Plato: Games, Chat & Friends

Plato: Games, Chat & Friends

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  • Current Version: 1.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Plato Team Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Plato: Games, Chat & Friends App

Plato is the place to have fun. Hang out, bring your friends or make some new ones and play great games together! PLAY YOUR FAVORITE GAMES Plato is one app with 20+ of your favorite games, including: Pool, Werewolf (Mafia), Sea Battle (like Battleship), Ocho (like Uno), 4 in a Row, Draw Together, Rock Card (like Cards Against Humanity), Hold'em Poker, Dice Party (like Yahtzee), Ludo (like Sorry!), Literati (like Scrabble), Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Gin Rummy, Spades, Hearts, Dots & Boxes & more. New games are being added all the time! NO BS, JUST HAVE FUN 100% FREE. NO hidden costs. NO ads. We cut out all the annoying distractions (like ads and pay-to-win). Plus, no sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers required. FIND FRIENDLY COMPETITION Take on your friends or any of over 2,000,000 other people playing on Plato. Show off your ranking as you climb the leaderboards. BRING YOUR FRIENDS (OR MAKE NEW ONES!) Every game is social. With private, group and public chat rooms built into every part of Plato, there’s no excuse to not say hello. Never Play Alone. SAY HI TO US! We'd love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at Plato is built by the original creators of Yahoo! Games. Multiplayer games and community are in our DNA.


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Plato: Games, Chat & Friends app reviews

  • Bad 1/5

    By annoynos
    I hate your app I can’t even leave the game rooms and it just stays on my phone and blowing up when I don’t wanna be in a game
  • Plato 1/5

    By G.cinthia20
    Just updated to the newer version, and the social lounge is still crashing. Help!!
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By BGold05
    Did the update that supposedly fixed the issue where my app keeps crashing on my iPhone. It still keeps crashing on me. Won’t let me go into social lounge to start playing.
  • It’s Okay 3/5

    By PrinniMaddie
    This game is good but when u start playing it a lot it starts to act up. Today I wanted to play Werewolf with my friends, and when I pressed village it took me back to my home screen. It also did it to my friends phones too
  • This game is good but.... 4/5

    By Liyah rocks
    This game is good but in verison 1.1.6 . Whenever i try to play werewolf and tap on the village it takes me back to my home screen please fix this.
  • Its a good fun app but it crashes 3/5

    By jabbsole
    Its was a fun app but recently after the update sometimes when you try to click on the chat rooms it would crash and everybody in the community has been experienced this and we’d have to wait it out. Its kind of annoying other than that its a fun app. Please fix the crashing when going into chat lobbies
  • It’s a great app but it drains my battery fast. 4/5

    By LamarSwift

    By This is a good game sega
    Me and my friends always had trouble trying to find games that we can all play. We found mediocre stuff. But yesterday I saw this and I told my fiends that we can try it. Later me and my friends were playing for hours. There are no ads and it’s super fun. The only thing I can say is that we need more games. Thanks so much.
  • Good fun with friends. 5/5

    By Kiltana
    Love that it is NOT a pay to play app. Also love that it’s available on Android and Apple around the world.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Bryansince1981
    You try and click a game to play and they all shift up or down and you get stuck in some horrible game you don’t want to play. OR you have people join your game and then just not play and you have 3 game max at once. So you now have to wait for days until those games fall off to play another, OR delete the app and reinstall to play again. Such a horrible set up. They need to make it to where you can leave a dead game or everyone vote out an inactive player, or that player gets auto kicked after 30 seconds of inactivity. Just an ANNOYING game.
  • Rock Card 5/5

    By amdnrao
    You guys should put in a turn biased version of Rock Card. Other than that, perfect app.
  • Ehh 5/5

    By Hsjwhdiicekkckkv
    The games are super awesome but my account keeps getting banned and I haven’t done anything whatsoever. All I do is play games and I’ve had to redownload this app 11 times COUNTED. Fix this please. ALSO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE PLATO FOR PC
  • I love this app!! 4/5

    By latteboy50
    This app is almost perfect. The game interface is great and the app supports a pretty large amount of games. My favorites are Four-in-a-Row (I have almost 1,000 wins), Backgammon, and recently I’ve started playing Werewolf as well. It’s easy to use and navigate, family-friendly (sometimes TOO family-friendly (I’ll get to that in a moment). However, I have two problems with it. Not major ones but some things that I’d suggest looking into. 1) Only 3 games are allowed in the rooms (and yes I updated. It only lets me have 2 open now...). I accidentally clicked on a game of Euchre a few weeks ago and never actually played it. I assumed that I’d lose and the game would end. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t happen. The game still shows up there and reduces the amount of games I can play at once. There is no way to get rid of inactive games, either (unless it’s a 2-player game. I’m pretty sure the people who I started the Euchre with have uninstalled the app since they won’t respond to my pleads to finish the game so it will disappear. Please remove the game restriction for the social lounge and other lounges. 2) TOO censored. The censoring tool is pretty bad. It gets rid of all swear words but sometimes it censored words that aren’t bad - like Japan for example. It literally replaces “Japan” with “***.” I’d suggest trying to fix the censor system. It censors out way too many things that are not bad.
  • How to log off when not playing? 3/5

    By Dough Master 5000
    I love the app, but I can’t give it a Five Star yet. How do you “log off” so to speak when you’re not playing? If I play a few games of Ocho for instance and then go to bed, I wake up to 30 games that have been played by “auto-draw” and lose all the points I have earned. I’ve tried all I know. Is there an option to only play when I’m present?
  • The werewolf game is super fun! 5/5

    By SunnyOpen
    Have been playing games here for a while. Really like the games, especially the werewolf game! So addictive!
  • Notifications 3/5

    By Mars2121
    I’ve stopped getting notifications, please fix
  • Forfeit 3/5

    I really like this app but I’m tired of it forfeiting games 5 minutes after you have just played. Please fix this. It does not give you 24 hours of inactivity before forfeiture any more.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Shush Dudu
    It’s really cool and my favorite game is werewolf but what bothers me is when people join a game, and are afk, you should add s system where you have to say a key word at the beginning of the game or you are marked as afk but also give them a disadvantage, they can’t kill while “afk” or vote.
  • Checkers players walk away ... 2/5

    By Ken_Log_43
    There is no way to force a “quitter” to finish the game! They just walk away with one move left to lose. Or they start a game and don’t take their turn for hours or days. Other sites give you a way to force your opponent to move after a reasonable time has lapsed. Two stars.
  • Spade 5/5

    By D_IstheBest
    Love the game but be freezing sometimes
  • Good app but still needs more games 5/5

    By Miiiiiieee
    Still needs more games in my opinion but the games it has now are alot of fun, and also change it in checkers so you dont have to jump someone everytime you can.
  • Nice in theory. 1/5

    By shadypeddy
    Love the idea of an app built for games, but the fact that there is no way to leave a game when the opponent won’t play, and then it won’t let you start or play another game until your other games are finished is terrible design. Literally can’t play a game; the whole point of the app.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By GoldCards
    I love this app because it combines so many games into one app that you can play with your friends and the choices are great! I’m going to start recording this soon because of the many great games I can play with my friends.
  • Hoe does one do things 1/5

    By YouSir67
    I regrettably downloaded this from a snap story and so far I hate it. Not only do I get useless information from the bot, but whenever I ask for help on how to do things, I never get a response. As an added bonus to the already confusing app, the username, one which I've used for EVERYTHING, is "too inappropriate". That username is YouSir67. I thought that the 67 was bad, but its not, so I decided to put an underscore, still bad. Also whenever I try joining a game, it says "your turn" but that's it, idk what to do and no one else is helping.
  • Werewolf ROCKS! 5/5

    By Not Happy can't post comments
    This is the best game I've ever played in my life I love every game here , my favorite is werewolf it gets you to use your brain!!
  • great apps but needs fixing 4/5

    By Dis Jomil
    i'm obsessed with the app, but a few days ago, i noticed i am losing points when i win in the game werewolf, until the app fixes that problem, i won't be playing werewolf anymore.

    By Supertigerramgow
    I recommend this for everyone it’s so fun for friends and family. The only thing that bothers me is when people go offline but that’s something that y’all can’t really fix so 5 stars from me♥️
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Geisha hi
    Fun and also unblocked at school so I play all day
  • Yess 5/5

    By E@2
    Amazing! 5/5
  • Good Games 3/5

    By Misiup36
    There are good games but I don’t have friends on the app so add me to play talk with me it’s Misiup36 😉
  • Fun app, wrong rating. 3/5

    By 81arctic
    I had this on my kids devices (8 & 10) so we could play favorite classic games across miles when I'm traveling or in the same room when home. The new “rock cards” expansion has ended that. This app is rated 12+ but the language in the new game is explicit and should force a revision to MA. It could be solved with integration to parent controls, or even a simple toggle in the settings to disable explicit games and content. This is a solid well built app that ny whole family enjoyed up until this expansion, and it was a sad day when i deleted it from 3 devices in my house.
  • Too many creeps 2/5

    By Jskjwkemen
    There are too many people on here who want nudes
  • Ah 5/5

    By MRS.Me6513
    Love this app! Multiple games in one
  • Learn how to make stable games,not unstable games 1/5

    By Like reshiram
    There is a lot of problems of plato. Like…A LOT. There is freezing that happens often,it could softlock the game a lot,it’s so annoying if you put notifications on inside the app and outside the app,and they deleted our wins! Plato,stop! Nobody recommends your games due to deleting our wins! Our wins makes us not noobs,and you just made us all noobs by setting all our wins to zero! This is cancer and torture! Stop making painful games that is very unstable
  • I love this app😫SO MUCH 🤷🏼‍♀️but..... 5/5

    By Daisyinthesun
    I’m giving it 4 stars because too many people are joining group games that are live and going offline causing all others to be trapped at the table and can’t leave and unable to start or play a new game because of the 3game/room limit. If I’m trapped in 2 and have another game that is active I can’t play another. We should have a report option to use during group live games to report inactive players. I’m reporting them as playing unfair due to major inconvenience. Still stuck though 🙄 Also an algorithm to separate preteens, teenagers, and adults into three categories would help wonders. Most adult men and teens talk xrated across chats and influence bad explicit behavior with each other. Again best gaming app I’ve ever played. These fixes would make it even safer and more fun. 🙋🏼‍♀️Thanks😃
  • Ehh 3/5

    By dci
    Easy to start, no advertising, fun games. I had it at 5 stars but after extended play over the last couple months I’ve noticed a lot of patterns that show up with cards and dice.
  • AMAZING..well half 5/5

    By Ands Lasty
    This is an amazing game app which you play with friends that don’t have iMessage games but I want more games please but overall it’s amazing....
  • Only one problem 5/5

    By Pulabula
    I love it. But I’m having a problem with it not telling me when it’s my turn. Any reason why?
  • So fun! 5/5

    By Janamarie7
    Multiple games, they are always adding new games. Play with people all over the world so there is always someone to play with night or day. The people are pretty cool too!
  • Great game but stuck in rooms 3/5

    By Kuhfnk
    I wanted to play Werewolf and I needed to join a room to play. When I wanted to leave it would allow me, so question is how do you leave a room if possible?
  • Finally iPhone X optimized!!! 5/5

    By SR6900
    Finally optimized for iPhone, all complaints fixed! Original: Checkers does not function on the iPhone X. It will not let the pieces move. All other games I’ve tried play good, but I got the app for checkers. 2 updates since the iPhone X release and still no fix for checkers and still big UI problems (stuff hiding behind the notch)!
  • Great app, one major issue 5/5

    By Katiejo49
    I love this app, my favorite game is dice party and I cannot play it anymore:( I’m hoping it’s just a short error hopefully it’ll be back up soon.
  • Broken games 3/5

    By The Review Club
    The app is glitching it won’t let us play it says they can but can’t the games are broken
  • fun af 5/5

    By lettuccce300
  • Great !! 3/5

    By Lori1604
    This game would be amazing if they can get the glitches out. The games are constantly freezing, now that I’m an iPhone X user my only complaint is when playing Ludo I can’t see my opponents cards.. hopefully an upcoming update will fix this
  • Please upgrade for iphone X users !! 1/5

    By hahmad60681112
    Really !! Till now not fitted for iphone X users.. ocho game am speaking of !! I cant see the opponent cards due to incompatability !!! Solve it pleas
  • Great games + great matches! 5/5

    By HappyPersom
    I absolutely love this game. Not only can I play with my IOS friends but also my Android. I have great matches with everyone I happen to play with. On the plus side there are so many games to choose from!
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By bjheinley
    It’s an easy fix to support iPhone X. On card games, can’t see the other players cards at top of screen.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By A paying mom
    This is the best game to play with your friends
  • I like it 1/5

    By emily-burris
    It’s fun and easy to use I can play games with my friends and text them and meet new strangers I rated it 4 stars because it isn’t a 5 Star but it isn’t a 3 Star so yeah

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