Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster

Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster

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  • Current Version: 3.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster App

Postmates delivers the best of your city to your door in minutes, from local favorites to Chipotle and Starbucks. It’s the fastest, easiest way to shop local on-demand—place an order from any restaurant or store and a member of our fleet will pick it up and bring it straight to you! Order Anything: We deliver from virtually any store or restaurant in your city. Order late night meals, last-minutes birthday gifts, cleaning supplies—anything! Speed: Our system takes into account time and distance to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery We’re Always Open: Postmates is a 365 days a year, 24/7 service. Delivery Anywhere: We’ll deliver to your home, office, a park—wherever you’re at! Real-Time Tracking: Keep tabs on your delivery progress on a live map! Customer Service: Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7.

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Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster app reviews

  • Best delivery service ever !!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Swing57
    I have been ordering through all these new apps no one gets it here warmer !!!!!!
  • now a political app? 1/5

    By idrinkduff
    give me food choices, not your opinion on the new president. code: THXTRUMP for 100 lulz.
  • Horrible customer service !! 3/5

    By Kt1123
    I love that postmates delivers to almost anywhere ... now that the good stuff is out of the way here's the bad : Their customer service is AWFUL! If you ever have an issue with an order good luck ever reaching anyone ! They are rude and not helpful ! I've talked to many of their restaurants who have said they would love to refuse service to them due to their attitudes . The random delivery fees are outrages ! It can range from $2.99 -$15.99 . Just always check before you agree to order so you don't get a surprise !
  • My favorite delivery option :) UIXL for $10 off 5/5

    By Happy to Eat
    Out of all the delivery options Postmates is my favorite. The couriers have been the nicest. The restaurant choices are the most interesting. They're the best at setting expectation on when my stuff is going to come so I don't freak out. It's also amazing that I can like non restaurant stuff too. It's just my favorite.
  • I'm addicted 5/5

    By ashliefromafrica
    I've been a PPU subscriber since launch and it's safe to say I'm an addict. Loving the aesop partnership, too 😍
  • Delivery areas 1/5

    By Kitkatt76
    Needs to update your delivery areas
  • The worst 1/5

    By Wanderlush
    This company is evil. They sign up restaurants without their permission and screw over their drivers when the restaurant can't deliver.
  • Never got food 1/5

    By Ihatepostmates
    Long story short food never, worst experience ever, no customer service either.
  • This is so stupid 1/5

    By IM SO MAD !!!!!!!!!!
    If you don't deliver to my address, why do you register my address and let me place my order before saying you can't geocode my address? You deliver to the neighborhood right next to mine, but not mine? This is an awful service, I wish I could give it less stars
  • Won't let me log in. Some error 1/5

    By devonnnee
    Some error keeps on popping up when I try to log in. I changed my password and everything and still getting an error smh ridiculous
  • Worst Service Ever! Stay Away! 1/5

    By Bambinita-nita
    I place a large order at 11:21am that was finally delivered at 2:00pm, when the ETA was at 12:01. The food was a waste for a planed meeting that took place at 1:00pm. Their horrible team acknowledge all the crappy service and mistakes and would not give me a refund. Apparently when you need to speak with someone in charge, "they all are in a meeting". Please don't use them. Stay away from this "service".
  • Always convenient 4/5

    By Milah101893
    I like it. Only once I had a problem where the delivery man did not bring my food. Also you can only contact Postmates via email and not on the phone. Sometimes delivery charges are sky high like $14 to come about 3 miles. Unless you pay for postmates plus then you have to order $25 worth of food to get delivery to be 2.99. But anyways cool app for lunch breaks and no car.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By KC Gentleman
    Use this at least twice a week! LOVE Postmates!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Raza36
    I am at the hospital. I have use this delivery service twice. Each time they are gone above and beyond. They have picked up my food notified me that they play was picked up notified me that they were on their way notify me via text that they were here at the hospital. And then have brought the food all the way to my door so I do not have to leave. Some of the other companies will make you go to the lobby. Thank you so much for making my stay here easier and not making me leave the room.
  • Pretty awesome 5/5

    By Lili Le
    If you can't drive or are to lazy to go get food download this app. It's going to take a bit of time to get here but it's not too long 🙌🏻

    By suckmyentirebutt
    I recommend uber eats. postmates is more expensive more problems with delivery and customer service is the WORST. this app is truly awful
  • Couldn't live without it 5/5

    By mentalsweat
    Our go-to for pretty much everything. Huge fans at our house!!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Yourroberta
    I'm new to Postmates and I absolutely love it. There are times when the weather is bad or you had a long shift, and you just don't want to cook. It's a great alternative! Plus you have the option of trying restaurants you would've tried before
  • Postmates Loves Local 5/5

    By Charles E Cheise
    I have never had a problem with this amazing app. I use their membership program and I get free Starbucks everyday. That pays for the membership itself!! Other than that they have super affordable delivery fees on all my favorite local spots. 10/10 stars
  • Barriers to Communication Drive Poor Service 1/5

    By RFS87
    Food always takes excessively long to arrive (beyond estimates) and driver communication is very poor, even when I provide explicit instructions. Don't recall ever having warm food from Postmates. I order food from delivery services on virtually a daily basis while at work and have used Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24, Waiters on Wheels, DoorDash, etc. countless times. Problems do arise on occasion but are the exception not the norm. Postmates is now permanently out of my rotation of delivery apps and services, which is disappointing given the selection. Perhaps if they focused on cultivating deliverer quality and restaurant relationships I'd give it another try. One star.
  • The best! 5/5

    By Alexandriaraeg0195
    Way better than any other app that does food delivery, it has way better options for choices! Always been good to me!

    By Anhelina12
    First it was great with my 2 Dutch brothers order. But then my money on my bank account was going away. Now a days I rarely go shopping. My money keeps getting taken away in San Francisco when I live like 3 hrs away from there. Then I found out postmate was located in San Francisco. THEY ARE TAKING LIKE $40-$70 every 2 days!!! There like Arabic (not trying to be racist) scams!! Very sad!!!!
  • Not as good as it should be 2/5

    By Amcsherman
    I've had issues with my orders more than once and the service charges are way too high for that kind of service plus the time it takes to get your orders are too long
  • Suuuuucks! 1/5

    By Eleanorrune
    Do NOT use this service! Waited over 2 hours for food . Over an hour after after calling facility and verifying it was on the road (1 mile away) am still waiting for food. No way to contact customer service except to email. CANCELLING the charge on my card just in case.
  • Super glitchy!! 1/5

    By sunnie_1210
    This is app is so glitchy!! It never wants to open up!! I hate it so much
  • Charged me randomly 1/5

    By SVeeBeth
    They recently kept charging me all these high fees, and had to refund me many times- without me knowing about it. Don't use this site. Sketch.
  • Awesome in the winter 5/5

    By Sumleniger
    Been using this app for almost a year and love it. Great during the winter when it's cold and raining and you don't feel like getting out. Haven't had a problem yet.
  • Great food delivered at resonable prices 5/5

    By arisjannell
    Use code 'APARHAM' to get free delivery worth up to $10!
  • No problems here 5/5

    By CrumplesMadmanMania
    I'm not sure why everyone else has problems. I enjoy the app....some prices don't make sense. For example, some places closer to me have a higher delivery fee as places further away. Nice selection of restaurants. I normally use this to try places I've never been to so as to get a feel for the food before venturing out. Only problem: not sure what the special instructions are for when the people (or restaurant workers?) don't read them. There are times the special instructions are important but lately it's just a waste of time typing if it's not going to be taken into consideration. Overall I like it. You should try it too!
  • Postmates knows the way to San Jose! 5/5

    By Rays the Roof
    I live in the San Jose area and Postmates is awesome here. First, they offer Chipotle! Second, they deliver more than just food. Third, you can tip after delivery. Fourth, they have been very reliable. I dig it.
  • Postmates driver 3/5

    By starwoodgurl.
    My husband and I have both driven for postmates. I think the concept is awesome and a good way to make extra income except two major things.. #1 I am a woman and have had to deliver to some really shady locations. The app for a driver has a button for "not available" meaning if the person who ordered doesn't answer the door which believe it or not happens often. However, I can't choose which deliveries I want to take. I just accept and it directs me where to go. I have delivered to tweekers in motels and I am very uncomfortable. I wish there was a button besides the "not available" like "not safe" because I don't want to be delivering into these locations again. #2 I would happily take an hourly pay from postmates and get on foot to notify people about the app. My husband has sat for hours with no deliveries and because this is a second income for us he can afford to do that but they will end up losing business and drivers if they don't spread the word. I live in the Palm Springs area and if the company advertised more, the deliveries would be more frequent. So many businesses here would be ordering lunch or Starbucks but most people don't know about the app. They post on their app for drivers to go and get businesses to sign up and claim "more deliveries for you" but you have to give people incentives to do work for you. And anyone reading this. Please TIP your drivers!! These people are handling your food!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By c175lhbb
    Food always come extremely late. When they say the estimated delivery time is 50 minutes, they really mean 2 hours. Terrible service.
  • Amazing app. 5/5

    By Monkey dunker
    Perfect for when you're lazy!!
  • Spam app 1/5

    Got directed to this app from an ad on a website. It's spam. Remove this garbage Apple.
  • Liars 1/5

    By JordanK283
    Lied about delivery time. Deceptive pricing.
  • Whack service 1/5

    By Most annoyed customer
    I really don't like this app because no one ever wants to pick up my order and then they will tell me to check my email but never email me.
  • Poor Quality - Worse Customer Service 1/5

    By CBS608
    Not a fan of this delivery theory it's great, however I have had multiple issues with orders (wrong items, missing items, cancelled orders 45 mins later, etc). Typically you can at least bank on the fact that the company will stand by their product/service and attempt to 'make-good'. Not Postmates. You'll end up paying for their errors. Use another service - not worth the headache.
  • $20 Credit! - N L I R B X 5/5

    NLIRBX - FREE $20 credit with promo code: NLIRBX - Postmates is my favorite!
  • ZVHUR 4/5

    By Princess( @LooveAleisha)
    ZVHUR FOR FREE DELIVERY!!! Code works have fun!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jvstin1
    Very frustrated with them and they're response to my problem. Never using them again. Uber eats is 100 times better
  • Super expensive delivery for super expensive food. 1/5

    By John Michael Herrera
    The app delivers overpriced food from overpriced restaurants with overpriced deliveries. The overpriced food is not prepared as well as when you eat it there in the actual restaurant. Postmates loves to double up the delivery fee. 99.9% of the time the order is wrong, late, cold and soggy. Always wrong or incorrect!!!!
  • Format 1/5

    By frank e. flowers
    Take a look at the UberEATS app and you see which one is better.
  • Postmates is terrible 1/5

    By Pete Colbert
    Postmates is the worst. I've used them multiple times in the past. And I'm sure they will continue to steal my money in the future. But I hate this company. Never had a delivery in under 45 minutes....I've never ordered from a place nor then 5 miles from my house. I really don't think it's the drivers fault. It's the actually Postmates App themselves . Terrible company. Do not proceed to use Postmates. Of your blessed enough to have seamless web in your area. Use them! Save your hangry belly!!
  • Messed up order every time 1/5

    By Tim113334
    This application is very unreliable and has many bugs in its algorithms. I've been charged over double what I should have and had items missing with no reimbursement. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Eh. 3/5

    By sassylady007
    Glitchy. The driver GPS feature isn't always accurate. Doesn't show all "plus" restaurants.
  • Great App 5/5

    By @dinkdink92
    I love this app it's very convenient

    By Hihuiii
    Okay Postamtes your great And all BUT i think YOU GUYS should add Honolulu to your list bra size I've been waiting a long time for Postamtes to come to Hawaii and it's still not here!!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By The girl with the freckles
    I love it!!
  • It's ok 2/5

    By Badgirlsdoitbest
    I ordered chipotle , everything I ordered was there . But I applied a promo code for $50 - for first time users that did NOT WORK . They also put a $30 hold on your card in order to get the food . Terrible .
  • It's Good Selection of Restaurants...But 4/5

    By TinaG33
    Depending on the delivery person it can make or break the entire experience of it. Some are meticulous others not so much. I've been using it about a year and overall it's been reliable. Notes would be helpful and so would a better customer service protocol when an item is forgotten by the postmate yet still charged to the customers credit card.

Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster app comments

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