this app since I got it last winter, but this past week it no longer has the option to snap a photo of the workout panel on the treadmill. I tried to manually enter my results, but treadmill isn't offered as an option.
  • It’s a pretty pointless app. Deleting. 2/5

    By JtP-Joe
    It doesn’t do anything very well. It does a lot “sorta OK”. It doesn’t track workouts very well, the barcode works but takes too many clicks to get to. The “Biggest Loser 30 minute workout” that’s featured so prominently in the gym isn’t an option in the workouts menu. The entire app needs an overhaul.
  • Works when it wants to 1/5

    By Anastasia_diaz
    App is not working properly, will not let me log in and just was in the app yesterday. This is the 2nd time it did this.. tempting to erase it, and use another app on my phone.
  • WHY???? 3/5

    WHY DID YOU ELIMINATE THE SNAP A WORKOUT OPTION????? That was SO convenient and easy. Now I have to take a pic with my phone then transfer the info. Probably won’t be using this app anymore now. Very disappointed.
  • Update 2/5

    By Rebsar17
    What happened to the “snap a workout” option? It’s so much easier then manually entering it. Please bring it back! I loved the app before this update. :(
  • Bring back Snap a Workout! 2/5

    By klseem
    With the new update, the option to take a pic of your workout summary for upload is gone. What a pain to have to enter it manually!!
  • Time for a brand new design 1/5

    By Brandon Monroe
    Needs to support Apple wallet, Apple health kit. Add workout builder. Checkin for black card services. Add updates to support 3rd part keyboards and the latest iOS keyboard. The onscreen keyboard is older than than the iPhone 4.
  • Late October Update Worked! 4/5

    By DLeeWebb
    The Planet Fitness App has been badly in need of an update for a year or more. I struggled with it for that entire time. It was so slow and buggy. This late October Update, while badly needed and long overdue, has definitely fixed the problem. It is so fast syncing with my other Apps that I can hardly believe it. Keep it this way PF and Netpulse! Thanks!
  • Great app so far 4/5

    By NostalgiaLadie
    I like being able to capture my workout with my device, but would like it to be a bit easier to capture, and be given more time to capture. For the manual capture I would like more categories like Pilates or just Stretching.
  • Love the app but hate the new update 1/5

    By Tara88Lynn
    I didn’t know my planet fitness app updated till I was done with my workout on the treadmill. I went to record my workout by xcapture like I always do. Hit the workout icon and couldnt find my option at the bottom like normal. Hate that the record workout is at the very bottom when you open the app. Then you have to choose xcapture or manual. It was easier the way it was. Disappointed with this change.
  • Improved 5/5

    By npcog1
    I love the new look of this app, it is also getting faster.
  • Outdated App. Not super useful. 2/5

    By K0pp3r
    Can we integrate the digital member key with Apple Passbook/Wallet? I don't understand why this hasn't been done already. Also, can we somehow incorporate Touch ID with logging into your account.
  • Needs Wallet Support 1/5

    By Reifela
    Missing a huge key feature. We shouldn't have to open the app to access the barcode. Instead, we need passbook(wallet) support for gym card.
  • The worst 1/5

    By tennabop
    I have been trying to log into my account for 2 wks now and this app won’t let me! When I had the IPhone 7 it worked but not on the IPhone 8 plus
  • Useful for barcode, kinda 2/5

    By Launch201
    I don’t do key tags on my keys. I don’t carry around a wallet full of membership cards - so having an app that has my barcode is very useful. Like many others I wish it had apple wallet integration so I didn’t have to open the app to get to the barcode. Integration with other apps isn’t working for me, specifically MyFitnessPal. Excerises don’t sync over from this app to that one, even when connected. Also Login to MyFitnessPal via facebook login isn’t working in this app, even though there is a link to that on the login page.
  • Login problems 1/5

    By Ljdjdjdnxnj
    It keeps logging me out every time I got to use the app. Needs to fixed now.
  • Can’t re-enter barcodes 1/5

    By kaveman77
    It worked at first. Then this morning I came in to the gym and noticed I was logged out for some reason, and when my wife scanned her card they said it was me. I went to log in the app again and I couldn’t. So I reset my password and logged in and it showed my wife’s info, and when she downloaded the app and installed and scanned it showed my info. Somehow PF, or the app swapped our barcodes. Have no idea how that happened. Oh well, I guess I’ll just re-enter the new barcodes so they will be correct on our phones, but wait - you can’t! And so I figured I would try to create a new account in order to be prompted to add the code again, but it says I already have an account and so I can’t. Then I tried logging in again after changing my password successfully but it failed and the temp password still works for some reason. What a piece of crap!! All I want to do is scan in using my phone instead of the keychain and it can’t even do that. Gimmie a break.
  • Help! 1/5

    By Cpboo
    Can’t get it this download on my iPhone!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Winterzlove
    Not only does it have my key tag on my app to easily check myself in but it also stores my workouts by taking a quick snapshot in the app and it logs it in for me. It also breaks down my workouts by day, week, month and year that way I can challenge myself to work harder everyday! Would love to see it connect to my iwatch and fitness app on my iwatch as well! That would be awesome!
  • What? 1/5

    By decarlovable
    I only got the app to sign up for the classes at the gym so I tried to book one today. It lead me to another site to sign up for something else in order to book it. I followed the steps and once finished With thought I would be able to book the class. But a message showed and said "Unable to book, try again later". This was supposed to be convenient... I guess I'll continue to book at the front desk...
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Desi_Turk
    Absolutely abysmal design and the usability is a 1/10 It’s only good for checking in to the club
  • Garmin 3/5

    By WWwinner
    Could you see about making Garmin one of the connecting apps. That would be great.
  • Snap a workout needs work. 2/5

    By unsupported12359
    I have noticed that the snap feature doesn't work as well as it should- If I walk 1.08 miles it puts me in for 1.8 instead. That is a big difference!!
  • Login 1/5

    By brishanti
    I have this app since I joined the gym. I have had trouble over the last two months logging in because I was logged out for some reason. I have tried resetting my password several times and could never get the link to my email. I’ve contacted support and no one has helped me yet.
  • Won't let me log in 1/5

    By StarWild
    I'm able to log in on the website just fine, but the app won't let me. The site uses a username while the app asks for an email. Deleting the app since I have no use for it.
  • Can't record workouts 1/5

    By SAPFloyd
    Don't download it. You're wasting time. It doesn't record weight training workouts and doesn't provide any history
  • Sync doesn't work 1/5

    By m_johnson_90
    Take a picture of the work out and it loads the wrong totals with no way to edit them. Totally useless.
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By JezebelSWC
    I downloaded the app so I could schedule the PE@PT appointments. It would be nice if that was an available option.
  • Not work for it purpose 1/5

    By Mae&Filha
    This app wasn't complete. Myiclubonline no aloud us to schedule class anymore. For schedule a class we have to go to website. What is the purpose to have this app?.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By Joc219
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Lovelyridu
    They are fraud
  • Apple wallet 4/5

    By JDavid714
    Would you guys ever add the barcode into Apple wallet?
  • Lukewarm on this 3/5

    By Atierno70
    The app needs to be developed and improved. The pros: bar code for check-in (which I love), videos for using machines, register for classes, & find other locations. The cons: snap a workout doesn't work, not sure it's beneficial to add daily info, too many sign-in spots w/in app, not all machines have name for recording workouts. Bottom line: has potential but needs work!
  • It could be WAY more functional. 1/5

    By Donttrip.igotthis
    1. Why can't we use the app to sign in for black card spa services? 2. I don't understand why you can't track your work outs for you. (You may as well use a different app) 3. The capture doesn't work. Why have the capture readers on the machines if they don't upload your information about your workout. Anyone can take a picture of any machine. This app is really only good for checking in.

Planet Fitness app comments


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