Pocket: Save Stories for Later

Pocket: Save Stories for Later

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  • Current Version: 6.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Read It Later, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pocket: Save Stories for Later App

Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, and recommend the stories that interest you. -- SAVE FOR LATER: The next time you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket. It’ll sync across your phone, tablet, and computer so you can come back to it whenever and wherever you’d like, even when you’re offline. You can save to Pocket from pretty much anywhere, including your computer, Safari, email, and your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and Feedly. BEAUTIFUL READING EXPERIENCE: Read and watch everything in Pocket in a clean, easy-to-view layout that’s free of distractions. You can customize Pocket to match your reading style. DISCOVER STORIES YOU’LL LOVE: Quickly discover new stories you’ll love with personalized recommendations hand-picked by Pocket and the people you follow. RECOMMEND THE BEST OF YOUR POCKET: Recommend the most interesting stories you’re reading and watching in Pocket to your friends and followers. PLUS: • Unlimited storage • Tags to quickly get organized • Listen to your articles with Text-to-Speech • Save with one click using Pocket’s desktop browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox -- “Stop emailing yourself links and just install Pocket.” - The Verge “Pocket makes subway reading possible. No longer do your lingering Safari pages refresh mid-commute, leaving you staring at a blank, hopeless screen that cannot connect to the Internet.” - Slate --- Upgrade to Pocket Premium for a more powerful Pocket experience ($4.99 monthly, $44.99 annually): • Permanent Library to keep a personal backup of what you save • Full-Text searching to find anything in your list • Suggested Tags to get organized fast. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. To end a subscription, disable auto-renewal and allow the current period to end. It will not be possible to immediately cancel a subscription. Refunds are not available for unused portions of a subscription. Pocket Privacy Policy: http://getpocket.com/privacy Pocket Terms of Service: http://getpocket.com/tos


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  • Updated review pending fix... 5/5

    By JayJizzleNupey
    Note: The developers reached out and said they’d fix this soon. I will adjust review once that’s done. Have fixed rating. The last “update” somehow messed up the speed controller when you “listen” to articles. The default is super fast and even if you change it to a slower speed, the setting resets itself when you go to the next article. So you have to keep resetting it. Also, when you switch from portrait mode the reader stops. Please fix these bugs. This app was incredible now it’s barely usable.
  • Reader setting is to fast 4/5

    By Jt0512
    Love the app, but I noticed from the update that the reader setting always reverts back on every single article. Where as before it would stay at the previous setting from the previous article. Please change this back as it is very annoying to have to change this for every single article instead of just hitting play.
  • Needs work. 3/5

    By anthony12275
    Still haven't updated recommendations. Pretty good app but starting to look for similar apps that have more up to date stories. They take so long to update them. I've seen stories on there that are weeks old. Sometimes they will take stories down and put them back up later on. Another issue I didn't write about last time is the app will randomly crash and close. Doesn't happen everyday but it does happen. Overall the rest of the app is good.
  • Made dramatically worse by update 1/5

    By Laffo
    The release notes for the most recent update don't even mention the main thing it does: remove a basic feature and force you to buy a subscription to get it back. Basically, you can no longer adjust the line height of the text in articles now unless you pay a monthly or yearly fee. This basic, necessary feature had previously been built-in and free. In a really scummy move, the developers also significantly reduce the default line height in this update, making the text squished and very unpleasant to read. They've clearly done this intentionally to push people towards buying a subscription so they can undo it and get the app back to where it used to be. Deliberately making your app worse isn't going to make people want to pay for it. It's going to make them want to delete it.
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By snooksfan
    The best
  • 5 Stars For Sure!! 5/5

    By ChristianLadyM
    I love having Pocket available to store so many things I see and what to keep for future reference. I use to so many printed copies and tons of paper use. I tried to remember where I'd put it and in what notebook, if it made it that far! No more lost copies! Don't mess with my Pocket App, just keep making it user friendly and running smoothly!
  • My app is not syncing 2/5

    By Isaac239
    It's been a few days since I've saved articles to my Google extension and none of them have synced to my iPhone app. Actually, I'm getting a stuck spinner when I try to reload anything in the app, what gives? - Iphone 7 - up to date ios - up to date app
  • Taking away the dark setting is weak. 2/5

    By hubrisless
    I use this all the time, it's a great app. At night I like catching up on all the articles I put in Pocket during the day. Unfortunately, they recently took the option make the text field dark with light text away, making it available only with a premium subscription. Like I said, it's a great app but I don't think it's worth $60 per year, and taking features away from the free version is a slimy way to promote the paid version. It makes me want to financially support their developers all the less.
  • The Pocket Phenomina 5/5

    By Clarifier1
    The service this App renders is very helpful and useful. It is user friendly, which means the programmers have thought of all possible obstacles the user might face and resolve it. All I can say keep up the good work for happy pocketing.
  • Simple App that has Huge Benefits 5/5

    By Bronx Bus
    Like all reviewers say, having articles at hand at anytime of the day is amazing. Instead of reading through news feeds or random headlines, articles you save or that are recommended allow a much better news/reading experience. Give it a try!
  • Great... if you dont need a Bookmark 4/5

    By Stryfe2007
    I love this app and have used it every day for years. But... It's TERRIBLE at 2 things 1) unable to keep a good bookmark in the article (not web view), even though that is very simple to do 2) doesn't let you know which articles you are currently reading
  • Love pocket 5/5

    By sprytgrrl
    Great idea and app works very well. Thanks Pocket!
  • Not very reliable 2/5

    By Diocota
    For some reason, when I log in on a web browser it just hangs. Super annoying.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Rayjrf
    This is a good app and along with Evernote you can't go wrong.
  • Totally love this app!! 5/5

    By PianoStrings
    Incredibly useful on the go!
  • Content 1/5

    By Ibestill
    Very biased. Too many left-wing articles sent to me from left leaning publications. You are losing all credibility. So sad.
  • Luv it! 5/5

    By Am Ro
    It's so useful for me to save articles to read later and I really like their reading moods!
  • Game changer! 5/5

    By DCDeveloperGirl
    This app is really helping me stay up to date on all my technical articles.
  • Great app 5/5

    By dannnnnnnnnnnnniel
    Great app, been using it for the last 4 years.
  • Great TTS 5/5

    By Discriminaiting
    My favorite app to listen to internet articles!
  • Individualized Selections 4/5

    By crna in az
    Pocket is like that line at the bottom of your screen that says "here's something else you might like." It's true even if you just read the teaser. What would be really cool would be if it would throw in something from left field every once in a while
  • Useful 4/5

    By Rainbird24
    I use pocket frequently to keep pages and articles the only but is sometimes only part is saved, sometimes only photos or only writing and most of the time no video so I need to link to original, still a great way to save interests and things to get back to.
  • A Must Have App 5/5

    By Tjthespartan
    I use Pocket all the time. It is very handy for capturing stories on the web and saving for later. I think it's an app that everyone should have and use.
  • Great practical app 5/5

    By chubefresh
    Love this app. I use it almost everyday. Tagging works great to organise. Love the text to speech for each article you save, works well in the car.
  • Great App 5/5

    By AlanHughes
    One of my favorite apps. I would love it though if there was an option to turn off iOS's system wide font sizing for the article titles. The idea may have sounded good to Apple in theory, but it just creates an annoying wackamole situation, increasing and decreasing sizes, back and forth, and in the end nothing is legible.
  • Best productivity booster ever 5/5

    By LTR2
    Extremely useful to be able to save my reading for later when I am offline and have time. Also very convenient to have multiple page articles in a single stream. Also like the aesthetics of the pictures pulled in from the original. The suggested readings emails are also a nice touch. Thanks so much!
  • Why not automatically share? 4/5

    By Zthomas.nc
    This is one of the best apps for iOS, but two comments: - Why not automatically share what I read, like Venmo automatically shares what I spent? Manually recommending articles is stupid -- make it automatic. - Why would anyone pay for premium? You get nothing in return. You could at least offer advanced recommendations and advanced stats for the people paying money for it.
  • OK app, poor marketing 1/5

    By APKittle
    The app itself was sort of useful, but I had no problem deleting it and unsubscribing from their daily mailings when they started spamming me with liberal garbage propaganda, with laughable and absurd headlines like "How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother." Give me a break. I don't need your app that bad.
  • Great read it later app! 5/5

    By me56432r
    I use this app all the time, save articles from my phone, computer or ipad for reading them later when I have more time. Thanks Pocket!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By FireSmack
    Pocket is amazing. I have saved so much stuff to it. It works great on the iPhone! And in the web browser too.
  • Perfect solution for the traveler 5/5

    By lharmon
    Love the ability to forward articles for reading on airplane. Great tool for time management also - keeps track of items worth reading but not the priority at the moment you find them.
  • Simple, Reliable 5/5

    By Namonlocke
    Have been using for several years now and love the way it does one thing very well. Just signed on to Line, a highlighting app., and was pleased to see they import Pocket articles so I can now use Pocket for research. And I'm still not on Premium. Plan to.
  • Substance and Beauty 5/5

    By jstilly
    I have used Pocket for about five years. It is a superb app for anyone who is a news junkie and desirous of a distraction free digital trading environment. The free version is robust, but I highly encourage the premium subscription for those who wish to have a reference for the articles they read.
  • Now a part of my daily life 5/5

    By Nickbae91
    Cannot survive without this...! Helps you tag and save all your pages, in a nicely readable format
  • Great 5/5

    By jsamantha1
    I love saving articles and being able to go read them at a better time. It's also great you can tag stuff for easy reference.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By ml9951
    This thing is awesome
  • Use it daily 4/5

    By John Weirick
    Audio version helpful to keep up with interesting articles. Wish more sites could be pocketed.
  • Excellent App to help time manage! 5/5

    By hizaira
    I like to save interesting articles, blogs... Then use blocks of time to catch up. Someone sends you something...great save it and get back to your schedule!! Thanks for a great app!!
  • Freaking awesome!!! 5/5

    By Procat
    Update 8/15/17 Still great: performance! Usefulness! Pocket developers and designers take a bow! Fine redesign. MASSIVE improvement in usage, speed, user experience. Now please app so good it has become make it stop crashing. Make the scrolling smooth. I love not sharing! This is my info! Love the app!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tahoeshell
    I love pocket it allows me to save things I'll need later i.e. Recipes or just gives me an opportunity to read an article I didn't have time to read when I first saw it
  • Helpful 5/5

    By drat16
    Quality app that is most helpful.
  • Works as advertised 5/5

    By mmh166
    It works well across all devices and does exactly what the description says it does. I really heavily in this app.
  • Keeping it in the Pocket. 4/5

    By QuickSilver500
    We all have things to do whether now or future. This "Pocket" is my key to always getting it right, either way. I know what I can accomplish, with a simple review of things to do, places to go and all the great ideas I need have done. They're right here in my "Pocket".
  • Love it 5/5

    By karinlou
    The best way to save what I don't have time to read at the moment.
  • Pocket is essential! 5/5

    By Shar021781
    Pocket has helped me organize articles and has been so beneficial to me. I recommend it to everyone as one of my favorite apps!
  • Really must have 5/5

    By Ashraf Mansour
    This a great app where I can save news articles that I can't read in time and leave aside for later, even without internet. The look is neat and I can archive whatever I've read.
  • Best app for indulging in your random interests!! 5/5

    By Morivera02
    I definitely recommend for those wanting to expand their knowledge on topics you didn't even know you'd enjoy! The recommend tab can keep me occupied hours on end!
  • Es tu archivo de websites !!! 5/5

    By gabofurlong
    No veo otra App más sencilla para archivar sitios y clasificarlos por tags! Súper útil
  • Use it to save anything and everything 5/5

    By Eddomann
    Pocket is the best way to document and organize everything you come across online!
  • Pocket 5/5

    By squeezedude
    Flawless; use it all the time on iOS, Mac and PC, easy to use on the web as well. Update Aug. 2017- still getting a lot of value from Pocket. I particularly appreciate organization via tags.

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