PocketVideo - Video Editor

PocketVideo - Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.701
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Pocket Supernova, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PocketVideo - Video Editor App

PocketVideo is the most powerful video editing app specifically designed for iPhone video creators. If you want to create compelling and professional looking Youtube Vlogs, Snapchat Memories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos and more, then this is your app! With PocketVideo you can create, shoot and edit your videos easily. Main Features: ● Edit up to 10 minutes of HD video, perfect for your Youtube Vlog, Instagram or Snapchat. We support any kind of video format: Horizontal (Landscape), Vertical (Portrait) or Square videos. ●All the tools you need: ‣Advanced, desktop-class features like Video Overlaying, Green Screen overlays and Picture in Picture. ‣Animated Doodle Tool to draw on top or your videos, synchronized with the playback. ‣Easy to use, one tap "Reaction Cam" Feature for easy creation of reaction videos. ‣Create overlays with your videos using: Green Screen Videos, Regular Videos, or Any kind of image like GIFs, PNGs and more. ‣Tap and edit user interface: Just tap on any object on the screen and start editing ‣Create Amazing Titles for your Videos with one tap and using our templates including HD quality videos ‣Huge Commercial free Music library for all your video creation needs, including the Youtube Music Library. ‣Create, edit and cut your videos with our powerful precision editing tools. ‣Adjust the duration of clips and re-organize your takes with drag and drop gestures. ‣Mix your audio easily: Adjust the volume of your video, the volume of your voice or the volume of the music. ‣Add filters with one tap: change the look of your vlog easily, add effects individually to your clips and make your vlog look unique. ‣Add animated text titles: Type anything you want, add simple animations with one tap. The best titles you can get for your vlog. Easy and fast! ‣Choose from millions of stickers, GIFs or PNGs: Need some cool / cute or edgy decoration for your video? you can easily find animated graphics from Giphy. ‣Import your own: Have some cool GIFs or transparent PNGs on your phone's camera roll? right on! you can import those and use them in your video. ‣Adjust the duration of text, titles and images, so you can cue in anything at the right time you want. ‣Render in HD quality, and share anywhere you want. You can post directly to your Youtube Channel from PocketVideo or save it to your camera roll.


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PocketVideo - Video Editor app reviews

  • Okay 4/5

    By DeeJaySnipes
    So I downloaded the app 1hr ago and the loading in the begin won’t stop and it’s irrational to me
  • smh 2/5

    By Shanaynayduhh
    Crashes too much
  • Just add a few things ... 4/5

    By RingertheHooper
    It's a great app but it would be nice if you could add a zoom effect. Also, it would be great if you could make it able to add your own music track from your photo library. Please respond ASAP!
  • Cool but.... 4/5

    By Diana Josch
    This is a great app but it keeps doing this loading assets things n then it just freezes I really liked this app because I got some cool editing out of it but maybe some more bug fixes but overall this app is pretty awesome
  • 🤬 1/5

    By Ajlink456
  • app 1/5

    By Bloodsucking_unicorn
    it won’t let me download the app.
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Vintagerrthing
    This app is great but it keeps on clicking out every time I try to add text onto my Videos. Please fix!
  • It’s was a great app until it stopped loading 4/5

    By Phtscrpcrzymom03
    I love this app, I use it for pretty much everything. But recently it pops up the “ downloading assets” and doesn’t go away. I let it ‘ load’ for an hour and still got nothing. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but I still got the same problem. Please fix this.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Hi lognag
    You guys made my brother cry because of the glitch when he tried to upload something on YouTube
  • great but... 3/5

    By Aestheticgirlyperson
    i used this app like almost a year ago and it was great! the green screen stuff was like, realllyyy good and everything ran smoothly. Although it would sometimes kick me out, i was okay with editing and the videos i made looked pretty decent. I also remember there having a social part which was GREAT because i got to see other videos to be inspired from. Now i download the app and everything is different. It looks the same, but there’s no social part? i was pretty much sad from that, since i had an account that i wanted to use again. I open the editor and i immediately try to find the green screen since it was my favorite part of the app. It wasn’t there 😭 i thought it was an update but i couldn’t find it, and now i’m pretty disappointed. This is my favorite app for editing, since it had a social feature, different templates and designs. I hope y’all can fix this, cause i would really want to enjoy the app like i did a year ago 🙂Please add the social feature back. And please try to fix how the app loads. There are very few other flaws, but i hope you will keep on working into making this app great again!🙂❤️
  • "Downloading Assests" 2/5

    By EB🦄
    Even though it says it'll only do it once, it has to download assets every time I open it. And it doesn't even download all the way no matter how long I wait.
  • Very unhappy 1/5

    By xndjdjdmzmzjdkdnfh
    So basically I used to use this app all of the time to make edits of some of my favorite celebrities. But since I was having storage problems on my phone I had to delete the app. Now I don’t have storage problems anymore so i decided to re-downloaded it , when i open it it says “downloading assets” like it normally says. But now it gets really close to finishing downloading and it just sits there. I have waited for at least 30 minutes and nothing has happened yet.
  • Okay but.. 3/5

    By RandomPersonThatNeedsTitles
    So the app was pretty good, but ever time I tried to add words to my video, I got sent out of the app, and then my unfinished video got saved. I spent about an hour trying to get the title to work, but it never did! Please fix this!
  • 😖😖😖 2/5

    By Fiddy45
    Ughhhh I couldn’t select more than six videos I like it but I wouldn’t recommend unless you are making a YouTube video that you don’t need a lot to edit
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Timberlee Sansonetti
    I made a video and it keeps glitching me out
  • Good 5/5

    By The creator......???!?()
    This really helps to add screen to videos that make my videos even better in dreams of becoming a YouTuber!! 🤗
  • Deletes my videos 2/5

    By Chris_sy's Code
    The only reason why I gave this 2 stars is because the features are great, but what is the use of every time it saves it deletes most or all of my created video?
  • It could be better 3/5

    By foxgurl508
    I like the app and it’s pretty cool. No watermark, nothing wrong. But my only problem is the “downloading assets: be patient, it may only happen once” thing. It says only once, but over and over it does it while i want to edit a video. Please fix this.
  • It looked me off 2/5

    By lil_lou20523
    I spent an hour working on a video and I waited like 5 minutes for it to render and after it finished it logged me off the app and now I have no video
  • Could use improvement 2/5

    By The Shine Of Blue
    I love the editing I can do on this app but there are too many bugs that I experience and sometimes it’s just not worth it. I have not seen any updates or improvements either. Here are some of the bugs: - Every time I open the app it starts loading assets (which it literally says is only supposed to happen ONCE) -Crashes (a whole hell of a lot, seriously) - Takes a toll on the quality of my video (before edit quality is so much better, after edits not so much) - Takes so long to import ( I can’t import a video over five minutes long without it taking about a half an hour to import.) Please fix these issues. Your app has so many great features but too many bugs that make me ask if it was worth it. If you could get rid of at least the big bugs on here, that would help me, and I’m sure many other sad users.
  • A great app! But... 4/5

    By chalumaf
    I never write reviews but this is a great app. The features are amazing and beautiful. I have yet to come across an app like this. However, the app crashes a lot nowadays. And it’s REALLY annoying. I would be editing a video and then it crashes. It can be glitchy too with the crashes. Overall, I love this app. One of the best video editing apps out there! But the crashes are annoying. Fix this problem please!
  • Awesome but... 4/5

    By Jahaziel Gamer
    I downloaded it yesterday then when I was ready to make a video it’s said downloading assets: wait for a while Then when I waited forever it didn’t work so I try to resent my phone then it still didn’t work so I’m kinda mad now 😡😡
  • This is kinda annoying 3/5

    By Vegehhfhdhxhdhdhgdvd
    This is in fact my favorite editing app but there are some bugs that need to be fixed. I don’t like the fact that sometimes when I am editing a video the app crashes and kicks me off and when I get back on I try to get back on my edit. When I get back on my edit it deletes my whole video.😡😡😡😡
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sweetval67
    This app is great. It has many amazing features such as the ability to overlay videos and images, or drawing on the video. But the only problem is that the "this will only happen once" page happens more than once, and some YouTube videos don't work. Please fix that as soon as possible to get better reviews.
  • I don’t know 3/5

    By BK🤣💙
    Every time when I download this app it always says something like “downloading assets it will only happen once” it doesn’t only happy once it happens every time I get off the app and try to get back on it...but this app is better than any other app except for what I pointed out 🙂
  • Good and bad 1/5

    By 234455649melissa
    This is the the best editing app ever. Except I can't edit. It crashes once I start to add text or edit something So plz fix that.
  • Great app but two things 3/5

    By Kindagoodplayer111
    Now don’t get me wrong this app works great when it does. 1st every time I reopen the app even from multi view it always displays the loading bar that says it will only happen once. 2nd When I do finish a project I have to sent it to myself though massages because even thought I have allow camera roll access available it glitches out and deletes my whole project! Thanks For Reading. Aaron J. Cyrus
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Winter Blanco
    It keeps saying downloading assets and never downloads anything I will not use this any further until this is fixed and I am telling my friends to never download this
  • The app 3/5

    By Shamallamamoo5678901234
    The app is great and all .. but whenever I go into the app it says something like “ downloading assets the may take a while” and I have to wait until that thing is done so I can edit. I deleted the app and redownloaded and it always says that. Please FIX IT
  • Hey 1/5

    By Robby050702
    Make it better make it look different fancy more effects / text
  • This has one big flaw! 2/5

    By this is a big flaw
    When I use the app for the second time it says it has to download assets and it takes a very long time and it also still loading now for a day I did every thing to try to fix it my WiFi is fine it’s this that’s broken plz fix also subscribe to me on YouTube @OKOBZ•
  • Killer app 3/5

    By Massey Landscape
    I can’t believe this app is free... saves so much time for me not to have to use iMovies to edit video. Thanks for making such a great app! 👊👊 - Jimmy Update.... I have to change my review a little. Every time I open the app and it says “downloading assets” noting ever downloads so I can’t edit my vlog. Also when I go to use YouTube music there’s nothing to use and it doesn’t let me search and music for YouTube.
  • IMPORTANT! 4/5

    By Lara xxx🇱🇧
    I love this app from all my heart,and I am happy to know that you can save without signing in,but the only problem is the assets,they just wont download and u want to edit a lot of videos,pleaseeee,stop the assets or fix the problem my wifi is very fast,so it cant be the wifi thats causing the problem,plz plz fix it now,i have over 5 videos that i need to edit,and i really want to give this app 10000000000 stars⭐️so plz fix this problem

    By Qdfwgdgbdbsbsh
    I love it because it has so many things to do and it is easy to do I use it for my YouTube channel DIY with Alycia
  • Pocket video 3/5

    By Aranza wall
    I love this app the Bad thing is That when you go to the app it said wait only happen one Lie it happens so many times and it so Slow like to get me Wrong it a great app
  • Cool but the app keep crashing 3/5

    By B15272963729
    Pls I need to finish my edit but the app keep crashing, can you fix this bug?
  • Videos Won’t Save 4/5

    By ReviewPug
    I would rate it 5 stars but I have 1 problem. The videos wont save to my camera roll. Help please.
  • Won’t let me add YouTube videos 3/5

    By HarryPotter@Hogwarts17
    I wanted to add a YouTube video to react to it and it won’t let me add it to my recorded video. Please if this problem because I use pocket video a lot and this is a huge problem for me.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Is this the best u can do?
    The connection takes forever, the camera won't load so I can't record anything. If the camera actually worked it would be an AWESOME APP. But, it doesn't.
  • Umm pls fix 1/5

    By IWilliamMay Hem
    The app is perfectly fine except for the fact that when I want to continue working on my video I press on it, it just keeps loading for like forever.
  • Kinda great 3/5

    By Whatthefvckever
    I have a real problem with getting it to load. It says It needs to load assets, but often never actually loads, no matter how many times I close and re-open the app. But when it’s actually working, it worlds pretty great.
  • FIX IT 😡 2/5

    By rxchelohh
    i was very very impressed, i was making a birthday video for my bff and the day before her birthday, it wouldn't let me see the video. i tapped on it to do finishing touches and download but guess what, it just kept loading and loading. NEVER OPENS UP! i spent 2 weeks on that. i swear if i could i would just slap all of you guys😤 this app makes me want to kill myself honestly
  • Glitch... 4/5

    By Sitting rabbit
    This app is amazing! You can simply edit videos for YT, Insta anything! Here’s the prob tho. Whenever I try to edit my vids (for example if I wanted to add some text) it always freezes and takes me out of the app! I’m not saying “oh imma rate it a one just bc if that” no I’d say 10 out of 10 would recommend but that’s just my one prob. I’m on a iPod Touch so I wanted to know if you could possibly fix that issue for this kind of iPod. Please and thank you :3
  • Worked before but... 3/5

    By Pink piggy skye
    Okay I delete this app but I wanted it back. And when I open it, I HAVE TO WAIT LIKE HOURSSSS. Download assessment and it haven’t moved in the next hours!!! I’m really upset last time I didn’t have to. BUT REALLY?!??????????? WOW THANKS >:(
  • Cool...Just a few problems 4/5

    By GiaRamos
    The app is so cool, I can make reaction videos❤️, the problem is it said that “ Downloading this will only happen once” but it happened a lot of times, and it’s really slow too, and sometimes when I make videos it cuts the video😭, and I have to do it again, but otherwise it’s a great editing app And if you can’t get a laptop you can use this app, I just don’t want my video to cut😔.
  • MUSIC? And length. 3/5

    Could you all make it possible for us to use audio files from a video? Like subtract the sound from Other clips and use that as the music? Because I don’t have music on my phone, and there isn’t much music to select from Because you can only use iTunes previews which are only 30 seconds. And could our videos be longer than 10 minutes?
  • QUESTION!! 3/5

    By mBaddas
    Does anyone know how to fix the YouTube library? Mine is completely empty?!? I’d love to use the free music but it’s not there?
  • What is this..? 3/5

    By Tribezilla
    This is a pretty good app but, there are a couple glitches. There is a glitch where I try to load in a video but it just stops halfway through. I’ve waited hours for it to load... You also should not have to sign it to save your videos. I mean REALLY JUST WHY? aRRrrRrrg!
  • Read mineeee 2/5

    By downloading assets is annoying
    It won’t let me add a video!😤😩
  • Why!!! 1/5

    By dramalamaj
    I’ve used pocket video for about a year now and recently it’s been acting like it’s never acted before it won’t let me save it to my camera and if I try to like save it to messenger if I can save it from there and save it to my carol it won’t let me do that also a problem is is downloads at the beginning whenever you first open the app and it says it will only happen once. So not true! I just don’t know why it’s doing this I’ve had it for a year is never done anything bad you can go check out my YouTube channel YouTube.com/DRAMAlamaJ and it’s very good but lately it’s been acting so bad.UPDATE it got worse can’t even open it up DO NOT GET

PocketVideo - Video Editor app comments


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