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PlayStation®Messages App

Use PlayStation®Messages to instantly see who's online and message your gamer friends and favorite groups from your mobile device. Always stay connected with your gamer friends to talk about the games you love to play even while you're away from your PS4™ system. With PlayStation®Messages installed on your mobile device, you can: - Check your Friends List to instantly see who's online and what they're playing. - Send text or voice messages as well as photos and stickers to your friends or a group with up to 100 players. - Quickly access your favorite message groups from your favorites list. An account to connect to PlayStation™Network is required to use this application's features. This application uses the Share extension to allow posting of website links and other content to PS Messages.


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PlayStation®Messages app reviews

  • SO MUCH SPAM! 1/5

    By MissSkinny
    Ever since the messages split from the main PlayStation app, I have received numerous spam messages. These accounts are created for the sole purpose of spamming - no trophies, no gameplay, nothing. They offer "free" PlayStation merchandise as well as "private webcam sessions". They reply back when spoken to but ignore when you ask them to leave you alone - I was told "it's a dating app". So many signs point to some sort of robot. People that don't even OWN the console have access to this app & it's ridiculous for the users whom are using it for its intended purpose! Fix it!!!!! No one bought their PlayStation's to be constantly bombarded with spam & nonsense. The amount I receive is insane & I know there is a cap on the amount of people you can block.
  • PS4 App 5/5

    By Michael D.C
    I Rate this app at 5 Stars Nice app to have excellent
  • Do not disturb 1/5

    By Dopeeeeysan
    Y’all need an option to put do not disturb on messages seeing that I’m a female I literally get a million messages a day I hate it popping up on my phone and game just need new features period.
  • Broken 1/5

    By jamesbusweiler
    App doesn't refresh which people are online and what they're playing. Use it to see who in my group of friends is playing what before I get on and it's impossible when for the past 4 months it's said people are nonstop playing the same thing.
  • Terribly Glitchy with No Support 1/5

    By RDLD74
    I was having an issue w/ the app running slow. I cleared the cache. The app isn't running any faster now and there's an annoying grey status bar that says, "Getting your messages" that hasn't gone away in over a week.
  • PS messenger 1/5

    By Hyonburn
    Every time I try to use it always crashes takes a long time to load too, and the person i'm trying to send a message to can't even receive it....
  • 2 apps 1/5

    By Bruce of Waybe
    Absolutely no reason to have two separate apps. These Facebook wannabe developers should find new jobs.
  • This should not be 2 apps. 1/5

    By Jhoren
    Why is this two apps?
  • No reason for 2 apps 1/5

    By mr.meeseeks look at me
    There is no reason why messages can't be on the main app
  • Good App 5/5

    By Best racing app ever
    I like this app because my friends can text on our phones when we are in a middle of a game and not go down. Awesome app in my oppinion
  • Facebook does the same 2/5

    By review ronald
    Hust integrate this into the ps app. No one will appericiate a serate texting app, ever. We don't need one.
  • Gif support 3/5

    By BabyCookieGirl
    Would be great if Gif was supported to zing friends.
  • Another pointless app 1/5

    By TheHeroWeDeserve
    Thanks for wasting more of my storage with this nonsense. :) :) :)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Fr3sh Pr1nc3
    App used to work but now it won't load whatsoever. Pretty useless!
  • Was a good app 1/5

    By razor blazor 97
    I had this app for a very long time and loved it. But now it just stopped working and wouldn't refresh, I couldn't send messages or see who's on. I uninstalled the app and waited about a week and installed it again. Now it won't even let me log in. Sorry but this app is now garbage
  • Hello :3 3/5

    By Princess Yuka
    I really liked the app and all, and I was wondering if you could create a feature when someone sees the message it shows that they've seen it, like it says "seen" or something XD
  • PlayStation decides to become Facebook... 1/5

    By sdmf022
    One of the most ANNOYING things about the official Facebook app is being forced to use a separate app for messaging. For whatever reason, Sony has now just decided to follow suit and force people to use a separate app to read and reply to messages on PlayStation Network. This is a terrible move on Sony's part and an incredibly inconvenient waste of memory. I understand that this was most likely a business move to some degree, but Sony's main priority should be about keeping the player's experience as user friendly and convenient as possible. I don't need yet another useless companion app taking up space on my phone.
  • The App ignores privacy settings 2/5

    By Anime geek no.9
    I set my privacy on my account to not appear on name searches and yet I get text from random strangers who found me on some search or as a recommended? I don't like being contacted by strangers who has nothing to do with gaming and just wants to kill time. Fix this please.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Torq Titan
  • was working fine and then... 2/5

    By capt. wasabi
    it suddenly "couldn't connect to the internet" despite my wifi connection being fine. i only ever used this to send screenshots to my friends, and it worked fine for that, until the issue stated above. i deleted the app, reinstalled it and NOW it won't let me sign in, no matter how many times i click sign in. glitchy and needs a major update!!!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By ConceitedDee
    This app is horrible. It's always saying Undergoing maintenance and cannot send message. They'll ban you for saying anything. It's a bad app. It need an update.
  • Always under maintenance 1/5

    By Bob109283745
    Probably the worst app ever built. Coming from Sony, the app is always under MX. Can't connect. Very frustrating and sluggish to use.
  • Complete trash 1/5

    By Gdslktduokj
    Doesn't even send messages most of the time lol the devs are retarded
  • I'm bored 5/5

    By SkyZmagic
    I'm bored
  • Can't log in 2/5

    By KS082004
    I've had this app for a while now and recently it has stoped letting me send messages, this has happened to me before and the usual fix is to just redownload the app. When I click to continue as my account it try's to load for a minute then tells me to continue as my account again, very disappointed I can't use this app anymore
  • Why?? 1/5

    By Thelcurse
    I use to be able to check my messages in the PlayStation app now I need a separate app for that. Ridiculous. Why do I need so many apps for one service.
  • Nice 5/5

    By its sucked
    It sucked
  • Why this app? 2/5

    By kulpdogg
    Why does this app exist? Why can't it just be part of the core PlayStation app?
  • Notifications through main app Ugh! 1/5

    By Baela
    I don't want a stupid messaging app but there is no other way to clear the notifications from the main app. This is really dumb.
  • (Nifty app for gamers) Would definitely have 5 stars IF 3/5

    By anon/anonymous
    So this is a good app, Any gamer knows the trouble between contacting your mates through message whilst trying to stay in the high demanding games or in my case 'Extinction' for COD. It's nice to simply turn to your phone and see what your friends have to say (for those who don't have mics) And quickly respond; basically texting each other. One problem I have noticed which is quite annoying is the "Players Met" section never really works for me; it always states there's no one to display. A few updates to this app every good now and again would definitely heighten its ratings, I believe. ****I did tell all my mates about this app and it's come to quite some nifty use for them as it has for me, though we all do wish it could 'update and fix' the whole "Players Met" section. PLAYERS MET NEVER LOADS OR SHOWS ON APP!!! FIX THIS ALREADY!! As I said, brilliant app for gamers alike who know the struggles between going to that home screen, hoping you can rapidly type, send that text & exit fluently with no hiccups from the console; then returning back into gameplay, compared to simply sending a text message through cellular phone.
  • Stupid secondary app 1/5

    By Paintman585
    I just want to get rid of badge notification number from main PlayStation app. I have no PlayStation online friends, but I get spam messages. Horrible.
  • Slow 3/5

    By No one did this name right
    Takes ages to load messages or just to open the app
  • This shouldn't even be a separate app 1/5

    By HockeyMike93
    It's pointless to have to go to a separate app just to send messages. I hate when developers use messaging as an excuse to waste more space on my phone
  • Awful UI and Chock-Full of Performance Issues 1/5

    By Sixth Roman
    I love PlayStation, I really do. But this app is a blight on PlayStation's mobile representation. The app runs horrendously slow, UI is often unresponsive, and often signs me out. Seriously, PlayStation? This is the best you can come up with? How is it that Xbox has all the support for the main Xbox experience, Clubs, and Messages in one app (that runs smoothly, might I add), and yet you fragment those into three separate apps that ALL run unacceptably slow? This app has been around for quite some time now and it's still the same unresponsive mess. Get your act together, PlayStation.
  • Bots, bots everywhere! 2/5

    By ConverseFreak320
    This is exclusive to the app, as my actual PS4 doesn't get these messages nor is there history of them when I sign in. Someone found a way to add bots and now I have gotten 3 bots in the last week trying to talk to me. Fix your stuff.
  • Crazy people 2/5

    By Juancarlos1005
    There are bots that take me to adult websites plz fix and I will give 5stars
  • This is the worst app in existence. 1/5

    By Clade6
    This is an honest example of a messaging app gone wrong. Laggy, unresponsive, terrible UI, and if you get logged out of Playstation for no reason (which happens alot), then good luck getting back in. They have this "I'm not a robot" scheme and you have to input numbers that you hear. One problem: YOU CAN'T HEAR AT ALL. HAVE YOU EVER SPOKEN INTO A TIN CAN WITH SOCKS IN YOUR MOUTH? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Not to mention, if you don't have earbuds in, then you can't hear them at all when you click "Play" even if you have full volume and your ringer on. I really hope the developers made this as a joke.
  • WHY 1/5

    By Goober9098
    Why in God's name would I need not 2, BUT 3 APPS TO DO THE JOB THAT ONE APP SHOULD DO!?!? WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE MAIN APP!?!? Also, why can the main app tell me I have messages, but not show me the messages??? The geniuses at Sony did it again!!! Somehow they found another way to waste everybody's space and time!
  • B 1/5

    By HoustonIsAwful
    Shouldn't need to be a separate app
  • Porn bots 2/5

    By Blightcross
    I've been seeped out by women wanting to have free private webcam chat on PS4 that's creepy
  • So much faster 5/5

    By themightyhud
    This is way faster than texting on the PS4 and saves me a lot of time. I can see who is online and message people without being on my ps4
  • Decent App. 2/5

    By Marina Tomis
    Very confusing..Sony has created multiple apps. in order to do things that should be included in one app. For example, you need this messaging app. just to access messages when they could just include it with the original PlayStation app.
  • Bruh 2/5

    By iFunny user 101
    Make it part of the main app. Communities too.
  • Good 5/5

    By Huge hey
    Now I have no problems with this app it's just all the Xbox haters cuming in and flooding the one star
  • Porn Bots 4/5

    By Jonathan Vieyra
    Please take out the feature where porn bots can find my account, besides that the app is good
  • Fix This Problem 4/5

    By GhostRider0641
    So idk if other people have this problem too but every few minutes it will say "PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance" even though it's not and I have had to keep resending messages because of this. I haven't had this happen since I got the update.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Jboydk2
    Why does Sony need 3 freakin apps to get all the functionality of PSN on a phone?
  • Creeps 3/5

    By Gamrgrlcraft11
    My friends and I have encountered many people saying they found our names by searching. Then they will ask our ages and other personal questions. It's a great app other than that. I just wish they would take out the search feature.
  • Fix this 1/5

    By Sammy-dog-2016
    The psn messages were working fine the other day now when I go to use it it says it is under maintenance. Also everytime when I send a message it fails but it keeps showing that my friends messages are trying to load but they won't.
  • Maintenance problems. 1/5

    By JACK
    Can't go 12 seconds without this app saying "PlayStation is going under maintenance" Can't send messages because of it. Having to hit resend 13 times for ONE message.

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