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  • Current Version: 2.0.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Potbelly Sandwich Works, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Potbelly Sandwich Shop App

Welcome to the new Potbelly Perks app! With our new app you’ll be able to seamlessly order and pay for your favorite meal and earn amazing perks. Get through the line quickly and securely just by scanning your phone at the register. No wallet required! Best of all, the more you visit, the more rewards you’ll earn. -NEW Features- EASY AND SECURE MOBILE PAYMENTS Save time & jump the line! Order and pay for your food ahead of time and we'll have it ready when you arrive or pay in shop by simply scanning your QR code at the register! FIND YOUR LOCAL POTBELLY Location your local Potbelly Shop and check out the menu any time. GIVE THE GIFT OF POTBELLY Send digital gift cards through the app that can be used to order via the app or in store!


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Potbelly Sandwich Shop app reviews

  • Needs fountain drink option 3/5

    By rdogg125
    Need the ability to purchase a fountain drink from the app, also what happened to Apple Pay? It was in the previous version of the app but is now gone...
  • Poorly Made App 2/5

    By Dansker299
    The app is poorly made. They layout is confusing and not practical. The order ahead doesn’t work well or at all. And they should let you add the QR code to Apple wallet do you don’t have to open the app every time. But, if you eat at potbelly a lot the app is worth the struggles for the rewards.
  • NOT user friendly 1/5

    By Recordman6612
    I downloaded this app since the store is close to where we live. I know find out you have to have an email address or Facebook. I'm not on Facebook and I don't give out my email, so I'm SOL. First Target and now you guys. Why do I have to give out my email, just to look at a menu? Bad customer service! If I can't look at the menu without having to give up my email, you're history. Whoever set this system up needs to be horse whipped! Not even worth one star.
  • no cookie 1/5

    By Likes_King_
    i downloaded the app and sent it to a friend who proceeded to download the app and i didn’t get a free cookie i’m mad also your piano is out of tune
  • No place for tax exempt 4/5

    By No Donny
    This app doesn’t allow you to add a tax exempt card or number. It also doesn’t give you the option to pay at the store instead of using your credit cards
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Chigirly1
    Love the ease of ordering on the app and the perks. Would be great if the order was actually ready most of the time however. Also, the app does seem to be down a lot. Still great though.
  • Awesome - Thanks! 4/5

    By SelfSufficient
    Have driven by my local shop many times but never thought to go in, as I don’t like cold cuts. Due to offer for free first sandwich, I was pleased to see that Potbelly offers rotisserie chicken and turkey! If it’s good, I’ll be eating here regularly in the future! Sandwiches are my favorite meal. As for the app, no trouble with it. Do wish that it supported Apple Pay, as it’s a pain to add my payment info to every system, and the all the hacks these days makes me only really trust Apple with my information.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By nXanadu
    Great ordering experience!
  • Gift Cards? 2/5

    By Quincy1997
    Why can’t I add my Potbelly gift card to the app so I don’t have to use the card? Chick-fil-a and other restaurants have that capability and it is very convenient. Please advise on when that will be a part of the app, as it will make me and other consumers of PotBelly visit more. Thanks!
  • Not great anymore 2/5

    By CJP&LMP
    This app used to be fantastic. And very helpful when in a hurry. Now I stand in line, because after trying to enter my order multiple times, I have given up on it. This now happens often. Not only did waste time trying to place the order, now more time in a long line. Please fix the freezing, crashing, and missing entries!!!!
  • Difficult 2/5

    By KeepingHope
    Unless you allow location services, you are unable to select a restaurant. They produce a list but it is not in any particular order. The app also stalls and freezes often, unlike other apps on my phone. I haven't tried to use it to order anything.
  • Needs work, but not all bad 3/5

    By BayouBrat
    I downloaded the app to make things easier on myself/family. My wife's mom moved in with us last October, as she's in the beginning-mid stages of Alzheimer's. We've tried to streamline as much of our lives as possible, as having mom here takes a LOT out of us. I didn't know there was a free sub with the first order. It didn't show up on my receipt, so I'm guessing I'm like everyone else, and am not going to get it. I do like the idea of rewards, as we eat out a lot. Full time jobs and taking care of an elderly, ill parent, doesn't leave a ton of time for cooking. Ordering ahead, picking up and going, is a godsend. I wish the app had a function to tell you when something isn't available, and offer an alternative. Expecting my order to be ready, only to find out my location is out of a side dish/specific sandwich, would be a great addition. No issues with the pay system as of now. Should there be one, I'll be deleting it. I LITERALLY can't afford to be overcharged, and have to wait for a reimbursement to come through
  • App needs work 1/5

    By BestSolitaire
    Payment is not consistent. No ApplePay. Has option for PIN unlock but no apparent option for fingerprint unlock. and the biggest complaint: no way to order for right now instead you have to choose a time in the future one hour away. I'm sitting here in the parking lot of the store;it's empty. I could order & pay right here on my phone and go pick it up but that is not an option.
  • App needs some updates 1/5

    By Briwyo
    I ordered food to be delivered immediately in Chicago only to find out the store that the app connected me to was closed on Sundays and would deliver at 10:00 AM tomorrow. They still charged me. This app needs work.
  • Really do the app sync with store? 1/5

    By Eshneev
    Ordered using app went to store they had not started the order for what ever reason app did not tell me the order was ready and or when it will be ready miles to go for the app
  • Not searchable 2/5

    By Laadymaay
    I am giving this two stars right now because I have not been able to use the app. Not because of a glitch but because the location is hard to find. The locations are not categorized by state and there is not a feature where you can go by your zip code. There is a long list of locations and I still have not found the one I am looking for.
  • Pick up time is too long 1/5

    By Fox fall
    Never actually placed an order because the first available pick up time has always been too long. Faster to go there and order. 50 minutes is too long.
  • Needs Immediate Fix for Delivery! 1/5

    By timboslice802
    There is no way in hell I am scrolling through every single potbelly location around the world to find the one near me to order pick-up or delivery from with the app! Is the list even alphabetical? Geographical? I have no idea and there is no way I can use the app to order food.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 22sparky22
    It's difficult to navigate and then won't accept your order. Fail!
  • No 1/5

    By Djjfdshdidjjdidjdjduejdj
    Fix please
  • Aiming for dat cookie 5/5

    By Tyler Mattingly
    People are giving this app a bad wrap but it's just on the company that made it. &pizza also uses it but as Potbelly is a place that you feel more comfortable to frequent, it's actually pretty useful. Also, get enough points, cookies!
  • App rarely functions 1/5

    By Richroddey
    I work near a potbelly and frequently attempt to use this app to order ahead to save time during my lunch break. The app works about 1 in every 10 times that I try to use it. Most of the time I receive an error message saying, "something is wrong with the network" and am not able to order. I tried to remedy the situation by reaching out to potbelly technical support, but only received advice to delete the app and re download it. Unsurprisingly, this did not fix the issue. I'd recommend using the website to take advantage of the rewards program potbelly has implemented. The app has proven to be absolute garbage.
  • No wallet support, bad permissions 1/5

    By Anthony290100
    The App Store listing says that it supports Wallet, but I found no option to add the card to the iOS wallet. I don't see myself going to the trouble of unlocking my phone and opening the app when I am in line to checkout. Also, there is no good reason that a sandwich store app needs to know my location when the app isn't even open. Deleted off my phone immediately.
  • Awful Delivery and service 1/5

    By Vlado94
    This app is pretty much useless. We've ordered over 10 times through it in the past year, and over 50% of the time they fail to deliver! They "don't have a delivery man available". And they call you an hour later to cancel. Awful.
  • Terrible App/ terrible service 1/5

    By Disneybug19
    I have used several times and they just don't seem set up in the store to accept mobile orders. My order has never been ready on time and several times they haven't ever gotten the order. I'm done with it....
  • Love the restaurant, hate this ducky app 1/5

    By Tylerholm
    Took me over 5 mins to find the location of my local Potbelly's. Also wouldn't allow me to select a delivery time today, only for tomorrow. I do love the food but app needs some TLC.
  • Great! 5/5

    By redparliment
    Very great!
  • Ineffective and false promo's 1/5

    By Johnefavr8
    Got an email saying use the app and you get a free sandwich, no stipulation such as must purchase one. I downloaded the app gave my credit card info then ordered the sub. It crashes unless I order more than one sub. Don't mislead with promos. Now they have my credit card number.
  • Perpetually problematic 1/5

    By Jay55403
    Literally every time I've used this app, I've run into a different problem. First it conflicted with another app from the same developer. Then I was charged twice while trying to pay with the app. Then, twice, the store was informed of a different pickup time than I was. The rewards have not been worth the continual hassles.
  • "There was a problem with the network" 1/5

    By Piggy Crensh
    Every time I get in the app and try to get something it give this message. I've tried using wifi and 4g data neither seems to work
  • No same day delivery. 2/5

    By AngryEater
    That's basically the only thing I wanted the app for.
  • I'm a Potbelly addict... 5/5

    By Ladymegatron
    The app is super easy to use, stylishly designed, and it helps me avoid the super long lines at lunch time! Plus I'm always a fan of perks!
  • What is the point? 1/5

    By clubb25
    I have been using the App since April and I am not sure the point exactly. I go to Potbelly 1-3 times per week and what have I earned?i think I earned a free cookie. The rewards gained are minimal especially compared to other restaurants. It seems that after my 24 visits, that I would have earned a free sandwich by this point, but that is not the case. I don't understand the smiley faces... they do nothing. Potbelly needs to consider revamping this App/reward system.
  • Great sandwiches, great app! 5/5

    By Raptor_007
  • Fast customer service 5/5

    By Ocon314
    Placed order with wrong location; they saw different area code and called to confirm order proactively. Awesome!
  • convenient but cumbersome 3/5

    By Zelda1954
    I order from the same location at least twice a week, so why doesn't the app remember the location? Every stinkin' time I have to search the location, when it should be an automatic preference. Also, I have a free cookie but no idea how to claim it. Clearer instructions would be appreciated. Otherwise, I like the convenience of ordering ahead and skipping the line at lunchtime.
  • Easiest ordering, best sandwich shop EVER 5/5

    By Jrtr25
    Love Potbelly, their food and service, perks could be a little more generous but hey, I order my teams lunch from the app and they pay me and I get the rewards, super easy and I got a free sandwich, cookie and chips. Ordering is super easy on the app or website (just wish there was a way to pay with different cards under the same order).
  • Worst app I have used to date! 1/5

    By Kreepark
    I keep getting perk notices but cannot redeem them , nice way to anger a regular customer! My fix is deleting the app and just eating there once a week.
  • Beware..... 1/5

    By Rickfam
    I got a reward "free cookie" for my birthday. When I redeemed the perk I was told I could use the app to "pay" for the cookie and still pay in cash for the rest of my order. I did that. Later found out that I was charged for the total order on my credit card. So...I paid $5.50 for my free cookie!!! Several emails back and forth now and they will not refund. I don't need the hassle!
  • Payment doesn't work, location permissions wrong, UI mostly confusing 1/5

    By Luke Murphey
    I tried to use the app to place an order. The app concludes saying "order success" while at the same time indicating that "payment failed". I then tried to pay in the store using the app; this also failed. The app asks to location services even when the app isn't running. If you decline location services then you have to scroll through an unordered list of every PotBelly in existence to select your PotBelly. I gotta say, I didn't realize that there was so many PotBellys.
  • I love Potbelly and the app! 5/5

    By Eats_NYC
    The app makes it so easy for me to get my lunch without waiting in line! Keep the free treats coming too!
  • Still Smiling 5/5

    By David824580
    Easy to use app with fantastic rewards and tons of awesome food options! Love the Potbelly Week of Perks.
  • App went door in store. Charged twice. 1/5

    By mikebeachnd
    App went door in store. Charged twice. Order was wrong. 2 items had the wrong toppings. 1 item was missing.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By C.Mia
    Can't find the store near me because you can't search the list and it keeps refreshing or jumping as you're scrolling. Impossible to find your store. Also, via email there is a contest you can enter via the app. Can't find it anywhere. Good food, terrible app.
  • Love the food...scanning available about half the time 3/5

    By Swimlane
    I do love the sandwiches but the scanners are not available or not working properly about half the time so the benefit from it to a user is lower than it should be.
  • Location does not work 3/5

    By AllGood422
    Good app. Needs a little improvement on location.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Kipperosta
    I just use the app for the first time, put in an order for delivery at 6:45 PM. Decided since it was my first time I would call the store to confirm. They told me they weren't doing deliveries that night and the app automatically put me down for 11 AM delivery tomorrow. I sent an email through the app to potbellies to please cancel my order and credit my card back. I hope this happens. The app was not useful.
  • Other payment methods need to be added 3/5

    By whizkids
    I wish this app supported gift cards as a payment method. I go here all of the time but don't earn any perks because I have a gift card. It's disappointing. There should be alternative ways to add points if you use cash or gift cards.
  • Blah! 2/5

    By 4sq5sq Productions
    My extra instructions were printed on the bag label but 100% ignored on the sandwich. What's the point?! Disappointed! I gave 2 stars because delivery was fast.
  • Always/never use location and level up for rewards 1/5

    By LegoZ81
    Level up is a lame rewards program. It requires linking a credit/debit card and using level up to pay for for your bill. I'll once again be uninstalling this useless junk off my phone.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop app comments


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