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  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PowerSchool Group LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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PowerSchool Mobile App

Built for convenient access to real-time student information like grades, assignments, and attendance, the PowerSchool Mobile App 2.0 now provides enhanced functionality for parents, guardians, and students. • Get easy access to the most important student data with an updated user interface, dashboard, and improved app structure • Use new dashboard widgets for quick access to important information including: GPA, Class Overview, Assignments Due, Assignments Graded, Attendance, School Bulletins, Meal Balance, and Fees • Customize the dashboard by reordering or hiding widgets to prioritize the information that is most important to you • Access class information and grades across terms and drill-down to detailed views of class assignments, attendance, and standards • View class assignments for the week or month in a new calendar view, and drill-down to assignment details • Manage push and email notifications, student profiles, access school information, and more PowerSchool is the leading K-12 education technology provider of solutions that improve the education experience for 100 million students, teachers, and parents in over 70 countries around the world. IMPORTANT! To access the PowerSchool Mobile App, your school district must be using the PowerSchool Student Information System. If you are not sure what SIS your school is using, contact your school or district. PLEASE NOTE • Requires iOS version 9.3 or higher • Access to PowerSchool is controlled by school administration • Requires a wireless connection or mobile data plan • Users must consent to receive push notifications when connecting to servers outside of the United States • Meal Balance totals are only available if your school uses the PowerLunch meal management feature in the PowerSchool SIS


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PowerSchool Mobile app reviews

  • Syncing problem 1/5

    By Why buy it
    Whenever I open the app, it will load my grades from a month ago and always pop up with a sync error and for all of my devices, and I can’t fix this because I can’t send emails to people out of my district and I can’t get help from PowerSchool
  • Best school app ever 5/5

    By Jameel Hanna
    This app lets you control more than one student at a time. You can Check grades and homework that is due the next day. You can also check PowerSchool 24-7. PowerSchool also allows your kid to check his or her grade. I is fast efficient and you can email the teachers right from the website. I would recommend this to all parents and kids.
  • Update? More like downgrade 1/5

    By Someone who rates stuff
    PowerSchool used to work until the update broke it. No ability to refresh, constant bugs, trouble loading.
  • Not updating 2/5

    By Danalerner
    In the app it says I have a different grade than online. It also never puts in the assignments that are in online. It takes forever to load no matter my connection, why even check your grades if they are not correct?
  • BAd 1/5

    By Thesniper996
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Metzra
    It never updates any grades or gpa, says it has problems syncing with PowerSchool servers. This is my third time re-downloading it in hope that it will work this time. Please fix this immediately, student's grades all around the country are affected by this app.
  • Eh 1/5

    By Caiden sloan
    It's broken
  • horrible 1/5

    By Neonsteven
    it wont load anything and keeps on crashing. i depend on powerschool to see what assignment i have to be doing but now i cant even see my grades
  • Can't believe they haven't fixed it yet 1/5

    By dipasqu
    As a parent I'm really frustrated that this app doesn't work on my phone or iPad, and that I have never heard back from App Support. Don't bother with this app.
  • Never Ending Loading Icon 1/5

    By ChiquitaBolita
    I wanted to raise awareness to the lack of information this application demonstrates since the loading icon never loads anything! Everything is a constant white blank screen that does not work. I’ve even left the application open, leave to do things around the house, come back and IT IS STILL LOADING! I cannot see the school bulletin, his classes, assignments, grades, nothing at all. Please help. I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Can’t get my gpa 1/5

    By BigMacReviews
    It won’t give me my current GPA
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Zander164
    The logon process is glitchy, and you have to log on multiple times for it to process. In addition to this, the app is frequently down.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By MGB88
    Only let’s me sign in once in a while, most of the time says it says invalid username or password even though I can log in with a computer.
  • Needs to be back to last year app 3/5

    By Albion Girj
    I liked the previous version I used for last school year because you could view the daily charge of the students lunch account not just the balance. Please either bring this feature back or put it back at the version last year.
  • BAD 1/5

    By Blaisethompson6323
    I am trying to put the district code in and it’s taking me to some page saying it’s offline and I have people pulling it up and I can’t this is horrible
  • can’t login! 1/5

    By raina441
    I have had this app for awhile and with the new update, it won’t let me login and is saying my password and username are wrong, but i have no trouble using it on the computer. and once it’ll finally let me login in, it doesn’t keep me signed in on the app. it logs me out every time i close the app which is annoying.
  • Cannot. Sign in 1/5

    By MrCLO2005
    I am not able to sign into my my school account as a 6th grader. I enter the right info, but the app declines the info.
  • Refresh 2/5

    By Hallesmitley
    Don’t like how you can’t scroll to refresh the app because have the time my grades aren’t right
  • A lot better than last time 4/5

    By 3568cheese
    I actually really like the new app and the update was super nice. I like all the new features: it shows your account balance, GPA, missing assignments, attendance, and classes all on one screen. It’s very easy to navigate and it updates fairly quickly. I have not had any issues with it yet, and I am very pleased. The only thing I would make better would be the notification system. I used to be notified when my grades were updated, but I haven’t been notified in a while- even when my grades changed. But other than that I am very happy.

    By dubstepperr
  • Something’s obviously wrong 1/5

    By Triv21!!
    I’m not going to bash PowerSchool because up till now, it’s worked fine. A few bugs here and there but always fixed. Now we are at a stand still with no answers as to why all the errors and I see that it isn't just a few parents and students- there are a lot. Great product! So let’s get it fixed! Thanks!
  • Won't update my grades 1/5

    By Islandersgirl
    I am having significant difficulty updating my grades on this, and still has my old grades on. Please fix this, and from reading past reviews, the developers need to fix a lot of other issues as well!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By phoenixchick
    I was so excited to learn that there is an app for this! What I like: - not having to log in every time. - One location for all missing assignments - Push notifications What I don't like: - I am able to only her one of my child's information to load *fairly* constantly, but my other child's never loads. It just spins and spins. (EDIT: lately neither are loading). I am able to see both kids' grades on the regular site. I tried CSR suggestion of using the url from the login page, but that did not help. - I seem to have to log off to refresh. - It would be nice to see total points earned of total points available (deducting items that are not calculated as part of the grade). This would make it easier to determine what it would take to get the next grade up.

    By SAH1227
    I really dislike the new update ! I receive notifications saying that a grade has been posted and when I go to see what I made the the app won't load my recent grades!!! Please fix this as soon as possible .
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By HRGJeff
    Now it's worthless...,No support and now our whole school district can't see anything
  • Service Learning 3/5

    By GWHS Sophomore 😏
    Can you please let us see how much service learning hours we have and need so that we are updated on these kinds of things?? I need to be able to see how many service learning hours I have but the mobile app doesn’t show it 😒😞. I would give at least a four star but I need to see my service learning hours.
  • Fail 1/5

    By Typical Gunner
    I type in the district code that is on the website and the app doesn’t recognize it. So I have no idea on how to the app really works other than it doesn’t even find my kids school. I will use the website for now at least that works
  • USED TO work well 2/5

    By Disappointed and uninformed
    Used to work great in keeping me updated on my kid’s grades/attendance/assignments etc. Ever since the iOS 11 update, I get NOTHING! It spins and spins like it’s updating the information but NOTHING ever comes through. This app needs some serious fixing and soon!
  • Used to be good, but.... 1/5

    By ViolaIsLife❤️
    I used to really like the way the app was structured before the latest update. It continuously logs me out every other time I exit out of the app. And now, I can never refresh the page to view my grades, even though I know that teachers have put in new grades. I don’t get the notifications about grade changes, but some people I know who do receive notifications go to click on the app but their grades won’t refresh either!! I just want to simply look at my grades, and all these new features are hindering that. Please add the refresh option back to the app!
  • Please fix app 1/5

    By Aquietgirl
    Days ago it just stopped working. Sits there and spins like it’s loading but never does anything. Occasionally says disabled.
  • REFRESH 2/5

    By Renlane_17
    I don’t like that the new update got rid of the refresh. It takes forever to refresh and I never know if it is showing the refreshed grades or the older ones. Please get the refresh thing back on there.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By CousinLover71
    I try to see my grade but guess what....it wouldn't let me see my grade like what is going on with this app like one day I got it to work second day it didn't work for me at all and I try to see what's going on but there really nothing I could do to see my grade I think this app need a lot of adjustment👎🏻😑
  • Dysfunctional 1/5

    By Mlg420lol
    This app does not work at all. My user and password both don’t work and it always crashes.
  • Please fix problems and revert back to old version! 1/5

    By DHD6802
    The new update has been horrible! I have been using this app for several years now and loved it! But now the data does not update. Navigating is choppy and the info is harder to see now. Please fix these bugs especially having student data updates when I get a notification. I got a notification two days ago of my child's grade and when I go to check it still has the old data! I can't refresh or anything to get the data to come thru. Very frustrating!
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By GDyl17
    This is a terrible update because I can’t sign in for some reason. Plz update this ASAP because I NEED to sign in. Thanks
  • Unresponsive 1/5

    By tkwong26
    Can’t even get past searching for my.school code. The app just sits there and does nothing.
  • Terrible after Update 2/5

    By donny.ts
    my grades wont update frequently
  • Worst thing ever invented 1/5

    By Kevin Healy
    This app is the worst. It has destroyed the education system. There is no connection between me and my kids. Bringing home grades to be proud off is non existent. I wish it was never created.
  • Used to be great! 1/5

    By jenkinle
    App is not working. Just loads and loads after putting in the district code. Won’t search for district. Don’t understand as I have been logged in for a while with no issues, then it asked me to put in district code again and won’t load. I still get notifications about grades, but can’t get passed the district screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same issue.
  • Your "update" broke it 1/5

    By Fiat Spider
    After downloading the update for October 2017, I can no longer get into the app. It asks for district code and then hangs after entering it, eventually saying it is invalid. Same code I was using a month ago and it was working fine. I can't see my kids grades now. Thanks for nothing!
  • District code search 1/5

    By Soap name
    The district code search doesn’t work. I’ve turned on and off my WiFi deleted and re-downloaded it, and it still doesn’t work. Please fix it
  • PowerSchool 1/5

    By Gerrefgjvckhfhjhdhjhfhj
    Every time I try and go Into the app it logs me out. Needs a lot of improvement. I think you are being Lackadaisical while doing this so pls hurry up.
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By Paydog05
    This app is the best I can see my grades without having to wait for things to be handed out! I love this!! i don't know what everyone else is saying but i love powerschool!
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Jennybestmom
    This app is great I can see my kid's grades. But my daughter doesn't like how I can see every single grade. Still, five stars.
  • Awful!! 1/5

    By LelaDitty1
    They tried to make it better but they made it worse. Why can’t we reload or load the grades?? why is it so bleh now? Stop trying to make it better because it was good and now its awful. Thanks.
  • Ughhhh wthhhh 1/5

    By Li sousoukka
    It won’t work for my district nor account, and EVERYTIME I sign it says “access has been denied” like Jesus am I not aloud to check my grades? Stupid af
  • A Terrible Update Ruined A Once Great App 1/5

    By msz55
    I have been using the Power School app since the start of my freshman year of high school and it used to be great! The app showed all classes at once, loaded quickly, and clearly displayed changes in grades. This all changed with the update. Following the update, the app takes a long time to load changes to grades and there is no way to refresh the page. Everything that made the app great has been RUINED. All of my friends have the same complaints and we are all hoping that the app is changed back to the way it used to be.
  • Terrible now 1/5

    By Forging_Films
    Refreshing is broken, grades drop easily. B test vs 100% overall will make a B grade. It’s broken and I keep losing grades. When tests get entered it shows as an F and ruins all my grades. This app has no refresh and it auto refreshes which screws the app. I hope schools use something better than this trash. And the customer is always right so arguing about trash like this.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By popkat123
    This app does not work at all to view grades or gpa. None of my information shows up in the app. I only get notification, but when I go to the app there is nothing there. Please fix this!
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By PokeSoccerPro
    Well, this app is my downfall. It works completely fine but that’s why I don’t like it. Parents can easily just check your grades only to ground you later. And if you’re like me and aren’t very good at staying on top of school work, this can be very INCONVENIENT for YOU. I think that the app should get a feature where you can add a phone number so you can get a text to remind the student or parent “Your child is missing _ _ _ _. Please turn in ASAP.” That would make it easier for kids like me to stay on top of their work so they don’t have to explain to their parents every week why they have 5 assignments missing. (It gets annoying, am I right?😒) Write a review if you feel the same. We can make this app better if you only help me prove my point please🙏.

PowerSchool Mobile app comments


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