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  • Current Version: 4.20.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PlayStation®App App

STAY IN THE GAME Take your PlayStation® experience with you on your mobile device with the new PlayStation®App! Always be ready to game with features that keep you connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play. Push games from PlayStation®Store to your PS4™ system and be ready to game at home. With the PlayStation®App installed on your mobile device, you can: · See what your friends are playing, compare trophies, and view your profile or recent activity. · Chat with your friends; receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4™ system. · Browse PlayStation®Store, pick-up the latest hit games and add-ons, and then push them to your PS4™ system so they are ready when you get home. · Take advantage of the in-app second-screen features, when available, for greater challenges and control. · Quickly access PlayStation® system guides, manuals, and PlayStation.Blog. A Sony Entertainment Network account and PS4™ system are required to use all of this application's features.


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  • G 5/5

    By curlyheadbyron
    Great app I love.
  • why 1/5

    By shady6723
    it was a good app for the first half of a year i had it then it wouldnt allow me to sign in it was just load for like 5 minutes then tell me to refresh now it wont even allow me to attempt to sign in how pitiful
  • Good 5/5

    By Idontwantonetheirannoying
    It tells you pretty much everything that's on your ps4's home screen so that's good. But it would be awesome if you could look at the status of something you're downloading when your PS4 is in rest mode.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Ms__Chocolate
    I keep getting an error, every time I try to open the app.
  • Xbox app is way more appealing 3/5

    By Saige243
    I'm a PS4 guy for sure - but think this app could use a serious UI overhaul. Xbox app is aesthetically way more pleasing. Shouldn't be that way.
  • Fix this! 1/5

    By lol jab
    I downloaded the app 7 times, and every time I opened it, the app would say that It couldn't load and that an error occurred.
  • Cant watch my saved videos 2/5

    By Coolman0897
    I wish I could watch my saved videos form my phone
  • Error message 1/5

    By TylerHCallaway
    It use to work great, now I can't even log in. As soon as I open the app I get an error message.
  • It's okay 3/5

    By Anonymous1092
    Y'all would get better reviews if y'all put all the others messaging and community apps into one cuase that's too many downloads, also please make a capture gallery app
  • Won't open anymore. 1/5

    By Eghigct3
    Had this app for months and it worked fine, if a little slow. Got a new phone and downloaded it and now it won't let me sign in.
  • Decent app 3/5

    By Otakumons
    Pretty straightforward app lets you view and mess with basic parts of your profile, see if friends are on, shop on the store etc. but the fact that they switched Messages to its own app is stupid and now you still get notifications for messages.... come on
  • You can't play games 3/5

    By wolf gainer you tube chanell
    You can't play games
  • Trash app 1/5

    By ShadowBunny26
    This app is too slow, many bugs, and can't sign in...horrible app by a good company. Please fix
  • What's the point of even writing this? 1/5

    By Nathan Conniff
    Every time I re download this POS app, I keep getting an error. It's been happening for almost 4 months now. Ive signed out and back in. Ive deleted the app multiple times. Ive even factory reset my own phone to see if that would've worked. Ive done it all. Nope. Still doesn't work. So I've given up on this app for another few months.
  • Slow, buggy, unreliable 1/5

    By Dexter Fittipaldi
    Hard to believe this comes from a tech giant. They should be embarrassed of this
  • Crackshoot 1/5

    By King logo
    Havent been able to open the app in 2weeks my phone in updated n there hasn't been a update for the app
  • Essential but garbage 1/5

    By EpicHatchet
    I love the idea but it's like they gave up on developing these apps well. Make the chat system like discord, easy to chat and make it easier to navigate and control whats going on via phone. Let me use circle and cross as well as the navigating buttons on my phone. App feels very clunky. Can't create events based off of pre orders, can't add or remove people from group chats
  • Fix this 3/5

    By toxicpoison54 add me on ps4
    Almost every time I log into the app it keeps saying a error has occurred I restart my phone I delete the app and redownload it but nothing seems to work
  • Nawaf 1/5

    By Nawaf7rB
    لا تظهر عميلة التحقق من أنك لست روبوت وبذلك لا استطيع تسجيل الدخول شكراً لكم .
  • Edit "About Me" 2/5

    By 🎀Starlight🎀
    Please allow us to edit our "About Me" in the app. It is a bit nerve racking to open up my PS4 every time I want to change my "about me." This should have been added very long ago since we can change profile pictures and real name.
  • Killcam Xp 5/5

    By killcam xp
    It's a good app for PlayStation and stuff and I am a big fan of that and up to speed
  • I cant sign in 1/5

    By Jdmandy-_047
    I have problems to sign in
  • PlayStation App 4/5

    By Applesoftwaretester
    Update the app because when I boot up the app on my phone it gives me a saying the device network features are turned off please fix this it's annoying.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Jquick1814
    There doesn't need to be different apps for a one purpose PlayStation app.we need to be able to check on downloads from the app.we need to be able to see parties from the app.and it over all needs an update.
  • Could be better.. 4/5

    By mammae16
    I love the idea of this app and it serves it's purpose for the most part but what I would love to see change is, getting the chance to see when exactly your friends were last on. I have a few friends who had to make new accounts and to go back and check manually through 200+ friends for those few is just ridiculous lol. Either fix it on the console itself or the app. Either one would make a lot of us happy. 🙂 Especially in this case or even if you just want to see when your friends get on most or whatever.
  • Bland but simplified. 5/5

    By kylesdaydream
    Very helpful and easy to use.
  • Cannot Sign In 1/5

    By Crazyqwerty
    I'm having the same issues as many other recent users: you can't even sign into your PSN account and use the app! I'm on iOS 10 on an iPhone 5s. Just get that same reload button that pops up after it errors out when attempting a sign in. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Not that good 2/5

    By Sgt Amazing
    The part where it asks if you are a robot has a terrible authenticator preventing sign in.
  • Make it to where I can view saved videos 5/5

    By Thetot33
    All this app need is for me to be able to look at my videos and screen shots!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MatthewShif12_3
    Much like the non-app version of PSN, nothing in this app works properly and nothing wants to load. I am unable to purchase anything from the store because it makes me put my security code in over and over, and the app links do not lead to where they say they do. And as for getting help, no one is ever available. Do yourself a favor; get an Xbox one
  • New function 4/5

    By Sim-Al Brnew
    Could you guys add in a mic feature for the app because it's hard playing in parties without it
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By nicklawless
    It doesn't even work. I download it from the App Store and whenever I try to open the app it just says error/refresh. If deleted and re downloaded twice and still the same thing.
  • 2nd screen not working 2/5

    By Mlgprooooo
    I got this app so i could check on my friends on vacation and i was eating dinner on my desk. And the second creen wasn't working
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Krad-ness
    Won't let me sign in useless
  • Support page not working 1/5

    By BrendanJS
    Something is wrong with PlayStation as I can't connect what so ever
  • Not a good app. 1/5

    By Josher!
    It's not native.
  • Good app keep up the good work 😊 5/5

    By Yeah you are my friend
  • Broken app 1/5

    By Styvon123
    I can't log in to my account
  • It's good for mobile but need improve 2/5

    By Freedomguy2050
    I dislike this PlayStation app when I want open store or download, I have to open safari. That caused to this app to be slowest. I was recommend to you, this need improve make sure no refer to Safari, or something. Also, I like it to improve the graphics make sure follow up as PS4 menu, and more control to PS4 from your mobile. It's need improve a lot. Also message should included in that app with improve, too. Hope it's will improve the everything as soon!
  • Ark 1/5

    By MCcatz
    When ever I try to use the keyboard on ark it doesn't work anyone else having this problem ?
  • Messages should not be separate 2/5

    By HawkEye1194
    I don't want to install more than one app, why would I want to do that? Put everything in one app like the Xbox app and I'll change my review. Also display the store natively not in a browser for a better experience.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Adrian E. P.
    Everything was working amazing past few updates ago and now with this new update I can't even sign in. So now I can't message my friends with it's matching messaging app. Please fix it as soon as possible.
  • 50/50 1/5

    By thatkid427
    This app is great when it actually works. Most of the time my app refuses to connect and keeps wanting me to refresh. I keep getting hit with the "Cannot Load" error message even when I use wi-fi.
  • Anwr_LA 1/5

    By Aa1083784114
    I need to continue to my PS4 by my phone but didn't help me
  • Madden NFL 18 1/5

    By chuckd414
    Why can't I Preorder Madden NFL 18 on the site or the App? Garbage.
  • Pics/videos 2/5

    By Awdry_
    Want to be able to see pictures and videos that I've saved onto camera capture
  • Fix the Remote Play please 1/5

    By HerbClown
    Every time I try to scan or enter the numbers for remote play it doesn't work please fix this problem
  • App was good at first 1/5

    By Icantthinkofanickname!!?!!
    The app was good at first but then a new recaptcha was put in where you had to type numbers to confirm you weren't a bot, and when I press "play" to make it start giving me numbers it does nothing so I can't even login anymore.
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By meltmade
    It's crazy that a huge company with nearly infinite resources would make an application with a paged product catalog that doesn't work Me: Page 2 please Sony: Okay! Here is the middle/bottom of page 2 Me: *manually scrolls to top every single horrible, awful page turn, curses* Also I don't even want to consider things like themes, golden coin upgrade paks or whatever, and 300 SKU variations of the same game I've never heard of before when I'm browsing for new games. I would greatly appreciate it if this app made it easier for me to browse and buy stuff that is interesting to me.
  • Good but 3/5

    By Edward.z2003
    I keep getting spam messages and I block them and they keep making new psn accounts and it's inappropriate and I can't report them because they keep making new psn accounts just make an option to block all messages except ones from friends or met players

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