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Progressive App

Easy access to your insurance, whenever and wherever you need it. Here are some things you can do with the Progressive App*: • View coverages, discounts, ID cards, documents, and policy details. • Report and add photos to a claim. • Pay your bill by credit card, debit card, checking account, or PayPal. • View your billing history and upcoming payment schedule. • See your progress in Snapshot®. • Quote or make a policy change. • Request roadside assistance, exactly when you need it most. • Take and submit photos of documents that we've requested from you. • Get in touch with your agent and claims rep. • Start an auto insurance quote—and then buy online. *Availability of some features may vary by state and policy type


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  • Steer away 1/5

    By San Anthony
    They had trouble getting a hold of me and kept "investigating" me for more than a month. I had to take my car from their service center so that I could fix it myself while they investigate. Worse is that the service center actually damaged my car further by destroying the emblem socket. Now I have wait another month for that fleet claim to happen. Nightmare of an experience.
  • No apple wallet 4/5

    By Twizzell 313 Detroit
    Only issue no Apple wallet
  • Value 5/5

    By nathan_1987_doan
    Great amazing value for the best coverage. Has loan lease payoff
  • iPad 1/5

    By jknz13
    Not fully compatible with an iPad.... in this day and age come on Progressive........
  • Awesome roadside assistance! 3/5

    By Dianeg18702
    Here in 30 minutes and very sweet. They rescued me. Progressive there when I needed them!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Back to miles
    The app doesn’t even show that I have insurance says canceled but the payment comes out of the bank each month.
  • Needs a makeover 1/5

    By jNachez
    All the times y’all have Flo promoting, y’all need to have her redo the app. It’s such a disappointment when you look how advanced other insurance companies apps are. This app would be perfect if it was 5yrs ago.
  • Just signed up - No Apple Wallet Support 3/5

    By jkdanls
    So far the app is working fine. I am really disappointed at the fact that i had my insurance card stored in Apple Wallet from American Family but Progressive does not allow insurance card storage in Apple Wallet. It’s almost 2018 for crying out loud.
  • No Problems with me 5/5

    By Luanicoo
    The app could look a little nicer, however, it certainly gets the job done. Also, how often does one need to open their insurance app.
  • Useless 2/5

    By amg420
    App works fine except when I try to pay the bill it won’t go to the page. If I can’t pay the bill easily it just using up space on my phone.
  • Would be nice to have id card available in Apple Wallet 3/5

    By Lprgcfrank
    Would be nice to have available in apple wallet to protect privacy of other items on phone
  • Fast. Roadside assistance 5/5

    By Electric unicorn
    This ap Ryan asmoothly on my cellular iPad. I had a flat tire and did not have the equipment to change the tire myself. Summoned roadside which arrived in under an hour and had me back on the road using my spare tire in less than 15 minutes. Great customer service fast response and less than 1/2 of what a much more expensive company was ripping me off. I have never had a problem. Keep up the great work.
  • A disconnect 3/5

    By SaraZou
    Got notification a few weeks back that I was due for renewal, so I set up an auto pay to occur the day before the due date. Then today I get a notification via mail about my upcoming due date! You guys are wasting money. Also, there’s an option inside the app for sending feedback, only it won’t let me because my “email is not set up”?? My email is fine and the error msg gives no more info than basically saying it doesn’t work.
  • Pretty lame app 2/5

    By vincent's
    Doesn't seem to really work. What else is there to say.
  • IOS 11 1/5

    By Trans_am2000
    After updating to IOS 11 it seems the app keeps crashing at login page.
  • Don't not get Progressive they're horrible 1/5

    By Lebromjamesmiamiheat
    This is my reply to their quote : Sorry it's to late I try to give you guys my business but your agent was very unprofessional and I kept getting inaccurate answers . My license been active for about 10 years I never had an accident never made a claim on none of the insurance companies I been with only had 1 or 2 minor violations which both were taken to court by my attorneys got little to no points -- your customer service is horrible and I would never refer or call you guys ever again I called your competition State Farm with in an hour I got Insurance the same day the emailed and faxed me my insurance card and I was able to get my plates and registration from the DMV -- to solve my issue all was needed was simple and or professional communication non of which your agent had -- progressive thanks for nothing -- great job at being horrible and not attempting to help potential clients
  • 👍🏼👍🏼 5/5

    By Hah1986
    Have been using it with no issues.
  • I had a very disappointing experience 1/5

    By Yes cure K
    I'm not sure what's wrong with this insurance company and why things had to be so difficult. They could not contact their underwriters to let them know that I wasn't NOT married or living with the person that I used to share an insurance policy with... then there was the problem with the physical address which was not the same as the mailing address. They actually canceled me three times in a row by mail which I did not receive it except for the last one, so I didn't have coverage for a few days each time. Luckily I canceled the policy before they did and found a reputable company to go with. They refused to believe I was divorced (it's been 3 years now)or even acknowledge that I had a drivers license with my physical address on it wasn't good enough for them- they needed me to go to my place of work and have them sign a piece of paper so they could see it. Really?! Joe Blow could've been my signee!! I didn't tell them what a piece of garbage company I think they are on the phone because I know it's not the fault of one employee. But they appear to be extremely unorganized and I will never go back!!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Alli_bo
    The new update claims that once you download the IOS11 it solves the problems. However I downloaded IOS11, only to have my app crash when I am trying to send a photo claim.
  • Make paying easier 3/5

    By jonnyboyt08
    Overall the app is good. Not really any issues to complain about except every time I go to make an early payment it won't let me use my card on file and makes me enter all my information over again? Yet it says my card information at the top of the page while I'm entering it in? I had Geico before and literally all I had to hit was "make early payment" and it did it all for me.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By B. Cheifer
    I only have renters insurance through them so it won't let me log in...
  • Glad I switched! 5/5

    By prityricky1
    My vehicle has been paid off for quite sometime. I don't have any tickets or accident history, and yet State Farm insurance was increasing my rates. I was paying double with State Farm compared to Progressive! In addition to the exponentially better pricing I received with Progressive , the experiences I have had with customer service has been exemplary. With both signing up, and my roadside assistance needs, my time spent speaking to a customer service rep was extremely pleasant. I also like how the app is set up. You can save your insurance card to it, modify payment dates up to 10 days, and summon road side assistance all from the app. So far so good. I am glad I switched, and as long as I don't see any absurd price hikes in 6 months then I will continue to be glad I switched to progressive.
  • Wish I would have never signed up 1/5

    By Grmngirl
    Terrible customer service, first six months my raster was very low I guess they wanted me to switch, then the next six months my raster went up by$30 per month. I called to ask why and was on the phone for 63 minutes and got nothing accomplished. Very poorly trained customer service personnel, and very rude!!!
  • Simple and Easy 5/5

    By AlexDanie
    I don't need to see much on just an app. I like the simplicity of it a lot because I can see quick and simple things! Lovely!
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By Yelpispayforplay
    This company has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced. I was a customer for over ten years and will never patronize this company or its affiliates for the rest of my driving days.
  • 🍏Pay 1/5

    By UnknownAnonymousUser
    Progressive needs to support ApplePay to securely capture credit & debit cards for payments as stated in this update.
  • Requested Roadside Assistance; app tells me I'm not in the USA 2/5

    By robsquared
    There is a major bug that prevents submissions for roadside assistance because the location is determined to be outside the USA when Apple Maps clearly had located me in the USA. This required me to call and be processed through vm hell. Once my phone request was submitted I'm unable to track the progress of my tow service through the app. The services are totally disconnected. That would be ok if their text services sent notifications on time. Instead, I got phone calls and texts from Progressive after the local service provider was already at my vehicle. Since the phone rep estimated it would take 90 minutes to get assistance I left the scene and got dinner. All in all a poor moment of truth for Progressive in the app, on the phone, via text. These systems need major user experience overalls and testing. Shame on them. Prior experiences paying bills and reviewing my policy have worked as they should, but only two stars because when I needed Progressive most, they failed me. Also note to the developer team responding to reviews, I submitted my bug to your team through the app feedback button first. Your team replied asking me for personal information over email that has no relevance to a bug report with no additional follow up questions about the bug.
  • Works as designed 5/5

    By Jfrey63
    Works as intended if you login correctly. You'll be able to pull ID cards,print your documents make payments,do vehicle and driver replacements .... everything works fine on the app
  • Useless app like their service 1/5

    By Cho5634
    Like their service that app also not working or function. So disappointed with them. I lost faith with their
  • No good 1/5

    By Gary Big
    I can't log in. There's no place to reset the password. All because I can't remember the answer to my security question
  • 💩💩💩 1/5

    By XxX billybob XxX
    The app is 💩 it is always forgetting my login information try to put it in and the app crashes this app is nothing but a BIG PILE OF STEAMING 💩. I would try the feed back option but every time that I open the app it crashes on me how am I to provide feed back on the app when it keeps crashing on me?
  • Unable to upload photos/docs. 1/5

    By Frapokas
    I have been trying to upload my document photos as advertised by progressive. This is not true and is not working for ios and android. It would be nice if this feature can be available on next update.
  • Boooo! 1/5

    By Mysteryman27
    Can't get log on to work using every method suggested and some that were not. Since Progressive had me install "snapshot" in our vehicles, it would be very nice to be able to track our driving. Very poor performance, I just hope the insurance is not like this app.
  • Finally futuristic 5/5

    By Freethebikes
    I only used the app for about 20 seconds but was able to pay my bill in that time. Finger scan in, tap pay and done. Really made me feel like these phones are finally earning their keep.
  • Multiple accounts 3/5

    By BulldogThunder
    I have multiple accounts with two different agents. I only see a way to have one on the app.
  • It's good! 4/5

    By CraZyGeoRgE52
    Not too bad for what I needed it for at all made it convenient to keep my card in my iBook so I have it on the ready pretty much whenever instead of having it in my wallet where I might suddenly misplace it somehow. Good app!
  • Useless 1/5

    By VictoryLaps
    Does not function for most of what Progressive claims app can do
  • Don't not create a claim with this app 1/5

    By Bearkat2173
    DO NOT CREATE A CLAIM WITH THIS APP. I'm stranded with a busted window right now. I submitted a claim through the app and now Progressive rep says I have to wait until some person somewhere manually enters the information to actually create the claim. It's been four hours and rep says it could be take a whole day! I cannot schedule an appointment with Safelite until the claim gets created.
  • Why was snapshot performance removed in latest update? 1/5

    By Vipul L
    Why did latest update remove Snapshot performance? This app is pretty useless now without it. Time to delete the app.
  • Good 4/5

    By Epcotchris
    The only thing I would complain is that there's no ability to add the insurance card to Apple Wallet.
  • Good looking but can't make my payment 3/5

    By Godard
    Bizarrely, this app won't let me make a 4-figure payment (the amount needed to pay six months in full). Otherwise it is a handy way to reference my account.
  • Freezing when I try to take claim photos 1/5

    By Tharussian45
    The app keeps freezing and crashing when I try to take claim photos. Works for a second then freezes and crashes.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Me to you so be happy
    Obviously this isn't about the app, it's about the insurance company. If you plan on going with progressive be sure that it's a commitment you will follow through with. I started a 6 month policy for about $950. I went through with it for 3 months then I cancelled it because I found a policy for $440 cheaper somewhere else. When I cancelled I ended up being charged part of an additional month for who knows what and also because whoever cancelled my policy cancelled autopay before the policy. In the end for 3 months of insurance I ended up paying around $640 meanwhile my new policy is $510 for 6 months. Don't waste your time with these guys because they'll definitely waste yours along with your money!
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Pax3user
    They will not cover windshield damage, even if you take out the policy with extra pricing for windshield damage. This company is a scam and offers you a false sense of protection. Anytime that you try and have a conversation with them about this you will "accidentaly" be disconnected.
  • Worse insurance company ever!! 1/5

    By Mel89986178283
    They cancelled me because I didn't call to review account information over the phone!! Horrible!!
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Jb2007
    This app is easy enough to use for paying and reviewing documentation about my policy. Can't speak to claims (fortunately no accidents) or other uses of the app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fiorriettio
    All the app does is direct you to the website. What's the point of it??
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Lady CM1290
    The app use to record the duration the car would run no longer does!!!!...I'm pretty sure things are recorded incorrectly, also something changes in the app constantly!!!...what's going on??
  • Not sure why everyones panties are in a bunch 4/5

    By IAimlessI
    This app works great. States my auto policy and the coverage I have, lists billing history for good behavior driving, and presents my proof of insurance in a readable fashion. Does what it was meant for, but they could add some extra features like the previous reviews have mentioned but I wouldn't go so far as too only 1 star this app. 4/5 stars
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By SaxMan61855
    Incomplete app. Can't see or print ID cards, can't see all of your "bundled" policies, only auto. Come on Progressive. Feature function light.

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