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  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 7.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Planet Fitness LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness App

Introducing the all-new My Fitness app from Planet Fitness! Now you can schedule and track all your progress, from quick jogs on our treadmills to lengthy home workouts and everything in between. Oh, and it’s free! But that’s not all this shiny new app can do. You can also use it to find your nearest Planet Fitness location and check in when you stop by for a workout. Or sync it to your Fitbit or Jawbone and easily connect to popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. Feeling inspired? Use the app to sign up for Planet of Triumphs, where real members can share their inspiring fitness triumphs, no matter how big or small. And it’s entirely free! Planet Fitness has over 1,000 clean, spacious clubs featuring tons of the newest equipment in a laidback environment. All for just $10 a month. So download the app today. Did we mention it’s free? As in zero dollars and zero cents? Well, we’d have zero reasons not to. Because it is. We’re not a gym. We’re Planet Fitness. Please note: We’re working to streamline member accounts. In the meantime, you’ll need a separate username and login to use the app’s fitness tracker. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Planet Fitness app reviews

  • I like it not love it... 4/5

    By AB Tiffin#3
    It keeps good records when they show up. I think the lag time on that could be improved. But it does what I need it to do.
  • Efficient! 3/5

    By MFrEsh024
    Wish all recorded workout are updated instantly and more device type. So far good app!
  • What is with the password requirements 1/5

    By JellyBeano
    I mean, sweetly funck off. It's a gym app, not a bank. You do NOT need 8 to 14 characters, and a bunch of other stupid requirements. Really poor app.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Sheebers Mac
    I don’t get the point. If there was a list of their machines where you could log what you do or a “playlist” of circuit workouts to choose from and track. That would be amazing. This literally does nothing and won’t let me log even my cardio because it says my date need to be within 4 weeks. The work out date is listed as today. No where does it allow me to find the “set” date to fix and log. Deleted.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By ml9119
    App is really easy to use. Perfect for busy people you can keep track of everything, schedule training sessions. Overall almost perfect app.
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Godoverfood
    So far this app has worked fine!
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Lil Nuffcedd
    Treadmill needs to be added to the exercise type when entering manually. Year later treadmill still not listed as a exercise type. It's listed as a exercise filter type but not listed as a exercise. Two stars down to one
  • Need support for iPhone X 2/5

    By Rageunleashed
    App is very sloppy for this phone difficult to even log in since the keyboard covers everything.
  • Pretty good....needs work.... 3/5

    By Trademark111
    I like work out tracking but manuals do capture input methods lack correct measurements for stair machines or are unavailable facility uses steps another uses floors climbed but app only allows miles....?!?!? Uploads take way to long.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Victor H Diaz
    Awesome app
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Sups duck
    This app is the bomb. It’s perfect and comes in handy when I don’t know how to do a machine. Also when I forget my pass. Awesome. Thumbs up. 👍🏼 💫
  • Needs geolocation & Apple Wallet integration. 3/5

    It would really help if the app (since it asked to track my location even when I’m not using the app) to know when I get to the gym, and then display my membership card saved in Apple Wallet on my lock screen so I don’t have to open the app every time.
  • No longer recognizing email 1/5

    By Lonestar s
    Can’t log in and can’t even email customer support for help because it doesn’t recognize my email. The only email I’ve ever used. What a shame.
  • Needs X support 3/5

    By I'amBatman
    Please update the app for X support. The card bar code shouldn’t be landscape, it’s annoying to flip my phone when launching the card
  • Planet fitness app 4/5

    By Sazyme
    The app seems to be useful to far!
  • Get app but... 4/5

    By AngieBaaBaa
    Can you please add “treadmill” & “stationary bike”as options/choices, please? I switch between various equipment & it would be nice to keep exact info on each.
  • Lol 1/5

    By SeniorSUS
    Looks like a high school project.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By TSStiggy
    Barely functions as is, now they push an ad notification to buy flowers for Valentine's day? Completely unacceptable.
  • Cool app 3/5

    By Beetice
    Still needs to work out some bugs
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kylew1212
    Why do I need an account just for this app? Why does it not support Apple wallet and add a planet fitness card to it? Why does it not support Apple health? This app looks like something from 1980. Please give us something decent.
  • Iwatch 3/5

    By lindalit
    I would be better if you could sync the application with the apple watch and log in at gym without card or cellphone.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Rebro
    This is good for exercise. Keeps track of exercise and calories burned. I do not see a way to record specific weight training exercises. I am still learning the app though. Great way to check-in with my barcode right in the app. I have yet to sync it with my My Fitness Pal app. After I do, I may change my review to five stars.
  • Locked out 1/5

    By Midwest00wi
    Been locked out of app for weeks. Says my email does not exists. The I try to recreate new account tells me it already exists. I tell it to email instructions to reset and does not show in any email box including trash spam or promotions. Try reaching customer service and they sent instruction. There is a glitch and loved it when I first used it.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Chillaxier
    First time as a member of any gym and planet fitness is just AMAZING! Their app is easy to use too !!
  • Its ok 4/5

    By Jose Bamhaoud
    Its not as good as it could be.
  • No internet connection. Retry. Forever 1/5

    By ChellPal
    The app is broken. Can’t even use it show the membership bar code to check in. Bad user experience.
  • _ 5/5

    By K.MacK 🍀
    Love the app! Connects to my Fitbit and accounts for all calories burned and time spent. 👍🏻
  • Offers some good stuff! 4/5

    By MarkVanWA
    I really enjoy this app, however I’d enjoy it a lot more if I could use my membership card in my wallet.. I use an Apple Watch and it would be great if I could just add it there and not have to carry my clunky card on my keys.
  • P.F. app 5/5

    By Huff family5
    Easy to use I like it
  • “Updated for new devices”... but not iPhone X? 2/5

    By Loanhighknight
    There are so many things wrong with this app it’s hard to know where to begin. It has no Wallet integration, so you have to open the app to get your tag for scanning every time you walk into a Planet Fitness. You have no access to your visit history, even though PF does keep track of that. xCapture is truly bizarre, wonky, and involves so many taps to access that it isn’t worth it. And then most of the other app functions route you to Safari, where you have to log in, again, using a DIFFERENT ACCOUNT. And, oh yeah, three months after the announcement of the iPhone X, this app still isn’t updated to fit on its screen. This app gets two stars for saving me the trouble of remembering my member tag. It has no other viable purpose.
  • Functional but 4+ years behind in design 3/5

    By palliso1
    The app works however the app is still designed to work on screens like the 5s and does not fit the iPhone plus models
  • Apple Watch Support 3/5

    By joshdjoyce
    App needs Apple Watch support and iPhone X screen support. Not a fan of black bars!
  • Great So Far 4/5

    By You done messed up A-A-Ron
    Great app. I like having my barcode on my phone. I like being able to record my workouts, but I wish there was a way to record weightlifting other then just choosing weightlifting as a category. You can't put in what you did, how many reps at what weight, etc. That's the only issue I've had so far. I might be missing something though. I just started using.
  • Add a couple things 3/5

    By rccharles
    Useful app actually. Would like to see app optimized for plus size iPhones. Like most others let’s get on the Wallet integration so that barcode comes right up on the lock screen when in the parking lot.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Corpening
    I enjoy the app. Easy to use.
  • Needs Major Improvement 1/5

    By Livin Lovely
    I haven’t been able to capture any workouts. Manually inputting workouts, but there are no other cardio equipments to choose from. I use another app to keep track of all my workouts. Really no point on having this app.
  • Apple Watch! 4/5

    By Michie1234
    Get the keytag to work on Apple Watch!
  • Works 😊 4/5

    By nimcheski
    The app works as a data logger for manual entry- the QRCode on the lifeFitness machines doesn’t work in Honolulu. The gym is New. So wiring all the WiFi might not be done. I used to be able to link up to the machines at Camp Smith Gym and automatically download stats straight to the LifeFitness LFconnect app was expecting this app to do it. Might be the new gym factor though.
  • Treadmill Option 4/5

    By runjlynn
    I would like to see an option under exercise as “treadmill.”
  • Simple 5/5

    By Sully1200
    Simple and a great way to enter the facility as well as keep track of your workouts.
  • Update needed 2/5

    By MominNeed
    I wish this app connected to the Apple Watch. There should be a watch version of the app for check in and also write data to Apple’s Health App.
  • Please bring Apple Wallet Support 2/5

    By zcforlife
    Please allow adding a digital pass to the apple wallet of the membership card to be able to scan in. This is such a convenient feature to have as it can be recommended when nearing a facility, making it a whole lot more convenient to scan in. Currently you’d have to go through the hassle of unlocking the device, opening up the app, and then opening up the barcode before you can scan it. this workflow could easily be reduced with a pass.
  • So-so 3/5

    By Arteacher6
    Don’t like that the app doesn’t sync with my Fitbit. Having to log workouts twice is sort of a pain. I do like the video features and fact I don’t have to carry a keyfob around!
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Carralynn
    App is ok - could use a FAQ section, the ability to capture your workout by taking a picture, ability to reserve a hydro massage etc
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Dctann5
    It really should interact with Apple Health. It really does not integrate with other programs well. Capture is not reliable. Just not great for tracking health and fitness.
  • Apple Wallet key tag 3/5

    By BlueNik25
    I use the app daily to tag I to the gym. I wish the app would let me add my tag to Apple Wallet. This would let me use my Apple Watch to tag in every day.
  • Much work needed 1/5

    By gbress47
    As many have said the workout portion is horrible. I had the app 2 years ago and see no change now. This app just takes up space on my phone as it stands. Creator needs to get to work and redo this whole app, and soon!
  • Lots of Promise But Poor Execution 2/5

    By Pestilence76
    Digital Membership Card-Good, Can’t import it into Apple Wallet-BAD! Ability to record workouts-Good, Not having all the machines in the app-BAD! Supports third-party apps-Good, Unable to login to apps-BAD I can do this for just about every aspect of this app. My suspicion is that Planet Fitness paid a company to build them an app and maintain it for as little money as possible. I haven’t been able to login to MyFitnessPal for the two years I have had the app. Apple Wallet (Formally Passbook)has been around for over 6 years as I write this. Seriously, How hard would it be to implement? Machines like the Arc-Trainer aren’t even available to enter my workout info into. My local club uses Life-Fitness brand Equipment and the all have a QR code on them that I should be able to scan and have the machine pop up so I can enter my workout data but that’s not even a option. Life Fitness offers this in their own app but then again your local gym has to be registered with them and mine is not. I get it, $10/month for gym access but if the added some of the online functionality to Black Card Members I would happily upgrade.
  • Great gym good app 5/5

    By Meisha05
    Working out at a great gym with a judgement free zone is awesome and this app makes it easier and great to manage account and perks!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By Randav
    This app is junk. It will not accept my password. It says it is wrong. I’ve changed it 3 times and it still says that it’s wrong. I even copied and pasted it and it says that it’s wrong. JUNK!!

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