Postmates - Food Delivery

Postmates - Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Food Delivery App

Postmates makes local delivery fast and easy! Order from any restaurant or store and a member of our fleet will pick it up and bring it straight to you! Order Anything: We deliver from virtually any store or restaurant in your city. Order late night meals, last-minutes birthday gifts, cleaning supplies—anything! Delivery Anywhere: We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, a park for a meeting, a fancy dinner party —wherever you’re at! Postmates Unlimited: Subscribe to our new Postmates Unlimited program for $9.99/ month and you’ll get free delivery on all orders over $20! Real-Time Tracking: Keep tabs on your delivery progress on a live map! Speed: Our system takes into account time and distance to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery We’re Always Open: Postmates is a 365 days a year, 24/7 service. Customer Service: Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. Postmates is active in most US cities, including: Atlanta Austin Baltimore Bellevue Boston Brooklyn Charlotte Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver East Bay Evanston Fort Lauderdale Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jersey City Kansas City Las Vegas Long Beach Los Angeles Louisville Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Orange County Orlando Palm Springs Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh Sacramento San Antonio San Bernadino San Diego San Francisco Seattle SF Peninsula St. Louis Tampa Tuscon Virginia Beach Washington DC International: Mexico City At Postmates, we aim to transform the way goods move around cities by providing a delivery service on-demand. We thrive to empower communities to shop local.


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Postmates - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Fbbyfnu
    No customer service. When they get your order wrong you just have to submit a support ticket and wait. Poor service
  • Delivery zone 1/5

    By Valavic
    Please deliver to me address
  • Not recommended 1/5

    I have been using this app for about 2 years now, and for the first year everything was fine, but recently my experience has been awful, when I order I either get something I didn’t order or I just completely don’t get anything! And it has happened multiple times so it’s not the merchants fault, it’s on Postmates end... DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DONT USE THIS APP. Use other food services where their customer service is reliable and understanding!
  • Not a dependable app 1/5

    By Jon the Bartender
    They have canceled my order twice now, almost half an hour after the app has notified me the order was accepted. They need to get their sh*t together.
  • Poor communication with restaurants 2/5

    By di919
    I have had several successful deliveries from restaurants in the range of fast food, but when I tried to order from a more sophisticated restaurant (a good sushi restaurant in Brooklyn) I was surprised to receive a call that the Postmate had arrived too early and was not willing to wait. I requested they still complete the delivery but they preferred to cancel my order. Coordinating with the restaurant and with the delivery person is the most basic requirement for this app, and they failed at it! I am giving 2 stars for managing deliveries from fast food; zero stars for the service described above.
  • The worst delivery service available 1/5

    By Steve1273462
    Consistent issues with service. Every order is messed up, missing items, slow delivery. Can't name 1 order recently that didn't result in needing support to refund items. Do not use this service. Use one of the many others available including uber eats!
  • Hidden Fees Galore 1/5

    By SahileChawla
    $14 order usually results in $30+ due to Inflated prices from the restaurant and multiple hidden fees with little to no explanation for the said fees.
  • Use seamless instead 1/5

    By Chel_sea_see
    I decided to give postmates a try, and was severely disappointed with the experience. Not only are all the fees outrageous, but each time I placed an order it took so long to arrive that the food was cold by the time I could actually eat it! Last night I placed an order at 6:45 pm, and the order was estimated to arrive around 7:30. I sat for TWO HOURS waiting for the food to arrive! When the food finally arrived at 8:45 pm, it was cold and soggy. I gave postmates two chances, but I wouldn’t waste my money again. There are so many other services that do the same thing in a timely fashion. Postmates is not worth the hassle, especially for the price. Give seamless a try.
  • Do NOT use this App!! 1/5

    By Realtor-on-the-GO!
    I have used this app for the first time, and my delivery was supposed to be 30mins long, but it actually turned into a 2 hr delivery. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!
  • Charged for no reason then sexually harassed by their customer service representative 1/5

    By Linda <3333333333333
    I just downloaded Postmates and ordered food however they not only charged me for the food but they charged me a total of $16.79 extra for no apparent reason. I tried contacting their office phone number in Phoenix where I was sexually harassed and was told by the customer service rep he will not help me unless I told him I loved him. Phone number was (800) 853-9701

    By Jen784446
    You will order food that never arrives, and they still expect you to pay for it to have it delivered. Use UberEats instead!
  • Customer service is bad 1/5

    By steeler04
    They just kill you with sorts, but other than that they don’t do anything for you
  • So many fees! 2/5

    By Meowkittyprowl
    Postmates used to be reasonable. Now it charges a $4 delivery fee on top of a TWENTY PERCENT SERVICE CHARGE Even if you pay $10 a month for unlimited, you need to spend $20 minimum, with the service charge and tax ends up being $30! Very unfortunate. Has a lot of delivery options but many other apps are way more affordable
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By Claudia Miles
    The app and the service itself are disappointing. As for the app, it should allow you to save descriptions of custom items ordered so you can use them at any location. I order some things that are gluten-free and hard to find, so I include directions and a photo of the item. My past orders are saved, But sometimes I'm closer to a different "Ralph's or Whole Foods. And I cannot transfer my descriptions of items to a different store location and have to type them all over again. I also find the app poorly laid out. Or perhaps it's simply poorly marked. There should be a drop-down menu all in one place That says Settings, past orders, FAQ, About Postmates, Saved lists (Again, I think the Postmates app should allow you to save a list of items that you have ordered that you can individually add to a new order.) In the area where you give your address and directions,,It should ask how are you want to be contacted if Postmates have a question. I know you can click help and you can call or message the postmate. But there should be a place where you can instruct the postmate to text or call you if they cannot find something. The Service: Often postmates WILL text or call me if they can't find something , which is greatly appreciated. (I have squeezed in there asking to be texted.) But today was one of the lesser quality deliveries., I ordered gluten-free bagels and GF bread from a Ralph's that has a separate gluten free freezer case so it is easier to find. I included directions to find that freezer case and photos of the items. The postmate found the case as he found the bread that I wanted. But instead of gluten-free bagels from the freezer case, he got me a generic brand of English muffins?? that are not gluten-free and were not frozen. I know that they have gluten-free bagels in the freezer case. And I listed a 2nd and 3rd choice that he could get in case they didn't have the kind I wanted. But he didn't even look in the freezer case. Additionally I asked for cage-free/organic eggs. Any brand. There are numerous cage free eggs at the store. Instead I just got a dozen generic conventional eggs. If he I didn't understand what the term cage free meant, he could have texted me or called me, I wish there was a way to specify on postmates that I would like someone familiar with the area / los angeles. Anyone who is lived here a while or is from here would have gotten this right. Sometimes I order things where it doesn't matter if someone knows LA. But I would even pay a little more to get somebody who is local or has worked locally for a couple of years.
  • Bad Services & Charging Unreasonable Extra Fees 1/5

    By HelloAPstar
    I ordered a Korean food with my Postmates Unlimited, which should be free delivery. However, after I got my food delivered, they charged me more than 20% service fees. Postmates includes not only the delivery fee but also a fee called service fee, which is nonsense for me. Because if I order food from the same restaurant through another delivery app, they will not charge me any service fee. The service fee charged by Postmates is so high and unreasonable, and they cannot even explain what the money is for. Also, Postmates never really reply your email. I tried to cancel my Postmates unlimited yearly plan since I felt their services and fees were too bad. However, no one replied my emails. I sent about 6 emails in a week to emphasize my request. I still got nothing. In addition, Postmates Unlimited has a base amount limit, which means only when you spend over $20 in a merchant, you can get the free delivery, but still with extra service fees charged. Therefore, I would say, there is no real free delivery with Postmates, and they charged unreasonable high service fees. Besides, you will never expect an email reply from their customer services and they do not have a phone number that we can call.
  • Ok but the update descriptions are LIFE. 5/5

    By Flope106
    Been using Postmates for a while and it’s still one of the more reliable food delivery apps out there. Ya, mistakes happen, but customer service is super responsive so if anything goes wrong I can count on it being fixed. All in all it’s good, BUT YOU HAVE TO READ THE APP UPDATE DESCRIPTIONS. To whoever writes them - you make my day every time.
  • Anyone else getting charged more? 1/5

    By $y00n9m0n¥
    I recently started to use the app first order was so great and fast. But the thing is why is it when I check my balance in my bank account it’s more than the total cost it should for example I order something and the total ends up being $16.29 but on my bank account it’s $23.70.
  • Deliver food in time 4/5

    By Clarine Mackelworth
    I like using postmates application because it always deliver food in time and I am never half fed anymore
  • Use coupons 5/5

    By Pieter Sucre
    While ordering food in postmates application I always make sure that I have used coupons so as to make the payment much more cheaper
  • So much fun 4/5

    By CoucherGGG
    Postmates application is so much fun that I always use this app to order restaurant food
  • Well efficient app 5/5

    By Lelah Tonry
    Postmates application is a well efficient app and it always take diligent care of their customers demand
  • Deliver within said time 5/5

    By Sandye Roust
    The delivery person always delivers food within the mentioned timeline and never get late beyond that
  • Very feasible 5/5

    By Elwira Mapples
    I always order from postmates application because it is user friendly and easily feasible
  • No cooking now 5/5

    By Erda Trussler
    I don't spend much time in cooking these days but simply order food from postmates application
  • Convenient app 4/5

    By Cindy Petrushanko
    I like to use postmates application because it is very convenient and feasible application
  • Not a good cook 5/5

    By Solomon Rosenberger
    I am not a good cook or a great chef hencewhy I always take charge upon postmates application
  • Comes to my rescue 4/5

    By Malachi Whitlock
    Postmates application is the app which always comes to my rescue to feed my vigorous hungry stomach
  • Not a person but an app to rely on 5/5

    By Gal Kilday
    I don't rely on any person for my work but I strongly rely on postmates this way my details likinds are alwasy kept confidential
  • My household shopping companion 4/5

    By Tonye MacKey
    There is nobody else to help me with shopping, postmates suggests me better items at best prices and discounted matrials pop-up first
  • Postmates food deliveries 5/5

    By Even Winterburn
    Postmates food delievery is unbelievable they pick my things from only where I sugggested them while ordering and I also cross check via tracking facility of postmates
  • Its services are super fast 5/5

    By Neall Caush
    Superfast services are only I have seen here postmates can do any task easy to tough all means all
  • Recommend you download it better 4/5

    By Dedra Buddell
    Better for everybody to download it who are extrmely busy with their hectice schedule of daily life
  • An app created for me 4/5

    By Alis Jachimiak
    This app is for me and many others like me this fantastic app do fantastic food delivery, last order delivered within 38minutes
  • Cute creation 4/5

    By Holly Flear
    Postmates is thoughtful and a very creative and cutest creation where I can get anything at even 4.00am very morning my things are always ready with this
  • No words to say, its awesome 4/5

    By nbeerr
    Its awesome and I have no words to describe about its toughness its worth of being given multiple chances
  • An app that understand my and your wishes 5/5

    By Timothea Walsh
    An app there to understand what I want.. Postmates is that app
  • Time to go for postmates 5/5

    By Ardella Smithson
    No time, not in mood, this happened with me manytimes I have no time to cook or I don't like cooking at all so I do postmates
  • No where to go, postmates is always open 5/5

    By Jessie Duchart
    Postmates is like an ATM alawys open 24/7 365days no shortage of cash that sometimes happen with ATM even , postmates is great and serving like a dedicated person
  • A compact app with so many possibilities 4/5

    By Nate Birwhistle
    Possibilties and postmates fits together, this app is creative and unique and always filled with surprises
  • I am happy after food deliveries 5/5

    By gudrun.harvey
    Postmates food delivery is very satisfactory, I recommend it to everybody
  • I made a correct decision to download this 5/5

    By Maddie O'Neill
    I proudly say that postmates is not a mistake its worth of beind downloaded in every devices, there services are the one
  • Meaningful and rich 4/5

    By daniel.torrance
    Postmates is rich and maeningful postmates staffs never leave work in mid I got my all orders whenver ordered
  • Do not use... make room for better company 1/5

    By appsthatrock
    I have been using Postmates despite: last minute and late cancellations of my orders, incorrect items delivered, taking an order then cancelling more than an hour after (happened more than once), increasing fees (even though I am an unlimited member), all because many of the restaurants I like only use Postmates. My notifications to Postmates with my issues are met with a simple we are sorry. That’s it. They are completely taking their customers for granted. If enough people stop using Postmates, the restaurants will sign up with alternative delivery services. Time for a better delivery service.
  • Within seconds order is dechiphered there 4/5

    By Marina Corain
    Poeple take hours to get one simple but this robot name postmates decipher everything in minutes, I for fast services always go for postmates
  • Anyone can depend on 4/5

    By Renado Ding
    Postmates is to depend on, I preferred this app everytime and will do the same fo future they are simply amazing
  • A 100% reliable service 4/5

    By Abdul Rubenoviccccc
    Postmates is 100% realiable you or me anybody even my pet I can order anything for anyone, they deliver things of anysize from pedigree to shoes or anything
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By mchmch123667
    they will get ur orders wrong (literally every order) and will not give you refund. i even got a soup with broken lid and the soup was sitting in the plastic bag (definitely, not safe to eat) and they refused to give me full refund. postmates have no respect for customers time and money. i have no trust in this service and they have terrible customer support who basically can't help customers.
  • Anything, anywhere, anytime is a lie. 1/5

    By David91107
    Just another food delivery service. You cannot get Anything, anywhere, anytime.
  • Ridiculously expensive. 1/5

    By Liddo_cat
    Something that normally costs 5$ turns into 20$?!? Plus they add on even more fees on top of that.
  • Too expensive, holds money, no free delivery 1/5

    By JustWantedMiniTacos
    Okay so I thought I’d try the app because we love snacking. I put in a friends promo code to get the 10$ credit for my first delivery and it didn’t work so I didn’t get any credit. I reached out to customer service and never heard back. I figured I’m sure it’s not that expensive for some bags of chips or a hot dog. They charge you a “small cart fee” if your items don’t meet a price quota, plus tax and delivery how did a 11$ purchase turn into a 20$ purchase? plus they hold money after your first delivery for some reason. No thanks post mates. I’ll just bus it to 7/11.

Postmates - Food Delivery app comments


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