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  • Current Version: v3.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pocket Points, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket Points™ App

Pocket Points gives students rewards for not using their phone during class. Simply open up the application, lock your phone, and start to get rewards. Pocket Points is a great way to prepare you for the real world and just another way to save money and get awesome discounts! Tweet us @PocketPoints or email us at team@pocketpoints.com for suggestions or support.


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  • Great app, but ruined by last update 2/5

    By 818118loser
    This is a great app, and I’ve earned so many cool coupons at local restaurants with my pocket points, but the latest update has totally disabled its functionality! I can’t even sign in to earn points, because sign in with Facebook doesn’t even follow through.
  • Still waiting for you to put up my school 1/5

    By Bradley O 00700
    Add western connecticut state university and ill change my rating
  • Automatically closing 1/5

    By BriGuy64
    I have tried to delete and redownload this app but that app continues to automatically close on me so I can’t access all the points I have earned.
  • Good deals, very easy to use 5/5

    By Fritz cmen
    Every student should have this on their phone
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Geek211
    App used to run fine but keeps crashing when i try to redeem points
  • Lots of Bugs 1/5

    By Jay8307
    This app use to run flawlessly for me, but ever since Apple updated to IOS 11 it has been terrible. I have been waiting to see if the developer would get the bugs worked out, but it has only gotten worse with each update. The biggest issue for me is earning points. The points earning system has so many bugs I don’t even know where to begin. There is nothing more frustrating than having your phone locked for 3 hours on double points Tuesday only to unlock your phone and get ZERO points despite the message on your lock screen saying you have bee earning points. Then there are times I don’t even have my phone locked and I open the app and it says my phone has been locked for 3 hours or whatever. It is frustrating. I have contacted the developer only to be told it is a known issue and they are working on fixing it. Basically, it is a known issue that despite numerous patch updates has yet to be fixed. Like I said, it has only gotten worse. Come on get it together Pocket Points.
  • Used to be fine 3/5

    By Mel_girl
    I was so excited when I saw that they added Chick-fil-a to my school, but all of the items are always locked! I want Chick-fil-a but it's never available Tried to use this at Subway and the cashier looked at me like I was crazy. Very disappointed because I wanted that free cookie Also after the most recent update, the app is a glitchy mess. It crashed 3 times in less than a minute when I tried to click on different restaurants to look at the gifts
  • New update issues 1/5

    By RockBuffalo
    New update causes immediate crash after opening the app.
  • Doesn’t let you earn points 1/5

    By Applejax250
    This app is a waste of time. Says “you need to be on campus to earn points” I’ve tried it from several locations on the USU campus and it won’t work. Even when you hit the help I’m on campus button and enter your room number it won’t work. Don’t waste your time with this
  • Lost ALL OF MY POINTS 1/5

    By Denver108
    Made the mistake of updating the app and now all of my 400+ points have mysteriously vanished... looks like I’ll be uninstalling soon
  • Update deleted 850 points! 1/5

    By Games 99
    Updated the app and then went to open the app just to find I had been logged out so I log back on and all 850 points I had accumulated were deleted! App will soon be deleted.
  • Crashes and little customer service 1/5

    By Elle210
    I have had problems with this app for a few months now. I have contacted the company many times and they do not help with issues that you have with the app. I have been told multiple times my app isn’t updated however there is no update available. It really isn’t worth the effort.
  • Promotions are not great 1/5

    By KerisTay
    The discounts and promotions that pocketpoints offer are not unique; they are the same promotions that the company offers in their websites or you can easily find online. They disillusion you with the concept of earning points but the promotions you can redeem with the points are unnecessary. I would also like them to add more food places.
  • Enter graduation error. 2/5

    By granolasyrup
    LOVE the app and the idea of it but the app shuts off every time I log in asking for my graduation/birth date every instance I download the app
  • They don’t care 1/5

    By JJ919
    I have requested that schools that I attend be added, multiple times! I got a response back saying they would add us soon but they had a small staff! That was in September, and the September, started the request in July. It’s February and we still have not been added!!!!
  • Bugged 1/5

    By _8lubber_
    Locks certain rewards and says that I have reached my limit for it even though I’ve never used it.
  • Great but unstable 2/5

    By 
    This app is great. I love the setup and concept, but it is totally unstable. I ALWAYS have to fire it up twice cause it crashes the first time. I don’t know if this an iPhone X support problem, but I would guess that is part of it. I’ll change this rating if you stabilize it. The gifts sections doesn’t fully load either.
  • Requested 1/5

    By Surferzach
    I have requested my school for months. It’s a University and there’s nothing.
  • Great concept, poor performance 3/5

    By Aubrzz186
    This app would be perfect if only it would work off campus!! If I try to enter the app (say a restaurant where I’m trying to redeem a deal) off campus, it will NOT load! This is extremely frustrating and I miss out on a lot of deals because of this! Please fix :(
  • Points disappearing 3/5

    By sjbookworm1219
    The app has worked fine without crashing but my some of my points disappear the next day...I end class with around 80 points and it goes down to 67 the next day. Please fix this!
  • I Actually Went Out of My Way To Write a Bad Review 1/5

    By Jonasm34
    Extremely annoying alerts, the benefits are unreliable, it drains your battery, it's prone to crashing, and I my university stopped supporting it after a few weeks. So do not get this
  • Not Recording My Points 1/5

    By Stop telling me to choose
    This app has been good at times to me. But I have a big problem! My phone stays off throughout the day and it says it records some points but when I went back to the app to open it, the points I previously should have earned have disappeared as if I never locked my phone. I have lost 31 pocket points and am very upset. I would like my points or a least a fix on this situation. Thanks.
  • Fix 1/5

    By Siren64
    Will not let me login anymore. Even after resetting password it jus logs back out as soon as you log in
  • Easy and useful 5/5

    By Daniel boyyy
    Helps me stay focused and it’s rewarding!
  • Meh 3/5

    By This girl 10
    Like the app but hate that it doesn't have my school ( Draper park middle school)
  • Great when it works 3/5

    By Diabetic82
    App is great when it actually works. I have to actually lock my phone with the app open or I don’t earn any points. Spent 2 hours in class only to find I didn’t earn any points. Very frustrating
  • New update causes problems 1/5

    By Jackson778
    Crashes randomly, and frequently says that you got points without adding the points to your actual count.
  • Doesn’t work at my school 1/5

    By Kaeisanamazingbeast
    My college has 30,000 or so students across 3 campuses and it doesn’t work on any of them, unfortunately. It does work for UNO which has about the same amount of students and campuses in the same city. Don’t understand why it wouldn’t work at mine. They do have pretty good deals, according to my friends that use this app when it works.
  • Needs better rewards 1/5

    By 00goldendream
    Great idea but it lacks a variety of good rewards Add something like amazon.com gift cards Also STOP MAKING A LIMITED AMOUNT IF REWARDS It is annoying to see that a reward run out in less than a day
  • Points not being given 2/5

    By Really now?!
    I will be logged in and i will be off my phone for hours at a time studying on campus or in class and it does not reward me my points. I have lots hundreds to this.... it is really annoying
  • Sun Prairie Highschool Needs this!!!!! PLS... 5/5

    By Beast~newton
    Hi a friend recommended this app to me. I thought this is a very good app that would be very popular with us millennials. TBH this app would help a lot of people cause we all want some extra cash.
  • wont give points, not worth it 1/5

    By Iremas
    Most of the time it wont even give my points when i lock my phone. This app used to have some free stuff but now it is only 15-30% off from stores which is not enough for college students. WE WANT FREE
  • Last Update ruined App 1/5

    By Swag jake
    Ever since the last update you can no longer view any local food places around it. It only offers clothing companies and tickets to sporting events on the other side of the country
  • Great concept, but... 2/5

    By Natedagreat775
    It’s a great idea and most people are blown away when they first hear about it, but dig even a little into the deals/coupons and you realize that 90% aren’t exclusive at all to app member, rather, they’re deals that are already going on. This makes the app more of an advertising platform than an actual coupon service.
  • Like the idea, not functional 1/5

    By zepoliem
    The last few times I have purchased a coupon, I can’t scroll down to the approve button for the vendor. I have wasted 50 pocket points because vendors are unable to approve my purchased coupons and won’t honor them without being able to do so. These same vendors have noted the same issue for other customers. The inability to scroll down makes this app completely dysfunctional and I’m wasting points I’ve earned trying to use it.
  • Doesn’t count my points! 1/5

    By xRachelSx
    Sometimes it works, I lock my phone and see points when I unlock. But most of the time, I lock my phone and it says I’m earning points, yet after hours I unlock and I’ve earned nothing! I’m disappointed.
  • The app just isn’t good 1/5

    By __chair
    I’ve had the app for a while, and it’s horrible. The “rewards” aren’t good for many reasons, a few being that they don’t have good rewards, and they are only for percent off of a purchase. Saying that, I tried to redeem one for somewhere I could make use of a discount, and of coarse, the app crashed and told me I had to wait another day to make my selection for a reward. This went on and then I gave up and deleted the app. If they fix it and add more stuff, great, but until then I will not use it.
  • New update —> not working 3/5

    By akotru
    Have had this app for 3 years and it has always been working fine. Got the iPhone 8 and ever since, the app constantly crashes. It will randomly say I’m not on campus or if my phone is locked, it will say I got “x” amount of points, but the points will not be added to how many I have. Now the app won’t even let me log into the app. I type in my email and the sign in button is white. When I go to type in my password the sign in button shows up as not clickable. I hit “done” and it shows error. I can’t even log into the app. Very frustrating
  • Doesn’t count my points 3/5

    By Nixxxxyyy
    Sometimes I will have it open for hours and my phone is locked but then when I get back on my phone it doesn’t give me any points. This happens quite often.
  • Crash 1/5

    By vincevicvega
    I just got the app based on good things I’ve heard from friends. When I signed up through fb it crashed before I could do anything, so I deleted the app and re-downloaded. Tried signing up with email instead, but same thing. Very disappointed right now
  • Crashes 1/5

    By mariawin3
    I downloaded this app because I heard about it from a friend but it has done nothing but crash. Like it only logs me into Facebook and then crashes and nothing works. Please fix!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Canada is my friend
    Downloaded this app today and can’t make an account
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Brenton Malnofski
    I’ve heard how cool and useful this app is. Yet I cannot experience it myself because it won’t stop crashing after the first two “Next” screens. Fix this issue please.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Awesome weather
    Can’t login because as soon as I agree to the location question, it crashes
  • Money saver 5/5

    By T4F is trash
    This app has saved me so much money and all I have to do is put my phone down and study. It’s a win win!
  • Can't even open the app without crashing 2/5

    By Bato166
    Bad software
  • No schools even in my area. 2/5

    By paradoxicalblue
    I love this idea, and as a teacher I would totally encourage my students (& colleagues) to use it, but I’ve been suggesting my school for a YEAR now and it’s still not on there. 🙄
  • Cool Concept 1/5

    By ChronicPineapple
    The concept is pretty cool. Earning points to not be on your phone and redeem for items such as free pizza but you don’t earn points half the time and all of the good rewards are always locked.
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By wbang94
    I used to use pocket points a lot in previous semesters, but then fell out of the habit. I wanted to start again because some of the discounts/deals are really great, but the app keeps crashing!! It’s made me re-login through Facebook 6 times and every time it crashes. I even tried deleting and re-downloading the app. Super disappointing.
  • Not Earning Points 1/5

    By SnowmanSam93
    Lately, I haven’t gotten any points even if I lock my phone on the app.

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