ProCam 5

ProCam 5

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 10.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samer Azzam
  • Compatibility: Android
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ProCam 5 App

TRUSTED BY OVER 6.5 MILLION USERS --------------------------------------------------- WHAT PEOPLE SAY "This app provides more control over the settings of the iPhone’s built-in camera than your old compact camera probably ever did." - New York Times "ProCam for iPhone is one of the most versatile iOS camera apps we have ever come across. It basically turns the iPhone into a futuristic DSLR camera." - BGR "If you’re looking for a pro-grade camera app with neat photo and video editing features to boot, better set your sights on ProCam." - App Advice "Well-designed and offering all that one could need, it's tough to fault ProCam." - 148 Apps --------------------------------------------------- SHOOTING MODES - Photo - Night Mode - Burst Mode - Slow Shutter - iPhone 5 / iPad 3 and later - Portrait Mode - iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus - 3D Photos - iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus - Video - Time Lapse PHOTO SHUTTER RELEASE OPTIONS - Self-Timer - Anti-Shake - Screen Shutter / Big Button - Interval VIDEO FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - iPhone 5 / iPad mini and later * 96 / 100 /120 fps 720p - iPhone 5s / iPad Air 2 and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 720p - iPhone 6 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - iPhone 6 and later * 96 / 100 / 120 fps 1080p - iPhone 6s / Plus and later * 192 / 200 / 240 fps 1080p - iPhone 8 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 8 and later TIME LAPSE FRAME RATES AND RESOLUTIONS - VGA, 720p, 1080p - 4K Ultra HD - 3264x1836 upscaled to 3840x2160 - in-app purchase - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later - 4K Ultra HD - 3840x2160 - native support on iPhone 6s / Plus and later - 4K Max - 4032x2268 - in-app purchase - iPhone 6s / Plus and later - High frame rate: * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 720p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 1080p - all devices * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K - iPhone 5 / iPad Air 2 and later * 48 / 50 / 60 fps 4K Max - iPhone 6s / Plus and later MANUAL CONTROLS - Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls - Scroll and steppers system inspired by DSLR cameras - Tap location accurate manual focus assist - True focus peaking - iOS 9 or later - Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values - Manual controls are supported in all photo and video modes MAIN CAMERA FEATURES - RAW (DNG) iOS 10 - iPhone 6s / iPad Pro 9.7 and later - Lossless TIFF file format support - Intelligent 3-shot HDR - AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with RAW support for high contrast conditions - Live light level histogram - Adjustable aspect ratio (4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1) - Adjustable JPEG compression quality (100% / 90% / 80%) - Video pause/resume functionality - Video audio meter (Avg. / Peak signal levels) - Still photo capture during video recording - Realtime video stabilization (ON/OFF) - Video disk space indicator - Thirds grid and horizontal tiltmeter. - Date / time / location / Copyright stamp PHOTO / VIDEO EDITOR & PHOTO EDITING EXTENSION - Nondestructive editing - all edits, including cropping, are completely amendable / reversible - 60 expertly crafted filters - 17 lenses: Vignette / White Vignette / Fisheye / Tilt Shift / Macro / Tiny Planet / Wormhole / Split / Kaleidoscope I, II, III, IV, V / Ripple / Striped / Hatched / Halftone - 19 comprehensive adjustment tools - Trimming, cropping, rotating, mirroring, straightening, and perspective correction - Extremely accurate timeline with the ability to review videos frame by frame - Ability to add background music - Volume control for both original recording and background music - Ability to extract still frames from of videos - High resolution video support up to 4K (3840x2160) and 4K Max (4032x2268)


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ProCam 5 app reviews

  • i love it! 5/5

    By _Rad_C
    I have been using this app since the initial version. I like it more and more as new features are being added. Thank you and keep up the good work!
  • Pro Camera 5/5

    By happyodel
    Wouldn’t change a thing.Its the Best of the Best. You can’t go Wrong very simple and unique. It can only get Better IHope. Yes Thanks u for all you put in !! Well Done
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Stevepat78
    Everything looked good, but once I started taking pictures, it would crash after every 3rd picture. This is a brand new iPhone 8. I would like a refund please.
  • used to be great 2/5

    By Teresita13
    Wonderfully great when it works. But crashes too often. Have read the developer responses about it being a RAM issue but 1) didn't have same issues with previous versions, 2) I don't have memory issues with any other app, and 3) I've done memory clearing immediately before using and deleted and reinstalled app but it still crashes frequently whether I'm using jpg or tiff. Have lost too many pics because of this so probably just going to stop using this and instead use more reliable cameras with lesser quality. Perhaps if you have the very latest bleeding edge phone and OS it's better, I don't know. [iPhone 6+, iOS10]
  • Powerful camera app, could use some more explanation 4/5

    By Strackalackin
    I really like this app and love the expanded photo capabilities it has over the default camera app. An important feature to me is that it opens quickly. I have had 3rd party camera apps that lagged when opening which can result in missed shots. I left off 1 star because I have some issues that I would love if the Dev could respond to me about. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use the Portrait mode. Everything is either completely in focus, or EVERYTHING is cloudy. And when I go in to edit, nothing seems to happen. My second question-is there an option to change back image capture to JPEG from HEIC? I know HEIC is Apple’s new standard for photos, but I switched the stock app back to JPEG capture and I would like to have that back in this app as well. Thanks!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Dcade
    Update for developer response: I took your advice and looked up "wigglegrams". Cute name for a simplified method of stereoscopy invented in 1838. And I get why you might opt for that on a hand held device. It's easier to implement than building 3D models on the fly. It works ok for some images. But in general, taking a beautiful still image seems much better. The wigglegrams feel a bit gimmicky. On the whole though, the app is good. The aesthetics aren't great and sometimes the settings I'm looking for can be difficult to find. But the app does offer a ton of control over the camera.
  • It’s pretty good but.. 3/5

    By Swagbeck
    Once I got the new update for this app my app started being more slow and started crashing on me I hope you can fix this I don’t like how laggy this is, it’s really annoying.
  • Good 5/5

    By ZachAttack05
    Works as shown. Probably recommend to someone who knows a little about cameras, however.
  • Impressive 5/5

    By elcastigador
    I never been impressed with iPhone pic at night in dark places, in fact I had giving up on relying on my iPhone as a camera while out at night, but after this app I can say that is no longer the case, what a wonderful app
  • Good app, but...... 1/5

    By 白告王奇
    It keeps poping up for review. This is the reason for one star.
  • I wish there’s was more tutorials 5/5

    By EddieDuque NY
    Just like other products, Youtube has been a wonderful platform to learn about quality products just like “Procam” a couple of days ago I tried to look for a tutorial how to use Procam as its full potential but I was unsuccessful to find a good quantity of tutorials for it. Please consider that! Thank you
  • Best Camera app 5/5

    By nanoasumi
    Great app with many functions😍
  • Pretty solid app 4/5

    By Some guy 12345
    Like the product a lot seems to do what it says.
  • Won’t let me take a photo ... because ... 1/5

    By Makofoto
    ... because it keeps asking me to Rate it!!! So this is what you get ... :-(
  • Tips are annoying me 2/5

    By What'swiththenicknames?
    While trying to experiment with the functions, i’m being harassed by the tips, saying the same thing over and over. Please update with an option to turn this off. It’s unbearable.
  • Love it love it love it 5/5

    By worst dj ever ..
    It’s amazing
  • Keeps lagging 1/5

    By xtaemin
    Every time I use the slow shutter, the app keeps crashing. I wasted 5 dollars on this.
  • Apple Watch app auto-open iPhone app? 3/5

    By TheFutureMe
    When I open this on my Apple Watch, I see a message I have to first open the app on my iPhone. Is there any way to open/close the iPhone app from the watch like the Apple Photos app does?
  • Waste of 5 dollars 1/5

    By Zabadactator
    On an iPhone 8, when taking RAW photos does not save them to gallery if to anywhere at all. WTH
  • Unintuitive 1/5

    By photog338
    Unintuitive controls and difficult to use, even on the large Plus screen. Not the “best” camera app some blogs claim it is.
  • An excellent photo app! 5/5

    By PECassidy
    I’ve been using this app for a few months now and it’s just great to work with. Having been a photographer that started with a 4x5 speed graphic and a view camera, I find the advance controls are excellent bringing slr functionality to the iPhone
  • BUY 5/5

    A must BUY
  • Not sure about this anymore 2/5

    By aiwetir
    Everything works great but the motion blur has a posterization issue since it was added. I informed the developer right away but it isn't fixed over a year later. Developer is unresponsive about the issue now.
  • My main camera (again!) 5/5

    By 0101101z
    Update: The problem I described has been solved with much help and diligence from ProCam’s user support. (It was a deeply buried setting on my phone) This now works as it should and is my go to camera now, again! Thank you ProCam. OLD: Used to use this on my 6s and liked it, but since I loaded iOS 11, Pro Cam is unable to save to Photos and is apparently incompatible with the phone now. Beware.
  • Real manual camera control. 5/5

    By Xzen54321
    Let’s you adjust ISO, focus, and exposure time. Has useful image stacking night modes, lets you do cool long exposure things that you would need a DSLR or top end compact + computer touch up to do.
  • Awesome 5/5

    Awesomeness in an app! Thanks
  • Nice 5/5

    By Dlopezhn
    Love this app so much
  • Features 5/5

    By Capt. Ron, Sr
    I use a DSLR camera usually but Pro Cam gives me so many similar features I find myself using my iPhone 6 most of the time and it is so much more convenient.
  • Low Spec Features Compared to Rest 5/5

    By Aarron Anderson
    It’s crazy how the app “CameraPixels” another premium - similar to yours - camera app has focus bracketing AND bracketing in general for HDR photo taking, up to 15 photos of different exposures. Why does this - you - advertise as the best, but seem have zero intention to implement these features. Also camera pixels has the ability to LOCK the shutter speed in video to achieve and actual 180 shutter angle when recording video. Allowing ISO to change dynamically and extremely fast. You - ProcCam 4, and 5 - only allow the user to set the shutter Manuel - in video -to achieve the desired shutter angle, even worse the iso can’t be set to AUTO when shutter speed is in Manuel - in video mode -. So when recording, this desired setup only allows the user to change iso Manuel. Creating pretty UN-Smooth exposition change / gradation when recording. Also, please implement a more Manuel long exposure, instead of always blowing iso outa wack when detecting a really dark scene. AND PLEASE ALLOW 4K MAX video to be uploaded to google drive / similar services when pressing that share button.
  • More than my expectations 5/5

    By S.Ebrahim
    More than my expectations
  • Great photo app 4/5

    By Trisheep
    Have been using it ever since it started to support RAW. It’s my default shooting app. (Photo hobbyist here) The only criticism is that the latest version doesn’t seem to launch on iOS 11 as fast it’s on iOS 10. There is a very noticeable lag. Would be a 5-star app if not for that. I hope app developer could fix that soon.
  • The pre-flash feature alone is worth it 5/5

    By LAX20531
    I'm no professional photographer and have yet to discover all the hidden gems in this app, but by far my favorite is the pre-flash feature. Overhead lighting, glare, or dimly lit subjects are difficult to capture, as well as macro photos taken that have shadows cast on them from iPhone itself. The pre-flash (that's I call it) uses the led flash as a light source before and during the shot, which eliminates shadows and the poorly exposed photos iPhone takes on its own. This currently operates on one photo only before turning the led off and it would be great if this could remain lit until I was finished shooting.
  • ProCam5 5/5

    By YoitsGlenCoco_
    This camera is amazing!!! 5/5 hands down.

    By Ice jj fish
    What happened to the 3D photos feature that was on ProCam 4!? I cannot find it in this new update!!
  • What an amazing app! 5/5

    By Targuster
    I’ve been using ProCam since version 3. I have to say.... this is one of the most powerful camera applications I know of! The ability to shoot RAW along with manual settings has been such a great help for when I want to shoot photos somewhere, but I don’t have my actual camera. Most of the time, when I show people my photos, they can’t even tell whether I took it on my Nikon D500 or iPhone. It’s all thanks to ProCam! Thank you guys! You’re awesome!
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By CJ Perez
    Love all the fine tuning I can do, and the quality of the photos you can take are amazing
  • 너무 좋아요 5/5

    By 채리씨
    너무 좋아요
  • Great 5/5

    By Coice (US)
    Great application
  • Awesome Camera! 5/5

    By Loki Ron
    Not only is the functionally great, the Dev team is constantly adding additional improvements and capabilities.
  • The best manual camera app 5/5

    By nfranklin
    For the photographer looking to get the best photos from their iPhone, you can't do better than this app. It gives you more control than similar apps do. And the interface is usually better too. I usually use an app called Max Curve for post processing, and between these two apps, you can get pretty nice results
  • AWSOME! 5/5

    By Quikthe7
    Best camera app!
  • Time lapse doesn't work 2/5

    By Descansado
    On iPhone SE, time lapse feature doesn't function correctly: app doesn't release the shutter, then hangs up on "saving"
  • Love this app 5/5

    By AfroxDope
    I can't edit all kinds of photos just the way I like with this app
  • Camera app extraordinary 5/5

    By Lakerluva79
    Very good. This gives you much more flexibility.
  • Difficult to use and slow 1/5

    By Bill_W5PT
    There are multiple controls but the are not intuitive. Sometimes there is a 0.5 second delay between pressing the shutter and exposure.
  • I bought all the better camera apps. This is the one I'll use. 5/5

    By lkingston
    I love the way this is laid out.

    By killircollectibles
    I've tried the rest but those failed the test. Everything about this app is top notch. In other words it blows away the competition.
  • If you stopped asking for feedback every f$(king time I used app, rating would be higher 1/5

    By Mr. Man!!
    Great app. Idiotic pestering to rate ticked me off enough to give a crappy review out of frustration. You're welcome.
  • Great Quality App 5/5

    By ThatGuywhoPlaysGamesInACorner
    Overall I want to just say if you're are looking for more control and options over the regular camera app, this is definitely the way to go. I have no doubts you won't be disappointed if you get this camera app for doing any cinematography from your iPhone, and on top of that it pairs beautifully well with the iPhone 7+ telephoto lens providing even more options then before. Great App Would Recommend To Any Friend
  • Pictures and Videos randomly delete 1/5

    By runatl830
    The app while powerful has on two separate occasions not saved several photos as well as videos. This is problematic as you don't know when this occurs except after the event when all your hard work is gone/missing. I would recommend trying a different app.

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