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Planning Center Services

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  • Current Version: 3.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ministry Centered Technologies
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planning Center Services App

You must already have an account at Planning Center to use this software. The Planning Center Services app is the best way to access your Planning Center Services account on your iOS device. Planning Center Services is an online scheduling and worship planning application to keep your staff and volunteers connected. With our native app, you get an optimized Planning Center experience wherever you are. Manage your schedule, accept or decline scheduling requests, blockout dates, upload your user picture, and if you are a musician, use the media player or attachments section to access music for rehearsals. If you are responsible for scheduling volunteers or planning services, the app has features just for you! Add users to your schedule, check for conflicts, and email them at any time. Add items, songs, media or headers to your order of service and drag and drop them to reorder. Plus, the plan page and your schedule update in real time even without having to refresh!


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Planning Center Services app reviews

  • So far pretty good... 3/5

    By T. Elise
    My church just started using Planning Center and there have been a few glitches (to be expected when changing systems) but overall it’s going well. One thing that our team would love is the ability for messages/notifications to be sent via SMS. Not all of our folks check email on a regular basis so a text would be super helpful. Future enhancement, maybe?
  • Bug? 4/5

    By Cmra93
    Everything else is great, but some of us have noticed when you’re practicing a song, and then pause it and switch apps to reply to a text or something, and then go back to the media player, when you hit play again, instead of resuming where you left off, it starts you back at the very top of the set 😐 kind of annoying. Please fix (Don’t mind my punctuation)
  • Very Nice 5/5

    By hhhmmmmmm
    Advanced the PCO countdown from the restroom. 10/10
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Icie3
    This app is great, thank you guys so much for creating it!!
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By bernvjnweifvnirviwnv
    I love the app super handy. But can we get an Apple Watch app that just shows planning center live or the next item in order of service?
  • . 4/5

    By Pinkprincess1999
    Very good system, great idea, but I would like to see the full schedule
  • WiFi only??? 5/5

    By TeeChild
    It seems like I can only use this app if I’m on WiFi. And, yes, I have turned on “cellular data”. This makes this app pretty much useless if this is true. I’ll be happy to change my review if you guys fix your app. Right now it’s too GLITCHY. UPDATE: One thing I tried that finally seemed to work was to power cycle my phone. The app now works over cellular data. Great app and great resource!
  • Love PCO, frustrated by the app 3/5

    By ryanm
    I’ve been a PCO user for many years and I don’t think it’s overstating it to say it revolutionized my job. It’s made planning and communication so much easier. Can’t say enough positive things about it. The app, however, has always been underwhelming. I really wish I could give it a better rating. As the administrator I simply don’t find it helpful to do the type of things I need - adjusting schedule, adding links/attachments, locating a particular Sunday in the past. Hoping for some streamlining and de-cluttering in the future.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jakestacer
    Love this website for coordinating services! Feature request for possibly Siri integration with asking who is scheduled for certain events! An Apple Watch app would also be a nice addition!
  • Was great until last update ! 3/5

    By Taylor48
    The Mobil version isn’t complete , inconvenient must use laptop to see everything clearly. Unfortunately very confusing for volunteers .
  • Amazing, but.... 5/5

    By niemann4210
    Hey PCO. I love Planning Center and I love your app. Super intuitive and practical!! I use it almost as much as I use PCO on my computer. But I’ve been having a couple of problems lately. When I create a new person on the app and put their info in, it doesn’t save the info. I know this because after I create a new person and schedule them for an audition, I ask them to check their email for a PCO invite and they never get it until I redo creating them on the full-site version. Also, sometimes it crashes and it seems to always be at the worst time. I lead worship for The Point Church out the Raleigh area of NC. One thing we are asked to do is to be praying about things to say at certain points in the service. God will give me things to say at odd times and when I receive them, I like to write them in my notes on PCO immediately. I was doing that tonight and was almost done when the app crashed. This wasn’t the first time this happened, but tonight it was extremely frustrating.
  • Almost great 4/5

    By craigspofford
    Sometimes the volunteer leaders at my church send updates to set lists at hours I’m not in the office so I turn to the app to make changes. Being able to easily add a link in the app would be helpful, because I need to do this in our team’s process. I have to turn to Safari browser which is less than appealing on a mobile device. I also sometimes still have times when a service shows “needs” we don’t have. We’re just not that needy! (Yes, I love your update fixes). Those don’t show up on the web browser. I’d give a high five if imbedding links could work!
  • A great app for our worship team! 4/5

    By Coolville
    I would love love to see the ability to accept or decline from the Apple Watch in a future update as well.
  • Love it 5/5

    By JeanSandoval
    Super grateful to PCO for this app and their level of excellence. Never disappoints!
  • Incredibly professional app! 4/5

    By James P. Sullivan
    I have been using this from a scheduler’s side for a couple of months now and it is really professionally done. It makes me look like I spend a lot more time than I do when it comes to scheduling teams. It does lack some features that are in the full website version, but it works really well for most purposes. I’m not going to make major changes to a plan from this app, but it’s great for making the more common plan and scheduling changes (this was the only reason I had for giving it 4 instead of 5). It’s always handy to be able to carry around the weekly service plans in my pocket. Thanks for a great app and platform!
  • Be patient with the learning curve 5/5

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    Once you get over the learning curve it’s a really nice system. Bond with the fact you’ll have to watch all the tutorials before you can be effective with the app/website. But now that I’ve learned it’s 5 stars.
  • ... but 4/5

    By Elias The Rider
    Great app... but the last few time's I've been scheduled, I go to accept and it says the request is no longer valid... talked to the people who scheduled me and they say it's not a problem on their end...
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By jondahl11
    I absolutely love this app. It has completely changed the game for Church/worship organization and communication. Our entire team loves it. Thanks PCO!
  • New to app 1/5

    By new user login
    What is the process into using this app as a new user? There is no info on that. Would like someones help thanks
  • Sign up 5/5

    By JayRizzyP
    There is no sign up option upon opening the app, it only gives you the option to login instead.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Blanlo
    App crashes every time it's opened. Tried reinstalling it and resetting my password. Tried to request support and couldn't get through to anyone.
  • App Doesn't Have RehearsalMix Access 4/5

    By PamprdCheryl
    Even though I have RehearsalMix access and it displays all my songs, the app doesn't recognize it. The please fix this. Otherwise....Love This App!!!!
  • Different churches 3/5

    By Aarones
    It would be nice to be able to switch between different churches without loging into another account. As a musician i play at different churches from week to week and being able access resources without typing in a password would make my pco experience more efficient.
  • Update needed 2/5

    By Concernedvery
    App needs to be updated to reflect when you untag or remove people from a team. App still shows that person as on the team months later.
  • Would love some more power features 4/5

    By AppEagle15
    The app is great, but I'd like to see some more powerful features, especially for the iPad. Having the ability to export a PDF of the plan to print or having the matrix would make this app even better. Again, the app is great and is perfect for iPhone, but I'd love to see some more features for iPad.
  • I'm unable to log in or request a log in. 4/5

    By LOGArmyNG
    Please assist!
  • It's better now 3/5

    By mistylee
    It took a while to figure out that when the plan folder says empty you have to swipe down and it boomerangs back up to populate the folder. Kind of wired but once I finally was able to see my plans it works ok.
  • Won't let me sign in 4/5

    By A little rain
    This app is great because I can practice for Sundays. But recently I haven't been kept signed in. I'm okay with that, but when I click log-in now, it won't give me a box to let me sign in on. It's just a white page.
  • LOL Best bug report ever 5/5

    By TheOriginalRandyH
    Besides using this app for preparing Sunday's service, I use this to learn church band members names since I am new to this church. Who's on lead vocals, what's on lead guitar and I don't know is on drums.
  • No music 2/5

    By No photos.
    I can accept requests to be on the schedule, but I cannot listen to the mp3's that are attached. It's difficult to practice with no music.
  • Here U go, Matt.... 5/5

    By originalbubbahead
    My main concern had always been having to reload the app so that it would recognize my administrative rank. Sort of ironic that I've been pushed out of the need to be an administrator anymore & PCO fixed the problem. 🙄 Well hey, if I happen to land where PCO is used, problem solved. 😄 Fire out, happy trails, PCO. 😎
  • So amazingly helpful 5/5

    By SYPHIN F14
    I love this app, and the way it interfaces and relates so well with the online web portal. They are really very responsive on support requests and quite proactive in finding and correcting bugs and making improvements. I particularly like their comments on what each new update contains – they've got a great sense of humor it would seem, and I literally LOL sometimes!
  • App good, but a few problems 4/5

    By bfchris
    The app works well, but the PCO system has a few problems, if you like more collaboration. The app has gained in features & abilities, and works well as designed. The Planning Center Online is set up with team leaders (e.g. a leader for musicians, a leader for audiovisual workers, etc.). When a team leader sends a notification or other communication, there is no way to reply within this app; I'm always looking for ways to keep communications organized, and email decluttered! I can't reply in this app, but must go to email. I'd love to have Ministry chats kept in this app. When a team leader seeks input from team members, that's not possible here; members are limited to Accepting assignments! If an unexpected event causes someone to need to cancel their prior acceptance of an assignment (PCO DOES allow that to be processed), there is no way to swap with someone else and have that swap show up in PCO. Support has recommended that we put the name of our substitute in the Reason for Declining field; the team leader will have to perform the actual swap, but that means Leader is aware of the swap.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Eac4610
    I don't need this app to be fancy for me, but I have enough access to see and do everything I need Sunday morning. It works smoothly and well, until I start having senioritis. oops! Time for another hilarious update!
  • Needs a lot of improvement 1/5

    By Mshickey
    We've been using this app in our church for quite a while now, and I have grown to despise it! About the only thing that it's good for is listening to worship music in order to practice ahead of time. Besides that, it is a huge pain! First of all, it is extremely un-user-friendly. It is very difficult to navigate. You practically have to have a college degree in "Planning Center navigation" in order to use it. Secondly, it is a very top heavy approach to ministry. The church is not a dictatorship, and yet this app treats it as if the leaders have all the power, and the volunteers have none. I am involved in multiple ministries, some as a leader, and some as a team member, so I have seen both sides of it. As a leader, you have to do all the work. Because it is so difficult, I don't even waste my time with it. We just stick to Facebook, phone calls, and texts. As a volunteer, you have to have"permission" to do anything. I would love to have the ability to see a calendar, see where help is needed, and volunteer accordingly. But no, it all has to be done through the leader. It eliminates any possibility of working together as a team. If I declined to be put on the schedule, but it was a mistake, can I go back and change it? No! Once again, it has to be done through the leader. This app has a ton of improvement to do before I will ever consider using it on purpose. In fact, I currently discourage everyone I talk to from using it. It is a total waste of time.
  • Simply The Best 5/5

    By @natesipple
    Been doing this for quite a while now. There is nothing better. Thanks for developing this and keep up the great work.
  • Great app 5/5

    By WillyBilly927
    Love how easy it is and also love the notes they leave when they make updates. Very funny!
  • Best App for Planning and Centering Online 5/5

    By Ecknet
    Love the app. Does it have issues here and there? Probably. But this team is quick to jump on bug fixes and when they do, they list a comprehensive report...that's actually interesting to read! For a scheduler, this takes the nightmare out of planning and communication.
  • So glad for the bugs 5/5

    By Lizama98
    This app is wonderful. Use it every week and it helps so much. However my favorite thing about it is the bug updates - not even the actual update - just the way that PCO goes about explaining the updates and bugs. Hilarious.
  • Grey app with great updates 5/5

    By Monster maker 2345:
    The app itself is great, I get scheduled, can figure what I need to play, what times I need to be places, and makes it easy to find the songs. One of the greatest thing about this app is the updates, not only do they update frequently to make the app run at peak performance but each update is, let's say... unlike any update you've read, honestly I check updates regularly just to see if this one needs one so I can read it! Keep up the great work and thanks for adding a little fun to my day with the updates!
  • Seriously, if you use Planning Center, use this app. 5/5

    By beelee1113
    For any tech company to promise weekly update releases across their products is ambitious and crazy enough. For a company to actually deliver, and without frustrating customers with unnecessary or ill-communicated changes? That's Planning Center. If you plan any type of service or event, religious or otherwise, that requires the coordination of multiple people, teams, media, notes, and timing, then this is the app you're looking for. Constantly making incremental improvements and listening to users for feedback, this app (and company) should be the standard to strive for. Their Support is second to none, and I've never had an issue they couldn't resolve. I've been using the app since version 1, and it just keeps getting better. I appreciate that it's not just a port of the web app, but that it's device-conscious, and adjusts to fit the screen size it's given to work within. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Also, who writes the update notes? Seriously? I laugh every time. Thank you for caring about every little detail.
  • Great program! 5/5

    By supertruper1988
    I love having this at the churches I serve at and it's a great way to see what us going on behind the scenes.
  • Review of bugs fixes 5/5

    By Dvadvo
    It's always bugged me that they were there, but you are fixing them. Yours is the only app that I read to find out what was fixed and why. Great job keep it up. So, do I want your app to be more buggy so I can read the updates or not? Either way you're great.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Chase K. Lak
    We use this app and the online access everyday of the week. Our main service uses it the most but our children's ministry & and Youth department. It is a huge help getting our services on time and on track, our worship team goes up during the week and has access to the coming weeks worship set. I am sure there is much more that I am not saying here, if I could give it a 10 star rating I would.
  • Need one fversion for Macbook Pro 3/5

    By Terrence63
    It would be more practical if it were on more devices. I need it for my laptop for the bigger screen. iphone and ipad screens are too small.
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By Amnarie3110
    Surprised and delighted with all the spot-on useful features every time I go through into this app!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By andxer
    Add a notification that tells you when a song has been added/changed/removed from a service you're rostered for! And key changes too for that matter
  • Services Live glitch 5/5

    By This app should be a #1!!
    Great job on the app! It's really come a long way. A bug I've noticed for a few versions: when trying to hide the chat section of Services Live by dragging it to bottom, it will not disappear and instead it covers the buttons to advance the service. Could you fix that? Thanks! We don't really use chat so it's useful to hide that to give me more room to see item notes.
  • You Need Help 2/5

    By Lmorten
    You need the help of people who are using this app ins regular basis. I play for multiple churches and your app seems to lack the ability to work On an individual basis as opposed to a church basis.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By jbc18
    Even when I am on the schedule, it shows me as having nothing. I can't see each week's plans. Our church has multi sites and resources together, so we like to see the plans even if we are not on the team. App is slow/freezes as well. Just not a functional or user-friendly app.

Planning Center Services app comments


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