PlantSnap Plant Identification

PlantSnap Plant Identification

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlantSnap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
190 Ratings
$ 3.99

PlantSnap Plant Identification App

Instantly identify plants, flowers and trees with PlantSnap by, the mobile app built to help you identify plants and trees in a snap! Have you ever been on a hike, walking through a garden or simply on an afternoon walk and wondered what species that plant, flower or tree was? Simply take a picture of the plant or tree, and PlantSnap will tell you what it is in seconds, using its robust plant database. Best of all, PlantSnap is Ad-Free - so you can snap away, uninterrupted! Bridge the gap between technology and nature. With Plantsnap, you can reconnect to the natural world around you and learn about nearby plants, or browse our gallery to discover new and exotic plants all across the globe. Whether you find peace and mindfulness from hiking, or if you are interested in studying nature, Plantsnap has the resources and technology you need. PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, meaning that it actually learns and improves with every image you feed it. Every image you take makes PlantSnap better and adds to the growing Plant Database. Get out there and start PlantSnapping! PlantSnap Features: Identify Plants with Your Camera • Instantly learn the name of plants, flowers and trees with a picture! • Snap a picture with your camera, plug the picture into PlantSnap and watch the Plant Database name the plant! Plant Database • Our database is global and our results are instantaneous. There are currently 315,000 plant species in our database, most with photos and descriptions. • PlantSnap can currently recognize 103,000 species of plants and trees, which covers species across the entire planet. We are adding 50,000 species per month to the algorithm, updated automatically, no extra charge. If you find a species we can't recognize, please email it to us! • PlantSnap hopes to fully cover almost every known plant species on Earth by the end of 2017! Plant Identification & Learning Algorithms • 103,000 species currently trained into the algorithm, and our algorithm is learning 50,000 new species per month • PlantSnap will update automatically for you every time we add a new batch of species, no additional fees required Identify Plants without Ads • Need to identify a plant while hiking? Planting a new garden and want exotic plants? Start identifying plants without pesky ads! Discover the World Around You • Reconnect with the outside world. Rediscover nature with the help of a botanist in your pocket. • Gamify your hikes with friends and family! Plantsnap lets you build a library of every plant, tree or flower you've snapped. See how many you can collect! • Get some fresh air and improve your mood! Plantsnap connects the divide between technology and nature. • Connecting to nature can be good for mindfulness or spirituality. Whether you’re an avid hiker on the trails or a botanist in a garden, quickly gain knowledge of the plants around you. Stop wondering what those plants, flowers or trees are called, and instantly know their name by snapping a picture! Have access to our growing Plant Database, and stay up-to-date on new plant species! Download PlantSnap now and start PlantSnapping! **Be sure to watch our instructional video to get the most accurate results!** **Please check your email after purchasing for more detailed information.** We are looking to make Plantsnap better all the time. Please leave your feedback in the app to help Plantsnap grow!


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PlantSnap Plant Identification app reviews

  • I should not have to register to use the app. 1/5

    By Terminal Junkie
    I paid for the app, that should enable all features to use the app unless indicated or expressed elsewhere. I don't want to register. I don't want to give you my email. I don't want email from you. I don't want you tracking me. I don't want you sharing my information. Requiring users to register for a paid mobile app is a basic antipattern for app-development.
  • Save your money 1/5

    By PodsterSD
    Attempted to identify 6 basic plants and flowers I purchased at Home Depot, but it was only able to identify one. Using the most current version of IOS. This app would be great if it worked.
  • Works great 5/5

    By LND1279
    Needs good pictures which isn't always possible
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By sgtlnd
    I literally just downloaded the “updated version” and every image I took was not identified correctly. I followed all directions and watched the video. I grow a lot of vegetable plants and none were identified. I tried to see if it would recognize an image of a peony in my photo collection but no luck. Wish I had read all the reviews before downloading.
  • Fail 1/5

    By C Stovall
    I just downloaded and followed instructions trying multiple pictures. One successful identification only. Seems to do a poor job when just identifying with leaf on a tree.
  • Science fiction come to life 5/5

    By EarthPlants
    Amazing app! iPhones are getting closer and closer to being just like Star Trek Tricoders! PlantSnap works incredibly well, and I was very skeptical. Highly recommend! *UPDATE* I needed this update because 11.0.2 iOS version had caused problems. Marsh grass that I had trouble with previously is now identified! I think they must have added more species because I got a result on a hike yesterday on a mushroom that wasn't identified before. Seems to work well on succulents and cacti, and now seems to work with mushrooms, too! Just saved me from poison ivy!
  • Not as advertised 2/5

    By Tswaims
    Tried it on 5 common flowers, it identified 1,
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By dswpierce
    Does not work
  • Gimme a break 1/5

    By Mug620
    I’ll be getting a refund, I wanted to take pictures of a plant not give out all my personal info. This doesn’t even allow you to open the app without mining your email address. UPDATE- developer responds telling me that they want all that info so they can “help me”. Help me by not making me give out my info, I have enough cialis I don’t need more spam about cialis.
  • Weak!! Not Worth It! 1/5

    By William47446
    Just know this app is in its "infancy". I live in Indiana, in a house surrounded by trees and plant life. This thing couldn't recognize the lowly sassafras tree. It totally missed the persimmon. When I offered it the African violet plant in our bay window, it spit out a picture that didn't remotely match it. The developer wonders why people haven't sought "help" through reporting, it's because one gets the feeling they are being used to stick patches on an incredibly weak product. Not worth the four dollars I paid for it.
  • This app and support stink - save your money 3/5

    By Vflam2
    I bought this app today. I followed the directions exactly as posted. Not a single photo I took of ANY plant/flower was identified by the app. NOT ONE. I contacted support, and after much back and forth, finally received an email that basically said, “it was the number one app in the App Store today” and that I should just wait because they’re going to release an update. So, just be quiet cuz it’s a great app - even though it didn’t work AT ALL, not one time. Of course, when this all began, they said if they couldn’t resolve the issue they would refund the $3.99 I paid for it. Guess what? The issue isn’t resolved and NO REFUND. What a surprise! Save your money. The App didn’t work at all and customer support was completely ineffective and didn’t follow through with what they said they would do. At the end of the email they did thank me for being “part of PlantSnapp!” Yeah. Great.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By fij54
    So far this app has worked on almost everything we've tried. My wife is quite the Gardner and this comes in really handy.
  • Nope! 1/5

    By Shunna has the last word
    After four snaps App still can't identify my plant!
  • Registration is broken - Fixed it now 5/5

    By MegHobbs
    The text is so tiny it can't be seen
  • Largest data base? 1/5

    By Spidey1972
    Moved into a "developer's" neighborhood 2 years ago in upstate SC. The "landscaped" front yard came with a nice, fairly large tree. This fall, I noticed the bark peeling. Purchased this app to find out what type of tree it is to get proper care. Took 21 pictures and tried zooming at various lengths. Locked, crashed or failed to give more than a 16% "accuracy" answer (which was a tree indigenous to Madagascar:). Since this tree was planted by a builder in SC, I'm guessing it's cheap and common, not imported from an island off the coast of Africa. I have no other use for this app other than to save this tree and it's failed:(🌴🌳🌲 The worst part is they force registration, even though it's a paid app, so I'll have to tolerate all the incoming email from them and whomever the sell my info to, while sitting by my dead tree.
  • Not as useful as could be 3/5

    By Jaersh
    It would be great to know if identified plants are edible or poisonous as well as their common uses. That would make this app truly valuable. By the way, going to listings of plants redirects me to the app store every time for junk apps. Not cool.
  • Subpar plant identification 1/5

    By Jhfhjvg
    Yes I watched all the videos and followed the instructions. The success rate for the app is maybe 50/50. It gets confused with common species (e.g., thinking a mum is a dahlia). Def not worth $4 for that hit rate. Save your money.
  • I bought this app and it’s not working 😡😡 1/5

    By XxBlossomQueenxX
    I bought this app for a class project, and when I upload a picture of my plant, it didn’t give me the answer and it was loading for an hour. I’m hoping you’ll read this review and please update this. If you don’t then it’s such a shame I got this app for four dollars.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Daveritas
    I even took stock photography of an oak leaf that was super sharp and all app did was spin saying identifying.
  • App is wonderful! 5/5

    By Mjpitre
    My partner and I purchased a 6.5 acre property as our home and the previous owner has planted several stunningly beautiful trees that are native to his wife's homeland, and I've been trying to identify them for some time. This app has done so, and I am absolutely pleased with the results.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By reggit777
    First picture, simple flower, the app searched for over 20 min. without a result. How do I get my money back?
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Jtola2
    So far I am really impressed with this app. I can’t wait to try it out more on my next hiking trip!
  • Not so great 1/5

    By Fueled_By_Ramen_Rules
    0 for 4 Could not I.D plants in my yard. Rip off
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Rembrandt YouTube
    This is my new favorite app! Such a great tool to identify plants, trees and flowers! I'm hooked!
  • Awful = 0 stars 1/5

    By booker lena
    Don't waste your money!!!!!!!! Every plant I asked them to identify was completely wrong not even close😩
  • Paid, downloaded, opened to Demand userid/PW, won't allow setup! Removed. 1/5

    By Paularthurboehme
    Paid, downloaded, Opened to login screen. No Option to CREATE USERID/PW! Deleted app.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By Nursekimknits
    About a month ago, we found an interesting flower in the natural area of our yard. We began a discussion with a local farmer regarding plant identification. His wife was able to identify our flower. I put the same picture into your app. Using the "deep learning aspect," I used Angela's identification of Bidens Aristosa. Your database came back with another picture that definitely confirms this is the correct plant. Oh, and a lot if information about this plant. I love your app!
  • Hit or miss 2/5

    By ZKJarrah
    Update 2: You got my $5, leave my review alone. Update I would not change my rating on this app but would like to clarify something basic, visually speaking it is HARD to isolate plant life, there is often just SO much in the background that it's a fundamental flaw in what this app is trying to deliver. It is no fault of theirs, but composing a clean picture of a plant in a landscape is almost impossible. Cameras don't see the way we do. We look at simultaneously simple and complex patterns and can mentally isolate and visualize the whole, the camera simply records light and shadow...there's too great a gap there for now. I will admit that it's paltry 1.5 out of ten was pretty impressive yet, that even when it missed it missed showing results with similar patterns and characteristics. It's cool and a sign of things to come, but it just ain't worth $5. Original Review I work at a garden nursery and know a thing or two about a thing or two regarding plants. I just bought to supplement what I already know and fill in any gaps, maybe help with scientific names, etc. First thing I snap is something I know, put it to work, I pick something I think is pretty recognizable, Schefflera arboricola variegated, I wouldn't assume bad photo quality/angle(I have my degree in photographic technology). Aaaand...PlantSnap offers a few suggestions but nothing close. Next I tried something really distinct, a Phalaenopsis orchid, this time PlantSnap managed to identify it as an orchid, but strangely nothing that was close to the variety of Phalaenopsis it was. I was super excited about the prospect of this app, but it's just not there yet. YMMV.
  • Boo! 1/5

    By cp30$&;(@):
    Why to I need to register to use the app??? I already paid $3.99, why do I need to set up an account and give you my password? I hope you enjoy my money, I won't be using your app.
  • This is NOT a finished product, BUT... 3/5

    By 21°C
    Ok, this is going to be difficult but i'll try. I want to be as objective as possible. After reading most of the reviews I wasn't sure whether this app is what I need but after some thought I decided to give it a try... blah, blah, blah. Long story short: bought, signed up, read the email, went on FB to check out the right images, watched instructional video, finally went out to id some plants (carefully making sure i follow all the suggestions) and....out of 20 or so tests on plants I knew 100% the app correctly id'd exactly 2. Hmm, 10% rate, not 95 developer claims. Jeez, I expected maybe not 95 but at least a little better... What do i do now?! Contact the company? Leave a nasty review? Here is the thing ( if you are still reading), to be able identify the plants by just snapping a photo is a task of ASTRONOMICAL proportion ( not an overstatement) and frankly i don't think that it's possible by a guy with a couple of app developers. I watched Eric's video and i have gained an immense respect for his idea, his perseverance and what he was able to achieve so far. He already spent a small fortune on this and i don't know how he plans to recover his investment. All i know is that this idea is as grand as it is difficult. The only way i see it proceeding is that they( developers and owners ) abandon the idea of selling it as finished product ( it leads to users being irritated and nothing more) and adopt a somewhat 'open source, work in progress' attitude similar to Wikipedia. When we all chip in moneywise or data wise, i think, maybe it may eventually become a reality. I don't feel bad about spending $4. Its nothing compared to the project but as of now i can't trust the app to correctly id my plants. Not to mention that internet connection is a must for immediate result, which is not helpful when you are out in the woods ( believe it or not, there are still woods without an internet)... Anyway, that was my 399 cents. Oh, and one more thing, i've tried other apps. They are worse.
  • Doesn’t help identify when and if it works 1/5

    By Whisper56
    I live in NYC and snapped an evergreen. The results came up as a giant sequoia located exclusively in western US not Central Park. I then tried to identify flowers in my backyard and the app never identified anything. Just that spinning wheel. I even took a picture of an impatience and still the spinning wheel. Feel ripped off. Totally useless.
  • Very useful for gardening 5/5

    By Appu1410
    It was a good app for anyone who is interested in plants and knowing about the type.
  • I recommend it to all 5/5

    By Wade Sanchez
    From my heart, PlantSnap is a great product which I used for some weeks now. I am really satisfied with the product. I recommend it to all.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Ryan_Morris
    PlantSnap has an easy functionality, yet great features and best for identifying the unknown plants. The app is amazing.
  • True work of excellence 5/5

    By Nick Rogers
    PlantSnap is just excellent. It would have been released earlier. I love this app just for its simple nature. Easier than any other app out there.
  • Suggested to everyone 5/5

    By Victor Reed
    I suggested PlantSnap to all my friends as I liked it so much. Amazing user interface and useful features. Great app!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Donald Collins
    What a great concept. I love PlantSnap and recommended to all my friends. Love it!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Ron_Stewart
    PlantSnap really changed my life. I would really like to thank the creators, for making such a great app. Lovely and really wonderful.
  • Great Work 5/5

    By Daniel_Evans
    Keep the great work going. I really like PlantSnap for its easy functions. The features of this app are also great.
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By David_Edwards
    I actually though that PlantSnap is like the others, but it isn't. trust me it is a great app.
  • Works Very Well 5/5

    By Zac_Campbell
    PlantSnap works very well, but do add more features. Looking forward to it.
  • Amazed! 5/5

    By Parker.87
    Amazed by the idea of PlantSnap. Great for identifying all the unknown plants in my garden. I have never been this happy.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Robbie_Phillips
    I was amazed by how PlantSnap works. This app is really efficient and works very well. A must have app.
  • Trustworthy 5/5

    By Rogger Perez
    PlantSnap is the most trustworthy app around. I find it better than any other app in the market.
  • So Fine 5/5

    By Jake_Roberts
    Such a great app and that too useful. It works so fine. Amazed by its quality.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Billy_Turner
    Wonderful app. PlantSnap truly works wonderfully. Made for people just like me.
  • Nice! 5/5

    By Hector Green
    I like the easy functioning of PlantSnap. I have used it multiple number of times and have never been disappointed.
  • Fine App 5/5

    By Silver Adams
    PlantSnap is really amazing. I love it thoroughly and never had any complains while using it.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Troy.Baker
    PlantSnap is wonderful. Works well with my phone and really useful for my job. What more do I want.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Lorenzo_Carter
    I would recommend PlantSnap to everyone. Seriously, easy to use and a really handy app.

PlantSnap Plant Identification app comments


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