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  • Current Version: 2.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Potbelly Sandwich Works, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Potbelly Sandwich Shop App

Welcome to the new Potbelly Perks app! With our new app you’ll be able to seamlessly order and pay for your favorite meal and earn amazing perks. Get through the line quickly and securely just by scanning your phone at the register. No wallet required! Best of all, the more you visit, the more rewards you’ll earn. -NEW Features- EASY AND SECURE MOBILE PAYMENTS Save time & jump the line! Order and pay for your food ahead of time and we'll have it ready when you arrive or pay in shop by simply scanning your QR code at the register! FIND YOUR LOCAL POTBELLY Location your local Potbelly Shop and check out the menu any time. GIVE THE GIFT OF POTBELLY Send digital gift cards through the app that can be used to order via the app or in store!


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Potbelly Sandwich Shop app reviews

  • Can’t put in manual tip 3/5

    By this name is already taken
    I want to put in more than 25% because I am 15 min awake by bike and the weather is atrocious right now but there’s no option to put in a tip manually. Very frustrating because I got the app so I wouldn’t have to constantly call them, but I apparently have to call them anyways, which is an inconvenience for both me and the store. Please add an option to put in a manual tip. I have had no issues with the app otherwise.
  • “Perks” are not worth keeping this app on my phone 1/5

    By copisti
    Apparently, you have to use this app to “collect perks” for something like 6 years straight in order to actually get a free sandwich. I’ve been using it for over 6 months and barely get anything (maybe a BOGO cookie - which is not really something I would want). Additionally, I’ve never had an experience where the cashier didn’t have something go wrong with the app (confusion when scanning, not sure whether it went through, etc.). The app and its perks are not really worth the space they take up on my phone.
  • Getting better 2/5

    By Carly0017
    Useless app!! The only good thing is that is saves fav store and fav orders. Can't edit fav orders, for example, if I want to add a drink, I have to completely make a full new order instead. Can't see perks in account, and not sure when I have them or not. Do not accumulate perks for ordering, just random promotions that aren't great. Would rather see all ordering options in columns instead of clicking "more". ****Has 30 minutes as shortest time even at 11am.**** Usually I just go in and order instead of ordering on app, since that is faster 100% of time. There is ZERO benefit to having the app vs just going into the store. I love love the food, but I can't see the benefit here.
  • Convenient but lacking 3/5

    By Getwiser
    I like this app but I have to write in “extra tomatoes and add spinach” and then pay for the add ons when I get to the shop, because they’re not available to select.
  • Does not use Apple Pay 1/5

    By Dainty Critic
    The Potbelly app is deficient because it dies not use Apple Pay. You have to store your credit card with Potbelly to pay with the app. Also, the reward or perks are not clear.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Ootmforever
    Advertisement said get a free cookie when you download the app. We were at the store already and I downloaded it to get the free cookie. Well, ACTUALLY, you have to download the app, order through your phone, and pay through your phone to get the “free cookie” in the ad. Since I was already in line and about to talk to the restaurant worker, I couldn’t order online and pay through my phone and get my free cookie. Too good to be true. Deleting the app.
  • Charges but no food or double charges 1/5

    By Vkewalra
    One time my food order was not placed but I was charged for it. Another time my wife was charged on both cards in her Apple wallet, but only one order was placed.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Bgdjcdkzfmlxykx
    My new favorite!
  • Potbelly sandwiches 5/5

    By Moni67toot
    Love Potbelly
  • Not ready at designated time 1/5

    By bonuny
    I preorder so I can double park and run in, hard to do when 15 min passed pick up time, my order still isn’t ready.
  • It works 5/5

    By The Nickname of nicknames
    I get sandwiches, what more do you want
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By Sir Andrew of London
    I can place an order but the app quits when it tries to confirm it :(
  • Beware was double charged 1/5

    By SirNeoGeo
    Was doubled charged to credit card at the store when using this app. Received two e-mails from the app showing the purchase. Confirm I was doubled charged on my credit card. Took information back to store the following day. They referred me to a customer support number that contained a voice mail that never returned my call, so disputed extra charge with the credit card company. Now getting push back from Level Up on the dispute.
  • Order is never ready on time 2/5

    By hdevarajan
    Fulfillment is always the hard part not software, and the key point of the app, that no waiting, is rarely delivered on
  • Jen K 1/5

    By _.klk._
    Not very clear on how to use app and earn rewards and employees don’t seem familiar with the app to help
  • Poor Perks 1/5

    By Lebanon Donn
    Never get any perks. Spent over a 100 in 6 months
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By CVFashion
    Potbellys doesn't offer many good rewards. They expect you to buy sandwiches everyday to gain points. But the rewards they offer are weak like a cookie. The app do not really give discounts either.
  • Not for iPhone! 1/5

    By JimSRussell
    No support for Safari auto fill, keychain, nor Apple Pay. What a waste.
  • Need same options as in store 3/5

    By Jr71561
    Love using the app but is there a reason I can order a sandwich with extra meat in the store but not on the app??? It only has a double meat option only please add extra meat option also!!!
  • Could be SO much better 2/5

    By BayouBrat
    I don’t know if it’s the app’s fault, or Potbelly’s themselves, but this is the third (and FINAL) time, I will use the app to pay. Once again, I paid with the app, got an immediate receipt, and was told by the employee, the payment didn’t go through, please do it again. So, I did. Again, I get immediate confirmation, and I’m told “No. it didn’t go through, please rescan”. I refused, as I’ve now paid $89 for 4 sandwiches/sides. The employee THREATENED to call the police and have me arrested for stealing!!! The manager FINALLY got off her cell phone, “voided” the order, and said I could go. She didn’t/doesn’t know how to refund my money, so I’ll have to trek BACK to the store, and try to find someone who has a clue as to what they’re doing. I’m over this app
  • Horrible App/Order experience 1/5

    By Meaty098
    Got an email with Potbelly promotion of Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) available today only. Well today I went into the App and it was complete misery. The App gave me an error saying the Potbelly App server “LEVEL UP” was in the middle of an upgrade and it kicked me out of the App. Logged in again and tried again. This time the Potbelly location near me didn’t come up and I had to place the order with the other one several miles away. App again kicked me out when checking out, mind you it took the system 10minutes stalling before it kicked me out. Tried it a third time... placed the order (now it’s over 30 minutes in the App to order). Drove out of my way to the Potbelly not near me because the error in the App, if you recall it wouldn’t let me order near me. The order was not ready on time when I got there!!!. Had to wait 35 minutes!!! Finally got my family order and came home to find out that it was wrong. All the “extra’s” that I paid for were not included. So, my experience was; (1) horrible online App experience (2) unacceptable on time availability (3) order was wrong My husband and I both complained to the online customer service after our order and were both given the exact IDENTICAL cut and paste email response. No refund was given, no vouchers... just oh well we’re sorry.
  • Horrible incomplete 1/5

    By Kobayashi
    Slow web shell. Potbelly found crack dealer who does side hustle business as developer. Where is Apple Pay in 2018?
  • Doesn’t give BOGO offer as advertised in email! 1/5

    By donnaray
    Email said that if I downloaded this app and signed up for their club I would get a special offer: “Buy One, Get One Free Originals, Skinnys or FLATS sandwich offer valid only on December 28, 2017”. NOPE—app doesn’t show the offer and they didn’t send a coupon for it via email. DELETING!!
  • Potbelly App Crashing 2/5

    By PrincessDMoney
    App has issues with crashing. Tried to place order on the app today, and it kept saying there are no locations available. This created chaos in the store as people were calling and over a dozen people rushed in complaining that they couldn’t place an order on the app. Thankfully the mgr of the store honored the B1G1F sandwich deal. Just checked the app again and now it’s telling me that a connection couldn’t be established.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By alliecatindahat
    Both the website and the app are having glitches today and every time I order pickup for my office over the phone at this location they mess up my order.
  • Annoying to use 1/5

    By Jelly822
    I go into the app knowing which location I want to order from, but it says there are no locations near me to order for pickup—the location is not a half mile away from me! This app is inconvenient to order from at all times. Even when I do get it to work, it’s constantly loading when I’m trying to check my basket and pay. (Note: the website on a mobile device has the same issue with constantly loading on the payment page, and I never get an option to pay.)
  • Double charged; refused refund 1/5

    By Dodotuyus
    This is terrible. Stole my money
  • Not convenient 1/5

    By MandersLou
    App gave a notification that it could not connect to the business. Not very convenient
  • Perks program 3/5

    By lovethesandwich
    The app isn’t as user friendly as it should be. The rewards take a very long time to accrue. We go fairly often but have never earned much more than a birthday cookie
  • You are losing businesses because of this app! 1/5

    By Jerry546
    The software is poorly developed. When you have multiple sandwiches with the same name in the order, you can’t easily edit them without getting the whole order messed up. You will have to remove them and redo the order. The quantity field sometimes doesn’t work when a new sandwich is created. This app has been problematic for a long time. Can the app development team please fix the issues?
  • Constant Crashing 1/5

    By UsersNamesAreAllTaken
    Me- *hungry & opens app* App- “Something’s gone wrong: There was a problem with the network” Me- *hits retry* App- *crashes* Me- *now hangry*
  • Good App but locations are not all the same 3/5

    By data dude21
    I can order regular items everywhere I go there is a Potbelly’s but the sides and fountain drinks are not always available. Sometimes the stores do not receive the orders timely but the teams at each location and every location are fantastic and make up for it quickly and politely. Love me some Potbelly!
  • Hard to navigate 1/5

    By Sue toma
    Love Potbelly’s. HATE the App! Very hard to understand if you have earned rewards. Too many screens to have to go back and forth. Make it easier to navigate!
  • Perks download 3/5

    By Bad chicca
    Sometimes app does not load perks
  • Great App 5/5

    By Davidw4806
    Works great, store can have problems with the reader but the app works fine.
  • Tipping 4/5

    By Say Rah H
    You should be able to add your own tip, not just based on a percentage.
  • Trash 1/5

    By G1102
    Difficult to set up and it keeps crashing.
  • Pick up time is a joke 3/5

    By Ricky Dunnigan
    The app works fine with me. My problem is what’s the point of ordering online if your order is never ready comes pick up time. Maybe it’s just this specific location.The only reason I order online is because I’m trying to save time. Defeats the purpose when I still have to wait five more minutes When I get there.
  • Good when it works, doesn’t work much 2/5

    By Zapping
    Most times when I try to use the app it gives a “somethings gone wrong” error. When it does work it works well, but I’d say that’s 1 in 5 days when I try it. Various app updates have not changed this error.
  • Great food- terrible ap 1/5

    By TwoCentsable
    I wish Potbellies could fix their ap so it would be easy to pick stores and redo orders. You can only see past orders after you have gone through ordering. And getting the right store? So difficult to navigate!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Dawndiane
    Not user-friendly AT ALL
  • Order NEVER ready on time! 1/5

    By Payton conn
    This is the 3rd time I’ve used the mobile App to place my order and every time I go to pick it up I’m waiting at least 19 min. What’s the point of preordering? So frustrating!!!
  • Overall Satisfied 4/5

    By Peptrish
    For the most part the app works ok. There are times when it seems to glitch when trying to place a repeat order. Also on a few occasions the store did not have my order ready when promised.
  • Lacks important details 1/5

    By MNSportsJunkie
    No way to tell what your account balance is.
  • A pain 3/5

    By Cubfaninin
    It should be easier to see perks and figure out balances on gift cards. They are no where to be found!!
  • App doesn’t always work?? 3/5

    By potbelly fan
    App does not always work but when it does it is great!
  • App: Font is difficult to read/Not ready upon arrival 1/5

    By Lilliput Times: Book Reviewer
    Gold font on white background is difficult to read. Ordered and paid via app 30 minutes in advance. Sandwich was not ready when I arrived 8 minutes AFTER the projected ready-time.
  • Really do the app sync with store? 1/5

    By Eshneev
    Again this is my second attempt at ordering via app went to store they had not started the order the app said 7.15 ready I am here at 7.19 no apologies no sorry we just started just poor customer service why have an app that does not meet customer voice
  • Garbage 1/5

    By KillGra
    This app is straight crap now. Constantly kicks you out and tells you the server can’t be reached. I’ve given it several more chances and it’s still junk. Over it. Jersey Mikes has a working app and is closer to me, so that’s that I guess.
  • Best sandwich ever 5/5

    By Moore's Painting
    Vegetables on sandwich always fresh

Potbelly Sandwich Shop app comments


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