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Publix App

Making shopping a pleasure is easier than ever with our app, designed to help you save time and money. Whether you need ideas for dinner tonight or just appreciate convenience, you’ll love all the features we’ve included. ● View digital coupons by aisle on your Shopping List. ● View and clip digital coupons on the Weekly Ad. ● Place orders from your Favorites list and your Order History. ● Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list. ● View sale items from our weekly ad, specific to your store. ● Review and clip coupons to easily redeem in store. ● Browse products on sale by department or category, including BOGOs. ● Create, save, and access grocery lists for products in the weekly ad and see what aisle they’re in. ● Find your nearest store and details about it (directions, phone number, rolling store hours and holidays, etc.). ● Peruse Aprons recipes for meal and menu ideas, and add ingredients or entire recipes to your grocery list. ● Learn about our new and signature products on the Featured Products page. Love Publix? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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Publix app reviews

  • Missing Prices 1/5

    By CymCyms
    You don’t list prices on your non sale items. How do you expect to compete when Kroger and Walmart display their pricing. App kept getting stuck when trying to create a shopping list. This was my 2nd time giving your app a shot. Looks like I need to delete it again because there’s been no improvement. You all need to invest in your technology more. It’s the way of the future.
  • Would rate 5 if it wasn’t Crashy 3/5

    By Mitch from Earth
    I still print my list before going to the store, because it’s kind of unreliable. It usually crashes at least once when I launch it, and sometimes gets stuck on a blank screen. Great when it works, though.
  • Enjoying it! 5/5

    By Rozlin33
    After figuring out a problem I was having; I have been able to use the app and it is great! I love using the shopping list, it sorts your items by aisle for you! I also love using the on-line ordering! It saves so much time when ordering deli meats/sandwiches. I would like to be able to share my list and print it.
  • I love shopping at Publix, but... 3/5

    By MacTech101
    Please Please Please start accepting Apple Pay or come up with a service like Walmart did (Walmart Pay). It makes checkout so much quicker and easier. You guys have the amazing friendly service down pat, If you accepted Apple Pay or had your own mobile pay method, you’d be even more stellar! Please at least look into it. 😅
  • Prices? 2/5

    By SJP4G
    Perhaps include pricing on products in next update and show BOGO and other deals. This app is not exactly user friendly. Very basic, cut and dry. No convenience at all, i have to physically go to a store just to find out what i would like to find out from your app.
  • Still no update for iPhone X... 1/5

    By The_Coupon_Hunter
    Was decent app for shopping but apparently support for iPhone X is not a priority. It just shrinks down the app to the size of a smaller phone.
  • lots of bugs 1/5

    By savannah404
    it’s great when it works but half the time it won’t open. or sometimes it only works on wifi
  • Weekly ad 3/5

    By Dobimacd
    I really wish there was a scan of the actual weekly flyer. Having to look at an itemized list of over a 1000 items divided into separate categories is too taxing. Please add a scanned version of your weekly ads.
  • Grocery list 4/5

    By scp59
    I had to reload my Publix App. After doing so I was unable to make grocery lists as I had been able to do before. I deleted the App and reloaded it and was still unable to make grocery lists. This is a terrible inconvenience as that was a great attraction to the App along with the weekly ad. Please advise me if there is something I am doing wrong. Thank you. Publix is the greatest. My Publix is Rio Pinar on Chickasaw. The employees and management are the greatest. I am in there all the time and use a power chair, they are all very helpful and should be recognized. My only issue is this one with the website.
  • Buggy and slow 3/5

    By GrammaCajun
    I use the app primarily for digital coupons and deli online ordering. App crashes a lot and adding deli items doesn't always work. I spend most of the time waiting for actions to take place, even at home on a fast wifi. It crashed several times before I could add an item. Sometimes it's not worth it.
  • Disappointed 😢 1/5

    Continuously crashes. The whole thing is miserable and a huge waste of time. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • No brand names 3/5

    By Lindsay16!!
    Not very useful as a grocery list, since it doesn’t recognize brand names (e.g., Dove Bars didn’t show up, only ice cream bars).
  • This app has been great, but... 3/5

    By Glenifer W
    Been kind of slow since last update. Other than that this is a great grocery shopping tool!
  • still terrible 1/5

    By Mrc5150
    it refuses to update my location. sad 😢
  • Pitiful app 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Bugs everywhere in app. just deleted it
  • If you guys can make is half good as Publix delivery, I will give 5 star. 1/5

    By [Silkage]
    Just compare to another Publix app, it’s way better than this. Can’t you guys use same team do it, Isn’t that hard right?
  • Can’t even use the coupons 2/5

    By Spooky doo
    This app lets you VIEW the coupons, but you can’t USE them. You have to go on your computer and physically print them to use them. From what I understand, this just tells you what coupons you can theoretically use, and lets you see what items your store has. But lets be honest, if you go to ANY grocery store, chances are they would have that item anyways. It’s not like publix is going to run out of ALL the milk or ALL the bread. What the heck.
  • Show me the coupon when I scan something 1/5

    By yibo829
    Why can’t you show me if there’s a digital coupon when I scan an item? I have to search for the digital coupon one by one to find out if there’s a digital coupon for the item I’m looking at. Target has the target app that allows me to scan the product and it will immediately tell me if there’s a discount offer for the product and if there is, it will save it and then I just scan the barcode in the target app when I checkout. Why does the publix app have to make it difficult?
  • Sells your information 1/5

    By Wudgie Banana
    I downloaded this app and created a profile, all of a sudden I started getting emails to download Groupon, Red Plum, etc. On top of that security issues the app never opens and stays on the main page for Publix and then force closes, and when you are in a store grocery shopping the app only works when you connect to Publix wi-fi. Very shady.
  • Online ordering not working in the last couple of updates 1/5

    By KateinFL
    I use the app primarily for online ordering so I can skip the wait at the deli counter- in the last couple of versions I shan’t been working. I downloaded the latest update today because I still couldn’t order via the app. Still doesn’t work (just keeps “loading”) even after update and restart of the phone. Finally gave up and went to the website on my iPad and put in my order via the website. Hope it gets corrected soon.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Stan514
    I use his app almost daily. I have three kids, and waiting in the deli line can be frustrating. Online ordering from their deli means that I no longer need to wait in line to get their yummy meats and subs. They have been consistent with quality, correctness, and timing. I refill my prescriptions and save money by clipping coupons digitally. Overall great app for me
  • NG 1/5

    By Smith225
    Have a friend who loves this app, so I downloaded it to try it. Went to sign up and gave it all the information requested. Created a password that fit the description of the requirements and it wouldn't take it. Tried eight different variations and finally just gave up and tossed the app.
  • iPad 1/5

    By 57munchkin
    Doesn't work on iPad
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Ralph123454321
    Just using this from my chair I already see a major problem. I was warned by a Publix employee that it was easier to just add all the coupons, then go buy your groceries. It would be easier to view the coupons in the flyer than to sort thru all the tiny pictures and select the one you’re looking for out of the 124 available today. So just put in a button “Clip all coupons”. The loyalty card was much easier than “clipping” is. I’ll try the in-Store product locator next visit.
  • Clumsy, big riddled, and useless 1/5

    By phonique
    I rarely ever write a review, yet this has been bar none one of the worst apps I've ever come across. The application itself is clumsy and onerous to use. It lacks consistency in operation, it is riddled with bugs, and there is not a simple way of comparison shopping. I have since deleted!
  • Won’t recognize my number to my account 1/5

    By OliveJuiice
    The app doesn’t recognize my phone as mine. I never deleted my account or got a new number, but know it states ‘ number already exists ‘ . Please fix
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Ihmsch3
    Just downloaded the app a few days ago. Tried to comprehensively use it yesterday before going shopping for the first time at our newly opened store. Kept crashing every time I searched for a product. Can not build a list or anything. Useless 😢
  • Wish I could give zero stars 1/5

    By bsm1970
    We used to be able to quickly scan anyone in the family’s prescriptions for pickup using this app. Now you force us to use your crippled pharmacy stand alone app where I can only handle my own and my youngest child’s prescriptions. This is regressing. I feel like you guys are so used to low ratings for your apps that you don’t bother anymore. Listen to your customers! We don’t like your so-called improvements.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Josie37
    App used to work great Got latest update- now it comes onscreen, then It's gone. Doesn't like iPhone 6 Plus, I guess Deleted and downloaded App again...same problem. Useless.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Rhahrh
    This app used to be good.... Until they updated it and now you can not even open it anymore!
  • Love but... 4/5

    By Marcy E
    The app is great. The shopping list organized by aisle is the best. A few items like fresh produce don't register as such. However, recently my app won't open. I have deleted and reinstalled with no luck. :(
  • Mission impossible 1/5

    By Natsu fire dragon
    I was happy to use the app; it is helpful locating sales and items in the store but it has way too many buggs. Uninstalling and installing it back just doesn't work anymore. Gone! For such a big and well positioned company it is a shame to have such incompetent designers working on this.
  • Poor navigation 1/5

    By Top chef 888
    The app is clumsy to use especially on iPhone. Doesn't appear to take advantage of iOS native capabilities. Navigating coupons isn't worth the time. Shopping list is ok. Aside from the app, tell your instacart and shipt people to stop looking at their phones, scanning Upc's clogging up the isle and check-out lanes.
  • What a crappy app 1/5

    By Tally-lass
    Can’t use the Publix app anymore for Rx so you have to use this POS. I keep getting an error message with a message to call a certain number. Turns out it’s to their corporate customer service who was no help & turned me over to my local store. I kept being sent to the store’s customer service who transferred me over to the pharmacy that never picked up. I finally just called it in the old fashion way. Don’t know why this app was put out before it was ready. Where’s the ability to scan your Rx bottle? Are the bosses using this???
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By Reviewer73920
    The app doesn't even open. It crashes as soon as I try to open it. IOS 9.3.4 here
  • Always displays a 404 and no longer has pharmacy support 2/5

    By James Sumners
    Every time I open this app it displays a 404 message. And when I try to make a specific store "my store" it throws up a 400 error. I was able to ignore those things because I could still do what I wanted to do. Now, I can't use the app to refill prescriptions because they want me to download _another_ app. Well, that's not going to happen. I don't need multiple apps for one entity, especially when they haven't shown they can get the first one right. Two stars because at least I can still look up item locations (something I rarely need). Re dev response: I already went back and forth with support in June of 2016 about the 404s and 400s. Nothing ever came of it and the app never got fixed.
  • Publix could do better 2/5

    By sunny43211
    App glitches, tech support no help. bogo coupons only give you half off one item. Coupons should read bogo 1/2 off.
  • Latest update 2/5

    By Ashbash1729
    I love the publix app, I check out the weekly ad there and clip coupons. I really love how it matches my clipped coupons to items on sale. The reason I gave two stars is for the last week or so when I put my phone number at check out for coupons it doesn’t work. I have to show them then coupon on my phone which takes time and one day I had to go to customer service and show all the coupons and get cash back. Also, because the coupons aren’t registering and publix can not get the money back from the manufacturer and you are just taking a hit. My last trip I had 17.00 in manufacture coupons.
  • Can’t even give one star 1/5

    By Jonathanburson
    I have entered my information again and again but this app gives me an error every time. My data was confirmed in person by the Pharmacist but I still get the error message. Absolutely useless as far as I’m concerned. It may be me, but it was easier and functional before the change to a separate app.
  • Can't clear shopping list 2/5

    By Woto954
    Love the app but now I can't clear my shopping list which is extremely annoying. Used to work fine until update after update have ruined whatever used to work. Please fix.
  • Can't open the new version 2/5

    By Vasqen
    I used to use this app all the time but ever since the last update I can't open it. It crashed before I even get in. Also, while I could still use it, it did not clear the expired sale products in the shopping list after I clicked yes to do so. Looking forward to this app to work again. I really like it when it does work!!
  • Makes shopping easier 4/5

    By Mancala Review
    I use this app every week. It helps me shop the sales, and bulk up on items I would be buying anyways. One improvement would be the option to switch stores without losing my shopping list. I build my shopping list throughout the week and if I change the store location after building my list, the app deletes my list! Thanks for the great app, keep up the good work!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    It is the worst ap I have ever used. It kicks you out constantly when you're trying to make a list. No other grocery store app does that, let them know.
  • App keep crashing! 3/5

    By marta martina
    Love this app. Very helpful to get your shopping list, weekly ad and digital coupons. But since the latest update, it stop working! I click on the app, look like is going to open, then crash! Help!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Dmr1961xxx
    On both iPhone and iPad can not open at all. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting still will not open.
  • Can’t order online which is the only reason I downloaded 1/5

    By idk about you, Publix
    Every single time I try to pre-order meat or cheese online (because standing in line at the deli is hell) the app freezes and quits. Tried updating, tried deleting and redownloading - none of it worked so I just deleted permanently.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By KR32082
    What’s the point of adding coupons to your account, only to get to the store, type your phone number at check out, and not work?
  • Problems with app on iPhone 4 4/5

    By Deitschgirl
    Your latest update works great on my iPhone SE but my husbands iPhone 4 will not open. He taps the icon, it opens to a full page “P” and then instantly reverts to the icon. He is running ios9.3.5 and this has been going on since the update. Thanks for looking in to this.
  • Crash Crash Crash 2/5

    By fegan
    It's been weeks since I can take advantage of your digital coupons, the app crashes every time I load it. This seems to be a recurring trend with app updates (not just the Publix app) since iOS 11 was announced. Don't forget there are folks still running iOS 9 on their older devices. Only rated 2 stars because of the crashing; otherwise I would rate 5 stars.
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By annhome1
    A recent update apparently disabled the pharmacy function. Now instead of easily scanning my Rx bottle and picking up my refill, it redirected me to the publix pharmacy app. THAT app is difficult to set up, use, and unnecessary. I consciously chose not to use it. The pharmacy section was the only part I really used in the publix app. Now I have deleted the app and been forced back 20 years to call in a refill snd sit through the interminable message. Something actually worked brilliantly and now it doesn’t. Ugh. Unhappy.

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