Postmates - Food Delivery

Postmates - Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Postmates Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Postmates - Food Delivery App

Postmates makes local delivery fast and easy! Order from any restaurant or store and a member of our fleet will pick it up and bring it straight to you! Order Anything: We deliver from virtually any store or restaurant in your city. Order late night meals, last-minutes birthday gifts, cleaning supplies—anything! Delivery Anywhere: We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, a park for a meeting, a fancy dinner party —wherever you’re at! Postmates Unlimited: Subscribe to our new Postmates Unlimited program for $9.99/ month and you’ll get free delivery on all orders over $20! Real-Time Tracking: Keep tabs on your delivery progress on a live map! Speed: Our system takes into account time and distance to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery We’re Always Open: Postmates is a 365 days a year, 24/7 service. Customer Service: Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. Postmates is active in most US cities, including: Atlanta Austin Baltimore Bellevue Boston Brooklyn Charlotte Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver East Bay Evanston Fort Lauderdale Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jersey City Kansas City Las Vegas Long Beach Los Angeles Louisville Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Orange County Orlando Palm Springs Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh Sacramento San Antonio San Bernadino San Diego San Francisco Seattle SF Peninsula St. Louis Tampa Tuscon Virginia Beach Washington DC International: Mexico City At Postmates, we aim to transform the way goods move around cities by providing a delivery service on-demand. We thrive to empower communities to shop local.


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Postmates - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    By Mlramos1121
    I have ordered from Postmates twice this month and both times were a disaster. The first time my food came an hour late and was ice cold. I decided to ignore it and just reheat my food myself. Then the second time I ordered a $78 hold was placed on my bank account for an order that was less than $20. When I contacted customer service I was told that this happens everytime someone places an order from Postmates but I’ve never had such an outrage charge hit my account. I will never use Postmates again and unless you have $100 reserved to order food I wouldn’t recommend using it either
  • Don’t get 1/5

    By Tatianananananananann
    Extremely hard to use I don’t recommend it all all
  • They will steal your money 1/5

    By LeslieBMoore
    This used to be a great app but now they are all about the money. Extremely high delivery fees and taxes! Also don’t let them make a mistake with your order; they forgot to deliver my burger last night and the restaurant gave me a refund but Postmates refuses to pass the refund onto my card!!!! So they are charging me FULL price with taxes and delivery fee for POOR service and keeping the refund for themselves. I will never use them again.
  • Use to be a Great App! 1/5

    By R&B_Kat
    Until......these hidden HOLDING fees appear on your bank account! I understand holding the amount of the order, but to put another hold 2 days later for the amount plus what you tipped the driver is unbelievable! Never AGAIN! Deleting this app! 👋😎 ohh FYI, they’ll collect on the amount plus tip (second hold), then make you wait 5 days to remove the first hold! 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Bad 1/5

    By ag336677
    Ordered two items from CVS. Got the wrong item. Delivery person had no clue what to do with the incorrect item. No phone number to call. Gave it back to delivery person. Then looked at order, suddenly there’s a hefty service fee. Apparently CVS is not on their network so add 20%. Contacted customer service via email. Response: nothing more we can do for you. Summary: poor fulfillment topped by poor customer service. Will delete app once I get refund for returned item.
  • Wrong order 1/5

    By Matt4life55
    I went and filed an order on post mates that cost $16.45 and it was completely wrong so I went and complained on the help center and they only refunded $7.12 back. So I basically paid over $11 for food that was completely wrong. Never using this piece of crap app again.
  • slow service. 2/5

    By Awesome dance
    took more than an hour to deliver my food. postmates didn’t even answer my contact. terrible service
  • Love the service Hate hold fee 1/5

    By Unhappy in GT
    I hate that every time I’ve had to order items they place a hold for 10 times the order amount. Example: I ordered Juan Pollo, the amount put on hold was for $89. Then placed order for cigarettes and beer, amount on hold was $139. Now I want to order a bottle of wine I know the price is $15 for the bottle but they want to place a hold for another $146? They’ve yet to return my previous hold money.
  • Overcharges 1/5

    By Lurssenb
    To many over charges . Temporary charges are really just a scheme to charge more in the end. And I can’t find why.
  • Step It Up 1/5

    By Julie C?
    This app isn’t available to everyone so that right there is a negative. If this app isn’t available everywhere it’s useless. I downloaded this app hoping it was available in my area since Uber eats is still not available in my area, come to find that postmates is not in my area either. VERY FRUSTRATING. Also I’m reading about all these different fee they impose t I customers as well and that just makes ten worse. So to me this app is COMPLETELY USELESS. 0 Stars!!
  • Why? 1/5

    By Squad Chloe
    Every time i try to order dutch off of here it wants me to pay 50-55 dollars and it’s ridiculous.
  • Use UberEats 1/5

    By Mikeyyytyyt
    Screwed up orders, bad customer service, and unreliable drivers. Great job guys.

    By Ivy Elizabeth pdx :)
    Ordering postmates is awesome when it works but if you’re looking to drive for this zero integrity company, DON’T. Find another company if you can. They just scammed me out of my valentines bonus because I don’t have a screenshot of a notification THEIR SYSTEM SENT ME saying I qualified. If you don’t screenshot things they’ll cheat you out of them, like the notification saying I’d get a free premium postmates membership with 25 deliveries that disappeared around that number. Or the $250 bonus I was supposed to get for doing 30 deliveries in 30 days that also disappeared around when I hit that number. Not only is Postmates expensive, they also have zero love for their drivers, I’d steer clear.
  • Total waste of time 1/5

    By Courtneyw2621
    My first time ordering on this app was fine. The food was delivered in about 1 hour. Lastnight, I went to order from McDonalds and it said my order was accepted. About 30 Mins later, I was given a driver. 15 Mins later, the driver cancelled and my order was cancelled as well. I went to reorder and it said the restaurant wasn’t available bc there were no Postmates in the area. So I waited about 2 Mins and the restaurant was on the app again. I replaced the order, waited 30 Mins for a driver, and guess what? In about 15 Mins, THE ORDER CANCELLED AGAIN. I waited about 2 hours for absolutely nothing. Waste of time. I’m not sure of the circumstances bc I’m not the driver, but it would’ve been really nice to get an explanation for the cancellation.
  • Scam 1/5

    By the-mza
    PostMates is a scam. They will take your order. Add an expensive markup for delivery. Another for a ‘service charge’. And then if your order is wrong or incomplete, simply send boiler plate platitudes over email. You work hard for your money; PostMates won’t. Spend it somewhere else instead.
  • Best app for ordering food 4/5

    By Drei666
    Postmates is good. I prefer this application only for ordering food. I can order from any restaurant. Delivery is on time.
  • Smooth transcation 4/5

    By Carlye Foan
    Order from any restaurant and enjoy your meal. I really like this app, for its amazing services. 24*7 accessible.
  • Amazing features. 4/5

    By ThaxtThumann
    Easy using, amazing features. Postmates is good and delivery is on time. Services 24*7. what else needed, anytime food with Postmates.
  • Service is 24*7 4/5

    By Wendell Romanski
    I order my food from postmates only. Amazing app, service is 24*7, on time delivery. I like this app a lot.
  • Everything at home in few clicks 4/5

    By Orly Follan
    Superb app.Much helpful. No need to step out of house. Not feeling well, order from postmates and get everything at home in just few clicks.
  • Get groceries here 4/5

    By JobiWellen
    Get groceries from postmates, no need to go stores now. Super useful satisfied with their services.
  • Much helpful application 4/5

    By TeSangwin
    Such a nice app. Much helpful and delivery is on time. Order from any restaurant and enjoy at home.
  • Amazing performance 4/5

    By wwWilgar
    Very cool app! I really like postmates. Amazing performance of this app, timely delivery and 24*7 services.
  • Order from any shop 5/5

    By Allittttttt
    Postmates delivery is on time and i can order from any restaurant or shop. Food, alcohol, groceries everything can be purchased here.
  • Satisfied with service 4/5

    By RodriLeggett65yyy
    I am much satisfied with the services of Postmates. I order my food from here only. Timely delivery and 24*7 service.
  • Order alcohol also 4/5

    By D'ar8Kleiner
    Very cool application. I can order alcohol also along with food and groceries. No need to step out now, everything at home.
  • services 24 HOUR 4/5

    By PietCasali
    Services of 24 hour. Timely delivery. Postmates is good, application works good, no transcation issues.
  • On time delivery 5/5

    By LaviniMunt
    Amazing app. On time delivery of food and groceries. No worry for parties now when Postmates is here. Amazing.
  • Shop groceries here 5/5

    By Cathrae5
    Much helpful app. No time to shop Groceries? No worry when Postmates is here. I order my groceries from postmates and they deliver at home.
  • Delivery on time 5/5

    By TPonnsetttttttttt
    I like postmates. Delivery is on time and at any location. I can order from any restaurant and enjoy.
  • No need to step out 4/5

    By OdeliCarlsson76
    Amazing application. I require not to venture out when i am drained or unwell. Postmates delivery everything on doorstep.
  • Amazing application 5/5

    By GlendAveline
    Very cool! Postmates is amazing. I order food from here only as it allows to order from any restaurant and also buy groceries
  • Order food from any restaurant 4/5

    By FarlDyerson
    I really like postmates. Delivery is on time and 24*7 service. I can order from any restaurant. Amazing app!
  • Helpful app 4/5

    By AdelWildber
    Postmates is amazing. I like it. I purchase all my staple goods from here only. Much helpful app.
  • Eat quality food 4/5

    By GeraMcElory
    I like to eat good quality restaurant food atleast once a meal and therefore I always order it in postmates app
  • Order veggies 4/5

    By KeslNipper88
    I always order for my veggies in postmates app and no other app
  • Never say no 4/5

    By GarriLindberg
    I never say no to restaurant food and that is why my sister always order food for me from postmates app
  • Do not loiter time 5/5

    By StanlyBleythin77
    With postmates app in my phone I dont loiter time too much but order food from this app
  • Never stop eating sandwich 4/5

    By RicNazair
    I never stop eating sandwiches from my favourite store and that is why I always order it in postmates app
  • So much relieved 4/5

    By Lon Cleveryyyy
    I feel so much relieved to have postmates app because I can order food from this app anytime
  • Don't like any other app 4/5

    By GArkill
    I dont like any other app but postmates app to order food any store of my city
  • Best gourmet food 5/5

    By AlrCockburn
    I love to use postmates app because I can always order best gourmet quality food anytime
  • Fond of food 4/5

    By BrElsmore
    I am fond of food hencewhy postmates app always stay in my current used app
  • Postmates is everything 4/5

    By GarrDuffet
    Postmates app is everything for me and I can never stay away from this app
  • Can't stay away from food 4/5

    By Michelin66Heningam
    Since I cant stay away from food I cannot stay away from postmates anytime
  • Fallen apart...... 1/5

    By Irishmanatthepub
    Stay away from this app
  • Could be so much better 1/5

    By Lilbur237489
    They don’t check orders, 10/10 deliveries have been incorrect.
  • Underwhelmed ✨ 1/5

    By KashMontáe
    I tried, I really tried to ignore all the bad reviews, because I like to try things out for myself before judgment. Postmates you really dropped the ball. The app listed my order would be ready and delivered within 35-minutes. 1-hr and 15min later I received my order. COLD!!! We love ordering out on a lazy Sunday we seldom get, but you have ruined that desire to ever use this app again. Thank the stars! I was smart enough to use my American Express card! I’m disputing this tomorrow. 💅🏾
  • expensive 3/5

    By JerryRohira
    even signing up for the unlimited service- they tack on fees. not worth it unless you’re desperate. just add an extra $10 for delivery.
  • Need better organization 2/5

    By Psdanielga
    I have to say when Postmates started out it was reliable and quick. It has got a lost worse. Drivers deliver food 45 min after picking it up and it arrives cold. Customer service sends you a generic we are sorry email. Sometimes the driver never shows up and they give you credit on the account which forces you to use their service again. Don’t download this app. UberEats is much more reliable and at least they let you know when your driver has to make another stop so you are not waiting 1.5hrs for cold food.

Postmates - Food Delivery app comments


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